tagNovels and NovellasWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 07

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 07

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 7

Bernie Meets Eddie Boyle

It was a rainy Sunday; Bernie was just sitting around the off-campus apartment, watching The A-Team on NBC with George Peppard, and Chicago-born actor Mr. T. with two other girls, Frannie and Meg. Val was out on a date with Joe, and Bernie was more than a little jealous with the knowledge they were getting very serious about each other.

Eventually, she got hungry, and got up to make herself and the others some spaghetti. As she stirred the sauce, she idly wondered if Eddie Boyle was going to call her again. They had met two weeks earlier at the library, and had had one date. She had allowed him to feel her up, even let him touch her breasts before calling a halt to his fevered hands, by telling him she had to get back to her place and study for a major test the following morning.

Only by promising him further leeway on their next date did she get him to stop. Bernie hadn't intended ever seeing him again, but as time passed, she grew horny, and with Val shying away from any further fooling around, her thoughts had returned to Eddie.

With Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" belting out of the speakers, the phone rang, and Frannie raced to answer it, and in a disappointed tone called Bernie to the phone. It was Eddie.

"Hey, how ya doing?" he asked, his Jersey accent evident to anyone within normal hearing.

"Lower the music!" she yelled, and into the phone breathed, "Doing good, and you?"

"Can't complain...Say, the reason I'm callin' is I wondered if you'd like to go play some tennis with me and some friends. A couple couples...ya know?"

"It's raining, Eddie," she told him, careful to keep her voice level and not show that she thought the offer a dumb one.

"It's indoors, Bernie."

She was glad he wasn't there to see how red her face had gotten. How foolish she was to think him a fool.

"All right," she said. "Give me twenty minutes to change and I'll be waiting downstairs."

"Um, it's at three, Bernie...that gives us; let's see...two hours before our court time is set."

Bernie made a face, wanting to kick herself for making yet another dumb mistake. But Eddie didn't appear to think anything of her ill-timed remark.

"So, when do you want to pick me up?"

"An hour and a half?"

"Sounds good. I should tell you, I'm a lousy tennis player."

"I'm no world class player either," he replied. "So, I'll see ya then."

Yeah," she said, and tried to kick her behind with the heel of her left foot. Would she ever learn to either say the right thing, or keep her mouth shut?


The tennis went much better than Bernie thought it would. Eddie wasn't a good player, but neither were the others, the guy was named Kenny; the girl, Debbie. Bernie's having played on her high school team, although as an alternate, served her well.

Basking in the accolades of the others on her fine play, Bernie had that one drink to many in the bar that the group had retired to following the match. The weather continued to worsen, but no one seemed to pay much attention, and everyone agreed to grab a taxi and head for Kenny's condo. His affluent parents had purchased it for him.

Debbie turned out to be Eddie's cousin. He had fixed her up with a guy named Buddy, who he knew from a class they had shared the previous semester. It wasn't working out and he was now trying to set her up with Kenny.

It was the cabbies off-hand comment about the weather that clued the group into the fact that a major hurricane was rapidly closing in on their area, and Kenny had him stop outside a Deli while he ran inside and stockpiled some food while the others waited in the cab.

Fifteen minutes later, they were all sitting comfortably in front of a roaring fire in Kenny's new condo while sheets of rain pelted the picture window that looked out over the swimming pool.

"We'll party on through the storm," Kenny said, resisting Bernie's and Debbie's protests that they needed to go home.

"Nonsense," Kenny said. "I insist you all stay here as my guests."

"I have some pajamas if you girls want to relax," Kenny said, telling them more about the girl's in his life then they wanted to know. And while both girls reluctantly accepted his offer, they soon had a pleasant buzz going from some choice marijuana and were soon comfortably relaxed in what they had to admit were snazzy lounge pajamas, sipping wine and eating heartily of the deli goodies Kenny had purchased.

Everyone got along very well, and they played Scrabble, and then Monopoly, listening to Michael Jackson's great new album "Thriller," followed by Sting's, "Every Breath You Take," and "Let's Dance" by David Bowie until the force of the rain against the windows raised their anxiety to a level that they were not able to concentrate on the games or the music.

