tagLoving WivesWife's First Week of Work

Wife's First Week of Work


My wife writes these stories for me so I thought I would share them with the world. She is the sexiest woman with long legs and dark hair. She is mixed black and white with big sexy lips. She is a 36C with long black hair down the middle of her back. When she completes one of these she will let me read it in bed while she gives me a blow-job. Some of these are fictional others are true. I have a hard time getting which is which out of her. Anyways they make for good reading, enjoy.

Dear Diary,

Today was a long and hard day at work. Especially after everyone left work {giggle}. I was loading some shelves when my boss stopped me for a minute and asked me to stay an hour later than scheduled. He said there was a new closing procedure I needed to know and he would stay with me to show me what to do.

6:00 PM finally rolled around and I just got finished closing my department out and making sure there were any more customers lurking about before seeing my boss to learn that new procedure he was talking about. I walked to the broom closet to put my broom away I opened the door to the rather large closet and suddenly was grabbed from behind by Mr. Ferris (My boss!) The force of his grab was so powerful I dropped my broom and the closet door slammed! He picked me up and walked me over to the cashier booth! I was scared! I didn't know what the hell he was doing! He carried me into the booth and sat me down on the counter. I asked him "What the hell are you doing Mr. Ferris!?" He said nothing.

He looked at me with this sort of...evil look. I didn't look away. After a few seconds of that look....I wasn't scared anymore. He whispered in a low voice "I want that hot pussy of yours." I wasn't shocked. I was turned on. I smiled at him and told him that "we couldn't do it here."

He said "Bullshit if we can't! No ones here, it's just me and you."

Then he moved forward a bit and grabbed my top button and unbuttoned it. He unbuttoned all my shirt buttons then reached behind me and unsnapped my bra. All during this time he sucked on my neck. He pulled my shirt off then my bra. He began sucking hard on my tits, taking my nipples and placing then between his teeth then fluttering his tongue real fast against my sensitive nipples! Oh it felt so good! I couldn't get enough! Suddenly he pulled me off of the counter and told me I had had enough being spoiled on the job.

He said "It is time to work for my keep." With that, he pushed me down to my knees and looked down at me with his smart ass smile. He unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down then he pulled down his underwear. He grabbed the back of my head and placed his cock in my mouth. With one full motion, he pushed the back of my head toward him and lunged his cock into my mouth at the same time.

I thought I was going to choke! I didn't though. I took his whole big cock. It tasted so good. I sucked hard on it while he gyrated into my mouth. I knew he was pleased by the sounds he made. His hands were clenched tight in my hair that he had a firm hold on. He pulled my head onto his cock and would force it down my throat then he'd pull it out to the tip and force it back down. He was really enjoying my hot mouth sucking his cock. I didn't think he'd ever stop when all of a sudden he did. He pushed me back and I fell on my ass.

I looked up at him and asked "Is something wrong?"

He said "Yeah"

I said "What's wrong?"

He said "You tried to make me cum without me getting a chance to fuck your tight pussy." I giggled. Right then he grabbed me under my arms and lifted me to my feet. He turned me around and bent me over the customer counter. He reached around me and unbuttoned my pants, the preceded to pull my pants down. I had no panties on so he had easier access. Placing his hand on the back of my neck, he pushed my head down and forced his huge hard cock into my pussy. Oh it was great! He was fucking me so hard I thought we'd break the counter. He pulled my hair and forced my head up. Just when he did that, I saw Robert come around the corner!

I let out a small gasp of surprised hoping Mr. Ferris would hear in time for us to get decent, but Mr. Ferris heard nothing and just kept on ramming his hard cock inside me. I watched Robert ready his car keys before heading out the door when Mr. Ferris began to groan "Oh baby....do you like that? Do you like me fucking you?"

I didn't answer. I loved the fuck I was getting, but I really didn't want Robert to discover us. He did however. Hearing Mr. Ferris's voice, Robert peered over in our direction then he began to walk where we were.


"Call me Jim baby. For right now call me Jim." God he was fucking he so hard and I tried to tell him that we were about to be discovered, but it was to late. Robert came up on us.

Robert smiled at Jim. Jim smiled back.

