tagLetters & TranscriptsWife's Letter To Her Husband

Wife's Letter To Her Husband


One wife, her husband, then another woman

My dear Husband.

I am sitting here at my desk in our room under an amber light. I am wearing the long white neglige which you love so much. I have a hand on the desk holding the pen with which I write to you.

The other hand is down over my pussy, already horny by the thoughts I am writing you about. My pussy hurts and needs attending. So my hand is down there to masturbate as I write.

I know you went to a far country where the telephone lines are not connected yet. This is your job as a communication engineer. So I cannot call you, and this is why I am writing to you.

I miss you and I feel so horny. I remember how you used to take me. You were always sweet enough to start by kissing me, entertwining our lips and flickering our tongues.

You used to feel my boobs hardening by the excitement. They ar big like you like them. Quickly, your hand takes one of them to fondle it and to tease the nipple with your fingers.

The other boob gets another treatment since you lower yourself a bit and take it in you mouth. You circle around the nipple first with your tongue, then you lick up on my boob, then you suck it while continuing to whip it with your tongue.

I groan and moan and weaken of pleasure, surrendering to you, giving you my body to ravish it and fuck it.

Before you go down to lick my cunt, you command me to suck you dick. I willingly obey and slide down to take the fiery instrument in my mouth. My hand pumps it up and down, my lips squeeze on it back and forth to bring up and out your fluid.

But you don't want to come yet. So you order me to straddle over you so you can light up my cunt with your tongue and lips.

I love satisfying your demands my sweet animal husband.

So I lower my cunt down on you face and you start eating it up with passion. I scream of delight and start moving my cunt back and forth over your mouth, while holding your head and pressing it on my cunt so it can't break away.

You tell me to finger myself while you lick me. I do. Then you order me to take my finger and rub my boobs with my cunt juice.

When you saw that my boobs were wet enough with my juices, you order me to slide down, grab your huge dick, rub it on my cunt and bend over so you could suck my boobs and lick my juices off of them.

Then you would give me another order : «bend over bitch».

I love it . I love your calling me names : bitch, slut, whore. I want to be for you a bitch, a slut, a whore, in bed. I know that you treat me like a lady when there are people and that you made queen of your heart.

I also love bending over to you because I want you to ride me and dominate me in that way. It makes your cock more erected and then you subdue me with delight, my sweet prince, when this wild dick of yours penetrates me from behind and fucks the bitch before him.

We used to do these things and so much more. I am getting hornier and I suffer from you absence.

I suffer so much that I don't you to suffer too. That is why I ask you to go out and get a woman that you will fuck and release that insatiable dick of yours.

One hing though, promise me that you will tell me in details everything you do together so I won't feel left out. I could even participate from here by masturbating and fantasizing over what you tell me.

Go do that now my love. I finish my letter here because I need to come : oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

You prick, here, I bring the letter over to touch my cunt with it so I could leave on the paper some drops of my juice. Then here, you lucky dog, I kiss the droplet on the paper and surround it with my lipstick, both of which you have tasted so much.

Now go fuck.


My love.

Thank you for your sweet letter and for asking me not to deprive myself.

Indeed, after I read your exciting letter, I walked out of my primitive hotel and went to a coffe-shop nearby, also primitive. The tables are on an open-air terrace.

There I saw a superb women of western origin, like us, sitting at a table. She was tall, she had beautiful big boobs like yours, a little more sharply pointed perhaps and long black hair coming down her back almost reaching her ass. She was wearing a red skirt and a black blouse. Her slender legs were very inviting and the red high heel she was wearing also triggered my desire.

When she saw me coming she gave me wonderful radiant smile. Since we were the only Westerners at the Café, we had no problem of engaging the conversation. She invited tme o sit at the table and we talked about everything for a while.

The the conversation became more personal. I learned that she was here because she divorced her husband who mistreated her. She came here to this far place to find some peace after several years of torment with her jerk husband.

Then the conversation got even more personal than that. We talked about she and I, a man and a woman in this place, both having aroused needs.

She asked me : «What would your wife think if we made love».

So I told her about your letter.

She semiled and said gently : «We shoudn't keep your wife's wish unfulfilled. Let's go do it».

We walked back to the hotel and went to my room.

I changed and put my bathrobe on, with nothing underneath. She started taking her clothes off, slowly and teasingly.

She started by removing her blouse and showed her enormous wonderful boobs covered by a low-rise black bra.

My dick almost pierced out the robe with its erection.

She saw that and looked down my dick and said, sweetly smiling : «tell it to be patient, I'm coming to take care of it».

Then she lowered her red skirt and stepped out of it. I could see a black bikini type pantyhose.

She stood before me superb, tall slender, with black panty hose and bra and red high heels.

I couldn't help touching my dick screaming for attention.

This wonderful woman came to me and gently took my robe off. The she kneeled befor me, held my dick with one hand and brought it to her mouth.

She licked the tip a few times, then she surrounded it with her lips and started a pumping action. She pulled it even further in her mouth, all the way in, so as to leave no area uncovered by her lips.

I screamed of pleasure : «Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, honey, it's wonderful, suck it, suck it some more».

Encouraged and pleased, she pressed her mouth even stonger on my dick. I grabbed her head and pulled it towards me while I shoved my cock even deeper in her mouth.

She stopped for on second to utter out : «That's it honey, fuck me, fuck me in the mouth»

But I didn't want to come yet, so I withdrew my dick from her mouth gently and helped her up.

She looked at me with fascination and tenderness. She put her arms around me and kissed me so lovingly.

As she was kissing me, I put my hands on her buttocks and rolled down her pantyhose. She helped by raising one leg after the other to come out of it.

We were standing still body against body and my dick felt her soft naked cunt, already wet. I started rubbing my cock against her cunt .

