tagGay MaleWife's New Job Pt. 01

Wife's New Job Pt. 01


All rights reserved -- this story is a work of fiction and remains the property of the writer.

Chapter 1

Times were difficult. To make ends meet, my wife had taken a job in a lawyer's office. She had been working on her art for the last three years, but our bills had begun to pile up, and we needed the extra income. I was amazed how quickly she got a job -- the first one she applied for. She started on the Monday morning in early June. Summer had started and the weather was turning very warm.

I noticed some subtle changes in her after the first few months on her new job. She seemed to dress in more revealing clothes. Nothing cheap, or slutty, just lighter things than usual. Short skirts, tops that weren't buttoned up as high as they normally would be. At first I chalked it up to the weather, then I learned it was something else.

"What a long day." Sheila said as she came through the door. "I thought it would never end." She moved past me and collapsed on the couch, her bag and coat falling from her hand. "I can't believe how much typing I did today, Stan worked me like a dog."

I looked over at her and took it all in. There sat my wife of six years, starting to unbutton her top, her legs splayed in exhaustion. She undid the top few buttons and then stopped, smoothed her skirt down, and looked like she had just remembered something. She stood and went up to the kitchen. Standing on her tiptoes to reach a box from the upper shelf, her skirt slid up and I saw the lower part of her ass. The sight never failed to excite me. Moving up behind her I held her, sliding my left hand down her hip, and bringing it around to her ass. She rolled out of my arms and looked like she needed to get away.

"Give me a minute, I have to pee." Sheila ran upstairs and I heard the washroom door close. Fifteen minutes later she came down wearing sweats. "So what should we make for dinner?" It sounded like the mood had changed. She moved past me and trailed her hand over my chest on her way. Maybe all was not lost.

"Maybe dinner can wait." I said, raising an eyebrow. Moving to her I took her in my arms again, bringing a hand up to cup one of her breasts. "Oh, are you cold?" I asked. She had removed her bra, and her nipple was hard as a rock. I tugged the hard bud lightly.

"Ooooooh, that's nice." She leaned back into me, carrying my other hand up to her chest. "How about a quickie?" Her hands moved behind her, quickly finding my zipper, she lowered it, and reached in to take me in her hand. "What's this, is it for me?"

Her hand felt cool on my cock, and if it wasn't fully hard when I felt the weight of her breast, it was now. "Oh, yes I suppose it is for you." I teased, squeezing her breasts, and kissing her neck. My pants fell to the floor, my hard cock extending from the wide-open fly in my boxers. Sheila was squeezing me hard, running her other hand up and down my hip. She hooked the waistband of my boxers and yanked them down. They caught briefly and a little painfully on my dick as they were dragged down. She was definitely fired up.

"Take me, right here, I can't wait!" She moaned. "Fuck me. Now." Sheila released me; taking her sweatpants in both hands she ripped them down, bending over in the process. No underwear, I was presented with her ass, that amazing, round ass. She leaned on the countertop, raising her hips to me. I fumbled forward, taking my shaft in hand.

"Don't we need something?" I asked, "some of the KY?" Just then my cock made contact with a very wet pussy. I slid it down until it was in position and she pulled my hips forward, burying me in her all the way. "Ooooooooh." I blurted, almost cumming instantly. All thoughts of lubricant, and neighbors, and work were gone. It was just me and her, my cock in her pussy. The wetness, the warm, complete feeling of her body against mine.

"What are you doing? Fuck me!" She sounded desperate, pleading. No, demanding I screw her. Getting to it, I held her hips, and began moving. Looking down I saw her beautiful wide hips, that sweet, tiny hole, and my cock sliding in and out of her pussy. Her completely bald pussy. That's not the way it was the last time I saw it. I had to look away so I didn't cum again. The view was too hot. "Oh, yes!! Yes! Yes! Harder! Harder!" I did as I was told. Grasping her hips I drove into her over and over until I just couldn't take it. "Oh, oh, oh, YES!! Here it is!!!" Sheila came hard, which, as usual set me off. I drove into her and held myself in deep, starting to feel the familiar contractions as I pumped my cum into her. A few moments later I was wiping myself off with a hand towel, as she pulled up her panties.

"I notice the new haircut." I gestured toward her completely smooth pussy, now facing me. Sheila reached down, never losing eye contact, and ran her finger along the length of her lips. Drawing the cum covered digit to her mouth, she sucked her finger like it was a small cock.

