tagRomanceWild Ride Ch. 03

Wild Ride Ch. 03


I saw Camille at a downtown, street festival; and it took some time before I gathered my nerve to talk to her. She had fair skin, and thick black hair. She had on a t-shirt under short overalls, so it was hard to tell what size her chest was. She was with some friends of her, which presented another obstacle. I walked to the festival with some co-workers. When she broke from her crew to get some napkins, I struck up a conversation with her.

From there we spent a couple of nights on the phone. In reality I wanted to call Shaunice, but I was really scared to. I liked giving control to her, for periods of time. I didn't know that I could give control of my life to her. Honestly, talking to Camille was kind of an escape. She was smart, she was funny, and she was sexy.

I picked her up for our first date, and we went to what laughingly passes as a seafood restaurant in the Midwest. I had told Camille the no one has better seafood than the Chesapeake area, and she swore to me Joe's Crab Shack came close. Needless to say, she was so wrong. But I enjoyed being across from her. She had on a white mini-skirt, and a black halter-top. We laughed because I had on white shorts, and a black short-sleeve shirt.

After dinner, we went to take a walk along the riverfront. About a half hour into the walk, we were holding hands. We stopped by a fountain. The sound of the water, the warmth of the night, and the lights of the city provided a great circumstance for me to pull Camille into my arms and kiss her. It was a lip kiss at first, then she put her arms around me and we opened our mouths to let our tongues play. I didn't think Shaunice would ever let me kiss her like that.

We sat on the side of the fountain, and she put her legs across my lap. I noticed she had some hair on her legs, but that didn't bother me - it was less than was on mine at least. I ran my hand along her legs as we talked and kissed some more. My hand would go down to her ankle, and then up a little higher each time. She stopped kissing me when I got to her upper thigh and commented that I'm must be freaky.

"I like going with the flow," I smiled.

She looked around. "What if the flow goes like this," she slipped the top under her nipple.

I was struck for a second, then leaned over and gave it a suck. Her areola was dark brown, and broad, and her nipple sat perfectly on her double-b cup titty. She sighed, and pulled her top back up. We kissed, and talked some more - except now there was a lot of sexual innuendo. I think we sat there as long as we did because we were both waiting for the other to initiate our leaving. Once that dawned on me that I needed to take the lead, I slid her legs off and got up.

"Wow, is that for me?" she said looking at the bulge in my pants.

I reached into my pocket, "Yeah it's my keys," I held them up.

She laughed, "It better not be!"

"Need to frisk me?"

She let her hand graze my dick as she stood up. When got to the car, and I pulled off, Camille asked what I would think of her if she took off her top. "Would you think I'm a ho? A slut?"

"I wouldn't know what to think," I laughed. "I wouldn't guess that you're a ho or a slut from having spent this little time with you."

"I let you suck my nipple in public, now I'm talking about riding to your place topless, and you don't think I'm a ho?"

I cleared my throat and adjusted my pants to buy some time. "I mean, men have big sexual appetites, why can't women? If I had let you suck my nipple in public, would you think I'm a ho?"

She laughed.

"For real, you need to do what makes you happy - around the right people, of course."

"You would respect me, still?"

I looked at her, "Trust me, seeing you topless would not erase my respect for what I've gotten to know of you so far."

She slid over and started unbuttoning my shirt, "You sure about that?"

"Uh huh."

She slid her hand inside my shirt, and palmed my peck, "What about the fact that I'm letting you take me back to your place, on the first date?"


She leaned over more to nibble on my ear as her hand moved to my other peck, "What about if I end up in your bed?"

"Hell no!"

She laughed as she sat back in her seat. "I like you."

"I'm glad," I made the final few turns to my place. "Let me ask you; how will you feel about yourself if you end up in my bed? You don't think that will decrease the chances of us building a long relationship if that happens on the first date?"

"I've accepted that there are times when I need to give in to what my body needs, within reason."

"Oh, there are unreasonable things your body wants?"

She laughed, "Now is too soon for you to know that."

I parked the car, and we went inside. I brought a glass of wine to her, and had a flash memory of when I brought drinks to Shaunice. I hid my smile from Camille, so she wouldn't ask me what it was about. We sat on the couch, and made out - kissing touching, exploring - for about 20 minutes, before I stood up and led her to my bedroom.

