tagInterracial LoveWife's First Time With Black Lover

Wife's First Time With Black Lover


I would like to start out that as a 40 year old male, I have always had a fairly perverse mind while my wife is more on the prudish side. Over the years I have slowly gotten my wife to go from only making love in the dark and missionary style to introducing toys and talking about fantasies. Our sex life has gotten better and my mind has gotten more perverted the further we have come. A few years back, I was walking into the locker room at the gym I belong to and a black guy was changing. He was from Ethiopia and when his underwear came down, it just flopped back and forth. It was 12+ and very thick. I had to look away, I always thought I was well endowed but what I had just seen blew my mind. It actually kind of scared me as I thought any woman that would see that would have to say yes to it.

At that time in our sexual life, I had been playing with large dildos going inside of her. It would turn me on hearing her have such awesome orgasms as she was spread wide. The toys at that point were always white since I had never even thought of a black one. As time went on, the guy in the gym left town and took a job in Chicago. Sometimes when my wife Traci and I would be making love, my mind would flash back to what I had seen and I would have a fantasy about my wife with that huge black cock. Afterwards when she could tell that I had a great orgasm, she would ask me what I was thinking about. I would always make something up because I didn't want her to think I was that big of a pervert.

As time went on, the fantasy continues to grow in my mind and she would continue to ask but I would not tell her. One day at work, I googled realistic black dildo. I was shocked at how realistic some of them were. I got caught up in looking at them and imagining one of them sliding inside of Traci. I finally picked one out, it was a replica of a black porn star. I was nervous as I ordered it then I got more nervous when I got the email that it had shipped. What if she found it first? Would she be mad?

I tracked the package and the day it showed delivered, I came up with an excuse to go home early. Luckily, I beat her home, grabbed the package and went to one of the spare bathrooms, locked the door and opened it up. It was huge but it was so realistic looking, it was even soft like a real human cock. I hurriedly clean it off and hid it in our bedroom.

Now my mind whirled as I thought how do I implement this and not have it blow up in my face. On a Friday night, with no kids home. I got out our massage table in our bedroom, hid the black dildo under a blanket with lube. When my wife got home, I had run her a bath and told her when she gets done, I am honoring her with a massage with a happy ending. She smiled and me and squinted her eyes. What are you up to. I smiled and kissed her I led her to the tub with candles and music going.

As I took her a glass of wine, I told her to take her time and that I would be waiting for her. As her massage started, I was very serious about doing a good job, she was loving it. When she rolled over on her back, I put a small towel across her eyes and told her that it had to stay there. She flashed a big grin and said continue massage boy.

I massaged her temples and slowly worked my way down to her feet, as I massaged her feet, I spread her legs as I did it. When I reached for more oil, I also grabbed the dildo and lube. I massaged my way up to her thighs closer and closer to happyville. I then stroked around her pussy but not inside. Her legs spread wider as I did this and she moaned with approval. I slowly with my other hand would slide the dildo closer and closer. With one hand I squirted lube, lots of lube on it. I finally get the nerve up and I start and I slide it to the opening of her pussy. I let the head barely get in as I tease her up and down but not going in. She moans as she slides her hips down on it trying to get it. I continue to tease her and I step up by her head, I lean down and kiss her on the lips. I then whisper in her ear that is going to find out what I have been thinking about when we make love lately. She smiles and tells me to kiss her again as her eyes are covered up. I go back down and keep teasing her until I finally, gently start to slide it in. I am so turned on as I watch a black cock (dildo) enter my beautiful wife's body. I start to go deeper and add more lube, I am kind of shocked how she is taking it so far since it is thicker than any of the others.