An hour later, the power went out. Kenny and Debbie went in search of some candles. Eventually the level of excitement generated by the hurricane began to wane; and with the wine and heavy food weighing on each of them; they fell asleep on the carpet in the living room while waiting for the hurricane to pass through.

Only the storm remained in place; and would for the next ten hours. The condo was well built, and perfectly capable of resisting the storm and although each of them awoke at one time or another, they all went back to sleep and slept soundly.

Around five in the morning, with the storm still howling, and heaving torrents of water against the building, Bernie woke with the realization of a body pressing against her. She opened her eyes to find Eddie lying next to her. At first, she forgot where she was, and just kind of snuggled up next to him. But as she came fully awake, she saw Debbie lying on a futon just on the other side of Eddie and freaking out, Bernie shook Eddie's shoulder.

Eddie had been waiting for Bernie to wake up, and whispered something about how cool this was with the hurricane and all. She was about to drift off to sleep again when he kissed her.

Her first thought was, Ewe, morning breath, followed quickly by: Oh, my God, if he starts in, the others will know, and I'll be mortified.

Eddie as usual, didn't seem worried at all, and with Bernie apparently accepting his tongue in her mouth, he started to move his hand inside her pajama top. Bernie pulled the blanket over them so no one could see. She could feel Eddie's fingers sliding up her stomach right to the edge of her bra. It was too tight for him to get under, but somehow he managed to get his arms around to her back and unhooked the bra.

Bernie had to hold back a giggle, he was the first guy to do it and she thought it all a silly game. Then it occurred to her that he was fully capable of getting her naked and then call the others attention to the fact. For some inexplicable reason, she found this thought exhilarating.

He started to undo the buttons on her top, but she motioned for him to wait. She pulled her arms in through the sleeves of her top. Then let him pull the bra from her breasts. She put her arms back through the sleeves while he hid the bra under the futon. Debbie was laying there the same as before, and Bernie guessed she was till asleep.

Listening for any signs of activity from Kenny, all Bernie heard was his snoring from the sofa a few feet away. Eddie began to tease her nipples, and when she felt him he had grown to full size.

Debbie rolled over on her back, and Bernie had a clear view of her face. She held Eddie's arm, told him to be still until they knew with a certainty she was asleep.

When he responded by remaining still, Bernie was pleased that he realized their predicament, and slowly eased the blanket off of them. She got up carefully, and he followed suit and got to his feet, then hugged her tight, making sure she knew he was hard.

Bernie had to pee, and as she went to the bathroom, she passed the bedroom, peeked in, and the bed had been slept in and wondered if Debbie and Kenny had done it. She suspected they had, and for some reason that seemed to relieve her more than anything else that morning.

What Bernie hadn't counted on was Eddie following her into the bathroom, and slipping his hands into her pajama bottoms as she flushed the toilet. She grew wet as his hand delved past the waistband of her undies. She started to breathe more heavily as his fingers became entangled in a snarl of pubic hair, and the resultant pain raised her arousal level to new heights. She couldn't contain the moan when his errant finger slipped into her wet pussy. A moment later, he yanked her pajama bottoms and undies down, exposing her from the waist down. She felt a sudden rush, and stepped out of the pajamas.

She was surprised to find herself now feeling giddy at the thought of being caught by the others; and seemed to feed on the danger.

Bernie walked over to the bedroom window and looked out at the driving rain. Then, impulsively, she opened the window several inches and let the rain pelt her pelvic region as she held the pajama top taut against her chest. She spread her legs a bit, and felt the lips of her pussy getting wet from the rain.

Eddie came up behind her and growled, "The fuck ya doin'?" as he closed the window. She turned into him and he slid his hand between her legs. "Let's fuck on the bed," he half groaned, half whispered into her ear. Bernie's hips started moving, guiding her wet pussy against him. She wanted it. She needed it, but was still wary of the others waking up while they were doing it.

Still, it felt so good, she didn't want to stop. "We can't" she protested.

"We can't what?"

"We can't do it here. Someone will wake up and catch us."

Eddie's face suddenly brightened. "The stairs," he said, "we can use the stairs. No one's going out in this weather. We'll just leave the door open, or better yet, stick something in the door to keep it wedged open.

"Sounds like a plan," Bernie cooed, and rubbed her pussy into his thigh, reveling in the thrilling sensations it brought her.