"Do you like it? It feels so good."

"I love it, when did you do it?"

"I had it done at the salon downtown. It hurt, but it was worth it. So worth it." She reached down and finished pulling up her thing. Walking past me I got the view of her nice, full ass as she went up the stairs.

"Mind if I watch you shower?" I asked, following her.

"Suit yourself." Sheila dropped her clothes as she moved to the washroom. Turning to face me she had only her bra on now. It was quite a sight, totally nude except for her bra. In this case a flesh colored see-through model that made her nipples very clear. Looking at me she unsnapped the clasp in the front and let the bra fall from her shoulders. Then they came into view. I love Sheila's ass, I love her hips, and her thighs, but I really love her tits. They were big. I asked her on our first date just how big they were. "Thirty Eight, Double D." She bragged, knowing it would drive me crazy.

"What does that mean? I mean I know they're big, but what does the D part mean?" I asked, being cute and hoping to see them.

"That means they're a little big." She flirted. "You probably don't like big boobs do you?" Sheila asked, knowing full well I was dying to see them. "Well if you really want to see them......"

Back to the present. Her bra fell to the floor and there they were. Hanging a little lower than they did, but they were so full, so round. The areola wide and light brown, the nipples thick and hard. Taking in the entire sight of her made me weak in the knees. Sheila gave them a little squeeze for my benefit and then got into the shower and proceeded to go through her routine.

We continued on with our lives for the next few weeks until the day everything changed. I hadn't been paying very close attention to the small changes that were going on with Sheila, but I was soon to find out what they all added up to.

One day after we had made love in bed, we lay there in the morning sun, lazily stroking each other's bodies and talking.

"Have you ever thought about sharing me with another man?" Sheila asked. We were talking about fantasies and I had mentioned the usual fantasy about a threesome. "I mean a lot of guys think that's really hot, like in the Penthouse Letters magazine." We had always gotten very hot while reading the letters to each other.

"I guess I have thought of it." I admitted. "But usually I think of you with another woman." I quickly added. In reality I had had many fantasies about her with other guys, well endowed men who could make her scream with desire as I watched, and maybe joined in. "Have you thought about it?"

"Does that excite you? Do you think it would be hot?" She was stroking me and I was growing hard again. "What would you like to see me do, who would I do it with?" Sheila's eyes were closed as she asked these questions. Her hand working on my cock, the other pinching her nipple, her hips starting to roll with excitement.

"Well I have thought of seeing you with a well-endowed man, like those guys we saw in the Dominican last year." I moaned. Her hand making me so hot now.

"Oh, so you want me to be fucked by a big cock? Would it be a black man? A big black cock sliding into my little white pussy?"

"MmmHmmm" I mumbled, as her grip grew tighter. She pinched hard on her nipple and cooed.

"Would he cum on me, or in me? Would you watch? Would you hold his cock and guide it into me?" These questions were getting me incredible hot. Sheila rolled onto me, taking me inside her, my cock slipping into her depths. "Ooooh that's it, that's what I want." Sheila looked down at me. "I think your cock is in me up to about here." She indicated a spot just near the top of where her pubis hair would be. "I want someone in me up to here." She drifted her finger upward until it was just below her belly button. "Do you want that?" She rolled her hips.

"Oh yes, yes, I want you to feel that." I gasped. "Please tell me more."

"I can juts imagine his cock. It would belong, and thick, with a big head, and big, low hanging balls. Ooohh it would make me so wet just to see it." She clamped her thighs on me & I came forcefully. Sheila held me as I came, seeming to draw the sperm from me. "That's it, let it go, let it all go." She whispered in my ear. Rolling off me she headed for the shower.

"What about you? Did you cum?" I asked, wanting to help out.

"I'm fine, I have a lot to do today." Her ass swayed out of the room on her way. I was left exhausted, limp, and thinking of what I may have started.

Chapter 2

A few more months went by, and we didn't discuss our mutual fantasy again. I decided to stop by her office one day for lunch, I had noticed she had forgotten her lunch at home that day, and thought I would bring it as she was 4 months pregnant, and needed to eat regularly. She had started to feel a little queasy a few months ago, and sure enough a pregnancy test revealed the good news. I noticed the door closed when I arrived. The sign said 'Gone for Lunch" and the door was locked. Knowing she sometimes worked in the back office during lunch, I moved down the hall to the service entrance. Luckily it had been left open, and I went in. Moving to the inner office area, I heard some movement, and was about to stroll into the office when I heard her.