Camille's clothes were off first, and she laid back on my bed. As I undressed, I was so glad I thought to clean up before I left for the date. I didn't want to assume that she would have come home with me, but she certainly wouldn't be stretched out like she was if she knew the normal condition of my room.

She smiled when I stood up from taking off my boxer-briefs. I worked out fairly often; but I didn't have a six-pack, and a chiseled chest, or any of the other elements of Tyson Beckford, or Tyrese. As much as I would like to exaggerate, I can't even say I was swinging 10 inches - I was more like 8 or 8½, to be truthful. Whatever she was smiling at, I was glad she liked what she saw. Then again, Shaunice found me appealing, so I really shouldn't have been worried.

I got on the bed with Camille, and our mouths were all over each other. She rolled up to her side, and reached down to squeeze my dick. I leaned over to suck her nipples; I opened my mouth to put my lips around the circumference of her areola, then used my tongue to flick her nipple. She moaned and used my precum as lube to pump my dick. I rolled her back, and made my way down between her legs.

"You won't think I'm a ho for going down on you on the first date, will you?"

"Hell no," she moaned.

"You'll still respect me in the morning?"

"Who said I respect you now," she said, grabbing my head and pulling it into her drenched pussy.

My guess was that she was making a joke, but that disregard for me reminded me of when I went down on Shaunice - and turned me on more. I licked and kissed Camille's pussy like Shaunice showed me, and her moans told me just how much she liked it. I was on my knees, and could feel that my asshole was exposed - wondering what Shanuice would do. Just then, I felt Camille's toes on my dick. I ate her more intensely as she gathered my precum on her feet, and used them to stroke my dick. I didn't want to cum first, so I worked hard to make her cum.

She squealed through her orgasm, and took her feet away from my dick. I sat back to let her catch her breath, and then started wiping her cum from my face.

"Leave your face alone, and come here," she panted. She let her legs fall open wider, and I got over top of her. She pulled my face to her nose and took a deep breath. "I love my scent on a man's face," she kissed my lips, then sniffed around my mouth. "It's just so damn erotic," she smelled some more.

It was a little strange to have a woman smelling my face, but the fact that she was so enamored with her own scent was erotic. As she inhaled, I pressed my dick against her clit, and stroked it like a bow across violin strings.

"Oh damn, baby! Yes!"

"You like that, huh?"

"Hell yes! But I want it inside!"

"You want it now? Or right now?" I kept strumming.

"Right now!"

"Right this minute? Or immediately?"

"David!" she laughed, "if you don't fuck me right this minute, I'm gonna bite your dick off!"

"Oh damn! It's like that?" I pushed into her.

"Yes! Its like that!"

"You violent mutha fucker, you!"

"You don't want to mess with me when my body is raging like this!"

I pumped hard into her, "No ma'am!"

It felt good to take a dominant role for a minute; but I noticed that as soon as Camille exerted some force, I was right back to being obedient to what she said. The difference was that with Camille, I wanted to do what she said - after all, I was going to get pleasure out of feeling her pussy around my dick. But with Shaunice, it didn't matter if I was going to get that kind of pleasure or not - I felt compelled to do whatever she said. Quite frankly, I couldn't refuse Shaunice, whereas I could refuse Camille. With Shaunice, my pleasure came from being obedient to her.

My dick seemed to get harder in thinking about Shaunice, and Camille's moans got louder. If I accepted Shaunice's offer, I would probably never have her under me like Camille was now, so I started thrusting into Camille like wouldn't get to thrust into Shaunice. I pulled her leg up to my shoulder, and sat back to take her toes in my mouth.

"DAVID!!!!" Camille came.

I stopped thrusting, "I found something else you like, huh?"

"What the fuck are you doing to me?"

I sucked on her big toe as I started thrusting again, "Trying to earn your respect."

"You got it, baby!" She grabbed her other leg and pulled it back, "You got all of it!" This position allowed me to go an inch or two deeper, and Camille started screaming. She had another orgasm, and then moved so that I slid out of her. I sat back, and she laid on her stomach to put her face at my dick. It was covered with her cream, and she took a deep breath. Then she licked it, and smiled at me. "You think I'm nasty, don't you?"

