tagNovels and NovellasWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 02

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 02

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 2

April, 1981 - Val Meets Joe

Valerie, bored on a Friday night, broke with the tradition she had set for herself, and ventured out to the get-to-know-one-another dance party for freshmen students over at North Carolina State. That was the parties intended purpose, but time had altered it so that students from all four years actually attended. Val was there to get laid, pure and simple. That was why she had left Bernie back at the dorm, telling her she was going to see a movie for the fourth time, knowing it would allow her to go to the party without Bernie following her or watching her.

Val spied a handsome guy leaning against the bar drinking a beer, but couldn't figure out how to approach him without the risk of being rejected. Eventually, she accepted the offer of a sophomore she vaguely knew from a book store where she had worked over the summer and stepped out onto the dance floor with him. Following the first dance, the music slowed, and Val let her body fit snugly into his. When the dance ended, she was almost directly in front of the handsome guy. She made a sound to draw his attention, and then held a hand to her mouth while pointing to the erection bulging from her dance partner's trousers. This was designed to show the guy at the bar that she had caused the erection and promised that, and possibly more to the next one to select her for a dance.

Joe Marcolina, the young man at the bar, reacted accordingly, and asked Val to dance. She smiled at him as she took the offered hand, flashing a perfect set of white teeth, and he smiled back.

They danced and talked through five consecutive numbers. She learned his name, that he was a junior, his likes and dislikes, his hobbies and major; then told him similar things about herself. And when she learned that he too was from Wilmington, it clinched matters as far as Val was concerned.

During their fifth dance, a slow ballad, she took note that Joe was staring alternately at her mouth and then her breasts, and when a little trill went through her loins, Valerie whispered, "Go ahead."

Her words broke Joe's concentration, and he blurted, "What did you say?"

She leaned into him and said, "Go ahead and kiss me. You've been staring at my lips for two dances. For God's sake, kiss me."

He didn't say a word, but did kiss her, tentatively at first, and then with more assertiveness. Val thought he had the softest, sweetest lips she'd ever felt. Bernie had a soft mouth, but it paled when compared to this man's... this Joe, whoever he was.

They were still kissing when the music stopped. They pulled apart, and Joe asked, "Was it as good for you as it was for me?"

"It was very good," she replied, and they both laughed their way over to the bar.

They had a drink together, and soon his hand was resting on her ass. Val left it there, enjoying the warmth it sent through her body. She was never certain as to what happened next, but it certainly seemed that the lights grew dim and that they had their arms around each other's neck kissing more seriously than before. She welcomed his tongue, sucking on it from the moment it glided into her mouth. All Joe could think was, If she sucks cock like she's sucking on my tongue, I've got a winner on my hands.

He had a huge hard-on, and pressed it against her. Val returned the pressure, but it was the kiss that held their attention. When they broke apart, both were gasping for breath. She laid her head on his shoulder as they finished the dance, and when it ended, he whispered in her ear, "That was the most fabulous kiss. I mean, you're kisses are ..."

Val hugged him in silent appreciation, and then looked up at him and said, "Me too, I love to kiss... and I loved what you did with your tongue."

Joe knew that she'd she felt his boner pressing against her and asked, "Would you like to go...?"

"Yes," she said, "let's go."

They got in Joe's old but reliable car, and Val slid over beside him as he pulled out of the parking lot. The local parking make-out spot near the campus was known as The Hollow. It was safe and private and close. Joe asked her if she wanted to go there and Val smiled and said, "Of course. Where else?"

When he killed the engine and turned to her, she moved into his arms and their lips met again. It was even better. As she sucked on his tongue, Joe could only think about getting her mouth on his throbbing cock. When she moaned, his hand found her firm breasts and hardened nipples and he realized she wasn't wearing a bra.

He pinched the nipple, and she moaned into his mouth, kissing him even harder. All Joe could think about was getting her to suck him off. He wasn't too cool about it, and followed an adage of his fraternity: "When in doubt, whip it out." And exposing himself, caught her hand, and placed it on his rock-hard member.

