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Wife's Sex Act Photos


My wife, Beth and her friends Jill and Lilly helped me make a video of Jill. Now things were calming down, Jill had been away a couple weeks with Lilly when I got a strange envelope in the mail.


I opened the package looking at the letter on the top. It was a note in what I guessed was a woman's hand writing saying she hoped I liked the pictures of Beth and suggested I frame and mount them in our hallway. The note indicated she had a pretty good idea of my home's layout.

When I turned to the first photo I was kind of surprised. Here was my wife with her mouth wrapped around a longish thin cock. Her eyes didn't look drunk exactly as much as red with bliss and what I guessed right off was a lot of sex and an orgasm about to happen. It made me wonder if a woman was eating her cunt or another cock was stuffed up there driving her crazy with lust. Either way I was sure in that picture my wife Beth was loving every minute of sucking another man's cock and about to cum as she swallowed his load. In that instant my cock got freakishly hard.

The very next photo was Beth again but this time she was lapping at the balls of some guy who's cock was filling some woman's hot pussy. The woman getting fucked was right in the middle of squirting. It was so wet the balls and Beth's cheeks were glistening and dripping with a thick covering of the woman's sexy juice. God that looked good. In this photo as well Beth's eyes were hot and horny but wide open watching all that female fluid flying out onto her face.

In the next picture Beth's eyes had that fluttering closed look where both lids were closing over her pupils and her mouth was puffed out as if she was half screaming and half licking a guy's cock head. I promptly pulled my dick from my pants and sat at the kitchen table stroking as I turned to the next photograph.

Fuck yes! Here was Beth on some strange coffee table. Her head thrown back, her tongue lapping at a pussy as a man with a short fat cock blasted sperm all over the woman's labia and Beth's nose, lips and tongue. Fuck that was hot. Clearly in the background another guy was pumping Beth's cunt as the woman riding her face held Beth's legs wide. My hot wife was in a four way! Holy shit!

Cum had started to drip from the tip of my pecker by the time I got to the next photo. This one was just Beth with the most devilishly shit eating grin on her face pulling a woman's blond hair as the woman ate Beth's pussy while she sat back on our couch. I quickly glanced at the earlier pics but this was the first in our own home. I was pretty sure the woman wasn't Jill or Lilly, but she had a very familiar tattoo on the back of her neck. I looked and looked and suddenly realized it was our next door neighbor's wife Holy fuck!

I quickly glanced through the other pics with the realization that if I cam just then my goo would cover some of them and fuck up the chance to frame and hang them as the letter suggested. I put the pictures down and peered out the kitchen window. Yep sure as shit my neighbor was out but his wife's minivan was in the drive. Not wanting to waste the orgasm I knew was ready to blow I put myself away and dashed next door.

"Hi," the neighbor lady said opening the door. "What's up, Ken?"

"I need to cum in your mouth right now," I said. "I saw a photo of you eating Beth's pussy and god, I really need to cum."

"Ken!" Susan looked shocked. Honestly shocked too, not just faking it. "I never ate Beth's pussy!"

"The photo looks just like you and has your tattoo," I said. "Sure you weren't drunk or something?"

"I..." she looked distant a moment. "Well, I do drink a bit more than I should but I think I'd remember going down on my next door neighbor."

"Come on, Susan," I pleaded. "Look at this thing."

She looked down as I pulled my long full cock from my pants. She gasped and then hummed a moment before speaking.

"Fuck," she said. "That's huge. Bill is really thin."

I realized his dick might have been the thin one in one of the photos. "Hey, I bet he's the one she was sucking off in another pic."

"He wouldn't," she said. "That's nuts, now put that lovely cock away."

"Come over and see the pics," I said. "I bet you agree with me."

"Well," she said. "I do need to borrow some coffee."

Moments later we were both looking through the photos of Beth sucking and fucking in my kitchen. Susan looked like she was just as turned on as I was so I started some coffee and told her she could stay. She didn't look up at first but sat frozen looking at the picture of her eating Beth's pussy like it was some sort of dream. Her eyes kept getting wider and wider.

"That is me," she said in a quiet voice. "I ate Beth's pussy. I can't believe I don't remember that. And here in this last photo, I'm sure that's Beth's friend Jill in the mirror holding the camera."

I handed her a cup of black coffee and looked. Sure as could be, there was Jill and her big naked tits in a dark reflection in one of the mirrors behind Beth sucking two cocks as Jill took the photo.