She moaned : «mmmhhhhhhhhhh, baby, I love it, I am so horny».

And I was so thirsty of her soft and warm fluid dripping from her cunt that I gently led her to the bed. I laid her there, spread her legs, and knelt in between them.

I brought my lips to her cunt and beagan absorbing her wonderful juice.

She yelled of pleasure : «Oh babe, you drink me so well, I can't take it any more, come and fuck me».

I laid next to her on the bed and told her : «You on top».

She rolled over on top of me. She was still wearing her bra. I started to fondle her big boobs over the bra .

Then I grabbed the two straps of the bra and pulled them one towards the other and brought her big boobs closer together, squeezed one against the other.

«Ouch», she said, «that hurt a little, hon».

I uttered : «lick both boobs them togther, my wonderful slut».

She did. I saw her tongue liking both boosb at the same timeand going deep in the slit between them.

«Mmhhh, that feels good», she said, I've never done this before».

«Now take you bra off», I ordered, «and put my dick in your cunt my magnificent whore».

She quickly executed the order.

As I was fucking her, her big boobs were bouncing over my face. I pulled her closer to me so I could reach her boobs and suck them wildely.

«Oh, you horrible beast», she uttered, «suck me more, suck me more as you fuck me, fuck me hard».

At that moment, my beloved wife, a scene came to my mind. For a second I saw you naked kneeling next to my face, your hand rubbing you cunt and your big wonderful boobs dangling over my face to be taken in my mouth at the same time I suck the tits of this whore.

With this vision, my dick doubled in size instantly inside the slut lady I was fucking. She even felt it and looked at me with astonishment and delight.

Then I exploded in this wonderful bitch's cunt while she exploded with a powerful orgasm.

There you are my sweet wife. Like you asked, I shared with you what we did in details and this new mistress of mine read the letter and approved it with a smile.

My beloved wife, if you were here, I'd fuck you too.


Oh, my beloved husband, how I enjoyed reading your letter. I am happy for you that you found a lovely woman to screw.

Your letter excited me like fire. What caught my attention the most is the fact that your dick doubled in size when you were fucking the bitch and at the time you thought of me joining in.

I will do anything, my sweet fucking prince, to get your dick aroused to the highest pleasure.You know that I am committed to please your bullish dick. I consider it my little master, and I am here to please it in anyway I can. Am I not your whore? I wouldn't deserve this exciting title if I didn't do all what is to be done for the great pleasure of my little master.

I am ready and willing to go all the way for you, so here's how I would do it, il I were with you and your whore mistress. Remember that while I am telling you this, I am masturbating myself to a blast.

First, you sit on the couch with your dick in your hand to warm it up, watching me and the other slut working on each other.

I come wearing my black shoes, my red pantyhose and my red bra. They go well with my long blonde hair.

The other slut, is standing in the middle of the room, like you described her, with her red shoes, black pantyhose, and black bra.

Here you have two beautiful women, facing each other, ready to serve you.

I go to her and put my arms around her. She puts her arms around me. I kiss her. She responds by flickering my mouth with her tongue. I rub my breasts against hers, she helps in the action and rubs her cunt against mine.

With my hands on her back still, I undo her bra. I don't take them out but hold the strings to move her around. Her back is against me now. I push her forward a little and make her bend over.

Then I let go with the bra and I kneel behind her and lower her panty hose. She is naked, but still wearing her red shoes. Her breasts are dangling.

You're still on the couch masturbating going crazy. So I give you the signal to move and come in front of the beautiful bitch.

Your dick is way up and you give it to her to suck it.

Meanwhile, while I am kneeling behind her, I stretch one hand to grab one of her dangling boob, and the other hand, goes on her cunt. My tongue behind her, licks the slit of her ass, goes down to lick her cunt, backs up to the ass and goes in the hole.

She stops sucking you a second and moans : «mmmmmmmhhhhhhh, this is so sweet, lick me and finger more, bitch, while I continue sucking this boarish dick».

You grab the other tit and pull her towards you while I shove my tongue in her ass. She's getting penetratd from both ends at the same time. And before you could come, my loving animal husband, she explodes with strong orgasm, making her juice overflow in my hand :

«Oh you too, I love you both, screw me, lick me, fuck me, it's wonderful, ooooooooohhhhhhhhh».

Then I take my hand and lick her cum off. I lay her on the bed and start sucking her boobs with my mouth still wet with her juice I just licked off. She moans and groans, open her legs, and cries out : «work on me more».

I go down to lick her cunt. I kneel between her slut open kegs and bend over to you my sweet.

By this time, your cock is hurting of oversize excitation.

You see me bending licking the bitch, You move your horny dick to my ass and shove it in.

As you screw me strong I grab the bitch's tits and squeeze them. She grabs mine and fondle them while she is being licked.

She comes! She discharges her warm pussy milk in my mouth. You too, my pervert monster, you come in my ass, screaming your head off.

Then we all roll on the bed to rest a minute. But the one who didn't come yet is me. So I ask you to lay on your back and get your penis up. I ride it.

While you are fucking me, I tell your bitch mistress to straddle over your face facing me. You begin by licking her cunt, while she starts to suck my boobs. Then I push her head lower and make lick my cunt and your penis fucking it at the same time.

We three come to a blast of an orgasm at the same time :

You say : «You two bitches are killing me, aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh»!

She says : «You two pervert lovers, I love screwing with you, ooooooohhhhhhhhhh ».

I say : «My fucking prince and my sweet whore, you haven't finished fucking with me yet, uuuuhhhhh».


After reading this letter, the husband and the mistress were breathing with excitement. They decided that it was time to go back to the beautiful wife waiting for them with fire in her body to love them both.

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