tagFirst TimeWill and Rene's First Time

Will and Rene's First Time

byWill and Rene©

Rene and Will:


The Erotic Reminisce of Two Lovers, Many Years Later


I graduated from a fairly large high school in the Midwest. I was in the top 5% of my class – earned several scholarships and darn-near every academic award available. Unfortunately, my high school did not prepare me for chemistry, math and engineering classes at the college level, despite the fact that I took engineering college prep courses. In fact, I barely made it through my first quarter. I was beginning to doubt that I belonged in college. I was no longer a straight-A student. At least I was making the adjustment to college life, beginning to develop study habits, and getting along with my roommates. In addition to math, which was getting really hard for me, and chemistry, which may as well have been Greek, I had a couple of engineering classes. A few classes were actually taught by tenured professors, but most were taught by young Grad students who didn’t speak English. So I walked into my new class and was surprised to find it taught by a Grad Student who was different from the other Teaching Assistants I had seen, and bonus – English was his first language. This is how we met. Because of your full blonde beard, you resembled a thin version of Grizzly Adams. But you also had an air of confidence that got my attention right away. Your blue eyes sparkled as you joked with the “cool kids” in class, and you always looked relaxed and confident, fully self-assured. With all the self-doubt I was feeling, at first I found your demeanor quite intimidating. And blue eyes and blonde hair! Clearly you were used to getting anything you wanted. You were probably one of the “cool kids” yourself. An unprepared, inexperienced shy girl like myself couldn’t hope to get your attention. I just hoped I wouldn’t run into trouble in class. I didn’t want to go to you for help. I was afraid you would just ridicule me.

But then the disadvantage of inadequate college preparation in high school caught up with me. This class was tough. I really had to study hard to keep up. So many quizzes! I thought you gave quizzes just to feel superior to us lowly students, or to torture us. OK, so I didn’t do too well on those quizzes. I knew I had to talk to you or risk failing. But I was so afraid you would think I was an idiot. So I decided to study really hard to pull up my grade and avoid having to tell you how lost I was in class.

I showed up to class a few minutes early, all ready for the next quiz. I was totally prepared for this one. I was really getting the hang of this studying thing. Never really had to do it in high school. But no problem – I studied for this one. I wanted to show that I could keep up. I wished you would hurry up and get there with that quiz. And then you walked in. Oh…My…God! I couldn’t believe it was you! You SHAVED OFF your beard! Wow! Goodbye, Grizzly Adams – Hello Manly. (I grew up on “Little House on the Prairie”. I thought I was Laura Engalls, being the middle child and all. She fell madly for her teacher’s brother Almonzo Wilder, whom she referred to as “Manly”. All I could think of for the rest of that class was the episode when Laura met Manly. Unfortunately, there were no “Little House on the Prairie” questions on the quiz.) I struggled for twenty minutes with the first question: “Name:”. I remember thinking, “That’s funny, I’m pretty sure I had a name when I walked in here.” I think I got most of it down before the quiz ended, but I can’t be certain of that. The thing I am certain of is that I failed that quiz. How could I be expected to remember anything, including my name, when I was so preoccupied with wondering how it would feel to touch your smooth face, with those incredible cheek bones?

The strangest part is that you actually looked good in that beard, but now without it – Wow! My ability to concentrate was shattered. But now, I wanted to go to your open office hours for help, or at least to get a closer look. So I did show up, and you were so kind. I am certain you could tell that I was having trouble – both academically and socially. Your voice was soft and reassuring. You patiently went over the material again, showing examples so that I would understand. But standing there in your office, right next to you, I could feel your warm breath as you spoke, and I watched your gorgeous blue eyes dance as you illustrated another example to explain the material. To this day, I have no recollection of anything you tried to teach me in that room, but I sure remember your eyes, that radiant, self-confident smile, and the caring tone of your voice. And of course, I’ll always remember the tingling in the air.

