Will You Catch Me If I Fall?


I can only nod my head, ice freezing my heart. You pull my arms up above my head and then spread them widely apart. You pin me against the rail as your hands work deftly, tying my wrists one at a time with silken ropes to wooden handgrips set into the wall on either side of the curtained opening. The grips are placed slightly in front of the rail, forcing me to continue leaning forward, my pussy pressed against the cold metal, my legs straining slightly in my compromising stance. You gently guide my hands to the grips as you finish tightening the ropes with a definitive tug. "Hold onto those, sweet thing, don't want you to lose your balance now do we?"

Somewhere in my brain, the cold analytical side of me wonders why those grips are there. It seems like an odd place for handgrips and rope.

You laugh lightly under your breath as you insert a food between my feet, pushing them apart with your knee until I am standing as wide-legged as the woman bent over the altar. You step back from me and I can feel the cool air rush into the space between us. I picture you looking at me, spread-eagle and completely immobilized, not sure if I should be more terrified of the unknown danger at my back or the witnessed peril in front of me.

Blood pounds in my ears and I realize the last vestige of my alcoholic haze has burned off with the adrenaline surge. I want to struggle against my bonds, panicking like a trapped animal, but I know that any noise I make will draw unwanted attention from the room beyond the curtains. I make a decision then and there to accept your brand of dark intent over the altar and it's congregation of men with raging hard-ons and lascivious leers. I hold my breath, squinting my eyes closed, trying to block the tears. I won't let you see my cry.

"You're missing the show, Little One," you whisper in my ear, startling me out of my thoughts for the second time. I squeeze my eyes shut even harder, trying to maintain some level of self-determination but your husky voice slices through my consciousness as you run a finger down my jaw line, "Open your eyes and watch Little One or you will become the one who is watched."

I blinked back a misting of tears as I open my eyes to look into the space beyond the curtains. Through the lace I see that the slave woman is now on her hands and knees on the altar. Dark and Handsome is lounging in front of her on a pile of cushions, his jacket discarded and his shirt opened, revealing a layer of steel abs under dark skin. He watches as the woman deftly undoes his pants and loosens his boxers, releasing his straining cock directly in front of her face. She looks up at him and asks permission before bending her head gratefully to slowly, seductively lick the head of his throbbing dick with her tongue. I watch as more men sitting in the chairs and chaises pull out their dicks and begin stroking them.

"Erotic, isn't it sweet thing?" you softly ask, licking my ear lobe and then trailing kisses down my neck. "Nothing quite like watching a woman honestly humiliate herself because she knows she deserves it and she wants it, wants that domination, that discipline, that structure, more than air." As you say this you hands lightly grip my throat in possession. "To be owned and to want to be owned." Then you let your hands slide slowly down my body, running over my breasts, down my stomach, across my groin, around my ass and up my back. You kiss my neck again, as if you were a lover and not a stranger who had tied me up and gagged me in a dark alcove. I feel the first edges of my fear melt away, replaced by a feeling I can't name, I won't name.

Your fingers slip expertly through the laces holding my bodice up, loosening its comforting grip on my breasts. "I have to admit I was surprised to see you here, dressed like this. I really thought you had higher standards for yourself Hannah," you say with what sounds like disapproval, maybe even disappointment.

It takes me another ten seconds to put two and two together; you know me. Again, an image, more like an echo of a dream rises up in my mind, and I hear your voice, as if through water. What are you saying? Why do I feel like I know you?

A sharp intake from beyond the curtain stills your hands for an instant as we both look up. The woman has Dark and Handsome's cock fully in her mouth. And the Greek god is now lying on his back between her knees, his face buried in her pussy, his tongue licking her folds with soft caresses. He has his hands on her ass cheeks, spreading them, grabbing them, pulling her toward him in rhythmic movements. She lets out another mewling groan around the cock in her mouth as he slips a finger into her wet hole, his tongue touching her clit.

"Now there's an idea," you say softly, your hands returning to my bodice, which quickly slides to the floor, leaving my breasts heaving inside my bra. You run your hands up over my flat stomach, over my bra, grasping my breasts in a firm, kneading grip, pulling me tight against your body as you slowly grind your rigid hard-on into my back. You nip at my shoulder as you push my bra cups down below my nipples, forcing my breasts up as if on a shelf.

