tagBDSMWild Ride Ch. 04

Wild Ride Ch. 04


I hear Shaunice's 650 pull up in front of my apartment. I'm in my second set of pull-ups when she comes in. If my blood hadn't been flowing to other areas of my body, I'm sure I would have gotten erect as she came to the door. No matter what she wears, this woman turns me on. Today she has on a zipper-front, short sleeve shirt, with her jeans. As she comes through the door, she pulls the zipper down to reveal her cleavage. Not finished with the set, I drop down and grab my towel to greet her. She likes when I stand with my head slightly bowed, "Hello, ma'am."

She tilts her head and just looks at me from head to toe. I have on quarter socks, workout gloves, and athletic shorts.

After a few moments I look pass without her saying anything, "Something wrong?"

"No, not at all." As I give her a kiss, she fondles my dick, "You know I don't like him limp."

"Blame the workout."

She keeps up the fondling, and pinches my nipple. I'm hard in 3 seconds flat. "That's better," she backs me away. "Are you finished your workout?"

"I'm on that last set."

"Well, finish so we can go."

I get my mind off her enough to go back to my workout. On my third chin-up rep, Shaunice unzips her shirt farther and comes over to position herself so that my erection glides up and down her cleavage as I continue.

"You better not lose it, or let go," she says after I let out a groan. Around my 8th rep she puts her hands against my thighs so they slide under my shorts when I lower myself. Her fingertips graze my nuts and dick on each rep, "That's right, hold it back." When I get to 10, she tells me to give her two more as she moves behind me. I do two more reps, and feel my shorts being pulled down and off, as she says, "Stay up there."

The doorway I was doing the pull-ups in is directly across from the front door, which is open. Not only am I exposed to Shaunice, but Janiqué and Kelly could see from where they are sitting on their bikes – and I guess to anyone else who happens to look in as they go by.

She reaches around and runs her hands down from my shoulders, across my chest, past my hard dick, around my thighs, then up the back of my thighs, and stops at my ass. "Did you work this out as well," she asks right before smacking it once.

"No ma'am. I left it alone, as you instructed."

"Up," she smacks it again. I pull up, then she smacks it again, "Down," and I lower myself. "Up," she smacks, then spreads my legs so that my feet were touching the sides of the doorway and tells me to hold them there. She opens my cheeks, "Mmmm, sweaty balls," she moans as she runs her tongue from my nuts to my asshole.

"Oh shit!" I gasp, drawing Kelly and Janiqué's attention.

"You better not shoot!" Shaunice smacks my ass again, before pushing her finger into my asshole.

I saw Kelly and Janiqué give each other a pound, then laugh. Kelly blows her horn for Shaunice to hurry up. Shaunice stands up and removes her finger, "Down," she smacks. "Get dressed, it's time to go," she rinses her hands off in the kitchen sink.

"I'll be right down," I said grabbing on my shorts.

"Wait, come here first." She grabs my erection, "I want you to put on your spandex shorts, without anything overtop of them or underneath them – let everyone see what a fine piece of ass I got."

"Yes ma'am."

She notices that I'm leaking precum, "First we gotta dry this up though." She takes my shorts from me, and dabs my tip. But with her having me on the edge, and rubbing me as she wipes, the precum just kept flowing. "Damn boy, don't you ever run out of this juice?"

"It's on auto pilot now," I fight to hold back the real load.

"Ok, well damn, we gotta go," she lets go.

I hurry upstairs; quickly wash my armpits and ass. I dab on some deodorant, pull on a muscle shirt and the running shorts she requested, and rush back downstairs. I get my shoes on, and follow her outside, locking my door. A few steps from the porch, she turns and tucks the front of my shirt into my shorts. She guides me in front of her, and Janique and Kelly clap. "All that y'all were doing in there, and he's still hard? You found you a good one," Kelly starts her bike.

"He has friends, right?" Janique starts hers.