Val broke off the kiss and stared at him, but her hand remained on his cock.

"The way you sucked my tongue... I'm dying for you to suck my cock."

"What kind of girl do you think I am?"

"You're a lovely girl, and you're going to make me very happy by going down on me."

"So, what do I get out of this?"

"Oh, I'd be happy to go down on you, too."

Val let out a noise like a small whine closed her eyes, and moved around until her head was in his lap. The next thing Joe knew she was swallowing the head of his dick, sucking voraciously.

Joe's instincts had been right. Val loved cock. She was bobbing and sucking and licking him. And, after covering his entire penis with her saliva, gave a triumphant shake of the head, and having studied Linda Lovelace's technique countless times in her dorm room, deep-throated him.

At first Joe was incredulous. He had seen the movie too, but had never had a woman who was capable of Linda's specialized skill. Then too, Joe, as handsome as he was, had not had all that many sexual partners. If one were to count them, the number would be four, two of whom were pile-on, or gang bangs back in high school.

Joe adapted to Val's technique quickly enough, and fucked Val's face as she did it again and again, until she came up for air, laughing uproariously.

"Am I the best, or what?" she gloated.

"Oh, yeah... Definitely the best," he managed weakly.

She jerked him off for a minute before taking him back into her mouth and almost immediately felt him getting ready to cum. Val increased her suction until he blew off into the roof of her mouth. She started keening with satisfaction, sucked every drop he had to offer and swallowed, impressing the hell out of Joe who had never had a girl do that before.

When he grew soft, she released him and sat up looking at him as if she wasn't sure what to do next. Joe pulled her to him and kissed her. Val was pleased that he did, having blown several guys who didn't want her anywhere near them after she'd swallowed their loads. That kiss led to another and then another, which was the hottest kiss yet between them.

A few minutes passed, and coming up for air, Joe croaked, "I want to eat you, so bad."

Val just nodded her head several times in assent, climbed into the backseat, and hiked her dress up. She allowed Joe to pull her pantyhose off and lay back with her legs spread.

Joe did love eating pussy, and for the next half hour he displayed his cunnilingual proficiency, sucking and tonguing her pussy bringing Val to several wonderful orgasms.

Then, knowing he was tiring, he bit down on her clit. Val screamed out, her biggest orgasm of the night roared in, and she collapsed with her legs dangling loosely around his neck. For some unknown reason, Joe remained in place with his nose embedded in her slit, breathing through his drooling mouth.

Val lay still, shuddering with an aftershock every time Joe had the energy to lick her anywhere in her nether region. He did this every few seconds and when he finally moved away, Val was close to another orgasm.

Finally Val recovered her senses and mumbled, "C'mere, you gorgeous bastard," which he correctly interpreted as, "Come up and kiss my mouth, you fool," and he did.

In a minute or so Val laughed softly, and said, "When you French kissed me on the dance floor, all I could think of was how good your tongue would feel in my pussy."

It occurred to Joe that he had told her essentially the same thing about having her suck his cock and he laughed and admitted, "I love oral, and I guess you do as well.'

"You know I do," she said, joining him in laughter.

Then realizing the late hour, they slowly dressed and moved back to the front of the car. Joe turned to her as he started the engine, and said, "I'd like to see you again. Will you give me your number?"

"You won't throw it away?"

Joe was shocked that she might think him that foolish. "No! Why would I do that?"

"Guys do that... all the time."

"I can't believe any sane guy wouldn't call you if he had your phone number."

She believed him for his sincerity was stamped on his face. Still she wanted to reinforce her feelings. "Then I must have met a dozen crazy guys before you."

They embraced and kissed. The kisses lasted for several minutes, and when they broke apart, Val gasped, "Oh, Joe, I do want to see you again!" And she began searching her purse for a pencil and paper to write her number down.

As she scribbled her number, Joe's hand went into her dress, and began to fondle her nipple, which promptly hardened against his palm.

"Better stop that, or we'll be on the lawn fucking like rabbits," she said and giggled.

"I want to fuck you."

