Will You Catch Me If I Fall?


I realize as I hiss in pain that the plug he is holding in front of me is wider than his fingers, flaring out at the base to almost two finger widths. He pushes his finger even deeper into my tight, virgin ass as he puts the butt plug in his mouth, sucking greedily on it next to my ear. He pulls it out with a pop and then withdraws his finger from my tender hole, spitting again down my crack.

"Relax, Little One, surrender to me. I'll keep you safe, but you have to learn to trust me completely." Your thumb returns to my clit, slowly grinding me back on to a rising pleasure tide. You slip a finger into my drenched pussy and I rock back and forth against your hand. You step between my legs, biting at my shoulder with your hot mouth, running your tongue over my skin as you press the hard tip of the plug against my sensitive, tight hole, murmuring softly in my ear. You rhythmically push your finger into my wet pussy, flicking my clit with increasing tempo as you slowly, agonizingly push the plug against my ass, turning it in small circles, pulling it out and then pressing it back against my wet, puckered hole.

A masculine groan from the chamber beyond the curtain caught my attention again as I let out a tiny gasp as you pushed the plug a little deeper into my ass. Dark and Handsome pulled the woman hard against his chest, catching her lips with his as he ground his hips against hers. The Greek god slid a second finger deep into her ass and then a third, leveling a quick smack to her bruised cheeks when she stiffened. I could feel my own tight hole stretching painfully around the plug's shaft, could only imagine how intensely her pain, and pleasure, was with three large fingers pushing deep into her rectum.

I felt myself growing even wetter as I watched her battle with her humiliation and desire, her body violated, every hole abused in front of an audience of men who had their cocks out, pleasuring themselves to her submission. I groaned softly against my gag, trying to remember that I didn't want this, trying to recover a shred of dignity but you ripped that away from me when you brought the vibrating dildo head back to my pussy, touching the head against my swollen lips. You forced me even more fully over the rail so I barely kept my toes on the ground, my breasts now hanging over my bra cups, bouncing gently against my chest with every push of your hand.

I could feel your eyes slowly devouring my exposed form, my pussy lips wet, sliding over the vibrating dildo, my ass raised up over the rail, the butt plug driving deeper into my core.

Another moan escaped my lips.

"Bite down on the gag if you have to but not another sound or I will give you to them," you say harshly in my ear as you push the plug even further into my ass, forcing me to bite down on the gag to keep from screaming in pain and pleasure.

I felt like my nerves were on fire, my pussy hot and sensitive to your touch, my ass aching in acceptance of the brutal invasion. I wanted more; I needed more. I bucked against your hand. I could feel the mounting surge of pleasure, could not believe the exquisite pain and ecstasy I felt as you penetrated my ass and pussy simultaneously. I was so close, so close, on the edge of reality. "Next lesson, Little One," you murmur, "You don't cum unless I say so." You pull the plug out of my ass with a sucking sound and slow the rhythm of the dildo in my pussy. I feel my on-coming orgasm diminish and I feel an emptiness, a dirty need, in my ass. "And I won't fuck you until you beg for it. Which you can't do with a gag in your mouth." You chuckle.

As if on cue, the Greek god demands the woman beg for it, beg for his cock in her ass. "Say it," he says firmly, his hand once again stroking his dick.

"Please Sir, please, fuck me in the ass with your cock," she cries out as Dark and Handsome drives himself more fully into her pussy.

"Good girl," he says, kissing her roughly on the mouth as he raises her ass up so Greek god could mount her.

You've started sliding the dildo in and out of my pussy again, turning up the speed on the vibrator, but I feel only a mounting frustration. I was so close just a moment ago and now my pussy is so sensitive I can't get the dildo deep enough. And I can feel the throbbing ache in my ass, begging for more. I wanted to scream in frustration. You push me down against the rail, slamming the dildo in and out of my abused pussy. You yank my head back, forcing me to look in front of me.

The Greek god rubs his dick's head against the sub's hole, pushing in and out slowly, listening to her agonized cries of pleasure mingled with pain. Her moans twist my own lust and desire even deeper and I grind my hips against the dildo. You laugh softly, and then I feel the hard plastic tip of the plug pressing against my puckered hole, my breath catching in anticipation. You kiss my shoulder, turning the vibrator on full speed, pushing me back to the edge with every deep thrust of the dildo.

I watch as the Greek god slowly slides his dick further into her ass before dragging it out and then pushing in even deeper, all the while Dark and Handsome thrusting into her from underneath. Her strangled cries of pained ecstasy drive me to a breaking point. I continue to grind against the dildo, wishing with silent humiliation that I could beg you for release. You slip the tip of the butt plug into my already tightening hole, teasing me before you pull it out again. I feel as if I'm going to split apart at the seams as my breasts bouncing against my chest, cold air slipping across my taught nipples; my hands and arms stretched out in front of me, useless; the dildo deep inside my pussy, the vibrations massaging my clit in a frenzied dance as you run the tip of the plug around the rim of my asshole, spitting once again onto its puckered surface.

The woman throws her head back in a carnal scream as the Greek god loses control and slams his cock deep into her tight anus. He grabs her tits, kneading them with aggressive fury as he matches Dark and Handsome's fervent tempo. I watch as the fair twin completely mounts her from behind like a dog, his body entwining fully with his lovers, the edges of where he ends and they begin blurring.

I feel myself at the precipice again, waiting to fall again into the river, into your spell. My orgasm builds with an intensity I've never known, waiting to be unleashed. But no matter how hard I fuck the dildo I can't find release. And then you say it, what I need to hear.

"Cum for me, Little One," you whisper in my ear, pushing the dildo all the way to the hilt inside of my wet pussy as the plug prods the outside of my slicked asshole.

I want to cum. God I need to come.

I watch as Dark and Handsome grabs the sub's hips and buries himself deep inside her pussy while the Greek god slams his dick fully into her now gaping asshole, pushing his face into her hair as her squeezes her breasts.

I can see the orgasm start to sweep over them. Her last scream of utter, deranged ecstasy covers my own as you shove the butt plug all the way to the base into my tight, sensitive ass, throwing me over the edge as the dildo plunges in and out of my pussy. I forget to bite down as stars explode in front of my eyes and liquid fire burns down through my toes.

I go limp, losing hold of the grips, almost falling over the rail, but there you are again. Ready to catch me. Ready to save me. You rapidly loosen the ropes, unstrap the ball gag, and ease me to the floor. You kiss the top of my head tenderly.

"I'll be watching you Hannah," are the last words you say as you disappear through the curtains. I realize a moment later you weren't wearing a mask.

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