"He's one of a kind, ladies," Shaunice starts up, then waits for me to get on behind her.

We rode on main streets and the highway, with Shaunice up front as usual when I ride. Shaunice likes for me to hold her low, so my ass sticks up higher. This time she allows me to put my hands under her shirt so I can feel her bare skin, and this keeps my erection alive. At stoplights, I playfully bounce my ass for Janique and Kelly – to which they rev their engines. At times they pull next to us to tell me how much attention my ass was getting from women, and some men. I learn not to pay attention to people as we ride. Most guys only made comments about me being a bitch – which I am for Shaunice, but that's none of their business. She now let's me wear her helmet when we ride, to minimize the nonsense. It's a trip how much I enjoy being with these women – being their friend, being their freak. It's not only fun, it's natural. I can only hope they enjoy me as much.

After about an hour, we pull up to Kelly's house. We go inside, and I go to the kitchen for drinks as they lounge on her furniture. I bring them all a different flavor of wine cooler – something easy to handle, given we still have to ride home. As I have been instructed, I take off my clothes and wait for their direction.

"So, how'd he do, ladies," Shaunice pulls me to her and fondles me.

"Dude was on point today," Janique claps.

"Enough to deserve your treat?" she unzips her shirt, and pushes my head to her cleavage.

"Yeah, I think so."

I inhale her scent, and lick the trail of sweat between her breasts, making her moan. I hear Kelly and Janiqué moving, then the room is quiet, except my sucking sounds and Shaunice's soft moans. I shift so that I'm laying back in her lap, and she reaches down to stroke my dick, reminding me not to cum.

Eventually she guides me to sit up, and I see Janiqué and Kelly at the end of the couch with matching strapons hanging from their waists. My mouth drops open. Shaunice gets up and has me stand with her as Janiqué and Kelly sit on the couch. I still cannot believe how incredible they look.

"Don't just stand there," Kelly strokes her dick.

I get to my knees in front of both of them, and start jerking their rubber dyks. Shaunice takes off her jeans and panties, and sits on the chair just off the arm of the couch. Janiqué starts moving her hips up, and reaches over to play with Kelly's nipples. I lick my lips, and lean over to suck her dyk while still stroking Kelly's. A minute or so later, I switch to suck Kelly's while stroking Janiqué's. Janiqué moves her hips more, and they both start moaning. I take a quick look up to see them kissing and caressing each other. I alternate between sucking and stroking their dyks, getting them wet with my spit as my head bounces over them.

"Damn, that's a good bitch," Kelly says in between kissing Janiqué.

"He's just getting warmed up," Shaunice says.

Kelly gets up, and goes behind me. I feel her rubbing my ass, "Spread them cheeks, slut."

"Don't you break my toy," Shaunice laughs. "Janiqué's told me about how carried away you get."

"You got him broken in already, right?" she ends her question with a smack.

"That still don't mean for you to go in and wreck shop, y' hear?"

"Just pass the lube, and enjoy the show."

I keep my attention on sucking Janiqué's dyk as best I can; despite getting worried what Kelly was about to do. I was glad Kelly asked for the lube; I started expecting her to go in just off the little of my spit still left on her dyk. I hear moist noises like she is stroking her dick, and breathe a sigh of relief. Janiqué in the meantime is getting a little louder as she raises her dyk into my mouth, "This is so nasty." I look up while sucking to see her tweaking her nipples.

Kelly rans a couple of oily fingers between my cheeks to my asshole, then reached under my legs and grabs my dick, "Tell me what you want it."

I take my mouth off Janiqué's dick, but keep stroking it, "I want your dyk in my ass."

"This ain't an ass when I'm fucking it, bitch," she gives a hard slap to my ass. "I only fuck pussies!"

"Don't embarrass me, boy!"

"I want your dyk in my pussi!"

"That's better," she strokes my dick. "Say it again."

I moan, then say, "I want your dyk in pussi!"