Well, it seems my condition worsened. Not only was I having trouble learning the course material, now I had forgotten how to breathe. I stopped by your office frequently, really hoping that somehow I’d instantly understand the material, and could avoid the painful embarrassment of being so awkward in front of you. And now I was certain you could tell how I felt, because I could not control my breathing or facial expressions. I was sure you could hear my heart beating from the hallway in front of your office while I waited for my turn to see you. But you were terrific about it! You continued to be patient and found numerous ways to help me follow the material. But really, if you had been able to turn off that radiant charm, I might have been able to get my concentration back, at least momentarily!

Naturally, I had mixed feelings about the final exam. I wanted to prove I understood what you were teaching, but the truth is I wasn’t sure I did. From the minute you walked into the class that fateful day, everything, including my ability to learn, froze. Time simply stood still. Then came time for the exam, and I wanted to do well, but I also knew it would mean I would no longer be in your class! I briefly contemplated the possibility that I’d fail, and we could have another quarter to get to know each other. Then I realized that wasn’t an option, as you would likely figure I wasn’t capable of understanding the material. Besides, you weren’t planning to teach that class the next quarter. So I took the exam, not knowing whether I would pass, or whether I’d ever see you again.


On that first day of class, early in a midwestern winter, in a room of nearly 30 people, I saw only you, sitting in the second seat of the second row of chairs from my right. To this day I cannot remember any other face in that class, only yours. Your smile and your red hair stunned me so that I struggled to keep my composure. You alternated between looking me in the eye, and glancing down at your desk with a radiant, shy smile. I'd like to think that I had revealed none of my distraction to anyone, but in retrospect I can't imagine that I succeeded. Somehow I managed to get through the first day of class without tripping over my own feet.

As we worked through the course material over the next few months, I grew more at ease with your charm and your very pleasant and wholly attractive spirit, and I could almost contain myself when we met to work through the tougher spots. I confess now that I was glad that you had a bit of difficulty and found yourself in need of some of my help. Thus our relationship continued during the time that you were in my class.

The end of the session arrived, and I had for you the good news that you passed the course, a course with a reputation for offering students motivation to consider other life paths. You offered to treat me to a modest celebration lunch, an offer I accepted with no hesitation whatsoever.


Wanting to find out how I did on the Final Exam, and hoping to find an excuse to see you again, I dropped by your office after the grades were reported to see if I had passed. You flashed that incredible smile of yours, and shared the good news. Wow! I was both relieved and sad that the quarter was over. I didn’t know what to say, so you broke the ice by asking if I had eaten lunch. Excited at the prospect of spending time with you in a less formal environment, I was quick to indicate an interest in taking you to lunch. We left your office together that beautiful day, no longer formally teacher and student, but you still had plenty to teach me...

We decided to grab a bite at a nearby restaurant. The musak played the CCR version of “Heard it Through the Grapevine” and other songs while we chatted about all kinds of things. So we ate lunch, talked about music and life, and got to know each other outside of the classroom. Then you complained of a headache. Well, with all the help you had given me, I wanted to return the favor. Besides, I was really enjoying your company and didn’t want it to end. So I invited you into my dorm room for aspirin. When we got there, you took the aspirin and plopped down in the living room to relax. I imagine my eyes nearly popped out of my head, as I could not believe my obscene good fortune. I wasn’t sure you really had a headache, but I wasn’t about to let this opportunity pass me by, after spending so many weeks wondering if your skin felt as smooth as it looked. I offered to rub your neck to help your headache. You seemed so at ease, despite the headache, and I was a nervous wreck! You noticed my tension, and offered to rub my neck and shoulders. What I wouldn’t have given to be as relaxed as you appeared to be at that moment! Words can not describe what I felt the moment we touched. I refer to it as electrochemistry, because it was truly electrifying for me. I had never felt that way in the 18+ years of my life! Again time stood still. I’d like to say I became putty in your hands, but I was so incredibly nervous. I was really enjoying the feeling of your skin on mine, but the tension remained. So you offered a full back rub, and suggested that I lay down.