"I wonder if Jill knew her reflection was in the picture," I said. "It seems like something she'd be okay with."

"Yeah," Susan said. "I always thought she was kind of a pervert."

"About that...." I said pulling my cock out again. "I really do need some help."

"I don't know, Ken." Susan said. "I know what it looks like in the picture but I really don't get into having sex with people other than my husband."

My head was going a mile a minute as her eyes dropped from my face to my cock. Her lips parted as she stared. Seeing the opportunity was to just keep going without pushing her, I started stroking it and looking at the photos. "God this one is hot."

"Which one?" Susan asked moving closer too me. Her eyes remained on my cock a moment then moved to the picture of Beth licking that one cock head while she was having her own orgasm. "Oh..."

I kept stroking as she looked on from the pictures to my cock and back. After a moment she started shifting the pics and commenting on them. It was making me even more turned on to hear her enthusiastic remarks about Beth's sexual adventures.

"Look at how much cum is on her tits," Susan said looking at one photo. "I bet that's three or four guys loads. God that's fucking hot."

"Oh god," I said stroking my swollen rod. "She does love jism."

Susan went on to talk about how she'd always thought pussy would taste good but that she'd want to have a big cock shoved up hers as she ate a chick out. She explained how cock makes her horny and how she loves to feel full and penetrated. I'd begun to shake a bit, I was that close to blasting.

"I'm so horny," I said. "I'd love to fill you right now."

Susan stopped talking and looked at my cock. Without more hesitation she got on her knees and started slipping her lips on and off just the head as if that was going to be enough. I put my hands on her cheeks and slid my fingers into her hair taking a firm grip and pulling her mouth onto my shaft. Much to my surprise she swallowed it and it went all the way down so her lips hit the base of my cock.

"Oh fuck," I said. "You swallowed me."

Susan made some gurgling sound as I fucked her face slowly pulling my cock only half way out and shoving it back in. Her hands gripped my hips and she seemed to yank me to her so the bulbous head would pop down her throat and then shove me back in unison to my own desperate fucking of her face.

"Yes!" I said. "Suck my fucking cock!"

Susan moved from her squatting position up onto her knees, her hands holding my hips and dove down on my cock with each stroke. Her body putting a force to the way her throat impaled on my cock.

"Fuck!" I called out. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, oh fucking god that's good."

I almost too close to orgasm now. Susan's blow job was doing the trick given how horny I was from the photos. I was so hard I wasn't sure the man juice could flow through my rod. "Susan, my god it feels so good it hurts."

She moaned something and shoved even harder.

A fantasy hit me. What if Jill was taking photos right now. Jill naked with her huge tits. What if she did a whole set of pics of me fucking and getting sucked off just like my wife and sent them to Beth?

Susan moved one hand to my balls, stroking and pulling as I finally lost control.

"Uh yea....." I toned as a fire hose blast of sperm rocketed out of my cock down Susan's throat. "take it! Uh, uh, uh fuck!"

She did, and just as quickly pulled back so the next jets of white jism sprayed her face and ran up her nose and into her eyes. She started pumping my cock base with her hand and opened her mouth wide to catch the last well milked spurts of sperm.

"Muwwow," I said.

Susan smiled a wide happy to please sort of smile with big wide bright eyes as my jism ran from her nose. Feeling it she opened her mouth and licked up the glob as it ran over her upper lip.

I sat back and sipped my coffee while trying to catch my breath. Susan got into her chair and had some coffee as well.

"Want to fuck me?" Susan asked.

"Yes," I said.

"Okay," she said. "But not right now, I have to go get some things done and next time I want you to take pictures."

"Sure," I said.

She smiled and went on, "and I want you to print them for me like Jill's letter said and mount them in your hallway with the ones of Beth, okay?"

It seemed like a good plan to me. "Cool."

Susan and I finished not just one but two cups of coffee and she sucked my cock again too before she took off. I didn't unload a lot of jism the second time but it felt just as good. Don't blow jobs always?

As she did whatever my neighbor expected or that she'd wanted to do I went to the store and got a couple dozen picture frames. When I got home Beth was making dinner and told me her friend Jill had been having some issues out of town.

"What kind of issues," I asked as I set about mounting photos on the kitchen table.

Beth hadn't looked to see what I was up to as she explained that Jill was having issues with a landlord and a car and needed some help getting moved into a better place. I wondered why Lilly couldn't help and Beth explained that the landlord was a prick and the girls needed a man's hand to deal with him. Well that all made sense other than the fact that Jill's huge tits could probably convince any but a very gay man to do whatever she wanted.