"All the more reason to call me. Here, take the number," she said, handing him a scrap of paper.

"You know," she said, "why not give me your number... just in case you get hit on the noggin and develop amnesia."

He laughed and dutifully scribbled his number on another scrap of paper.



"Where do you live in Wilmington?"

He told her, and Val's jaw dropped.

"That's almost around the corner from me!"

She told him where she lived, and they both wondered aloud if and when they may have seen one another back in Wilmington. Both drew a blank, but they both secretly resolved to ask friends and acquaintances to see if they had met somewhere in the past.

Conrad and Gloria

She could tell he wanted her, the way his eyes had followed her around the room all night. He had told her that he'd promised Marty he would look after her, make sure she had rent money and a little extra to tide her over until she found another job. And he had, in fact, provided her with that and more. The dress she was wearing was proof of that.

But Gloria knew instinctively that Conrad was just waiting for the right moment to corner her and get his hands on her. She had already pictured the way he would make his move; one hand would go straight for her slim waist and the other would head straight for the nipple under the semi-sheer dress she wore, puckering it quickly with his thumb.

He must be the one got away with the money, she thought. He's no friend of Marty's. He must be the one, and he promised Marty he'd look after me so Marty wouldn't turn him in.

It's been eight months since I had sex, she reminded herself, God knows he's a good looking guy. I'm walking around with my pussy on fire, but I want no part of this guy. If I give in to him he'll figure he owns me. God forbid, he's good in the sack, he would own me.

She took a quick look back to the seat where he had been lounging most of the night. He was gone... this was the time for her to grab her purse and disappear.

The parking lot was dark. The owner of the building had let the potted plants in the lot grow wild and she brushed against one to get to her car door. The leaves slid across the back of her bare thighs, lifting her dress slightly. She dug her keys out of her purse and fumbled with the car key.

"You didn't even bother saying goodnight," the husky timber in his voice made her knees quiver, and she dropped her keys.

Damn it, that was stupid! Now I'll have to bend over and search under the car. Marty would have gotten on his knees and found them for me, but this guy... he ain't no gentleman, that's for sure.

"Silly of me, I dropped my keys," Gloria said, giving him the chance to pick them up for her.

"Oops," he said, but made no move to retrieve the keys for her.

If I bend over he'll have a clear view right up to my ass, she said to herself, and cursed her clumsiness. All night long I've been careful not to bend to far or turn too quickly. Now look at me, I'll be giving him a free show, and he's the last guy I wanna do that for.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw that he was standing, waiting for the view. Gloria sighed, Shit; I guess its show time then, she bent over, and felt beneath the car for the keys, hoping they would be found quickly. But that was not to be.

Gloria felt herself grow wet from the knowledge that Conrad could practically see her pussy through the sheer panties she was wearing.

Now why am I getting hot about this? I can't stand the guy! Her hand touched her keys and she grabbed at them, but when she began to straighten up she felt a sudden breeze where none had been before. My dress! My goddamn dress is up over my panties. Jesus Christ! He can see everything!

A split second later, Gloria felt him the hardest part of him, pressed against her ass.

"The fuck are you doing?" she rasped, angrily.

"Gloria, baby, you must want it. I mean, what are we doing here? You're bent over, showing me everything you got, making me hot as a pistol. So here it is, wanna turn around, take a gander?"

Unable to resist, Gloria turned her head and saw that Conrad had his dick out. Her pussy twitched at the sight of it. Oh, Christ, she thought, I'm fucked. Marty, please forgive me, but I'm just a horny slut.

Conrad helped her to stand, but put his hands on her breasts and moaned, "Jesus, your nipples are rock hard!"

"It's just the cold air," she murmured.

"Must be eighty degrees out," he replied, laconically, then pinched her right nipple.

Gloria's knees buckled. "FUCK! " It came out involuntarily. But what followed was certainly voluntary. "Wanna do it in your car or mine?" she croaked.

"Mine's got a bigger back seat."

"Open the fucking door for me, let's do it!"

He opened the door and as she climbed into the back seat his hand moved quickly up her dress and felt the wetness of her cunt through her panties.

