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Wife with Older Man


We decided to spend a few days at our favorite beach resort. We checked into our hotel and immediately headed to the beach for some volleyball. When Judy hits the beach she always attracts attention because her thong bikini leaves little to the imagination. From the back she is essentially naked. From a few feet the string up her ass is invisible as are the ones holding her top together. We call them her butt floss suits. There is enough fabric in the front to just cover her nipples (not even close to covering the breasts themselves and if she wasn’t shaven it would not cover her pubic hair. She loves to show off in it, especially at volleyball games when she has to jump around or dive for the ball.

We had a great day and headed back to our hotel. We went straight to the pool area where we showered by the pool and jumped in to cool off. The sun was starting to set so we moved over to the hot tub to relax before dressing for dinner. The tub was empty, Judy sat in the hot tub while I ran up to the room to get some wine for us. When I returned she was engaged in a conversation with an older man. He was probably mid-fifties or early sixties. I got a third glass from the bar and the three of us shared the bottle of wine while we talked. Judy was telling him about our day at volleyball and how sore she was from all the activity. The gentleman said that in his earlier days he used to work in a gym and gave rub downs and would she like him to work on her shoulders and neck. Judy said sure and move over to him and sat between his legs while he massaged her neck and shoulders. We talked to him for a long time, his wife died four years ago and he was down here from Ohio looking for a condo. He said that he was tired of the cold winters. We asked where he had been looking and he said that he just arrived today and still had to find a place to have dinner. I told him that we were going out to one of our favorite places and asked him to join us. He agreed and we finished our wine and headed up to our room to change.

In the room Judy told me that while Tony was rubbing her shoulders she could feel him getting stiff against her back. She even pushed back against him and he got rock-hard half way up her back. He kept pulsing his dick so she could feel it. She said that it was making her horny! We had a great dinner and talked for hours. Back at the hotel we parted and agreed to meet tomorrow evening and we would show him a little of the night life.

Back in the room Judy told me that she really felt sorry for Tony. He seemed so lonely and sexually frustrated. She suggested that tomorrow we have a little fun with him...maybe help his frustrations a little. I told her we’d see how the evening went.

The next day we spent the day on the beach playing volleyball and laying in the sun. I really enjoy how the guys find reasons to get close to us, especially when Judy is in the water. The suits that she wears become much more revealing when they are wet! Her white one becomes nearly completely see-thru. (Judy usually cuts the lining out of her suits as soon as she buys them). By the time we were heading back to get ready to go out she was getting really turned on. During the day she did most everything she could to expose more of herself. She had pulled her bottom up so tight in the front that most of the fabric was out of sight. Several times while playing volleyball she’ come completely out of her top, exposing one nipple or the other. She loved to bend over for the ball because you could easily see her ass hole and pussy exposed from the back - the string did nothing to hide anything back there.

When we got back to the room and showered we jumped into bed and made love. She was so hot that there was no need for foreplay. As soon as we got together she asked me to fuck her. I slipped in easily and started pumping and she came almost instantly. It was intense and very short. We showered again together and dressed to go out with Tony. When we go away for our weekends Judy never brings underthings. I can’t remember the last time she wore a bra and she left all her panties at home. She wore a light green spaghetti strap sun dress that was long enough to just cover her ass and the back had cris-cross strings and opened down to the crack in her ass. She actually had front and back cleavage! She looked stunning. She was sure to knock Tony’s socks off! There was no way for her to sit without her bare ass sitting on the chair. I knew that once she started dancing it would be all over - once she raised her arms in the air everything she owned would be exposed. She knew it, too.

At 8pm Tony showed up at our room. You could actually see him suck in air when he saw Judy. We had a glass of wine while she did her finishing touches and headed out for what I knew would be a good time. We arrived at the club and Judy asked for a table near the dance floor. We ordered drinks while we looked over the menu. The dance floor was still quiet. Much too early for revelries. By the time we had dinner things started to pick up. Judy already had a few glasses of wine and was already in good spirits. She and Tony were engaged in continuous flirtations. When she talked to him she would have her hand on is arm, shoulder or thigh. At first Tony seemed a little uncomfortable but after a bit he realized that I was okay with what was going on. He started to respond to Judy’s passes and soon they were all touchy-feely. I asked Judy to dance and we hit the floor. As I had expected it didn’t take Judy long to start showing off. Fortunately, this was one of our favorite night spots; there usually is a lot of fun stuff going on. Most weekends have a wet tee contest or some other means of getting the gals on stage and disrobed. Judy has participated in many of the activities.

