tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWife's Topless Beach Choice

Wife's Topless Beach Choice


My wife and I spent our second honeymoon in Cape Hatteras, at the north side of Buxton, North Carolina in August of 2010. I had been dying to see her topless on a beach, even though she had never done that sort of thing before. I hinted here and there in the weeks leading up to our trip. Sometimes she would say "No" outright, and other times she would not really respond.

Our motel was pretty much at the northern-most point in Buxton, right on the beach. To the north of our motel was miles of emptiness. Each day we would set up our beach gear about 100 feet north of the front of our motel, just far enough to give us a little privacy. We had one of those dome-shaped, beach "tents", which are open on one side, and mostly closed on the other three. It more or less blocked the view from others just to the south, but I suppose some may have had an angled view into or around our tent. There were never more than about 20 people on the beach. Once in a while someone would set up within 25 feet of us on either side, but generally we had a little more space than that.

On the third day, I decided to offer up a little suggestion for her to remove her top. A simple, "Why don't you take your top off?" out of nowhere. She said no, but it seemed that something changed about her shortly after. She kept looking around. I was secretly hoping beyond hope that she was scoping out the area, trying to get herself used to the idea, and imagining herself going through the motions of removing her bikini top and exposing her chest in public.

I had been reading a book, so every minute or so I would look up to see if I could gauge whether she was going to do it or not. At long last, I saw her reach back with both hands behind her back. "Oh YES! PLEASE!", I remember thinking. Sure enough, she unclipped the straps behind her back, and then one by one, gently slipped each strap off of her shoulders with one hand while holding the bikini top in place with the other. After one last glance around to see if anyone was watching, she finally dropped both arms to her lap, carrying with them that sole garment, which until now, had managed to keep her heavenly breasts shielded from sight. No longer. She had finally unwrapped her presents in public. The sunlight cast just the right mixture of light and shadows around the bulbous contours of her bountiful grapefruits. Their curvature, in a word, perfect. Her ripe nipples were perky, so I believe it must have been a turn-on for her. She was definitely shy about the whole experience at first, but it seemed from her mood and now-sultry voice that she found it exhilarating to expose her milk jugs on the beach, even if it was a sparsely populated one at that. A few moments later, she reached for the sunscreen, and I could hardly contain myself, knowing what was coming next. Watching her slowly and deliberately lather them up was amazing. It's as if she was saying, "OK, here they are. You wanna look? Go right ahead and check out these ample C-cups with the half-dollar sized nipples." She took her sweet old time, first dabbing a bit of sunscreen on her fingertips, and then, ever-so-intentionally, slowly patting and rubbing the oil all over those luscious assets. Then the other hand, and the other side. Then back to the first side, all the while cupping them, caressing them, shaking them just enough to give those generous knockers a little bounce and jiggle. I swear she was doing it on purpose. She would take her index fingers and flicker her bulging nipples back and forth, up and down, back and forth, to add to the show yet another jostling and reverberation to the motion of her breasts. Throwing her shoulders back throughout this process to let the focal points of this exposition stick out there was the best part! Then she laid down on her reclined beach chair with her breasts facing straight up on display for about a half hour. An occasional beach-goer wandered by near the water's edge. No hassles.

We also took a walk north, and once out of sight, she went topless again for a half mile. We brought just our beach chairs and towels with us, and she remained topless while we sat on our chairs for some time. The surprises didn't stop when she suggested that we do a little skinny dipping in the ocean. Part of the agreement to get her into this revealing, low-cut, push-up bikini in the first place was that I had to wear this skimpy little, black mens bikini. A small price to pay, I figured, to see her in that sexy two-piece. My suit had a liner on the inside front with a hole in it. The idea, it turns out, is to put everything through this hole first before it all rests in the front pouch. The effect is that it lifts you up and out just a bit for support. It really pronounces the testicles. Actually kind of comfortable. Anyway, we were both holding our suit bottoms in the water, while she left her top on her chair. After 10 minutes of floating around with the waves, we decided to get out. She put her bottoms back on right in the water. Now that my suit was wet, I was having trouble getting back into it, so I had to walk ashore to about shin-high water. It took me a while to get myself back into the thing. Just as I finally had myself through that inner liner, but still hanging out of the pouch of the suit, my wife got my attention to point to a couple of women who were strolling in our direction and only about 50 feet away. I just had to pull the outer pouch back up to finish covering up, but I'm pretty sure those ladies got an eyeful, because they were looking right at me. They both gave me a nice hello and a smile when they walked by a minute later. Then they exchanged greetings with my wife, whose well-rounded, voluptuous tits were still sticking out in full view at this point, and stopped to chat with her. I couldn't really hear the conversation - sea shells ..... waves - but they talked for about 5 minutes. I just stayed aside, too embarrassed after they surely had gotten an eye-opening glimpse of me. Every now and then the three women would chuckle over something, and my wife's boobs (with proud nipples now rock solid after being in the water), would sway and bounce with the rhythm of her laughter. She even had her hands on her hips at one point. Talk about confidence! So much for shyness. The ladies eventually moved on, and moments later we could see them stop and take their tops off, before continuing on!

We gathered our chairs and proceeded back to our tent. My wife stayed topless the entire walk back.

I am so looking forward to a future opportunity with a similar experience. It is such a turn on to see my wife reveal herself on a beach!

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