Gloria knelt on the backseat, let him tug the panties down and off her body, moaned when his finger penetrated her; and came when he tendered the same finger to her mouth and told her to taste herself.

"Lemme taste you," Gloria rasped, reaching for him. Conrad was all for it and lay on the backseat with his legs akimbo while Gloria went down on him, flicking her tongue over his glistening knob. His hands found their way to her head, and then her hair which he held tightly bunched in his fists.

Gloria, humping the air in front of her, ran her tongue from the head of his cock down his pulsing shaft, following one of the beating veins that filled his manhood. Then she tried to devour him, taking almost every inch down her throat and driving him wild.

Marty was definitely on to something with this one, he thought, I gotta spend some time, cultivate her. She's too good for a one-nighter.

At this point, Gloria was holding him in both hands, wringing his cock while sucking hard on his tip.

"Gonna cum!" he bellowed, and wondered why he'd even bothered to tell her, and thrust deeply into her mouth.

She moaned loudly while his cock filled her mouth, sending the vibrations of her pleasure up his cock. Her hands reached out and she dug her fingernails lightly into his ass.

"That's my slut; fuck me with your mouth."

She moaned again, sending another wave of vibrations along his shaft.

"Want me to cum in your mouth?"

When she hesitated, he pulled on her hair.


"Yes, what?"

"Yes, I want you to cum in my mouth."

He did, spewing his heavy load into her mouth without taking it from her mouth to give her a chance to catch her breath.

Gloria managed to swallow most of it, and with an ample residue still clinging to her teeth, tongue and gums, gasped for air like a fish out of water when he did pull himself out.

"Spread your legs, slut!"

Gloria did with an alacrity that surprised her. I hope he stays hard and doesn't wimp out on me, she thought as she reached for him and put him at her opening.

Conrad was still firm enough to sink halfway into Gloria's very wet cunt, and she sighed happily, thinking, He's hard enough to get me off if we hurry.

She wrapped her legs around him, and had to bite her lip to keep from screaming with pleasure as she felt him grow harder as he sank even deeper. Her fingers grabbed at his shirt pulling his mouth down on her and that was hot too. His tongue thrust against hers in a matching rhythm as he fucked her hard. He caught her moans in his mouth, and she felt him laughing even as he pushed her into a more punishing pace.

"Oh you pretty little whore," he gasped, "You love it! I can't believe how wet you are!"

"You've got a nice cock. A very nice cock!"

"You're going to cum so hard for me. You like it rough and dirty, don't you, Gloria? You like a man to give it to you. You wanted to be fucking taken."

"Ohhhh..." was her only response, her eyes shut tight to focus on the building pleasure.

"Cum for me, slut. Fuckin' cum for me now." His words pushed her over the top. Suddenly the world was full of bright spastic colors and she reeled from the waves of pleasure. Her body quivered around his cock, milking him, clenching tightly.

Conrad's hands grasped her ass tightly, pulling her hard against him as he arched with his own orgasm. She felt him shooting inside her, filling her cunt with his seed. Only then did his frantic rhythm stop, and he held her still for a moment, recovering.

"God, that was good." His laughter snapped her back to reality. She had let Conrad fuck her... in a parked car no less. She was completely naked, but he was already zipping up his jeans and looking over her flushed cheeks and hard nipples, at the combination of both of their juices running down her legs. He looked completely pleased with himself.

Gloria was mortified. She reached down to grab her dress, but he was faster. He had her dress and her keys in his hands.

"Give me my dress!" she demanded. He ignored her.

"Come on motherfucker, gimme back my dress!"

"No sweetheart, I want you naked a little longer. Just shut up and let me play."

"Let you play?"

"Hey, make all the noise you want. That place we left is full of drunken guys, who'd love to get a gander of your tits and ass."

"Conrad, you cocksucker!"

"You're the cocksucker, Gloria. And a damn good one, too."

Her shoulders slumped and she gave in, and told him so, saying, "Okay, you win. What are we gonna play?"

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