Robert said, "Well now...all this fun and I wasn't even invited." I couldn't believe how calm and collected Robert was! And I couldn't believe all this didn't shock Jim into pulling his pants up in a hurry! Instead Jim kept me in my position. His cock was still up inside me.

Jim said, "Suzan? Have you met Robert?"

I didn't answer. I had no words.

Robert said, "I've seen her around, I'd love to get to know her better." Then gave an extremely charming smile. At this time, I was so worked up by Jim fucking me I gave Robert a very inviting smile back.

With that, Robert dropped his car keys and jacket and walked up closer. Jim resumed fucking me. "She's really good Rob." Jim said.

I said nothing.

I stared at Rob's hands unbuckling his belt then undoing his pants "Lets see how good she is.". Rob reached in his pants and pulled out just about the biggest hardest cock I'd ever seen! Just when I opened my mouth to gasp, Rob grabbed the back of my head and shoved his huge cock in my mouth and down my throat. Oh....it was soooo good! I thought I was in heaven! As Jim would thrust his hard cock into my soft wet pussy, he'd push me forward shoving Rob's cock into my mouth. I sucked with a flared passion! Up and down, slurping and teasing Rob. He loved it. I did too.

Rob must have gotten worked up a bit much because he just decided to walk around the counter, move Jim out of the way, lift me from my position and put me into a new position.

Rob lied me on my back on the customer counter. He then climbed onto the counter and straddled my tits. He grabbed my hands and put them on each side of my tits and told me to hold them tight.

He then started titty fucking me. His cock slid gracefully back and forth between my breasts. The head of his cock ticked my neck as he fucked my titties.

Jim, still being turned on walked around to the end of the counter where my legs were and spread my legs open. My legs were hanging off the edge of the counter. My ass almost was too. I was in the perfect position for Jim to resume his great fuck he was giving me. All I could feel was hands spreading my legs open and then the sensation of Jim's hot cock shoving it's way back into my pussy.

This went on for about 10 minutes. Then the guys switched places.

Jim climbed on the counter, but instead of fucking my tits, he straddled my face. He made me suck his balls for a while and I did it passionately. I felt Rob's big cock shove into my pussy and his finger tickling my asshole. This worked me into such a frenzy I opened my mouth wider and would almost suck Jims balls completely into my mouth!

Jim then pulled away, lifted up a little then stuffed his cock into my mouth again. Straddling my face he had enough leverage to actually fuck my face! He lunged his cock deep into my mouth faster and faster as Rob also sped up the pace. The customer counter was squeaking and rocking as both men were on me fucking my brains out! I started to climax from the pounding that Rob was giving me! Robs fat cock just kept rubbing my sensitive hard clit and as he kept speeding up the sensation was getting harder and harder to deny.

Jim was at full speed at this time. He was ready to cum.

"Oh yeah baby! Do you like this fuck huh?" "You like it huh baby!?"

Oh I loved it but was not in the position to answer. They knew I liked it...their smiles told me that.

Just as I opened my eyes, Jim's hot cum burst into my mouth and slid down my throat. Jim lunged his hips forward into my face forcing his cock even deeper into my throat! Each throb from Jim's cock forced his cum down my throat! Sensing Jim was finishing up, Rob moved even faster!

"You better pull your dick out of her mouth because I getting ready to make this chick cum hard!" Rob said.

He was right.

Just as Jim pulled his cock from my mouth, I felt the heat of my cum burst inside me all over Rob's thrusting cock! Rob rammed his cock deeper and deeper inside as if looking for me to cum more. He grabbed the back of my knees and forced my ass up off the table as he kept ramming his cock into me faster and faster!

"Oh God! Yes Fuck me Rob Yes!!"

Just as those words left my mouth Rob pulled his cock out of my pussy to cum all over my stomach. Hot cum splashed on me as he stroked his cock over the top of me.

Jim stood there already half dressed and smiling. Rob was smiling too.

"Did you like that baby?" Jim said.

All I could do was nod.

Rob backed up and grabbed his clothes. "We have to do her again sometime, whatta ya say Suzan?" Rob asked.

I nodded again.

With that we got dressed enough to go to our cars and we drove away. I smiled all the way home. The next day I got a note in my mailbox. It read:


Good job last night!
You handled your job like a champ.
Keep up the good work! I look
forward to working with you again
soon. So does Rob.

Mr. Ferris

I can't wait.

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