"God you have great tits," you say with pure admiration. I can't help but feel a flicker of pride; I have always thought of my breasts as small, almost B's; I'd wished countless times for a little extra curve. But here you are, gently cradling my breasts with tender appreciation.

You circle one nipple with a lazy finger as you hold me tight against you with your other hand. I feel the liquid pool inside me start to simmer despite my internal reproach. My little voice chants, "you don't want this" over and over. I try to listen, but your hands against my exposed skin, your breath against my ear, is pulling me away from myself.

Dark and Handsome buries wraps the sub's braid around his hand, grinding her face against his cock as he arches his back with pleasure. The Greek god has slid out from between her legs and is now holding a vibrating bullet in his hand. He waits a minute for Dark and Handsome to loose his hot cum into the woman's bruised mouth before turning the vibrator on and touching it to her clit. He is waiting with wicked intent for her to groan loudly and buckle under the vibrating toy. The second she starts to lose control he smacks her as with a cruel slap of his hand, adding another layer of red to the livid wheals on her cheeks. "Don't you fucking move," he growls as he slides the vibrator back over her clit while she tries to hold her statue pose: her ass raised in the air, her upper body supported on her elbows, her head hanging limply toward the altar.

You bring me back to my own ordeal as you slide your hand down to my skirt and push it up around my waist. I can't help the quiet yelp that escapes my lips around the ball in mouth.

You twist my nipple with a wicked turn, your voice hot in my ear, "You'd do best to follow the slut's example and keep quiet and still unless I tell you otherwise."

My heart skips a beat at your words and how quickly you have gone from tender touch to inflicting pain. My nipple throbs from the harsh attention, but so does my pussy, as if daring me to deny my desire. I am starting to lose a grip on what I know and I struggle inside of myself, trying to steel myself against your touch and the erotic scene unfolding before me.

You bunch my skirt up around my waist and then pull my panties down slowly, just low enough that my ass is fully exposed, my clean-shaven lips touching the cold iron. I feel another flush of shame streak across my masked cheeks, burning down my neck. The cold air kisses my hardening nipples, whispering across my naked ass and unveiled pussy even though I technically still have my bra, panties, and skirt on. Not to mention the damn gloves. And again I feel my body betray me, the moisture growing between my pussy lips, slowly slipping out to touch the cold metal rubbing against my clit as you grind your hips against mine.

"I have dreamed about you naked," your breath tickles my ear, "but seeing you exposed and still clothed is absolutely incredible. Do you know how beautiful you are?" You gently caress my stomach and kiss my shoulder before gliding your hand up to my breasts, catching my nipples between your fingers and pulling on them, tugging, twisting with increasing intensity. You squeeze them with an exquisitely painful force and it is like adding kerosene to the fire burning between my legs. A low moan climbs in my throat even as I try to throw up mental blockades, screaming internally that this is not me, that I do not want this.

"That's right Little One, let me in. Give in to this. To me." You leave one hand on my breast, returning to a gentle rolling of my nipple as your other hand slides down my torso, over my mons, to my pussy. You gently spread my lips with your fingers and instruct me once more to watch the show in front of us.

My breath quickens as you gently circle my clit, teasing me in a slow, erotic dance.

I watch as Dark and Handsome stands up off of the altar and walks behind his sub, his cock already twitching with new life. He moves close to his fair skinned twin, leaning under the altar and picking up a large, black dildo. The Greek god grins wickedly and turns the speed up on the vibrating bullet he holds against the woman's clit. She jolts with the increased intensity and pays for it with a swift crack across her tender ass. She stills herself against the rhythmic pulse of the bullet, holding her breath as Dark and Handsome rubs the massive black dildo's head over her slick pussy lips, coating it with her juices. She groans quietly, and again a hand falls down with a resounding crash on her still up turned ass.

You push a finger into my own slick pussy hole and I strangle a groan in my throat, my head snapping up. My breath catches and I find myself arching against your hand even as my inner voice yells at me with disgust. God I don't want this, I think to myself, begging for it to stop, praying it won't. Humiliation floods through me as I feel how wet my own pussy has become, how easily you slide your finger in and out of my hole, massaging my inner flesh. My nose flares and I grip the hand bars firmly, trying to beat down my rising carnal desire, force it back into the space I never go. But it won't listen; indeed, it grows in strength as you slide a second finger between my inner folds. I push against your hand without thought, groaning against the gag.

