tagInterracial LoveWilly's White Bitch

Willy's White Bitch


Old Black Willy's White Bitch

A couple of months ago my life changed when an elderly Black man moved in next door to my apartment I had bought near the college I attend.

My name is Debbie and I am a junior at SMU. I am studying art in hopes of working at a museum when I graduate. The old black guy's name was Willy. He was in his 60's at least but I noticed he also was in good shape for an older man. He had played football and lifted weights and was still active in sports till this day. He walked around without a shirt on a lot and he had surprisingly tight abs and muscular arms for his age.

I on the other hand, am not real athletic but I was blessed with a firm body. My pride and joy however are my 42DD knockers that are like a magnet for guys. I have no problem getting laid or getting asked out on dates. Old Willy soon took a liking to me and every morning when I went to school he would be out and whistle at me as I went off to class.

Over time we developed a little routine of sexual innuendo and gestures that we both had fun with. I didn't feel at all threatened by him as he always had a smile on his face. His wolf whistle always made me feel sexy and I would preen for him before I got in my car to drive away.

I noticed a steady stream of black women who would arrive late in the evening and then leave around midnight from his apartment. I suspected he was more than just a friend having them over for diner. My suspicions were proved correct one night when he left the window and the drapes pulled open on his bedroom window. I watched as he had sex with one of the woman.

I have to say I was impressed by Old Willy's stamina. He got between her legs and they had sex for almost an hour non-stop. The longest I had ever had sex with a guy lasted for about 10 minutes max. Old Willy seemed to have the strength of a bull. I actually masturbated watching them fuck! I soon began to fantasize I was the woman under him and he was fucking me in her place.

After that, I caught him having sex with his window open several times. Each time was with what looked like a different woman. Old Willy never ceased to amaze me with his sexual prowess. Our little ritual each morning also took on a new meaning for me. One day I actually became brazen enough to flash my left tit at him much to his delight. The next day he motioned for me to come over to him, when I was heading out.

Old Willy looked at me with a smile on his face and he asked me if I had enjoyed the show last night. I was stunned and just stood there with my mouth open. "Oh come now darling, you know I left the window open on purpose just for you. I knew you wanted to watch me fuck my woman last night."

I could hardly speak as I turned away, my face flushed and my breathing shallow. "I have to go Willy, ... I'll be late for class."

That day in class I could not focus on my school work at all. All I could think of was old Willy fucking me like he had his black women. I didn't even know how long his dick was due to the angle of the window. I knew that he had set me up and I had fell into his trap just like a lamb for the slaughter.

That night when I arrived home there was a note on my door that said to come over to his apartment at 8:00. It went on to say I was to come dressed like I wanted sex. I was stunned by his forthrightness but also found my pussy was wet with anticipation. I thought about not going for a while but the fantasy in my head proved too much for me. I went in and took a shower making sure to shave my legs and snatch smooth. I knew I was going to have sex with the old man.

I put on a new pair of black thigh-high stockings and high heels, complimented by a matching red half cup bra and a G-string panty. My big jugs stood up proudly and my nipples were already hard and ready for action. I slid a tight stretch top on over my chest that left my midriff bare. I pulled on a little pair of daisy duke shorts and headed over to his apartment.

Willy answered the door almost as soon as I knocked and ushered me in. I was happy it was dark and he didn't make me stand outside, so all the neighbors could see me. The aroma of house was an intoxicating mix of incense burning and a faint smell of pot. Old Willy told me to sit down as he took a seat beside me on the leather couch.

"You look good enough to eat baby," is all he said as he leaned forward to pull me to himself with his big black hands. He didn't waste any time in shoving his hand in my bra, grabbing a tit and giving it a squeeze. Old Willy began to kiss me and then ran his tongue around my lips to taste the lipstick I had on. I could feel my body come alive under his touch. I didn't know if it was due to me not having sex for over a month, or because of the taboo nature of him being a black man.

Willy broke our kiss and got up and poured us both a drink of scotch with a little soda over ice. He then produced a joint and lit it up. He took a small puff and handed it to me. I wasn't much of a pot smoker but I took several long drags and gulped down the drink to calm my nerves. Soon the drugs and alcohol took over me and I felt calm and at ease.

He leaned back on the sofa and asked me to stand up and strip off my top and skirt and show him what I looked like. I rose up and slowly removed my outer clothing and then under his direction I slid off my panties. His eyes never left my jugs as I pealed off my bra revealing them to him for the first time. Old Willy pulled me by the hand to him, and made me straddle his lap. My tits were right in front of him as he reached out to touch them.

He grabbed both my tits in his big black hands and pulled them to his mouth. He began to squeeze and suck on them going back and forth between them. The surge of adrenaline went right through me and my pussy began to scream at me for relief. Old Willy worked my titties like he had never had any before in his life. It felt like he was going to suck my nipples down his throat he was sucking them so hard.

