tagAnalWill You Love Me 'Til I Die? Ch. 05

Will You Love Me 'Til I Die? Ch. 05


The next week was a busy one. On Sunday, after our morning sex session, I asked Anne if she had ever been to a baseball game. She said she couldn't even remember watching an entire game on TV much less actually going to a stadium to attend one. I told her that her life would not be complete if she didn't see at least one game since it was practically a requirement to do so if you lived in America.

"In all of your business activities do you ever get involved with any kind of goodwill work or donate to some worthy causes."

"I do that indirectly through the individual corporations I own. I also make donations anonymously to schools and charities. Why do you ask?"

"Because if we're going to go to a baseball game we should take some kids that might never have a chance to go on their own. Hey, I know, call your oncologist and ask him if there are any kids fighting cancer that are confined to a hospital that we could take out for the day."

"Carl you are truly wonderful and you make me ashamed of myself for never even thinking of something like that. Here I am doing all these things for me because of my condition and I haven't given a single thought to what kind of life a child with this disease has. I'll call him right away."

Her doctor said he really appreciated her wanting to do this and he would call the hospital and ask the administrator if he could put something together. There was a game at Yankee stadium that afternoon and about an hour later the doctor called back and asked if we could manage four young kids that were in the hospital for their chemo treatments but could definitely attend a ball game.

Anne made another call to get tickets. She wanted to get a skybox but I said that was for rich old men and kids wanted to be close to the action so she got seven seats in the third row along the baseline from third base to the plate. She called a rental car agency and had them bring over a big SUV and about one o'clock we headed for the stadium with a stop at the hospital to pick up the kids.

It was one of the best days we had spent yet. Anne and Melissa had a blast doing things for the kids and, unbeknownst to us, the administrator of the hospital had called someone so when the game was over an attendant was standing at the end of the row we were seated in and asked us to please come with him. He led us over to a gate that led down to the field and we walked down some steps to find the entire team standing there with autographed balls for all of us. You would have thought we had taken the kids to the North Pole and met Santa Claus.

When we got back to the house around six thirty Melissa said she would call the rental agency to pick up the car and we asked her to join us for dinner in the dining room. She said she would love to and that she would check out the things Anthony had left in the fridge and start getting them ready. We went upstairs to take a shower.

"Carl that was one of the best days of my life. If I had any doubt about what kind of father you are they're all gone now. Nothing else you could have done would have made me feel better than being with those kids and helping them to feel good for even a single afternoon. Thank you my love for being the most marvelous person in the world and showing me that you have to live each minute and not cry about how many minutes you have."

"It was a special treat for me too. I've been to a few games in my life but I never got to meet all the players and get an autographed ball. I'll keep that for the rest of my life."

We got in the shower and she adjusted the sprays to a fine mist then put a folded towel on the floor and told me to stand next to the wall. Then she knelt down in front of me and put her hand around my cock and said, "Special people deserve special treats."

She opened her mouth and engulfed the head of my cock. She took her time stroking me and running her tongue all around me as I gradually stiffened in her hand. Women like to think they are the sole possessors of intuition but even we less evolved men can tell when a woman is giving you a blow job because she thinks you want it and when she's doing it because she enjoys it as much as you do. This subtle distinction occurs primarily because of love, but exactly how this is transmitted from a woman to a man is, and should remain, a mystery. Nevertheless there is a discernable difference and it elevates the act from highly pleasurable to something indescribably wonderful. It changes the gestalt.

When I was fully hard she let go with her hand and just slid her mouth up and down my shaft coating it with her saliva. The mist of the shower was covering her in little droplets that shone in the light like jewels. Her hand moved to cradle my balls and caress them as she continued to suck me. A few glorious minutes of this adoring attention was all it took to persuade my nervous system that the only appropriate response was to reward her loving mouth with a big dose of cum. "Oh Anne, baby, yes. Here comes your special treat." She held still with just the head in her mouth until the first ejaculation sprayed into it then very slowly pushed forward to cover more with each spurt until the last one gushed deep in her throat.

When she was satisfied that there was no more cum to be had she pulled back and made a big suction noise as the tip exited her mouth. I pulled her up by her arms until she was standing in front of me. She opened her mouth to show me that it was full of cum then closed her lips and swallowed hard. She stuck her tongue out and licked all around her lips then smiled at me and asked, "Was that OK baby?"

"That was a lot more than OK." I pulled her to me and kissed her then stuck my tongue in her mouth. I could taste the remnants of my semen. "God, you taste fabulous. I'll let you do that again later but next time I'll have my head between your legs doing it to you at the same time. I might even put the glass rod up your ass too."

"Oooooheeeee yes Carl yes. Please do that. I love it when you play with my ass. I'll cum real good for you if you will."

"Of course I will because I want you to cum for me. I love it when you cum for me. I love feeling you and tasting you and hearing you. This is what I live for now to keep you in sexual bliss for as long as I can."

She asked me to give her an enema so I could play with her ass later then we got back in the shower and finished washing each other and dried off. Next we headed for the closets to put on some clothes if you could call what Anne wore clothes. She had on a long t-shirt that barely covered her ass. She hadn't bothered with bra or panties and she let me know it in the elevator as she rubbed her body against mine all the way to the second floor.