"Maybe that's the problem," Beth said.

By this time I was on it and had more than half of the photos in frames. Beth finally looked over but didn't look close and went back to finishing dinner while I moved to the hallway and started hanging the pictures.

"Hey," Beth called from the kitchen. "Is this coffee fresh? It is hot still."

I thought it would be okay, "Fresh enough. I had some with our neighbor's wife Susan today."

"Oh?" Beth called back.

"Yeah," I said. "We had some while checking out these pictures."

"What pictures?" Beth's voice proceeded her as she walked into the hallway.

Only split seconds passed before she froze in mid stride seeing herself on her hands and knees taking a cock in both ends while some dark haired woman below her sucked on her left nipple. My wife, Beth's, lips fell wide open as she looked from photo to photo. All with her fucking and sucking, being eaten and eating. In one her ass was stretched wide as three of some chick's fingers filled her pussy and a dark skinned man had his cock deep in her asshole.

"Oh my god," Beth whispered in a deep shocked voice. "Where did you get these?"

"They came in.." I started.

"Susan saw these?" Beth looked at me and back to the pictures. "Why did you show her?"

"They came in the mail," I said. "Oh, and this one here is of Susan eating your pussy."

"Oh fuck," Beth said. "I forgot, oh god we were so high that day."

"High?" I asked. "Like on pot or what?"

Beth started fidgeting with her top. "I uh, well honestly I'm not sure. Jill had something and before I knew it I'd taken it with Susan and her husband Bill. They'd come over."

"She didn't remember eating you out," I said. "But she gave me a great blow job after we looked over all the pictures."

"I bet," Beth said. "What?"

"In the kitchen," I said. "Does she eat pussy as well as she sucks cock?"

Beth leaned against one wall looking at her pictures and playing with her tits. "Hell yes. I'm getting wet just thinking about it."

"Finger your pussy," I said.

"No," she said with one hand falling to her skirt front. "I can't, I'm making dinner."

I moved over and undid her skirt letting it drop to her ankles and then pulled her panties half way down her thighs. "Finger it."

"Oh god," Beth said. "Look at that cock in my pussy."

Beth was lost in her own world. Her hands fucking her as only she could fuck herself. I watched in awe while she drank in the sexy photos. It was that hot watching her melt into her passion. Picture by picture she rubbed her pussy and started pulling on her nipples like she was milking them. She only paused to get totally naked and went right back to finger fucking herself.

"I can't believe you did this," Beth said. For a moment I thought she'd go on but instead she pushed one hand to the wall beside a photo of her getting fucked hard with a dazed look in her eyes and started to grind her hips to her hand. Each foot moved a little wider and she rode up on the balls of her feet and down grinding deeply while her fingers undulated in her pussy.

I moved silently to the telephone. Somehow I knew this shouldn't go without more of an audience. I dialed my neighbor and Susan picked up. I told her to hurry over.

Moments later Susan and I were playing with Beth's tits while Beth moaned and groaned and fingered her soaking slit and moved a finger to her ass.

"I can't believe you did this," Beth said.

"It was Jill's idea," I said moving behind her and shoving my cock up against her ass. "But I fucking love it, don't you?"

"Yes!" Beth moaned as my mushroom shaped cock head pushed to her anus.

"No!" Susan said. "Get the camera."

I was torn. My cock was raging hard at this point and I figured Beth was so far gone it was the perfect time to shove it up her tight ass. Still, I did want more photos.

"Its on my dresser," I said pushing the head in a little.

"Oh god, yes!" Beth shoved back onto my cock. "Fuck me!"

"I'll get it," Susan said running off.

"I'm fucking your ass," I told Beth. "Fucking your tight, fucking, ass!"

"Ohhhaaayyeaaa!" Beth screamed as my full length pushed into her lifting her feet up off the floor.

"Put both hands on the wall," I said. "And look at that picture. You were fucking horny weren't you?"

Beth moved her legs wrapping her feet behind my ankles hooking them there as I held her up with my cock deep in her bung hole. Her hands pressed firm and flat to the wall while I ground my whole body shoving her ass over and over.

"YES!" Beth yelled. "I am so.. oh god... so.. oh god... so... fuck.. ing... horny!"

"Jesus!" Susan said as she reappeared with the camera.

"Fucking..." Beth panted. "Christ!"

