tagNovels and NovellasWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 03

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 03

byParis Waterman©

Edited by Morgan

Chapter 3.

August, 1982, Katy Dide

Following her divorce from Ernst Bollinger, Katy, at 24, took her old name, Dide, back. She had always been ridiculed for it, with schoolmates forever chanting, "Katy did! Or Katy did it!" whenever a teacher asked who was responsible for an infraction of the rules, or as children are wont to do, any act that would heap embarrassment and, or scorn upon her. The only difference being she now pronounced her last name, "Deed," not "Did."

After the divorce was finalized, Katy broke with her life-long timeline and moved from Philadelphia to Wilmington, North Carolina. A year later, she had her first bi-sexual experience. She was never sure if her emotional vulnerability had led her to this point, or if she had been a latent lesbian all those years without realizing it. What she was certain of was that she had thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and would entertain others like it from time to time, while still enjoying the company of virile men, a company of which Mr. Ernst Bollinger had not been a member.


August in Wilmington can be uncomfortable unless one is inside with the air-conditioning set at least to 75 degrees, or else one is at the beach, or out sailing, or boating, or fucking, in which case temperature is not really a factor.

Katy was doing none of those things. She was walking along Front Street watching waves of heat rise from the sidewalk, as she moved briskly in the humid, 94 degree heat. Her bare legs took long strides for a woman; her flowery skirt fluttered more from her stride than from any breeze, even though she was only one block removed from the Cape Fear River. Mentally she cursed the humidity, and for the hundredth time that afternoon she was forced to swipe at her dirty blonde hair as it fell in front of her eyes. She stopped to look in a storefront window. The articles within did not interest her. It was a used bookstore, and she was merely using the window to study her own reflection. She sucked in her stomach, stood straighter, and smiled.

What vanity, she thought, only to be interrupted by a voice coming from directly in back of her.

"Why, hello, neighbor," a woman's voice called out warmly.

Katy turned to find a very attractive, somewhat familiar-looking woman smiling at her. "I beg your pardon," Katy replied, slightly puzzled, not sure where she had seen her before.

"I'm sorry," the woman said. "I guess you don't recognize me. It's just that we're neighbors. I'm Jessica Crespo. I believe you bought the townhouse at the top of my street a few months ago."

Suddenly it clicked. Katy recalled having seen her on a number of occasions. She recalled her getting into her car, and driving away while she had puttered around in her tiny garden out front.

"You drive a red Corvette?

"That's me," Jessica said with a wide smile as they shook hands.

Katy introduced herself to Jessica. "I'm Katy," she countered with a bright smile. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

Jessica was about Katy's age, possibly slightly older. She possessed gorgeous black hair, flawless white skin, and a lovely, curvaceous figure. For some reason Katy found that she liked her immediately. Perhaps it was her easy charm, or the warmth of her smile, or even her attentive blue eyes. Either way, she found herself attracted to the woman as they stood there for what seemed like a half an hour, chatting and getting acquainted.

Katy knew early on that she'd made a new friend, and it gave her such a nice feeling that she thought she must be radiating a happy glow just standing there talking amiably with her.

They moved to a nearby coffee shop and the welcome air-conditioning. Jessica told Katy that she was married, and that she and her husband, Walter, who was a maritime lawyer, had been living in their townhouse for about three years.

It was uncanny how many interests the two women shared: flowers, books, fashion and fabrics, and, both laughed heartily at the last... big boobs!

"That's why I started my store," Jessica told Katy.

"You have a store? What do you sell?"

"Bras and lingerie," Jessica chirped.

"No! Where is it?"

"Oh, it's just around the corner. C'mon, I'll show it to you."

Jessica was wearing a very tight and very short mini-skirt. Katy couldn't help but notice that she had the kind of derriere -- not to mention the kind of hippy, sashaying walk -- which men adore. Giggling like two schoolgirls, Katy and Jessica braved the heat, and turned the corner to a small shop tucked between a bank and a restaurant.

"Oh, you're closed!" Katy blurted out on seeing the sign hanging in the entryway.

"Don't be silly," Jessica said. "It's my store. Just let me open, and I'll let you try on whatever you like."

They entered the shop, and Katy felt giddy as Jessica whooped, "C'mon, let's have us a fashion show!"

Jessica quickly locked the doors, turned on the transistor radio just inside the entrance and took Katy by the hand, leading her, loaded down with silky sexy underthings, to the changing rooms as Manhattan Transfer's "Boy From New York City" blared in the all-but-silent room.

The changing room was spacious with a big wall-size mirror. Katy stripped off her clothes, and slipped on a semi-sheer, stretch mesh bra and panty set; as sheer and skimpy as it was, the bra lifted and supported her big boobs quite well.

"Let's have a look," said Jessica from outside.

Feeling a bit shy Katy opened the door and emerged, naked except for the few bits of delicate fabric.

"What size is the bra?" Jessica asked.

"34-E," Katy answered.