"Shh, not another sound," you whisper in my ear as I watch Dark and Handsome slowly push the tip of the massive dildo into the woman's pussy, spreading her lips so his audience could fully appreciate her stretching hole.

You slide a third finger deep into me. I groan into the gag, rolling my hips against your hand. You shove me hard against the rail, the metal warming with my heat, grinding against my clit, pushing my ass up into the air as I try to balance on my heels.

"I told you to be quiet, Little One," you say, pulling your fingers out my warm hole, slipping your thumb over my clit in a tortured twirl.

I can't help but groan again at the burning fire between my thighs, a moan that is echoed by the slave on the altar as the massive dildo slides deeper into her pussy. I know that smack is coming before it lands on her red cheeks.

But I didn't expect the rough slap of your hand against my own ass, timed perfectly so the noise in the room covered the noise in our secret hiding place.

"I warned you, Little One. There are lessons you must learn." My ass stings where your hand struck and I feel the flame of shame inside, shocked to realize it is a mixture of humiliation at my current degrading, submissive position and humiliation because I couldn't follow your simple instructions.

The Greek god laughs as Dark and Handsome shoves the woman roughly forward onto a pile of cushions, her ass raised up above the rest of her body. "Seems like you still haven't learned self-control, little whore," Dark and Handsome says huskily, pushing the dildo head even further into her swollen pussy lips. The Greek god slides the small vibrating bullet under her, resting it on the cushions nestled against her clit, grinning maliciously as he turns the speed up again, listening to her cry out.

My own whimper slips out around the ball and I feel you push me against the rail, my clit bouncing against the hard metal in a torturous dance. "Shh," you whisper again. Your grope my nipple and twist it cruelly, then you hit my ass me again, hard, forcing my sensitive clit back against the railing, my nose brushing the sheer curtain, my breasts heaving over my pulled down bra.

I watch with increasing humiliation as Dark and Handsome administers slap after slap to the sub's ass, feeling you match each heavy handed stroke on my own tender cheeks. The pain lancing through my skin mingles headily with the ecstatic pleasure running through my clit every time it bounces against the metal. I cannot believe how aroused I am, how utterly helpless I feel. My little voice continues to demand that I shut out these feelings simmering under my skin, but I can't ignore the heat building in my stomach, stoked by your vicious attention to my now burning ass.

My breath comes hard and fast as I hold my pained cries in. And then you stop for a moment, rustling behind me. The next second, I feel a cool, hard tip press between my pussy lips as the low hum of the dildo's vibrating attachment touches my sensitive clit. I bite down on the gag as pleasure courses through my body.

You push the head of the dildo between my lips, teasing my wet hotness with little flicks of your wrist, your hand tugging on my erect nipple, your hot groin rubbing against my hip. "Don't stop watching," you growl in my ear, running your tongue down my neck and over my shoulder, plunging the dildo deeper into my burning pussy. A dark, forbidden ache explodes between my legs despite my denial.

I watch as Dark and Handsome pushes the massive dildo in and of his slave's pussy, its dark surface slick with her moisture. She bucks against its length, her clit grinding on the vibrating bullet. She begs for release, pleads to cum. Dark and Handsome only laughs and pulls the dildo out of her pussy, telling her "Patience yet, you haven't earned that yet." He climbs onto the altar next to her and pulls her on top of him, his dick once hard again. He pushes her slowly down onto his massive, throbbing cock and she tosses her head back in a carnal groan. He grabs her braid and yanks it back brutally exposing her breasts to the ceiling. The Greek god mounts the altar behind her and pushes her down on top of his twin, caressing her ass while Dark and Handsome slowly pumps in and out of her sopping pussy. The fair twin pulls his own cock out and spits on it, rubbing his shaft with long, languid strokes as he puts a hand possessively on her ass, pulling one cheek to the side as he admires her tight, puckered hole.

She jumps as he touches his finger to her tight hole, her head snapping back with fear. "Oh god, no, not that, please," she pleads.