Every time I pushed up into her ass her body would lurched forward a second later. She'd found the rhythm and was bucking with it so her ass slammed back down onto me just as I was starting the next thrust. Susan didn't waste any time and started snapping photos. The flash flooded around us each time she hit the button.

"Take it, Beth!" Susan said. "Yeah, fuck yeah!"

I couldn't move my hands now, both held her hips tight as we fucked. To me it seemed her pussy needed attention even though I was more than happy to blow my load up her ass first.

"Susan," I blurted between gasps. "Eat her."

"No," Susan said. "I'll eat her later."

Beth started to shake. Susan smiled and zoomed in on her face.

I was ready to burst when Beth began twisting and thrashing in her orgasm. I nearly dropped her on the floor as she dropped one hand to her pussy and arched her head way back and then forward again.

Susan took a dozen more photos as Beth melted to the floor slipping from my hard cock and began slowly gasping to catch her breath.

"That was so hot!" Susan said.

"She hardly ever lets me butt fuck her," I said. "Its really intense for her."

"Lay down," Susan said. "I'm going to get on top and fuck you."

Not wanting to break the mood I did just what she said. Laying my head on Beth's naked thigh I splayed myself out in the hallway under her fuck pics and watched Susan climb over me and lower her wet pussy onto my towering cock.

"Oh that's nice," Susan said pushing down. "Mmmmmm."

Beth rubbed my cheek with her hand as we both watched our neighbor's wife slowly work her pussy down on my throbbing cock.

"I think she likes fucking you," Beth said. "Want me to take some photos to add to our collection?"

"Uh huh," I moaned.

Beth leaned down and pressed a breast to my lips while Susan got my cock's last inch into her pussy. I sucked my wife's swollen nipple eagerly while groping for Susan's tits.

"Oh god, that's good." Susan said rocking on my cock.

Beth stood up and started taking pictures of Susan on top of me fucking my swollen cock. She urged us on so I'd hump upward off the floor as Susan slammed down onto me. The result was a thrust that had Susan grunting and gasping with every impact. Her tits started to ripple and slam down to their furthest point and fly back up again bouncing at the limits of her flesh as she fucked me.

"Hold her," Beth said. "Pull down on her tits to get that cunt even deeper."

I loved what Beth was doing. The dirty talk, the directing, it was really turning me on. "Fuck yes!"

Susan began to grunt and gasp and moan a chanting sound of, "oh god, oh fuck, oh god, oh fuck."

"That's it," Beth said. "Now her nipples, really give it to her nipples, pull and twist while she's fucking that hard cock."

I did. I slid my fingers to the tips of her tits and took those firm large nipples between my thumb and index finger and pulled down to match her pounding cunt's impact on my thrusting cock.

"OH!" Susan screamed. "OW-GOD!"

"Harder!" Beth directed. "Slam down onto him, Susan. Fuck my husband as hard as you can you slut. Fuck him, fuck him, that's it! Fuck him."

Susan opened her eyes wide locking them on Beth's face as she lifted higher and slammed herself down harder on my cock. I could feel the nub of her swollen clit now. As my fat cock split her pussy open with each thrust her clit would rub me as she bottomed out on my groin with my pecker furiously throbbing in her cunt.

"Fuck!" Beth said. "Fuck! You two look so hot."

Susan put her hands on my chest digging her nails in around my small man nipples and pulling as I pulled down on her fat womanly orbs. Her eyelids started to close and twitch.

"She's going to cum!" Beth told me. "Harder, fuck her harder!"

Susan's whole body began to twist and turn as she drove that hot wet cunt onto me. I let go of one tit and grabbed her waist so I could help pull her hips down. The effect of that had her throw her head back and scream. She was over the edge.

"YEAH!" Beth yelled. "Fill her!"

Susan's body shooks and came. She arched with her cunt pushed hard as hell down onto me. So hard I could feel her pulsating pussy sucking my balls up against her.

"Shoot it in her," Beth said.

I tried, but my balls weren't ready to let anything out just then. Instead Susan's body rocked on my raging hard cock until she began to ebb and go limp. Her form melted onto me like a big hot sweaty rag doll.

"I think she's done for now," I said. "Do you want to suck my hard cock and clean her pussy juice off?"

Beth smiled and took another couple photos.

"Fuck..." Susan sighed. "Fuck that felt so fucking good."

Beth put the camera down and rolled Susan off of me before taking her place on my cock. "I'll suck you off later, right now I want to use my husband for an orgasm of my own."

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