"Beg for it!"

I say it over and over, getting louder each time – and not forgetting to stroke Janiqué's dyk in the process. I look over, and Shaunice has a smile on her face as she rubs her wet clit. Seeing that she is pleased so far causes me to put a little extra emphasis into what I'm saying.

"Yeah, I like that," Kelly lets go of my dick and puts the head of her dyk at my hole. She circles the tip around the rim of my asshole. I squeeze my eyes shut preparing for the initial pain, and try to keep from squirming. Soon she starts pushing her dyk forward into me.

I drop my head to the couch cushion so Shaunice won't see me wince, "Ohhhh!" I feel some more lube dripping on my ass as Kelly inches in.

"Relax, and let her in," Shaunice coaxes me. "Let her in that sweet pussi. You can do it."

I push out, Kelly slides farther in, and the rim of my asshole stretches to accommodate. With each thrust, my moan gets louder.

Janiqué grabs my head, and shifts so that her pussy is at my mouth. The crotch of her strapon harness has a opening that is perfect for my tongue. She moans as my lips find her clit, and close around it for my tongue to flick.

Once Kelly is all the way in my ass, she adds a little more lube and strokes the length of her dyk in and out a few times. Then she grabs my shoulders and humps me like a dog.

Once my ass adjust to the size and pace, it feels really good. Kelly has a great technique: she alternates speeds, depth, and direction. Just when I get used to her hitting one spot, she changes up and finds another one. I haven't been fucked in the ass a whole lot, but this woman has skillz. My ass moves with and against Kelly's dyk.

"Yeah bitch, get into it."

"'Cause it's sho-nuff in you!"

Shaunice laughs, "Girl, you're silly!"

I suck and lick Janiqué's pussy with growing passion as Kelly rides my ass. Janiqué starts moaning and trembling, then her juice gets thicker and tastier in my mouth. As Janiqué gets louder, her grip on my head intensifies and I feel her thighs trembling against my ears.

"Sounds like you are about to make my girl cum, bitch! I like that," Kelly pumps harder. "I like people who treat my girl right. I like to see my baby feeling good. Are you feeling good up there, baby?"

"Oh, hell yes!"

"Good bitch," she smacks my ass. "You must like her pussy, huh?"

I grunt my agreement into her pussy.

"I do too. It's good ain't it?"

I nod my head and grunt again. Janiqué's tangy, clear cum coats her clit, making me lick and suck serve it even better. I put my arms under her thighs, and reach up to join her in pinching her nipples while continuing the assault of her clit.

"Yeah. Make her cum – hard!"

"Just don't knock him out this time!"

Janique starts screaming, and really pulling my face into her pussy.

Kelly's thrusts and slaps drive me into Janiqué's pussy, and I feel her tremble. I suck her clit into my mouth, and make circles on the tip.

The change in stimulation pushes her over the edge, and she grinds her pussy over my face, "Oh fuck yes! Ohhhhhhhh shiiiitttt!"

Janiqué cums three more times in quick succession. While her body is convulsing, I feel Kelly start trembling too. Right after Janiqué's orgasm subsides, Kelly falls forward pressing her titties into my back.

Shaunice asks, "Are you all right?"

"Oh fuck," she says out of breath. "I don't believe it."

"What's wrong?"

"I just came!"

"That's a bad thing?"

"I don't usually cum from fucking like this," she leans up, but keeps her dyk in me. "I mean, it's happened before, but not often. I really didn't expect it to happen now."

Shaunice laughs, "His pussi is that good?"

"Seeing Janiqué get off like that just . . . damn!" She smacks my ass, "And yes, his pussi is good." She slides her dyk out, and I feel empty. I reach back, and rub my open hole.

"Are you okay?"


"Why you rubbing? Does it hurt?

I shake my head, and slide a finger inside.

"Well, what's going on?"

I take a breath, "I want more."

"Oh shit, for real?"