"Vanity 6 was singing about you, baby."

"That is one of my favorite songs, next to Darlin' Nikki," she smiled, then sucked my dick.

I shifted so that my legs were out from under me, and Camille was laying between them as she sucked. Her body looked so sexy; the way her shoulders angled down to her waist, and her ass sat on top of her thighs. I was lost in my thoughts when I felt the first twinge of my impending cum. Camille felt my body jerk, and shifted to get on the floor. I managed to scoot to the edge, as she got to her knees.

The movement brought me back from the edge a little, but it didn't take long for me to feel the warning signs again. Camille was looking up at me from time to time as she licked, kissed and sucked my dick with a passion. Soon my muscles locked, and my head fell back.

"Give it to me, baby!" she took my dick from her mouth and jerked it.

I looked down just in time to see my cum shoot out onto her chest and chin. She kept pumping, and directing my cum to her titties and chest.

"Looks like I found something you like too," she smiled.

I laid back as she kept stroking my dick, "Yes you did."

"Oh, and going back to that comment you made about this growing into something long-term; you're not worried about that now, are you?"

I leaned up on my elbows, "No, but I didn't know what your expectations were."

"I just want to keep things casual, for now - if that's all right."

"That's fine."

¢JANIQUÉ & KELLY "Hi, baby," Kelly smiled at me when she came into the kitchen. We had gone out to the movies, and came back to her place. Then after a few drinks, we spent a couple of hours in her bed. I woke up, slid from her arms and slipped on the silk robe I kept there to go get something to drink.

"You know, I'm still not used to being called that."

She pressed her body behind mine and kissed my neck, "No one's called you 'baby' before?"

"No other woman, and definitely no woman I've been intimate with."

"I'm the first on a lot of things with you," she went to her stereo. "But will I be your last?"

When I turned from the refrigerator, I saw her walking away in a nightie. I sat on her couch, "Depends on how good you treat me."

Angie Stone flowed from her speakers, and she sat on the couch with me. "I'm serious, Nique."

"About what?"

"I'm not saying I'm in love with you, and want us to run off to Massachusetts to get married, but I do like you - a lot. I also know that for you, this is pretty much exploration of something new."

"Yes, that's how it started. But, quite honestly, I like being with you. You make me feel special. I never really thought about having this feeling from a woman, but maybe it doesn't matter who it comes from - or maybe it does. I don't know - I just like it."

"I'm glad," she said putting her hand on my knee.

"I didn't mean to wake you up when I got out of bed."

She got up and pulled me up to dance with her, "Well, it's your fault I can notice when you are gone, even in my sleep." The song changed to one by Maxwell and Sweetback, as Kelly pushed my robe off my shoulders. She spun me around to the pace of the song, then held me to her.

I slid my hands up her thighs, and under her top. She stepped back and let me lift it over her head. I kissed both of her nipples, then she pulled me close to dance again. "So tell me, how did this start for you? Did you know you had feelings for me, or my booty just turned you on."

She laughed and patted my ass, "A little of both."


"Is that surprising?"

"A little."

"Lesbians can't be complex? We can't experience physical and emotional attraction at the same time?"

"I don't know; you're the first one I've been with like this. You tell me."

"What do you know about me so far?"

"Actually, I know that you are one of the coolest, sweetest, most caring women I've met. In some ways, being with you is no different from being with anyone else I care about. But then in others," I laid a kiss on her, "It's a lot different."

"Thank you," Kelly smiled.

"Do you think we are through with the freaky portion of our relationship?"

"What do you mean?"

"At times, as the emotions for a person gets stronger, the freakiness of a relationship trails off."

"Well, hopefully that won't happen - I enjoy the emotional side of you," she kissed me, "and the freaky side of you," she kissed me again.

"Is that right?" I went to kitchen and got a bottle of honey as the music changed to a song by India.Arie. "You like my freaky side?" I poured some on her left nipple, and sucked it off. "I like my freaky side too," I poured some on her right nipple, and sucked it off. I guided her to lay back on the couch, and poured a trail of honey up her left leg. I took my time spreading it out with my tongue, then licking it off.

