tagLoving WivesWife's First Sensuous/Erotic Massage

Wife's First Sensuous/Erotic Massage


His Wife's First Sensuous/Erotic Massage, 7/4/12

My favorite stories are the "first-timer -- newbie" shared type. This story is actually true -- the names have been changed to protect the parties who relayed it to me. If the reader does not approve of this variation, then this story is not for you -- nor is most of the "Loving Wives" category for that matter. So please move on and spare me any negative moralizing, let alone low votes. I will probably respond to intelligent comments. I have left this story on the long side with lots of detail for those who do savor the evolution, development, and realization of long-held dreams of sharing. © 2012 All rights reserved. -- S.L.


After literally years of "pillow-talking" and fantasizing about having another man have sex with Al's wife, Ellie, it was about to become somewhat of a reality -- albeit just a massage -- if not a lot more as he wished. Years ago, they had a masseur regularly come to their apartment and give them both massages; but these were always therapeutic and "proper." Al used to imagine the masseur's doing more; but nothing untoward ever happened -- outside of his mind and an occasional brushing of the guy's cock on her head. It had taken years to persuade her just to make up such stories to turn him on. Even when she seemed convincing about being willing to act on them, she'd eventually recant, saying it was just to get Al off -- not for real, and for him to "not hold his breath."

For those who like to imagine the characters, or perhaps I should say, "players," Ellie is a well-educated, extremely intelligent professional -- on what might consider wrong side of middle-age, but not looking it -- 5'2", 110 lbs., a pert 32A (Al considered anything more than B or C cup superfluous) with pale pink nips, and dark brown pubic hair belying the auburn hair on her head. She had experienced it all (including group sex) long before they met when she was young; but after settling down, they decided it would be wiser to remain monogamous.

However, after over 25 years together, things were admittedly monotonous and a "ravine" might be a more apt term than "rut" to describe their waning sex life -- or lack thereof. So after a lot of cajoling and urging that they needed to try something different to hopefully re-ignite it, she conceded to submit to a sensuous or erotic massage. And, if she were sufficiently comfortable, she might go along with a "happy ending" provided by another guy's fingers and maybe, his tongue. No matter what, under no circumstances, would she contemplate any reciprocation for the "hired hand" -- and she wanted her husband present to protect her since after all, this would be a virtual stranger in their home.

After identifying several candidates, Ellie picked Joe -- the one Al figured she'd favor - whose picture and Craig's List ad she preferred. So Al booked a session and started counting the days. Al had actually met him in person well over a year prior when planning this long-term gambit. To his dismay, Ellie cancelled, claiming she was too wiped out from work and a heat wave. Al thought perhaps she actually had "cold feet;" but she gave the go-ahead to reschedule for July 3, preferring not to have to get up for work the next morning. Al now started a new countdown -- consoling himself in the knowledge that after waiting 2 years, another 2 weeks would have to be tolerable.

However, on July 2, Al was again disappointed -- this time, Joe was the one cancelling due to a conflict; and to be honest, Ellie seemed relieved and just as happy to put it out of her mind. When Joe sent Al an e-mail indicating that he could come the following evening even though it would be July 4th, Al happily "booked" him and informed her it was on again. This shifting of gears was frankly jarring for her; but although somewhat discombobulated, she said she'd go along; and they set an early evening time to meet Joe at a lounge, so she could check him out and asses her comfort level. It was understood that if he didn't pass muster, all bets would be off, at least for the time being, and Al would have to dismiss him.

Ellie was apprehensive and anxious all day July 4. Al reconfirmed she was still OK with the plan -- offering her an out as well as reassurances that everything was up to her -- whatever she wanted to try -- and that "no meant no." Ellie kept saying she'd have been fine never doing this sort of thing at all -- but would try to enjoy her massage.

They went to the meeting place -- a quiet lounge they never patronized and therefore, would not be known by their real names -- but it was not open yet (contrary to what Al had confirmed on the phone the night before) -- so when Joe showed up for the "approval meeting," they were standing on the street in the heat instead of being comfortably settled inside cooling their heels waiting for him. It was a bit awkward; but Joe turned out to be an easy-going, casually dressed, friendly, "nice guy" with a big smile -- not at all sleazy or "bullish" -- and good at putting Ellie at ease. When the hostess opened the joint, the three of them entered together and took seats in a quiet corner far away from the bar -- they had the whole place to themselves. Al took an easy chair and left the 2 of them to share a loveseat. They ordered beverages -- soft drinks for the guys and a glass of wine to help relax her. The meeting went very well - she was laughing and very animated; and Al could tell his wife liked this guy. It didn't hurt that Joe looked way better than his pic.

