tagRomanceWill and Lynn Share the New Year

Will and Lynn Share the New Year


"Will, it's too snowy for you to go home, you should just stay here with me."

Lynn and Will were sitting on Lynn's futon, arms around each other, watching a movie that Lynn had wanted to share with Will.

Will had already been having trouble concentrating on the movie, mainly because he found Lynn so much more interesting. Being in physical contact with her felt like a drug that heightened his senses, and left him aching for more when they were apart. He reflected on Lynn's pronouncement, which had simultaneously paralyzed his vocal cords and filled his abdomen with an electrical sensation that connected the prenatal and current location of his testes. Lynn seemed oblivious, focused on the enjoyment the movie was giving her.

The movie ended, leaving Will feeling sleepy and uncertain about how to behave. He realized that he hadn't been paying enough attention to the movie to talk about it, which left him feeling annoyed with himself and worried that Lynn would expose his inattention and be hurt or angry.

Instead, she gave Will a peck on his cheek and proceeded to flatten the futon frame. She arranged a large pillow at what became the head of the bed. Then she removed a soft down comforter from a cabinet and proceeded to use it to cover Will and arrange him on the bed. Too tired and confused to comment, Will felt his penis stir at having just been tucked in to bed by the woman of his fantasies.

"I love lying here and looking out this window on snowy nights," said Lynn, her head cuddled against Will's chest, his arm wrapped around her.

"This is so nice," Will answered in response.

"I love you, Will," said Lynn, her eyes closed, her hand gently but eagerly exploring Will's upper body, face, and hair.

"I really love you too, Lynn," he responded.

Feeling himself near sleep, he found himself engaging in a conversation with her that felt like a half-dream, half-conscious interaction. Without realizing the impetus, Will became aware of Lynn moving her delicious body on top of his as she passionately kissed him. His fear at having an erection so close to her body was launched into orbit by her hand tracing and molding it within his pants. "No," he blurted. Lynn retreated, feeling awkward.

"I don't know, it's too much," Will babbled.

Will sat up on the bed. "Sorry...I just need to understand where we're at, I guess," he said as his rational mind regained control.

Sensing Lynn's body stiffening, combined with her presumably mortified silence, he quickly tried to reassure her. "Lynn, I really love you, so much so soon after meeting you that I don't even want to tell you how much I love you because I'm afraid it will scare you and..." Lynn sat up and took his hand as he gazed into her eyes. "At the very least, I want to be a friend of yours forever, but I'm afraid that I'm putting myself in another position that's going to hurt me, like, that you love me too, but not the way I love you," he finished, feeling both relieved and miserable for having said this.

Looking down, Lynn said: "Will, this just feels right to me. I've never felt this good before. I want to be with you for as long as you want to be with me."

A long hug followed, then they began gently kissing as they lay down in each others' arms again. Their passionate attentions to each other seemed to be now occurring on a heightened level of communication.

Will introduced Lynn's hand to the impression his erection made through his pants. Lynn stroked it for awhile, then rose to her knees and looked longingly into Will's eyes. After an extended moment, she unzipped his pants and turned her full attention to 'her' penis. She marveled at the slipperiness of his precum, imagining how nice it must feel to Will having the glans of his penis given this slippery massage. Impulsively, she let her tongue begin to slide around the same path her fingers had taken.

"Ohhhh!" groaned Will. Lynn recoiled.

"Are you OK?" she asked.

"Yes, I just couldn't help it, you're going to make me come," said Will, as if it were a bad thing.

"OK," said Lynn, as she wrapped her mouth around the tip of Will's penis, her tongue continuing its ministrations in private. She was fascinated by the pulsations that rose through his shaft and into her mouth as he came, more quietly than she'd anticipated.

While Will recovered, Lynn stripped completely nude and placed her swollen pussy against his leg, gently pressing it into him as she lay on top of his warm body. Her breasts were swollen and flushed, and she couldn't stop thinking about impaling herself on Will's sweet cock.

"I want you, Sweetie, so bad," she panted into his ear.

"What about a condom?" asked Will. "Wait, I might have one in my wallet," he concluded.

Lynn reached down into the bed to find Will's pants, using the opportunity to swallow his entire wilting cock into her warm mouth, enjoying the ability to swirl it around with her tongue in its limp state. She found his wallet, holding it out of Will's reach, and began rummaging through it, finding a single condom in a side pocket. "Naughty boy," she observed.

A moment of concern entered Lynn's mind as she kneeled next to her soon to be lover. "Is this going to hurt, do you think?" she asked Will.

"If it does, just tell me," said Will, as he prepared to open the condom package. The thought of hurting Lynn, especially with his penis, now erased his newly formed erection. "Come here," he said, as he invited Lynn back under the comforter.

Now each of them were completely naked, and Lynn's genitals were slick with desire. Will palmed her warm mound in his hand, then gently let his middle finger slip within her heavenly place, causing Lynn to moan and thrust against him. The sound of her passion immediately restored his erection.

Instinctively, he spread her legs wide and began nuzzling and kissing her swollen labia and clitoris. "Don't stop, put it in me," implored Lynn.

Will unrolled the condom onto his penis, and brought Lynn's hand to it. She pulled it into herself, effortlessly, a wide grin appearing on her face as it was accomplished. Despite Lynn's concerns about her first penetration, she was so accommodating that Will wished he didn't have a condom on in order to better enjoy the inside of her delicious pussy against his cock.

The effects of Lynn's first fellatio helped Will allow her to have several minutes of ecstasy around his penis, but ultimately her sounds of pleasure caused him to erupt again, this time exhausting him completely.

Lynn looked at the clock as she cuddled Will's collapsed body. "Happy New Year, Lover," she whispered.

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