tagLoving WivesWife's Bisexual First Time

Wife's Bisexual First Time


It was a over-night adult trip with one goal....to explore and surprise Kat's sexuality, as well as mine.

The most Kat had come to being Bi-Sexual was what she thought about while masturbating in our own bed (or her bed years before we were married). However, when drunk she had always wondered what a woman's touch would be like and often flirted with women at bars when we were out. She also had never been a slave...but the thought of both had made her wet between her legs. We had tried some light bondage, which was exciting.

To start the weekend, we had joined a adult group on line and contacted and exchanged emails with self women how were interested in couples. Kat had left the plan for the night up to me, but so far, seeing the plan put into motion was not working out.

By chance, a women that I worked with once in awhile had expressed an interest in having a drink or going to a comedy store with us when ever we went. Kat did not know her, but I knew she was openly gay. She was a blond, about 5" 8" and 140 pounds and in very good physical shape. She got along with me, and I took the chance to ask her if she would help out with this night.

I was surprised when she agreed and was please that she took a interest in my wife when she saw a photo of her. Bee also told me she would be VERY discreet about the night.

We drove out to our hotel a block off the gas lamp district, I know that Bee told me she was going to be down there for a few days visiting girlfriends in the hillcrest area.

I sent here a text and told her we were checked in and our room number.

Kat dressed in stretch type pants and heels, with a long top that was low cut, it reached down just past the bottom of her ass. Kat is 5'4" with "DD" chest and a round butt, very curvy. We got dress and went to dinner. We also stopped at a bar down the street when Bee was waiting to "accidentally run into us" and after having drinks and a brief introduction between Kat and Bee, we returned to our room. During dinner I had explained that tonight Kat was going to be a semi-slave, wear a blindfold and have to lay back at take whatever is done to her.

On returning to our room, Kat removed her clothing and put on the think tank top and barely covered her nipples. I sent a text to Bee who was drinking at a bar down the street and then unlocked the door to our room. I turned the lights down low, set the music to the right level and then tied Kat to the head board (we agreed on a signal in case she wanted to stop).

I laid our a number of items we had talked about using on her over the last few years, I also took out a blindfold and fixed it over her eyes. First we started with washing and shaving her pussy, leaving only a small thin short line of hair, next, I ran ice over her pussy lips and across her nipples.

At this point, Bee quietly entered the room, and help select what toy or time was next. We used a vibrator over and then into her pussy..fucking her briefly, until Bee pushed a the head of a wine bottle into kat's pussy...and started kissing her thighs. At this point Kat noticed another woman was there and teasing her.

I moved to her side and watched what was coming next.

I watched Bee run her hands over each one, savoring their soft, supple, fullness.

Bees fingers trail down past Kat's large breasts, and slowly along her stomach until they stopped when they contacted her trim pubic hair.

At that point I saw Kat spread her legs as Bee's fingers began their exploration of her sex. In another second her index finger found her clit and masterfully began stroking it.

Next, Kat had her pussy traced by a thick black dildo, it's fat head spreading her lips and rubbing over her clit ad Kat's shifted her ass to try to line up the toy with her waiting pussy.

Bee teased and then asked if Kat wanted to be fuck by something nasty and fat...out of my wife's mouth came a low..almost whisper of "yes..fuck me...please".

Bee sucked Kat clit and nibbled at her pussy and she slowly slide the dildo deep in to Kat slowly. Kat groaned, I think both from the shock and the delight and she felt the toy spread her pussy wide, the wetness flowing from her pussy.

Just before she started to cum, Bee removed the dildo and spreads Kat's knees wide, moving to kneel on the flood at the end of the bed and to face her wide open pussy head on.

Kneeling on the floor also I watched Bee lick Kat's pussy. She had her hands on Kat's round ass and would occasionally pull her down into deeper contact with her tongue. Her head was up and her eyes were closed, and she was moaning and pushing her hips back at Bee's face.

Falling back, Kat was covered in sweet, her pussy was sore from the large toys and felt like it was pulsating from all the attention. Bee raised up and kissed Kat's body and worked her way up to Kat's nipples.

Kat whispered "I can't remember the last time I felt an orgasm like that. That was absolutely incredible!" She reached forward with her blindfold still on and kissed Bee. Bee thanks us for the chance to introduced Kat to another woman and left open the offer to take Kat out for a real date anytime she wanted.

After Bee left, I untied Kat and she cleaned up in the bathroom and we both got into bed, within seconds, were touching and kissing, pulling our bodies together till my cock was deep inside her freshly bi-sexual and worked pussy. We rocked together for awhile till Kat's pussy cuming a second time and squeezing my cock pushed me over the edge to explore inside her pussy. Spent from all that occurred so far, we curled up and fell asleep. It would be hard to top this as a wild adult night out.

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