So she has her legs spread wide and she is telling me deeper deeper. I am now so turned on watching my wife get into this so much as she is masturbating her clit into a frenzy. She is getting louder and louder. More demanding of more. Soon she is taking the entire length, right down to the balls when she screams out loud, "Fuck that feels so awesome" she then tells me to continue fucking her with it. She soon is screaming again as another orgasms cascades over her body. She is catching her breath begging to take the towel off to see. Suddenly, my stomach sinks, what if she gets mad. I tell her to take the towel off to look, at first she is shocked with what she sees such a huge and black dildo still slid inside of her. She smiles at me and tells me I am a very very naughty little boy. I slowly let it slide out of her and I hand it to her. She smiles and plays with it. She slides off the table and leads me to the bed. She then gets on the bed on her hands and knees and tells me to give her the real thing. I slide inside of her stretched out pussy and I love the feeling. My eyes are closed thinking about what had just happened. As I open my eyes, I am shocked that she is full on giving the dildo an amazing blow job and stroking it for all it is worth. Her head is bobbing up and down, I reach around and start to play with her clit, it doesn't take a minute as her and I are both moaning in passion as orgasms crash upon us.

We lay back down and she is still playing with the toy, she smiles at me and tells me she really likes this one. Over time we have bought a couple more and she has given them names. When we get done making love, it is always the same thing, this stays as a fantasy and absolutely nothing more.

I find though as time goes on, my mind continues to race thinking about it happening for real. Every time I try and talk to her about it, she gets kind of upset and tells me no way. Finally one day, I take a piece of paper and I write on it. This is a permission slip for one time for Tracy to take a black man as her lover but I must be present to observe. I sign it, give it her. I tell her there, you now have proof that I said it was OK. She takes it, acts like she is going to rip it up, looks at me and tells me, you never know. The folds it nicely and places it in her jewelry cabinet hidden away. Turns around, kisses me and says she has to get making dinner.

After three years of making love and going further and further into black dildos, black porn, and black talk, she is still adamant that it will stay as a fantasy only and has no interest in actually doing it. I do notice at times though where she will go with the fantasy and have fun with it. At a recent stop at Home Depot, we were assisted by a young black man that was around 6'6" tall and in her words, adorable. She made sure that she did her best at flirting and when he wasn't looking, she would have fun and make gestures of fucking him. This was a huge turn on but any talk of it actually happening, always ended with NO!

Recently a new black guy joined the gym that I work out at and over time, I got to know him. He is a union plumber that moved here and he was having a difficult time getting to know people and such since he originally was from the South where everybody knew his family. It was like a repeat of years ago, I walked into the locker room one day, and there he was changing and his cock was hanging out and it was massive. Long, thick and very black, it actually looked like the flaccid option of the biggest dildo that we had. He caught me looking at it and as he put his jock on, I made a joke that he needs to register that thing as a weapon because it looked like it could be lethal. He started to laugh and said that is because it hasn't been used in over 6 months since he hadn't met any women here yet.

We then started to talk about sports and stuff and didn't go any further with our talk. As time went on, I could not get that imagine of his cock swaying back and forth, hanging so far down, out of my mind. Every time Traci and I made love, this is what encompassed my brain. Him fucking my wife.

As time went on, I got to know Tre better at the gym. I was kind of becoming his mentor as I was about 20 years older than him. I would give him advice on his job, career, and other financial things. One Friday night, on the way home from work, I decided to work out since Traci and I had nothing planned for the night other than hanging out with the kids. I figured a good workout would take away the stress from the week. As I went in, the gym was pretty much empty since normal people were out on a Friday night having fun. When I went into the locker room, there was Tre again, changing for his workout. I laughed at him and told him to hold off until I change quickly because I didn't want to see that weapon. He laughed and said it is not a weapon if he can never use. He laughed and said it has been so long since he was with a woman that it might kill her when it goes off. We both laughed and then I just delved into it since there was nobody else at the gym.

I told him that my wife might be able to help him out in this matter. He looked at me oddly and said, what man, you serious. As we went out to work out, we continued to talk about it. I told him about the black dildos and our fantasies. I also told him about how she said it will never happen. He looked at me seriously and said, you are a great guy and a friend, are you sure that you want this to happen? I looked at him and said that he is exactly what I had hoped that would happen. I explained that he is huge, very nice, has manners, young enough that I do not have to worry about my wife falling for him. He finally looked at me and said, what does she look like. I pulled out my phone and showed him pictures of her, he could not believe how hot she was for being in her 40's. He was like man, she looks like she is mid 20's. I explained to him that she does not like my gym since she hates it when all of the guys look at her like a piece of meat. She works out at a women only gym but she is in great shape. He finally looks at me as tells me that he will help in any way possible.