After about 20 minutes, as pre-arranged, Joe went to the restroom to allow her to give Al her "yea" or "nay" -- and it was "yea" (YAY!). She left while Joe was still in the restroom to go home and get ready -- and the 2 men killed time discussing "ground rules" as well as some risqué experiences. Al paid the tab and walked Joe home where Ellie was waiting for them in a sexy black shorty robe Al had provided for just this occasion. While Joe changed into a tank top and shorts, she stripped naked and got under a towel waiting for her massage to commence. It was understood that Joe would be fine just giving her a massage -- happy to get his hands on somebody's cute, naked wife. If more became possible, great -- if not, that would be OK too. Unfortunately, she made a point of warning her husband that she wanted no photos or videos shot under any circumstances (drat!). Oh well, Al thought, this was still great and one can't expect everything one might wish the first time. Of course, it this turned out to be the one and only time, he would have hoped to retain something to review.

Initially, she lay on her stomach, modestly covered from the hips down; and he really took his time rubbing out knots and tension, sighing in her ears as though he was the one being massaged. After a good long while, he covered her back and Al watched as Joe pulled the towel up to expose her legs ... and then wow ... her ass with no protest! Al noticed that when the guy massaged her hands, she was rubbing his hands with her thumbs -- which Al thought was very significant as the first indication that she was actively seeking greater intimacy. Al couldn't miss that Joe had a nice big hard-on in his shorts (obviously having gone "commando") early on -- and made sure it glanced on her head, arm, flanks, and hands -- albeit fleetingly. She later told Al that she was aware of Joe's erection, but wasn't sure if these glancing brushes were accidental or not -- but regardless, they excited her! He also encouraged a lot of contact with his body -- especially after politely asking her if it would be OK for him to remove his shirt -- and he was ripped with a six-pack and not an ounce of flab. He'd press her arm to his body to reach some zone; and Al watched her start to shyly touch his back, pecs, and arms. He kept working all over her body -- touching new areas, returning to areas -- "tuning" her like a musical instrument -- and when he started on her ass cheeks and then especially her crack, Al heard even more sighing and gasping -- while her legs were quivering, feet jerking, and toes curling involuntarily.

He'd lean over her pressing the flesh -- his chest on her back -- and then he was running his hands up and down inside her thighs perhaps as though to tease her; and she was spreading her thighs invitingly and gasping more frequently. Eventually, he was touching Ellie's pussy; and when there was no objection, he added gently and tenderly kissing her ass and prompting her hand to touch his cock through his shorts -- and she did. In fact, Al saw that she was not avoiding touching Joe; and when he moved out of reach, her hand seemed to be blindly seeking more contact with his body. So with no objection to the escalating intimacy, Joe suggested she turn over onto her back -- and when asked if she preferred to be draped, Ellie sighed, "NO!" She later told Al she now wanted him to see all of her --"middle-age body issues" cast aside. So there she was on her back, totally naked in front of another man whom she had just met and who'd been touching her for the better part of an hour -- inhibition all but vanquished!

He started massaging her chest and before long, was rubbing Ellie's tits - her nips quickly became erect. He then started on her legs, running his hands up and down; and in short order, he resumed playing with her pussy -- only this time, he spread her legs and rubbed her clit very deliberately and where Al could now see it -- simultaneously nibbling and then sucking on her nipples. Next, he took her hand pressed it against his hard cock through the shorts -- and she kept it there. Then he surprised Al by deftly removing his shorts without asking her or missing a beat -- and wrapped her fingers around his bare, erect cock! She later told Al she wondered how and when that happened -- like magic? He spread her legs even wider and slid an oily finger inside and started to finger fuck her pussy, still kissing and sucking on her nipples as she actually stroked his cock. Her stomach was visibly heaving with excitement. She later told her husband that Joe had managed to locate her g-spot.