I nod my head.

"I think we can oblige you," Shaunice laughs.

Kelly helps Janiqué get her dyk back in place, then lubes it up for her. "Have a seat, right here."

I turn around, facing away from Janiqué, and I straddle her waist, spreading my ass to help her dyk slide in as I go down. Once I'm at the bottom, I let go of my cheeks and brace myself on the cushion. Kelly smacks my ass a few times, and I moan.

"Ride it," Shaunice commands.

I move up and down on it, finding a rhythm, "This feel so good."

"You're making me real proud," Shaunice says. I look over, and three fingers are in her pussy. "Real proud!"

Kelly reaches around and grabs my dick as I bounce, "Ride it!"

My pace quickens as my dick throbs in her hand.

"Ride it, cowgirl!" Janiqué smacks my ass.

I moan loudly, then grind my ass to the base of her dyk, making the tip of her dyk hit a spot that feels real good. My eyes roll up in my head, as I move my hips to keep her dick on the spot.

"Look at my slut work that dyk!" Shaunice applauds.

Kelly gets in my ear, and asks if I want to cum. All I can do is nod because I'm too full to speak. She asks again.


She squeezes and twists my dick like she wants to take it off. Janiqué is steadily smack her hand to my ass like she's beating a drum, and I'm loving the hell out of how all of this attention is feeling. I hear a vibrator switch on, and open my eyes to see Shaunice in front of me, inserting a remote-controlled egg into Janiqué.

"You take care of yours, and I'll take care of mine," she trades Kelly the remote for my dick.

"That's perfectly fine by me!" Kelly switches from low to medium. Janiqué moans in pleasure. Kelly switches the remote again, and the vibration starts sounding like a wave – ebbing the flowing continually.

Janiqué starts thrusting her hips up, pushing her dyk back to that spot.

My head drops forward, as that sensation is combined with the feel of Shaunice's hand stroking my dick, "This feels sooooooo good."

"Look at this nasty ass bitch fuckin' my girl! He's working that shit like a pro!"

"These two look lust-drunk, Kelly."

"Lust-drunk?" she laughs. "That's a new one. Are you lust drunk, baby? Huh?" she switches the remote again, and the vibrator makes a whirling sound.

Janiqué moans real loud, and her whole body trembles, "Yes, I'm lust-drunk!"

"What about you," Shaunice asks.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" I grind and bounce on the dyk in me.

"Cum for me!"

My body tenses up, and I try my best to drive the dyk to that magic spot. The pressure in my body builds, until all my muscles lock. My ass clenches on Janiqué's dyk, and stream after stream of cum shoots from my dick. Shaunice pumps my dick, and encourages me to give all to her. For the next few minutes unintelligible, animalistic grunts and groans emanate from me as my body jerks and spasms.

Janiqué screams as my convulsions and the egg drive her to her orgasm. At the height of it, she sinks her nails into my ass.

There's a flash of pain, but it only intensifies the last of the shockwaves ripping though me. I slump forward on my knees, feeling the dyk pop from my ass. Shaunice sits in front of me, and turn me into her arms. I rest my head on her shoulder as she gently strokes my dick. I open my eyes to see Kelly kissing Janiqué through the last of her orgasm. She switched the egg off, and all sit there in silence.

"That was some raunchy, nasty shit!" Kelly speaks first.

"Fantastic, wasn't it?"

"Hell to th' mutha fuckin' yeah!"

When Shaunice's laughter subsided, she says to me, "Your spaghetti would really hit the spot right now."

I sat up, "Do you have all the ingredients, Lady Kelly?"

"No, don't worry about it," Shaunice pulls me back to her. "You worked overtime just now. We'll just order some pizza."

Kelly lays back and pulls Janiqué on top of her; Shaunice keeps me in her arms, caressing my dick and nipples. We might all be hungry; but right now none of them look to have the energy of inclination to pick up the phone.

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