As I went home that night, my mind was whirling, how would I make this come true? When I got home that night, it was the normal ritual except my mind was racing. When Traci and I went to bed, she asked me everything was OK, I told her that I had a lot on my mind about work and such. She smiled and said is it OK if I take your mind off of it as she gave me that sexy smile. I said, sorry, not tonight. She looked at me weird and said, is everything OK. I just told her that I wanted to go to sleep. I knew that this was my best option, not to make love to her and make her want it even more.

As the days and nights clicked by, I always told her that I was not in the mood and I would apologize. All the time knowing that the longer we don't make love, the hornier that she will get. I needed to buy time as my mind raced how to make it happen.

I woke up in the middle of the night and was like, it is so simple. He is a plumber, Traci does not know him, we simply need to have a little plumbing problem and bam, and they meet. I am pretty handy with fixing things and now my brain had to go into breaking things, plumbing things. When she was helping the kids with their homework, I went up to our bathroom and I rigged the handle in our shower to break. A simple yet effective way to break a piece of plastic and make sure that we get somebody out to help.

Sure enough the next morning, I ended up taking a mostly cold shower but truth be told, that is what I needed since I was now more turned on than I had ever been. I headed out to the office and sure enough, 7:30, I get a call from my wife that the shower was broken and could I fix it. I told her that I was really busy but I would call around to get somebody there as soon as possible. I then called Tre and told him about my dilemma, he laughed and said let me know what I can do to make this come true. I asked him if he could wear a tight shirt to show off his muscles since she really liked guys with muscle. He said sure, I then told him to get to our house a little before 5. I text him the address and then I decided to kick it up a notch and I text'd him a picture of Traci, naked on a beach, looking amazingly sexy. He text back right away, saying man, this has to happen. I said I hope it does but no promises.

I went to a local electronics store and bought a wifi

camera that had a microphone, I got home and got it to work after many frustrating times trying. I hid it behind that TV in our room and I was now fully in go mode.

I called Traci and I grumbled about stupid plumbers and that they gave us a window of time between 3 and 5 to get there. I told her that I had a meeting that would go to around 5 and that I could not get home. She said don't worry about it, that she could work from home this afternoon and to relax, she didn't want any more stress on my shoulders. I then sent her a text saying since the kids were gone to camp, what if her and I go on a date tonight, she was quick to answer and say yes, she then text, any chance a girl could get lucky tonight. As our texts went back and forth, they got dirtier and dirtier. She told me to pick out what to where for our date, I explained that I wanted her skimpy, short and low cut dress, she knows the one because she looks amazing in it and always gets so many looks. She agreed and said, kind of skimpy for a Thursday night? I then told her that I wanted her not to wear anything underneath except her cowboy boots. She said deal! I underwear but I had to promise to make love. I text her back, I promise and it will be amazing tonight because I was also very horny after not making love for more than a week.

The plan was going perfectly, now I just needed Traci to make it come true. I figured to kick it up, at about three I sent her a picture of my rock hard cock telling her that I could not wait to make love to her. I sent her a naughty text about using our biggest black cock on her tonight. She responded with MMmmmmmm, sounds perfect, black cock!!!!!!

I would check in on-line and watch as my wife was home getting ready for work. I was very excited when I saw her walk into the bedroom with a large glass of wine knowing that alcohol would boost my odds. I actually was kind of in amazement that she was still walking around the house naked, something she normally does, knowing that a plumber was coming. I sent her a text about getting the bag that we kept our toys hidden away in the closet out so when we got home tonight, I didn't need to search around getting it. I watched on line as she went into the closet and then came back out with the toy bag. I couldn't believe it as I watched her set it beside the bed, take the very large black cock out and she started to suck on it and stroke it. I then saw her grab her phone and she took a selfie with it in her mouth. Sure enough, 10 seconds later, my phone pings as I get the picture and she says, still having fun in your meeting?