You and I met on a bright, sunny day and walked across the newly greening campus to a little restaurant on the adjacent main street. We talked unhurried about our hopes and dreams. If there was anyone else in the dining area, I didn't notice. In spite of the fine company, the lack of any time pressure at all, and a gorgeous spring day, I managed to contract a bit of headache. Of all the luck! You offered an aspirin or two, which you had in the medicine cabinet back in your room. We walked to your room, on the way enjoying the almost spring day and each other's company. Your roommates were all away during the spring break. I took a couple of aspirin, and we talked some more while relaxing in the living room.

We drew closer, and I offered you a neck and shoulder massage. You sat on the floor with your back against the chair I was sitting in, and I gently squeezed and relaxed your tense neck and shoulder muscles for quite some time. My headache vanished, and I felt calm even while my heart was yet pounding. I was honored and pleased that you had welcomed me into your circle.


I took you into the dorm bedroom, with two sets of bunk beds. My roommates were away for the Spring Break, so we sat together on my bunk for a moment. Then you reached over to rub my back, and I lay down to relax. You slowly pushed my shirt up over my head, and the electrochemistry became intense. My temperature must have risen 10 degrees! My breathing became quite audible. I felt your hand beginning to work the clasp of my bra. I felt my blood pressure drop suddenly, as though I was going to faint. The thought that you were about to see my bare breast, and the anticipation of what may lie ahead made me weak. You unhooked and removed my bra, and leaned in for a more vigorous massage. I couldn’t take it anymore. I HAD to hold you. I turned over and reached out to pull you toward my bare breast. Your incredibly smooth skin quivered at my touch! Your sensuality nearly overtook me. I forgot how to breathe again. You moved in closer, and took me in your arms. You explored my young breast with your fingers and tongue. I gasped softly, unable to contain the excitement that was building inside as my body trembled in response to your sensuous probing. I looked up into your eyes, and reached out to delicately touch your smooth face with my fingertips. My heart skipped a beat as we leaned in closer to each other and our lips met for the first time!


Quietly you stood, took my hand, and led me into your bedroom. There I continued massaging your neck and shoulders while you lay face down on the bed, with me sitting to your side. After a while, I gently gathered and pushed your soft, cotton sweatshirt up and over your head, with you still facing away from me. My massage now extended to your mid and lower back, and all the while you made sweet, gentle noises. I then unhooked your bra, and gently and eagerly slipped the straps over your soft shoulders. You maintained your back to me all the while, and I continued the vigorous massage.

I was thrilled when you rolled over and looked me directly in the eye. Oh, your breasts were perfect! I kissed and licked the smooth silky skin surrounding your right nipple, and then I held and mouthed and sucked your breast. Your nipple delightfully responded with a tender erection. I then kissed you on your mouth, our tongues dancing together. Our first kiss!

I had already removed my boots when you unbuttoned my shirt and slid my t-shirt up and over my head. We embraced passionately, your red hair everywhere, your enchanting breasts pressed firmly to my chest. Your fragrance was different, too. Already pleasant and attractive and understated, you now had a mesmerizing aroma of ardor and warmth and fire and desire. I gently pushed you just far enough away so I could reach and undo the snap and zipper in your jeans. You lay on your back and raised your soft, round derriere so I could eagerly slide your jeans and panties down and then entirely off your pretty legs and feet. The low light in the room revealed that your mons was covered with a wonderful triangle of captivating curly crimson locks. You yielded as I gently pulled sideways on your leg to reveal the delicious folds of your sweet, inviting pussy. I first cupped and squeezed the entire breathtaking scene in my right hand, just to make sure you weren't some kind of apparition. I leaned over to see more closely as I rubbed and carefully parted your lips, and with my thumb touched and rubbed your clitoris and its pretty skin cape, and slowly slipped in one finger, then two, caressing and exploring and stretching your torrid moist velvet vagina. Once in a while your sensuous alto voice would break the silence with an exclamation or a soft moan. My heart was racing!

Sometime during my total distraction with your secret, intoxicating treasure, you had undone my belt and loosened and slid off my jeans. I must have somehow helped. My briefs had also mysteriously disappeared. With those hands that I had been watching for months, you very tightly clutched my pulsing quaking shaft, now in a full hard naked glorious salute of your unclothed splendor. All these months I resisted touching your sweet fingers, and now here they were, firmly and slowly and intently stroking my longing, aching member. Your sweet touch! How on earth did I continue beyond this very second without erupting all over your delicious fingers? Oh, your sweet incredible touch! Surely you must have burned your delicate hands!