"Let's go," he said, reaching for her hand.

"Wait, wait! I need some kind of clothes, you know, in case...."

"We don't have time. C'mon let's go."

"You just wait, or I'm not going," she said firmly and he backed off while she scampered into the kitchen and retrieved her undies and pajama bottoms.

After carefully wedging a book of matches in the almost closed door to the condo, Bernie held Eddie's arm and they left the condo and down one flight of stairs. As soon as they reached the base of the landing, Eddie pressed her into the wall. They kissed, and Bernie forgot all about any semblance of 'morning breath' on Eddie's part.

She realized that her bare bottom was sticking out from under the pajama top she wore, and tried to wriggle free of him and he slipped and fell. She failed to move and he caught her arm, half-spun her around so that she was now facing the wall. Then she felt his mouth grazing her ass cheeks. Shocked, Bernie started to recoil, but then realized how wonderful his mouth felt on her...back there, and she stopped struggling and let him continue.

Eddie quickly spread her legs apart and went down on her from behind. Bernie wanting him more than ever, slouched forward onto the stairs, and tilted her rear up to make it easier for him to get at her. His tongue slid right into her. She moaned, and spread herself even further as his tongue darted in then out, and started circling in just the right spot.

Bernie tried to think straight, but the softness of his tongue was making it impossible for her to focus on anything but the orgasm that was right around the corner.

That Eddie had some experience at this was clear to her, and she briefly wondered what had taken them so long to get to this point. Eventually, Bernie concluded that she was at fault, as she recalled all the times she had thwarted him when he had attempted to get in her pants in the past.

He would pause, then start to tease her, then stop again. Each time he halted his cunnilingus, she tried to grab his head and direct it to her sopping cunt and then he'd begin again, and she realized he was driving her crazy, until with one last flick of his tongue, Eddie drove her over the edge and she started to scream as a mighty wave of pleasure washed over her like nothing she'd ever felt before.

Even as she was convulsing with her orgasm, Eddie dropped his pants to his ankles, and tried to penetrate Bernie's pussy. And while Bernie was just as anxious as he to fuck, he was unsuccessful until she had recovered sufficiently to take hold of him and guide him inside her.

"Ah, you feel..." he started to say. But Bernie overrode him, hanging onto his neck; she quickly wrapped both legs around his waist, and began screaming "Oh, yeah... fuck me!"

He replied by sporadically grunting, "Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!" while pounding into her.

Her cries and his grunts echoed throughout the stairway. It just so happened that at the same time the eye of the hurricane was passing over them, and the constant sound of the rain and wind vanished, causing their mutual moans and groans to be magnified and consequently heard throughout the floors above and below them.

Unknown to the frantic couple, people began leaving their condos to see what was causing the sounds as well as what damages the wind and rain had caused to the surrounding neighborhood.

Most of those venturing outside were of the opinion that someone was hurt and injured in the stairwell. One of the first to open the stairwell door was Kenny, with Debbie right behind him. In back of Debbie was a seventy-seven year old widow named Sophie Smith, and it was she who cackled loudly, "My God, I haven't screamed like that in sixty years!"

Eddie whirled around at the sounds behind him; and almost immediately bent to pull up his pants. Bernie more or less froze like a deer facing oncoming headlights until Debbie called her name, spurring her into action. With an embarrassed flush spreading across her body, Bernie picked up her pajama bottoms and stepped into them, but not before giving all onlookers a glimpse of her pussy, and an even longer look at her ass.

Kenny waved them back into his condo, and they followed as quickly as possible. Once inside, no one made any comment about their being caught flagrant delecto, as it were.

Bernie, who earlier would have been mortified at having been caught, was surprisingly ambivalent about things. It occurred to her some minutes later that she was enjoying all the attention from being caught screwing Eddie. And it was then that Bernie's personality shifted from that of an essentially shy girl to that of a sometime exhibitionist.

She even gave Kenny a soft kiss when he offered them his bedroom to complete their coupling. Then, taking Eddie by the hand, she pulled him into the bedroom, closed the door and jumped his bones, no longer caring how much noise they made.

Bernie did have a vague recollection of hearing Debbie screaming delightedly outside the bedroom door while Eddie jerked himself back into a hardened state, and with a Mona Lisa smile waited for him to mount her.

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