When we got back to the table she pulled Tony on the floor and started working on him. She danced close then turned her back to him and backed into him. She raised the back of her dress so that her bare ass was grinding against his crotch as they danced. She had to take his hands and wrap them around her; making him pull her in closer. After a minute her got into it and was responding. The dance floor was crowded and lots of heavy stuff was happening. I watched her pull his hands up and cup her breasts as the continued the dance with her back against him. She turned around and pulled close to him grabbing his ass. He responded by grabbing hers; she reached behind and slid his hand under the dress so that he was rubbing her bare ass.

When the song ended they returned to the table and Tony sat and said “WOW”. He’d never danced like that before. We stayed there for several hours and the dance floor got very heated with lots of things going on. We decided to head back to the hotel and hit the hot tub. We told Tony that we’d meet him down there. Judy put on her skimpiest swim suit and off we went. Tony had not arrived yet. It was late, the lights were dimmed and the place was empty. I opened some wine and we waited in the water for Tony. While we waited Judy handed me her swim suit...she decided she didn’t need it; but to keep it close in case we had company. Tony arrived and it took a couple of minutes to realize that Judy was naked. We got another “WOW” out of him. I think that he was experiencing some firsts. Judy slid over beside him and sat on his lap facing him...she wasn’t going to waste any time. She immediately began to kiss him. He responded immediately and I saw tongues darting in and out. She took his hand and placed it on her bare breasts and started rubbing them. She pulled her hand away and he continued to rub them. She had her hand in his suit and pulled out his fully erect dick. She rubbed it against her clip and lifted her tit and put a nipple against his lip; he began to suck her ever so gently. She was moaning already. She lifted up and slid down on top of him. She looked right and me and smiled as his dick slid into her. Here she was in a public hot tub fucking a man old enough to be her father. It was thrilling! She rode him gently and seemed to be absorbed in the pleasures. Tony looked over at me just briefly and I smiled. He continued to pump slowly. Judy arched back sharply and muffled a cry as she came. Then she started to pump like crazy. At this point a crowd could have arrived and she would have continued. Fortunately, thought, we were still alone. He said that he was going to cum and she said that it was okay...a few seconds later he stiffened and had a very quiet orgasm.

Judy grinded a few minutes longer and slid off of him. She asked him to sit on the edge of the tub. He did and she began to suck his softening dick. She worked him but he didn’t get really hard again. When he slid back into the pool he started to suck her tits again then asked her to sit on the edge. She did and he went down on her. It was a turn on to see this graying head bobbing up and down between my wife’s legs. He spread her lips and plunged his tongue deep inside. He knew exactly what he was looking for and soon had Judy grinding into him on the edge of the pool. When she came she bit her lip and arched back laying down flat on the pool deck. It took several minutes for her to come down. We sat in the hot tub and it was her turn to say WOW!.

After a bit we decided to head up to our room. Judy just wrapped a towel around her while Tony and I donned our suits, I carried Judy’s. In the elevator Judy dropped her towel and turn to Tony and asked him to go down on her right there. He knelt between her legs and kissed and sucked her clit for just a moment and got up. She picked up her towel and kissed him passionately telling him he liked the taste in his mouth.

We got to our room and I got some wine and Judy sat naked on the bed brushing out her hair. We drank some and talked some. Judy walked over to Tony and straddled his legs and started to kiss him and rubbing his trunks. She slid off and knelt between his legs and pull his trunk off. He was just a little hard. She took him in her mouth and started to suck up and down, playing with his balls at the same time. She kept sucking until he was hard enough then she pulled him to the bed and on top of her. She guided him in and I sat for the next five minutes and watched them fuck. I could see his shiny dick sliding in and out of her pussy. She was driving me crazy! She looked over at me and smiled the knowing smile we have when she knows she is pleasing me. It seemed strange for her to be so focused on me with another man inside of her; it was such a turn on! She came way before he did; in fact, she had a second orgasm before he stiffened and filled her with more of his juices. They laid together on the bed for a few minutes as we talked. She told Tony that she was looking forward to him moving to Florida because we were going to become good friends. He just smiled at her and kissed the very tip of her nipple and said he hoped so.

After Tony left Judy and I made love for most of the night. I could feel his juices in her when I entered her. Her lips were so swollen and tender; we still had great sex!

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Fantastic hot story,
Love my wife to fuck older men, the older the better.
I have a fantastic of three very old men fucking her for a full weekend.
I would be a slave for them for the weekend. 6bdb

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