Noticing that you had me at a disadvantage, I began working on the buttons of your shirt. As you pulled your arms loose, I lifted your T-shirt over your head to reveal your bare chest. Again your skin quivered to my touch. It was as if our bodies reacted to the touch of each other with a type of sensory overload. I felt as though I could not go on, yet I could not turn back! Part of me wanted to freeze that moment in time to enjoy leisurely, but alas, the excitement was too much for me. My temperature continued to rise, and I knew we had to get out of those clothes! You must have felt the heat as well, as we quickly began undressing each other. I could not believe this was happening. I realized that in a few moments we would both be completely naked. The combination of nerves and excitement made me lightheaded. But I wanted go on! I lifted my hips so that you could remove my jeans and panties, and I tugged at your belt. Your jeans and briefs were out of the way in an instant, revealing to me a man’s fully erect member for the first time. I was surprised, yet pleased with what I saw. Your shaft was long, hard, and had a gentle curve that I had not expected. The tip of your cock was already wet. You were clearly ready to go on! My limited high-school experiences with my young boyfriend did not prepare me for what you did to me next. Your fingers probed my tight pussy, causing me to become even hotter and wetter than before. I felt an ache, kind of a desperate longing, in my belly. I held your throbbing cock, my earlier tension now replaced with amazement and curiosity. How could something so smooth be so hard? How would that stiff, long member fit into my tight belly? What would I do if it did? Once again, you were ready to instruct through example. What a gentle, reassuring teacher you were. Not knowing what to do next, I yielded to your experience and guidance.


Somehow I freed my cock from your determined hands and laid you on your back. I moved around until I was face down and on top of you, our uncovered bodies fully touching from head to toe, kissing and breathing each other's sweet air. I was lightheaded with the pure joy of being with you, as close as we could be! My knees pressed the bed between your knees, and I paused and lifted my hips. With my left hand I guided the most sensitive part of my body up and down your tender cleft several times, trying to tease and please your own button. Once I found your sweet opening, I slipped in past your soft lips, deep, deep, deep, into your fire, feeling you surround me a little at a time, skin to skin, nerve to nerve, until we were pubis to pubis, curly blond hair all atangle with curly red hair. Oh, what a beautiful sight we must have been! I'm certain I moaned in complete delight. I slid slowly, deeply, in and out of you, savoring the soft strong squeeze of your passionate pussy all up and down my cock made so sensitive by your earlier attention. Once in a while I'd move nearly all the way out, escaping your pussy's magnificent grasp, the soft heated head of my cock wet with our mingled juices briefly flirting with the folds and ribbons of your lovely lower lips. Then I'd forcefully, swiftly slide back into you until I could go no further. You'd purse your lips and puff and thrust back with equal fervor! Were we both wondering if we could perhaps get even closer?


You drew closer, guiding me to lay back on the bed. You positioned yourself directly over me, in full control of the course our passion would take. I found myself face-to-face with those dazzling blue eyes and incredible cheekbones. I reveled a moment in the ecstasy I was feeling at being so near to your warm, naked body. Then I felt your manhood parting the moist folds of my pussy lips and glide gently all the way inside me! I gasped at the incredible clash of contentment and desire I was somehow experiencing simultaneously. I heard you let out a moan, and my body responded with more heat and desire. You pulled back slowly, and my juices ran from your now-exposed shaft. As you slid back into me, my hips responded by meeting yours half way. You continued to work your hard cock all the way into, then slowly back, right to the edge of my willing pussy. My excitement continued to build until I thought I would short-circuit. Then the most incredible sensation came over me. I felt as though I was a volcano on the verge of an eruption. My skin tingled, and my pelvic muscles tightened around your swollen member. Then suddenly, a spasm overtook me, and a rush of relief spurted from deep inside. I opened my eyes to see you smiling at me, your eyes still twinkling with mischief.

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