"Subs who fail to follow the rules must learn that their purpose and their pleasure is completely in the hands of their Master. I have been lenient too long, little whore. You must be taught a lesson. You must give up everything. I'm not asking," Dark and Handsome says as he grabs her hips and impales himself deeply in her.

"Do you understand?" he asks with leveled calmness.

"Yes Master," she replies, shame again dripping from her words.

"That is what you need, Little One," you whisper in my ear as you circle my clit and rub your groin against my ass checks. "Someone to take care of you, someone to watch out for you. Someone to save your life when you chose to throw it away. I suck in my breath around the ball gag as you run one hand up my gloved right arm and push the satin fabric up, revealing the jagged scar framed by over a dozen dots from the stitches needed to sew my life back together.

"Someone to save you from yourself," your voice rips though my thoughts as my memories come crashing back. The blood had run hot and warm down my wrist as the icy November wind cut through my flimsy fleece. I'd stood on the bridge's stonewalls for almost an hour, the rum singing in my veins, pulsing in my ears. Every misery, self-doubt, dark moment, every haunting jeer and joke at my expense kept playing like a broken record in front of me. I'd slit my wrist but figured jumping into the river while completely wasted was a good way to make sure I didn't make it out of this life alive. But first I wanted to suffer, to really rub my nose in my own failure, my own inability to function like a real human in the real world. I wanted to feel that searing self-loathing one last time, my constant companion all these years.

Then you had rolled up in your black-and-white state trooper SUV, your hands held out in front of you as if to calm a frightened animal. You'd tried to call me back, to convince me to step off the bridge railing and into your arms. You promised you could get me help; you promised you could save me. You told me you couldn't let me just die.

And all I said was I was sorry before I dove into the icy waters, hoping for purification and forgiveness, my head dizzy from the rum, my eyes blurred from the blood loss. They told me later that you had thrown yourself off the bridge after me, despite your partner's screamed objections. I don't remember even hitting the water, but it must have been like icy knives. I do remember you hovering over me as I lay shivering on the ground, the sound of the water rushing by mixing with the blood pounding in my ears. Your voice like gravel, your eyes a shifting hazel, your hair dark and unruly, a mouth that looked like it loved to laugh but was made for kissing, and your hands, strong, lean hands that vigorously rubbed my arms, warming both of us with the friction. Hands designed to discipline, to soothe, to teach, to love.

You drive the vibrating dildo deeper between my lips, letting it slide through my velvety wetness. You groan against my neck as you grab my breast roughly, clutching me against your hardened body. "Don't you take your eyes off them, Hannah," you order me roughly, stroking my nipple.

I feel a tide of warmth rising from my pussy and my hips arch to take the dildo more deeply inside of me. I grip the handholds tightly, afraid I might completely lose myself. My little voice is silent, submitting to the undeniable desire coursing through my body. My breath is fevered and fast around the ball gag as you spread my ass crack with one hand, pulling the dildo out for a moment. I feel you slide two fingers into my sopping pussy, gathering the wetness on your skin, before you slowly slide the dildo back between my lips. "That's right sweet thing, watch them take her as I make you cum."

The Greek god stuck his fingers into the woman's mouth, telling her to get them good and wet as he continued to stroke his own cock. Then he pulled her ass cheeks apart, spreading her wide open as Dark and Handsome slowly drove his dick into her pussy. The Greek god pushed one soaking wet finger against her tight hole, slowly sliding it in one knuckle at a time. "Relax," he murmured as a grimace flitted across her face.

"Relax," you whisper to me as I stiffen, feeling your warm spit sliding down my own ass crack and your pussy slicked fingers grazing over my own puckered aahole. I shake my head violently, the little voice once again loudly screaming no.

You lean heavy against me, your hand gripping my throat, your breath hot in my ear. "This is going to happen, Hannah. You can either relax and take the pain with the pleasure or you can just take the pain. But make know mistake, your ass is mine." I hear you pulling something out of your pocket, your body still leaning against mine. You bring your hand up in front of my face, showing me a clear plastic butt plug. "This is going in here," you say as your other hand slowly inserts a finger against my tense ass hole, sliding in on my juices and your spit. I can't breath as the discomfort turns to pain. "I don't even have my first knuckle in Little One," you whisper. "You have to relax."

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