"Oh! Yes, that's what I'm looking for. Look at the size of that thing! Come here." I could tell it was my wife, she sounded very excited, and it was clear she wasn't alone. I moved to the observation room from which the lawyers would watch clients being interviewed through a two-way mirror. Through it I could clearly see the interview table, and my wife kneeling beside it, in profile. She was pulling her bosses oversized cock from his pants. I was shocked, felt sick, and had just become erect. Sheila stroked the shaft while staring at it admiringly. "It's so big, so beautiful...I can't wait to feel it inside me..." Sheila stroked its length, bringing the head to her mouth, and sucking it. Stan held her head in his hands and stroked himself into her mouth.

"Oh yes, that's SO good Sheila! You are so good at this. I love the way you suck me. Yes, like that, take as much as you can." Stan had his eyes closed as he spoke to my wife. My wife was on her knees, sucking the cock of her boss right in front of me. I unzipped my pants and withdraw my achingly hard shaft.

"Look at the veins, the huge head, you are such a man. You make me so wet when I see the outline of this thing in your pants. Yesterday when you stopped in with your wife I could see the head outlined in your slacks and I got so wet." Sheila seemed to be talking to his cock as she stroked it to full erection. She leaned it against him and started working on his large, low hanging balls.

"Oh, Sheila, that's so nice." Stan reached down and stroked his shaft over her while she worshipped his big nuts. "I can't wait to slide this into you, into your tight little pussy. You seem to love it so much."

"Yes, take me, take me over the desk. I need that huge cock in my little pussy. You know I need a big cock, need your big cock. Please, please put it in me." Sheila was rubbing her face against his crotch, holding him close to her. Standing, she pulled her skirt off, slid her panties down her legs. Standing back from him she put on a show. Stan stroked himself while she slowly disrobed. She was naked from the waist down, her pubic hair, having grown back full and thick, was matted down from being trapped in her panties all day. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse, and dropped it from her shoulders. Her swollen breasts burst from her bra, which was still one of her old ones, not a newer, pregnancy bra, to help her with her swollen tits. She dropped the bra, and stood there in nothing but stockings. Her huge breasts swung side to side, the wide, dark areola showing strain with her diamond hard nipples. Her belly curved down to her widening hips. She looked so good I nearly came on the spot. Sheila moved to the table and bent over it, offering herself to Stan. "Fuck me." Was all she said.

Stan moved in behind her, cock in hand, and directed his tip to her wet patch. With a forward nudge of his hips I could tell he entered her, as she moved forward and her eyes literally rolled back in her head. "Oh fuck, you are tight!" Stan hissed, withdrawing.

"Oh my. ......that is so good, your so deep, so full.......I need it again. Please fuck my pregnant pussy, fuck it." Sheila was whimpering, eyes closed, anticipating his next thrust. Instead Stan flipped her over. She lay on her back, her exposed vagina wet, glistening, and ready for him. Her legs were spread wide, her breasts falling to the sides, her pubic hair trailing up toward her belly button, climbing the rising swell of her belly. Stan approached, dick in hand. I lost sight of her pussy as he approached, but I could tell when he made contact. "Oooooooh, oh, oh, oh! Yes, fuck it into me. Give it all to me."

"Oh there it is, oh you are so hot, so tight." Stan moved forward and buried himself in my wife. I saw his ass flex as he tried to get even deeper. "Your husband can't make you feel like this can he? Does he make you cum? Does he?" Stan was getting hoarse, and really leaning into her now.

"No, no, you know he doesn't!" Sheila yelled, actually yelling now. "He's never been this deep, stretched me this wide. Oh yes, yes, give it to me." She was pinching her nipples now. "Fuck me, fuck meeeeee! Your so deep now, you know that's how I got so knocked up, you came so deep in me that weekend!!" My heart sank, and my cock got even harder.

"I'm gonna cum, I'm cumming, can I? Can I cum in you?" Stan squeezed through clenched teeth.