When we got down to the kitchen Melissa had dinner almost ready. Anthony had baked a vegetarian lasagna and Melissa had made a salad for us and brought up another bottle of the super Tuscan wine from the cellar per Anthony's recommendation. We ate at the dining room table and talked about what a wonderful day it had been with the kids at the ball game. I asked Melissa what she was going to do with her autographed baseball.

"I'm going to keep it my whole life and whenever I need a little pick me up from a long hard day I'm going to look at it and remember that these days here with you two were the best days of my life because I don't want to even think about what I'm going to do after this."

"That's a very sweet thing to say Melissa. I had a feeling when I first saw you that your considerable beauty was a lot more than skin deep. I'm very glad to have met you and I really like having you around through this unusual time of my life and I'm going to count on you to help me keep the person we both love as happy as we can. It seems we will have two different outcomes from this experience. You don't know what you will do and I know exactly what I'm going to do."

Anne said, "Carl I know exactly what you're going to do as soon as we get finished eating this delicious meal so let's not get too wrapped up in what's going to happen in a few months. I believe things will work out for everybody if we just take it one day at a time. I do want to tell you that tomorrow I have a quarterly meeting with my team and I want you to attend."

"What team?"

"My business team. You need to meet everybody and understand how my little financial empire works since you have a power of attorney that puts you in charge when I become incapable of making decisions. I've set up a very elaborate structure to attend to all the financial elements I'm involved in and you need to know about it because I have to make some decisions about changing things before I'm not around anymore."

"I guess that would be prudent. I suppose we can't count on you having the full six months and I'm sure there are lots of things that must be planned for should that time be shortened."

"Exactly. I need to set up a plan for what will happen after I die. There are a lot of people who will be impacted by my decisions so this can't wait."

"Anne I know you don't want to wait to get back upstairs with Carl so I'll clear the table and clean up. You go have fun."

"Thanks Melissa and don't spend too much time worrying about what's going to happen to you when I'm gone. I'll make sure you have lots of options."

Anne and I headed back upstairs with a stop on the fourth floor where Anne's main office was located. We spent about an hour going over the basic structure of Anne's business empire. She showed me how it was primarily a closely held private corporation composed of ten divisions. Each division handled different aspects of the business. There was a legal team, an insurance team, two investment teams one domestic one foreign, two real estate teams again one domestic one foreign, an energy team for oil and gas, two accounting teams that maintained strict separation so neither of them could do anything illegal or shady and finally a team to handle collectibles like art and rare coins and automobiles.

A team captain who personally chose their team members and could hire and fire at their discretion headed each of the divisions. Anne of course could replace any team captain as she saw fit but had not done so in the seven years that the team had been in existence. She did have to replace two captains due to death but she had worked with them to have a successor being groomed for this eventuality so there would be minimal disruption when it occurred.

Anne and the team captains were the only stockholders of the corporation. Anne held ninety percent of the shares and each team held one percent. They met quarterly to go over the results of their activities and dispersed money as dividends twice a year so the teams could get paid. The money each team received was calculated by a complex formula that rewarded teams that did well and beat their projections but also spread the wealth to teams that did not contribute as much as others. The legal team was a prime example of this since they were not a profit center but handled thousands of legal matters for all of the many sub-corporations both foreign and domestic that were directly and indirectly owned by the main corporation.

The chart she showed me of how all of the sub-corporations interrelated was mind boggling. It reminded me of the tangled web of companies that Enron had set up but they did it to hide mischief and avoid taxes whereas Anne did it to facilitate doing business in different states and countries and protect the teams from law suits and to have local contacts that could inform the teams regarding investment opportunities.

I was extremely impressed with what she had accomplished. This was a complex but well coordinated money making machine with quasi-independent units that could be created, changed or removed as circumstances dictated. The money really did trickle down from the top, which I always thought was bullshit that politicians spouted just to please their big contributors and get legislation passed to benefit them. Anne had come pretty close to making that fantasy a reality, however before anything trickled down, money poured in from thousands of diverse streams of income and those at the top still got the lion's share and all of the members of these teams knew their business and played hardball. She gave the team captains a lot of leeway but she went over the accounting teams' audits every quarter like a Muslim reads the Koran.

I asked her about the real estate team because I wondered why she needed a team to do that. She told me her father, who really got the concept of this team off the ground, was always traveling around the world and the states and when he would see land or a town that was growing or a building that had been foreclosed because a business had failed, he would buy it. Usually through hiring a local realtor to act on his behalf to avoid speculation. By the time she finished putting the team in place there were hundreds of these properties and each one had to be kept up with so she set up a team for them. She told me she had transferred a few of them into her name so she could use them for her own purposes.

"What kind of properties do you own?"

"Mostly houses scattered around the world which I always planned on visiting but just never got around to it."

"Where are they?"

"Oh, the Caribbean, Europe, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Vancouver. Just to name a few."

"And you've never been to them?"

"I've been to one of them. It was when I was six years old. Like most of the properties, my father bought it before I was born. It's on the island of Antigua. I don't remember much about it though."