At last, he went down on her to kiss, nibble, and lick her inner thighs and then went to town on her clit and ate her to a fare-thee-well -- initially leaning over her body facing her feet - and then he pulled her hips to the bottom end of the table and put her legs on his shoulders and resumed licking her clit and tonguing her hole. Next, he climbed onto the table and sucked her nipples. Al noticed Joe's cock, which was now bobbing between his wife's thighs, was somewhat larger than average (sorry to disappoint those who like to hear about massive staffs) -- nice and thick with a pronounced upward curve, which Al bet would hit her spot for sure if it ever penetrated her. Frankly, Ellie was so small and tight, a bigger cock might prove a fiasco. He also told Al he couldn't get over the fact that he was the first guy to see and touch her like this in over 25 years as well as how tight she still was -- never having given birth and for that matter, being "lightly used" lately. Al thought Joe was preparing to actually mount his wife, (which Joe knew would be alright with Al) but he did not attempt to do so. Joe later told Al he had been thinking of trying to lay her -- sensing she might also be OK with it -- but didn't want to push it this time -- feeling she was satiated and done for the night.

Instead, Joe slid off the table and moved around behind her head, and took her two arms and stretched them back and wrapped both hands around his cock and encouraged her to stroke him -- which she did willingly. Then he went back to the foot of the table and placed her hands on his head encouraging her to actively pull his face into her pussy. She ran her fingers through his hair as he licked and tongue fucked her until she came at least 2 or 3X (maybe more). She then sat up and said, "that was great!" -- indicating that she was totally relaxed and happy -- and also done for the night. However, after she got dressed, she came back into the den and said something about "next time" -- and Al could swear she actually seemed to be flirting.

Later on, when Al asked her if she would have been willing to get fucked had Joe tried, she tentatively replied, "yes" -- and naturally, she actually presumed that was about to happen when Joe got on the table -- but was in fact, somewhat concerned about how her husband might react, despite all of his reassurances provided beforehand.

When they talked later that evening, she said she now felt renewed and sexy and realized that she wasn't "over the hill" after all -- and that she had actually become wet and tingly and ready to be penetrated. Al again asked her what would she have done if Joe had tried to slip his cock inside her pussy that night? She said she might have let him if she could tell her husband would be ok with it -- talk about Independence Day fireworks!

Joe wants to return -- and she wants that as well. Initially, she said maybe she would fuck Joe the next time -- and asked Al how he would feel about that?

Al said, "I'm OK with it -- and will you do it?"

So she said, "probably." But by the end of the evening, she agreed to fuck him for sure when he came back since that was obviously what they both wanted. She even said she'd be willing to have it evolve into a 3-way -- trying a "spit-roast" with 2 real cocks vs. Al's and a dildoe -- and/or Al's licking her clit while Joe fucked her -- realizing another favorite fantasy: to have such a close-up view and drive her crazy!

The next morning, Al asked her how she slept; and she said, "so-so." It seemed she had dreamed all night of having sex with Joe. Now when they discussed having him return, she wanted to make sure they had plenty of lube on hand (or better yet, on gland); and they also deliberated on condoms -- probably the better part of wisdom being to use them -- although all 3 would prefer not needing to do so. Al and Ellie had never used them -- nobody did back in the days when they were single. Ellie said she'd prefer to feel Joe's cock bare -- skin-on-skin. Of course, just having such a conversation at all was mind-blowing for Al. Anyhow, he set a return date for 9 days later -- she was surprised at how quickly Al had made the arrangement. Al could hardly wait and was hoping for good luck on Friday, the 13th!

In the meantime, Joe sent this e-mail the next day -- which put a big smile on Ellie's face:

Thanks man. It was great experience for me too. She was delicious! In many ways.
I loved the fact that it had been so long. That seemed to heighten the intensity of
the situation. I would love to come back for more. Thanks for sharing your beautiful woman with me. And thank her for me. It was a pleasure!

In retrospect, Al could hardly believe his eyes -- witnessing the realization of many YEARS of fantasies actually happening and literally in the flesh -- hers! And it turned out better than expected -- and almost as good as hoped for "Round 1." The next day, she told Al that he had started all this and "Pandora's Box was now opened" -- and she was now ready to pursue it! She still didn't understand any husband's wanting to watch his wife's being shared -- but she was with the program now!

(To be continued after "Round 2")

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