"You make me feel good too," she moaned.

I poured a trail up her right leg, and gave it the same treatment. When it was gone, I pulled her hips closer to the edge of the couch. I dripped some honey over her pussy, and took my time licking it off. I moved the tip of my tongue up one of her lips, and down the other - tasting her and the honey. I dripped some honey on my tongue and pushed my tongue inside her, moving it around to mix it with her juice. She moved her hips and grabbed my head as she moaned my name.

I lifted my head, "Pretty good for a beginner, huh?"

"You aint' no damn beginner no more," she laughed.

I poured a little more honey on her clit, then licked it off. Her whole body started moving and she called my name again. I poured a little more on, and sucked it off. Kelly pressed her legs to my head as she came. I held her clit between my lips until she calmed down.

"Not a beginner at all," she ran her fingers through my hair.

"I'm just doin' what I can," I smiled.

She got up, took my hand, and led me back to the bedroom. I sat on the bed, while she went into her toy box. "I bought something for you the other day," she stood up with a strapon.

"That's for me?"

"Uh huh; I figured if David was going to get one, you should have one too," she fastened it on.

"My favorite color even," I said at it being purple.

"I know what you like."

I opened my legs, "Prove it."

She bent over to plant a kiss on my clit, before leaning up to slide inside me. The strapon didn't feel like a real dick, but having Kelly close to me was all I needed. After the whirlwind of lust to this point, it was nice to feel her make love to me. I slid my hands along her back and her ass, as she moved inside me. She turned my face to hers and kissed me deeply.

"You make me feel so damn good," I said when she moved her lips from mine to my neck.

"I like making you feel good." She worked her hips, and put her lips to my ear, "I like hearing you moan." She leaned back, "I like seeing the faces you make as your body gives into me." She grabbed both my breasts and squeezed, "And I like the making you cum."

I exploded, almost on cue.

Kelly pulled out, and took off the strapon. She watched my body, then got on the bed to cross her legs with mine. She touched her pussy to mine, and drew it away a few times, then she pressed it to mine and left it there. I rolled to my side, so that she was on her back, and began moving my pussy on hers.

"Mmmmmm, baby, that feels good," she moaned.

"I'm return your favor, sweetheart. I like to hear you moan too, y'know?" I had grinded on dick before; and truth be told, there were only a few differences. There wasn't a dick, obviously, which brought about a different set of sensations. My hip movements were the same; but on those times that our clits rubbed, it was like a spark of electricity. Part of me wanted to stay on her clit, but part of me wanted to make love back to her - and that's what I did. Kelly had been the aggressor on everything we've done to this point, now I was letting her lay back while I took the lead.

"Oh yes, grind this pussy," she hissed as I adjusted my rhythm to her breathing patterns.

I felt a rush of aggression, and got to my knees so that she was bent at her waist. At that new angle, I had perfect control of how I grinded on her. She looked up at me with surprise and lust on her face - but before she could say anything, I leaned over and drove my tongue into her mouth. As she sucked my tongue and lips, she grabbed my ass and came. I could feel her pussy lips grabbing at mine. I leaned up, and used her bent leg as leverage to intensify her orgasm. My intention was to tease her like men had teased me; but when my orgasm caught me off guard, I had to pull my pussy from hers to hold it off.

When I felt in control again, I resumed my grinding. Kelly looked at me, then smiled and put her foot in my face. I didn't pay it any mind, and moved my face to keep grinding. A few moments later, she put her foot in my face again. This time I kissed it, and she bit her lip as her eyes rolled in her head. I kept grinding, and she playfully put her toes on my lips. She moved them around my mouth, before I opened up for her to put them in. I ran my tongue around and between her toes. Kelly began saying my name and grabbed my hands. I grinded and sucked for a minute, but when my orgasm got too intense, my back arched and her foot came out.

"I hope you like that," I cuddled in her arms.

"I loved it," she kissed my forehead. "But I don't want you to think you have to become more aggressive from now on."

I looked at her, "Did you like it or not?"

"I did - but I want you to let me lead you through your journey, okay? I want to take care of you."

I've never felt so safe with anyone on my life; I pulled Kelly to me as close as I could get her.



It's me."

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