"Yes!! Do it!! Fill me with your cum!! Now!" Sheila pulled him onto her, and Stan's ass began flexing. I could actually see his balls pull up tight as he emptied himself into my wife, deeper than I had ever been inside her. I lost it and came all over the wall. I knew things had changed, but this was the hottest sight I had ever seen. As I zipped up I saw Sheila slide to the floor, and take him in her mouth, cleaning him off. I slipped out while listening to her describe his huge cock again.

I wasn't sure what to do. I was still really turned on, but my mind was spinning from what I had learned. I decided I needed to see her and figure out how to go forward. I went to the front door of the office, and knocked. After some noises inside, the door opened.

"Jack, what's going on?" She asked, sounding a lot less surprised than I thought she would be. She walked back behind the reception desk. I could see her blouse was still open, and her skirt was clearly not done up. "Is this what you came to see?" Sheila pulled her blouse to the side and held her breast out to me, pinching the nipple hard. She made a 'come here' motion with her finger, and walked into her office. I followed, rapidly hardening in my pants. Sheila turned and embraced me hard, kissing me deeply. "Your hard Jack, did you se something that tuned you on?" Her nipples were hard against my shirt. She slipped her skirt off and stood before me nude other than her blouse, hanging loosely open.

"I, I......you look so good." I stammered, reaching for her, but she moved away.

"I saw you Jack. The viewing glass isn't totally reflective if you get too close." Sheila purred from across the room. "We both know what you saw, ......and heard. But I also saw how you reacted. You loved it didn't you?" Sheila came to the front of her desk and sat down on the edge, spreading her legs. "I think you know what needs to be done....you know I'm full of Stan's semen. His alpha-male sperm is swimming inside me, and I think you would benefit from tasting it. It might make you more of a man." She ran the tip of her finger up her exposed slit, and looked at the drop of white liquid it held. I though she was going to lick it off, but she lifted it to her nipple, leaving the drop poise don the end of her fat, dark tip.

My head spun, it was so much to take in all at once. She had completely turned the tables on me. I had come in prepared to give her a blast and play the righteous, injured party. Now I was being told what to do, and I liked it. Leaning forward I sucked hard at her nipple, tasting his salty cream. She pushed on my shoulders, moving me down to her crotch. I was confronted with her pussy. The pussy I had seen and loved thousands of times, but now it was different. She had just had sex with her boss, a man with a much larger cock than mine. She had another man's sperm inside her, and I was expected to like it. I couldn't argue with how hard my cock was. I leaned in and licked along her lips. Tilting her hips upward, she bore down and a large drop of white cream ran into my mouth.

"There it is. There's a little more, but that's the main load. How does it taste?" She held my head against her as I continued licking. Her clit was so hard I was able to suck it and that always drove her crazy. I got into it so much that I didn't hear anyone come in.

"Does he know?" This was Stan, standing next to Sheila. I looked sideways and saw his grey slacks as I continued my duties.

"He does now." Sheila said breathlessly, "he just swallowed that huge load you shot into me. I don't hear him complaining." She pressed me harder to her crotch. My head was spinning at the intensity of the situation. My cock throbbed and I knew I would cum soon. "He needs this I think. It'll do him good to see what it's like for me, and to try something new."

"Maybe he'd like some directly from the tap?" I looked over and could tell form Stan's position that they were kissing. His hands had begun to fumble with his zipper.

"I think he would love that." Sheila said between heated kisses. "Feed it to him." She reached into his open fly and worked him free. I turned to look closer, my face resting against her damp bush. I saw his long, thick shaft come into view. Sheila stroked him and he was starting to lengthen. It was an awkward angle for her, so Stan took over, running his hand down the shaft and pulling it back. His cock was staggering to look at form this close. I had never seen another man's penis so close up before and this was an amazing example of masculinity. The head was wide, and flared, the shaft must have been eight inches long, and was thick. He was probably half hard and offering himself to me.

I looked at the cock before me. It was so big, so thick, it seemed so right to take it in my mouth. I leaned forward and closed my mouth on the head. I felt her hand and his on my head guiding me forward. My mouth seemed so full of his cock, but I moved forward and took him deeper.

"That's good, so good." Stan moaned. "Do you really think it's his first time?"

"Oh it's his first time all right." Sheila said, "but I don't think it'll be his last. He looks like a natural. Suck that big cock Jack, suck the cock that has been fucking me."

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