Jessica stood behind her while Katy faced the mirror. She reached under her arms and began adjusting the bra her hands brushing against Katy's breasts.

"You see, this shouldn't be happening," Jessica said. "Let me grab a tape measure." She came back a moment later and measured Katy around the ribcage.

"27 inches - so add five," Jessica declared. "Just as I thought, you're not a 34. And, I'm guessing you're a larger cup size than an 'E', judging by the amount of boob that's sticking out underneath."

Jessica walked away leaving Katy feeling strangely aroused. A moment later she returned holding a lacy purple bra and thong. "Try these on, Katy," she said.

There was an awkward moment while Katy waited for her to leave so she could change.

"Oh, don't be silly!" Jessica said smiling. "You don't expect me to keep coming and going, do you? We have too many pretty things to try on!"

With that, Katy somewhat sheepishly undid the clasp and removed the bra, then peeled off the panties. There she was standing naked in front of a woman she'd only just met.

Several seconds passed as the two looked at one another. There was something about Jessica's gaze that raised Katy's level of arousal to a fever pitch. For the first time in her life, Katy found herself sexually aroused in the presence of another woman.

Suddenly, Katy heard Jessica saying, "You and I are that rare exception: relatively petite, but very large-breasted. You're even bigger than I. You have such lovely breasts, and such large areolea, I'm almost jealous of you."

Katy's body was flushed as she stepped into the thong before trying on the bra. She was surprised at the comfort the bra offered. She was used to being pinched or squeezed by her bras. This was the first time she had ever felt truly comfortable in one and she told Jessica so.

"It will fit better after this adjustment," Jessica told her as she stepped behind Katy and adjusted the fit. Then she cupped Katy's breasts in both her hands.

"See," she said, her smoldering eyes looking directly into Katy's through the mirror's reflection. "Size 32 underneath, and 40 inches across the bust: you're a 32G, my dear."

Then Katy felt Jessica step closer to her; Jessica's breasts pressed against Katy's bare back. She reached around and adjusted the top of the thong. Katy could feel her soft black hair fall against her neck.

"I think you look fabulous," she said.

Katy turned to face her. The air was crackling with sexual energy. She was fairly certain that Jessica was attracted to her. But she didn't feel threatened or repulsed by it at all.

"Thank you," Katy whispered, looking into Jessica's eyes.

But nothing further happened that day, other than trying on some other lingerie, and a few bikinis.

They did become the very best of friends in a very short period of time talking almost daily, meeting every other day for coffee or tea when Katy was not flying as a stewardess for Piedmont. They discussed everything; especially sex. Although in Katy's case, it was the lack thereof that they discussed.

At some point during those first initial few weeks, Katy met Jessica's husband, Walter. He seemed Jessica's male counterpart in every respect. His quiet charm matched hers. He was also drop dead gorgeous: quite slim; with a chiseled jaw line, big beautiful eyes with long dark lashes, and dark, short-cropped hair. He seemed delighted by his wife's new friendship. His work frequently kept him at the office until late. So he said that he was glad Jessica had someone so close by.

On one such night, when Walter was working late and Katy was keeping Jessica company, the topic of conversation turned once again to sex, as Jessica started talking about her sex life with Walter.

"He's quite skilled with his tongue," she said with a cheeky grin. "And he can make love for hours. Would you believe that he sometimes wears me out?"

"A man, wear a woman out? I find that hard to believe," Katy replied, referring to her own limited experience.

"He found my G-spot one day," Jessica said impishly, "and I thought my head was going to pop off like a champagne cork!"

Both women broke up over the idea, and as their laughter trailed off, they sat there smiling at one another.

"Tell me, Katy, have you ever made love to a woman?" Jessica asked, breaking the short silence.

"No," Katy lied, and felt as if a heavy weight had just been lifted off her shoulders.

"I have," Jessica said somberly.

"I suspected as much," Katy said after a moment's reflection.

Nothing more was said on the subject, and soon they started talking about something less fraught with pregnant pauses.

But then, one particularly hot and sunny day, by the pool, Jessica removed her bikini, saying that she wanted to tan all over.

Katy, more comfortable with her own body after being with Jessica so long, did the same, and they lay on the lounges soaking up the sun's rays for half an hour.

They went for a swim to cool off, and returned to the lounges and continued baking in the sun. After the sun had dried them, Jessica suggested they go inside.

Inside, as they enjoyed a pair of Tom Collins, Jessica asked, "Would you be interested in a massage?"

Katy couldn't refuse. She had laughed each and every time Walter had sung the praises of his wife's supposedly famous massages. And so she had meekly followed Jessica into the bedroom and waited while Jessica set up a portable massage table. There was a touch of lavender incense, a gentle tinkling of wind chimes, a Spanish guitar playing softly on the background sound system, and bottles of scented massage oil scattered all about.

Understandably nervous, Katy decided to tease Jessica, who was standing before her naked as the day she was born, and told her the whole thing seemed like a male fantasy.