"Anne my poor precious child, you own luxury houses in some of the most beautiful parts of the world and you've never even seen them. That's the saddest thing I've ever heard. After this meeting tomorrow and once we get through the egg harvesting procedure, will you promise me that we'll go visit one of them. I'd love to see the place in Antigua."

"OK. In fact, we can visit several of them if you want. We don't need to come back here until either the quarterly team meeting at the end of September or unless I feel so bad I can't keep traveling."

"That's a great idea. You really do need to see more of the world while you still can and I'd love to do this. I've never had the time or money to do much more than take the kids to Disney World."

"OK then that's what we'll do. We better tell Mitra to plan on a world tour. She's arriving Saturday. Should we take Melissa with us?"

"Absolutely. Who else would you trust to drive us around Europe?"

"This is sounding better the more I think about it. I'm getting excited."

"Me too. We need to get a good video camera so I can show our daughter all the places we visit and let her know she can go there too someday. Melissa can be our official photographer for the trip."

"You're right Carl. I have to make a will so that eventually Victoria ends up with them. That would be a wonderful gift for her."

"Jesus Anne don't tell me you don't have a will after all you showed me this morning and now all these properties. I'm surprised Walter would let you run a huge holding company like yours without a will."

"I just never thought about it. I don't... I didn't have anybody to leave anything to before now so it didn't seem to matter. I just assumed somebody would work it out if I died suddenly. But now it's different."

"I'd say. We better get you over to Walter's tomorrow and get you one drawn up."

"He'll be at the meeting, he's the legal team captain. I'll ask him to do it before he leaves."

"Do you have a list of these properties so we can make an itinerary?"

"I'm sure it's on my computer somewhere. Let me look for it."

She found a folder of personal properties and opened it. Twenty-five subfolders appeared. "As much as I'd like to see all of these I'm afraid we don't have time to do that. I don't want to go to a place for a day or two then rush off to the next one. What do you say to picking six or seven to spend a week in?"

"That sounds good to me. You and Sandy and the kids can take your time in the future visiting the rest of them. Let's pick out ones we can get to so we don't have to spend a lot of time traveling between them. I'll have to contact the property managers in each location and inform them that we're coming. Each of these folders has all that information in them. Oh Carl, this sounds like we're planning our honeymoon."

"Yes it does doesn't it? Sandy and I went to the Florida Keys for our honeymoon. This will be a grand tour compared to that."

"You and Sandy can spend the rest of what I hope will be a long life having a continual honeymoon. These places will all belong to you and her soon."

"I thought you were going to leave them to Victoria."

"There won't be any Victoria when I die. Not legally anyway. You'll have to hold them for her until she's of age to own them."

"I hadn't thought of that. How am I going to take care of all these places? Aren't there taxes and upkeep on them? That could take quite a bit of money."

"Don't worry about it. I have all that in place already so I'll set up a trust fund or something to continue to handle the expenses."

"Sandy will never believe this. Not only will we be able to go all over the world but we'll own houses in these places."

"I told you I was going to find a way to thank that wonderful wife of yours. This will be another little gift for letting me have you to love. I wouldn't trade being with you for a thousand houses. I hope all of you enjoy these places."

"A little gift! If these houses are anything like I think they're going to be, then each one is probably worth at least a million dollars. That's some gift."

"If they're worth ten million dollars each it's still not worth one day loving you. But I guess I do deserve a spanking for never getting around to visiting them."

"My love I have a much better treatment in mind for you than a spanking. Let's continue planning our trip later. Right now I want to reward your generosity with what you so highly prize, one more day of loving me." I took her in my arms and kissed her, then we walked to the elevator and returned to our bedroom.

Anne stripped off her t-shirt and threw it on one of the big chairs. My shorts and shirt joined it. Before we got back in bed I stopped at the control pad in the bedroom and programmed in a playlist of music. It was a mix of mostly instrumentals, soft jazz and low key Brazilian music. As soon as we got into the bed we wrapped our arms around each other and let the rest of the world disappear. We kissed softly and tenderly ran our hands over our bodies in a continuing exploration to discover and map every inch into our memories and feel the exquisite sensations that only touching can convey to our hearts and minds. We knew each other now as only lovers can. We were complete.

I slid back and turned to retrieve the glass butt plug and the lube from the nightstand. "Roll over on your stomach." She softly moaned with anticipation as she rolled over, spread her legs and started slowly wiggling her ass. I poured a little of the lube on her asshole and used my finger to rub it. She let out a little gasp when I inserted it in her. I poured a little more lube on her and put the tip of my middle finger next to the one already in her and pressed the tip in beside it. She raised her hips and pushed back to welcome the new intruder and I slid both fingers completely inside her.

My other hand was massaging her ass cheeks as my fingers turned and slid in and out of her rectum. I could have sworn she was purring like a cat. She was really enjoying what I was doing to her and her enjoyment was enhancing my own. I continued to rub her for several minutes then reluctantly withdrew my fingers, which elicited a moan of disappointment from her. It was soon replaced by a moan of satisfaction when she felt me pour some more lube on her asshole followed by the tip of the butt plug making contact with the center of her puckered aperture.

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