I called her a mean brat and that I would get even with her tonight. She put the toy back in the bag, went into the closet naked, and came back out with her little short dress on with nothing under it. She looked so hot I couldn't believe it. She then slid on her cowboy boots and she was so hot, I wanted to run home right away and make love with her. Sure enough, right at 4:45, she is startled as she is doing her hair and she is startled as the doorbell rings. Soon enough, she is coming back into the room leading Tre and she has a huge smile on her face. As they go into the bathroom together, I can still hear them talking. She asks him if I personally picked him out to be the plumber, he tells her no but since it was the last call of the day and he was single, he told all of the other guys that wanted to get out of the office early that he would do the service call.

I was impressed that she stayed in the bathroom, talking with him. Soon she grabbed her wine glass and disappeared but soon came back in with the glass full again. She went back into the bathroom talking with him the entire time. She sent me a text asking me how long until I would get home. I told her I thought it would be about 30 minutes. She asked me to text her when I was pulling into the driveway. This made me wonder but it also got me excited to know something might be going through her mind. They continued to talk as Tre worked on the shower that I had broken intentionally. About 15 minutes later, they walk out of the bathroom together and are standing in the bedroom talking. I decide that now is the time to head home and I knew that I could continue to watch as I drove on my phone. As I was pulling out of the parking ramp, I had to pull over, my wife, just asked him if it was true about black guys really being that big. He chuckled and said I can only speak for myself and I am very well endowed. Traci started to giggle with her little school girl giggle. She walked over to the toy bag, pulled out the huge black dildo and said, are you this big. He started to laugh really hard and he asked her if she liked that one, she said it is her favorite toy of the entire bunch.

He chuckled and laughed and kind of stammered but he finally said it, mine is bigger than that. With that, Traci's head fell forward and said really. He said yep. She now got an odd look and asked Tre if she could see it. He really started to laugh and said he would be proud to show her. He then told her he needed a kiss first as he walked closer to her. They started to kiss and soon I saw Traci's hand rubbing his cock through his pants. He finally steps away from her, and drops his pants and boxers. She is in awe and just stares at it. She finally asks if she can touch it as she starts to kneel down in front of him. She is soon playing with it and soon her mouth starts to try and take it in. She can only get the head in from what I can see but I can tell she is really turned on and she is stroking him and her head is now bobbing up and down on Tre's massive black cock. I pull into the driveway and I can't believe what I am seeing. She steps away from him and I am in awe of how huge he is hard. She reaches down and pulls her dress over her head exposing her incredible body. Tre is just standing there staring at her. She comes over to him and starts to pull his tight T-shirt up and over his head. He steps out of his shoes and pants and he leads her to the bed. He asks her to please suck on him some more. I am still outside watching but I can't take it any longer and I send her the text that I am just pulling up. When it goes off on her phone, she slides up his body and starts to tease his cock with her wet pussy. As I go up the stairs, my knees are shaking with a combination of fear and excitement knowing that I had made this come true.

As I walk into the bedroom, Traci is smiling at me and said that was waiting for me before she did anything. As I stepped closer, she let the head of his cock slowly slide inside of her. My knees were still shaking as I watched her slowly work him deeper and deeper inside of her. She was now moaning so loud as she was getting him deeper and deeper inside of her. I couldn't believe the wetness she was leaving on his cock when her hips would go up. She was now moaning even louder as I soon saw her first orgasm clash over her body. She had never been able to have an orgasm with just my cock without a vibrator or her clit being massaged. When it subsided, she continued to slowly work him in deeper and deeper. I was speechless when I saw her finally bottom out all the way down to his balls. She now was fucking him faster and soon her body was trembling again as another orgasm flashed over her body. When it went away, she asked me to get naked and to kiss her. I quickly got my clothes off and our tongues joined each others in a feverish pitch. She looked into my eyes, still fucking him as she did and she said the words, Thank you, I love his black cock inside of me.

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