Jessica laughed along with Katy, and waited for her to mount the table and lay face down. The first touch of Jessica's hands felt delightfully gentle as she applied a coating of scented oil to Katy's back and shoulders. It all felt so good in fact, that Katy soon closed her eyes and gave herself over to the pleasure of Jessica's touch.

With each passing moment, she felt tingling over her body. Her feelings confused her, yet she could not deny them.

Jessica began to massage her legs and Katy noted her hands moving higher and higher up the backs of her thighs. The higher she climbed, the more aroused Katy became. She could now testify to the dampness between her legs. Her mind was racing. Was the nature of my attraction reciprocal?

Then, suddenly, she felt the towel covering her bottom being pulled away.

"Is it okay if I take off the towel, Katy?" Jessica asked in her softest, sexiest voice.

"Yes," Katy hoarsely whispered, and raised her bottom up slightly, although it was not necessary.

At this point, all Katy could think of was how it would be to kiss Jessica. Her state of arousal was quickly snowballing. And when she felt several warm drops of oil land on her bare bottom, she moaned aloud. Her heart was racing as she waited for Jessica's next touch.

Jessica hesitated momentarily, and then placed her soft hands on Katy's behind and lovingly worked in the hot oil, and Katy exalted in the tickle of several drops of oil as they trickled into the crack of her ass and down towards her already soaking-wet pussy.

Katy moaned softly as Jessica's thumbs almost touched the lips of her pussy while kneading the cheeks of her ass.

"Why don't you turn over, sweetie?" Jessica asked.

Katy's heart was pounding as she rolled over and lay on her back. She looked up into Jessica's eyes, saw the lust in them, and moaned again.

Jessica sprinkled oil on her tummy and breasts. Katy's saucer-sized nipples were swollen, puffy and unbelievably sensitive.

Katy opened her eyes and saw Jessica's breasts hanging before her as she worked in the droplets of oil.

And when Jessica began massaging Katy's breasts, gently tracing circles around the swollen areolea, Katy could no longer resist. After licking her lips, which had gone very dry, Katy reached up and placed a hand on Jessica's behind, and sent two fingers exploring the cleft of the other woman's ass.

Jessica looked directly into her eyes and said, "If I was a man I'd so want to fuck you right now."

There was a short pause before she added, "Actually, I'm a woman, and I want to fuck you right now."

"Why don't you?" Katy answered breathlessly. Jessica leaned over, pressing her breasts into Katy's. They went into a long, slow soft kiss. Katy almost came from that one kiss. It was electric, and it lasted.

When it was over, Jessica took her by the hand, and led her to the bedroom. The feeling of another woman's body pressed against her own again was exhilarating. Jessica's soft, heavy breasts felt wonderful against Katy's skin.

They kissed and explored each other's bodies for what seemed like hours. Jessica teased and toyed with her, almost but never quite touching her pussy, until Katy finally begged her to go between her legs. Jessica kissed her way down Katy's body one last time before tossing her long mane of black hair aside and settling in between Katy's legs.

When she kissed her pussy, Katy moaned and came. In no time at all Jessica had Katy bucking her hips, arching her back, and groaning wildly as climax after climax filled her body. When it was over, a large wet spot on the sheets marked the occasion.

The two women locked in an embrace, kissing and sucking each other's breasts as the tremors of the orgasms flitted through Katy's body; and the expectation of orgasms yet to come, filled Jessica's.

They spent the remainder of that afternoon in her bed; intoxicated with each other; making love for several more hours. Katy thought it incredible, quite unlike sex with a man; equally enjoyable, but different. Different, for no other reason than it was two people making love with similar bodies.

Katy experienced a total of eight orgasms that day, and returned the favor in kind, helping Jessica achieve almost as many. Afterwards, they slept naked in each other's arms. Best of all, when it was time to leave, there was no post-coital feeling of guilt or regret. They hugged one last time before Katy left beaming. It had been the best sexual experience of her life.

Little did she know what the future held.

The following week, Katy was slightly taken aback when Jessica told her that she'd explained what had transpired between them to her husband. When Katy protested, Jessica said, "But, we've always been completely honest with each other in our marriage."

"But why?"

"To be honest, I was curious about his reaction, not to mention a bit worried that he might have reacted in anger."

"So how did he react?"

"Quite the contrary, as it turned out. He seemed genuinely okay with it."

Katy didn't press, but wondered what that meant for her and Jessica. Had they agreed that it was only a harmless, one-time experiment? She hadn't quite settled any of that in her own mind.

The next day, Jessica called again, and invited Katy over Saturday night for some martinis, and either a swim in the pool, or a dip in their Jacuzzi.

Katy was relieved to hear from her, and readily accepted, asking only if there was anything she could bring.

"Just that sexy new bikini you bought at my store," Jessica replied. "Oh, and I should tell you that Walter will be there too."

Katy got very little sleep the next two nights wondering what was in store for her at the forthcoming pool party.

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