I could also feel his dick getting hard in his thin pajama pants he had on. Suddenly he released me and told me to get on my knees in front of him. I found myself wanting to please him as I obeyed him immediately. He slid his pants down and revealed a cock the size of which I had never seen before.

I've had several white boys for lovers but never a black man before. What they say about the Black mans superior sized dick had to be true and Willy was living proof. His dick sprang up like a snake before a snake charmer. It had to be at least 13" long and thick around!

He looked down at me and said, "Time to see if you can suck cock baby," and with that, he pulled my face forward and impaled my mouth on it. He gathered my hair into a bunch with his big hand and took control of my sucking motions.

It tasted warm and moist in my mouth as I began sucking up and down the length. I grabbed the shaft with my right hand just as he growled, "Come on bitch suck it like you mean it!"

I was startled by him calling me a bitch. He had never talked to me in anything other than a sweet tone before. But I wasted no time in picking up the pace and sucking it harder as he commanded. He began to shove more of it down my throat with each stroke.

"I said suck it like you mean it bitch," as he firmed up the grip on my hair and started using it as leverage to make me work up and down faster. I tried to pull up to get some air but he held me down on the shaft. I had to suck air through my nostrils quickly to keep from passing out.

I could feel his dick get harder and grow as I sucked him off. Old Willy was now in control and I knew he was not just going to be satisfied with a blow job tonight. I could feel my cunt twitch. I felt a drop of my own juice run down the inside of my thigh. Old Willy had made me wetter and hornier than I had ever been, and he hadn't even touched my pussy yet!

Once I had his cock rock hard, he suddenly pushed me off of him and stood up. He said, "Come bitch!" and I followed him into his bedroom. I knew this room by heart, from watching him through the window fucking his other women. He told me to lie on my back and spread my legs for him as he stroked his cock.

I quickly slid on the bed into position and opened up my legs to his gaze. I could see the look of lust in the old black mans face. He put a pillow under my ass to raise my cunt high in the air so he had a better angle with which to penetrate it.

Willy climbed on the bed and positioned the head of his dick against my slit. He began to rub it up and down, coating his cock with my juice as he went. My cunt was on fire and I couldn't wait until he shoved it in me. Old Willy just looked down at me and smiled. "Never had a black one in you before eh bitch?" I was now getting turned on by the fact he kept referring to me as his bitch!

Before I could adjust to the size of his cock he shoved it in me. With the first strong thrust it was over half way in. I tried to wiggle away from him but he grabbed my shoulders and thrust again burying it all the way in. I thought he had split me in half and the pain shot through my body and out my mouth in a scream. He muffled it in time by clamping his mouth over mine and shoving his tongue down my throat.

Old Willy started to fuck me slow with his big dick and soon the pain subsided into one of pleasure. My pussy was getting the best fucking by the biggest dick it had ever had. Old Willy leaned down, so his face was near mine as he continued to pound me. He didn't say a word, just grunted as he fucked me. His big dick did all the talking for him. This old man had a real pussy pleaser of a cock, and he knew how to use it to satisfy a woman.

Over what seemed like an hour he fucked me and came in my pussy several times. The first time I thought he would pull out before cumming, but he just pumped me full of his cum. I had at least 7 orgasms as I lay under him. He was sweating hard by the time he came a third time and finally with his dick in me to the hilt he stopped fucking. I felt his cock pump its seed deep in my cunt, as he just held it there twitching.

After several minutes he finally withdrew slowly from me, his cock made a wet sucking sound as it finally fell out. He lay down next to me breathing hard due to all the exertion he had just put out. My head swam as I thought of all the times he had fucked his women while I watched. The feeling was better than I ever could have imagined. I almost fell asleep when I finally heard him get up off the bed. He went in and took a shower while I put my cloths back on.

After that incident Old Willy has fucked me at least 6 times in the last several months. He can fuck better than any white boy I have ever met. Last month he took me to a reunion down in Alabama with some old army buddies of his.

He made me dress like a real slut and showed me off to all his friends. Old Willy and his big titted white bitch were the talk of the reunion. Later that night, back at the hotel, he made me give four of his black friends blow jobs while I was naked, and down on my knees. As a thank you he fucked me hard for over an hour every night while we were there.

Last week Old Willy took me out to a tattoo parlor in town and had me marked as his bitch. I shaved my snatch, and right above my slit is written, "Old Willy's pussy". Willy rewarded me that night by fucking me hard in his bed with the window and blinds open. I wonder if there is another white cunt just like me out there watching us, that he is reeling in?

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Sure wish Willy was my neighbor.

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