tagNovels and NovellasWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 06

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 06

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 6

Val & Joe, Early On

With Bernie out on a date, once again seeking Mr. Right, Val had the apartment to herself. Joe was working on a term paper that was due in two days. No way was he coming over, even though he knew she would fuck his brains out if he did.

Sitting on her bed, Val spread her legs wide to take a closer look. From the outside it looked the same, especially with all her dark pubic hair. Sneaking a look at her reflection in the mirror, she pushed aside the curls to reveal her hidden treasure.

We've done it at least twenty times now, she thought, and it doesn't look any bigger to me. But he's so thick... she squinted at the reflection and then downward at her pussy. Are the labia redder or puffier? It seems so. Maybe it's because I can't stop caressing myself. I'd better stop... I need to think about something else.

The something else was to practice her kegel exercises that Joe had told her about.

A minute later her pussy was vibrating and Val thought she could feel a new strength in her vaginal muscles. I'll be able to milk him like a cow, she thought and giggled aloud.

Ending the exercise, Val again examined herself. My clittie might just be bigger than Bernie's. It is. I'm positive it is. Val chuckled at that and then realized that she was so caught up thinking about her pussy that her clit was poking out from its hooded enclosure.

Anyway, Joe thinks I have a pretty one.


They had had a few too many drinks and were in Brad Emerson's car, with Brad driving and his girl, Sarah Billingsly up front. Val sat in the back between Joe and his best buddy, Jon Arnet. Val was almost certain that Sarah was jerking Brad off as he drove, for the car was swerving unnecessarily, or so it seemed to Val.

Val giggled at the thought of the guys alongside her not knowing what was going on up front. As horny as guys are, I bet they'd go crazy if they knew.

In fact, both men knew exactly what was transpiring with Brad and Sarah. In a pre-arranged signal, Joe said, "Say, Jon, I heard that you were circumcised. Is that true?"

"Yeah, it is. What of it?"

"Well, I don't think Val here has ever seen a cut dick, or have you, Val?"

"What?" Val said, not having heard the beginning of their conversation as she was concentrating on Sarah and Brad's action up front.

Joe calmly repeated himself. "Jon here is circumcised. Would you like to see a dick that's been cut?"

With her period only five hours away, Val's hormones went into overdrive. She had been looking forward to jumping Joe's bones the moment they reached her apartment. But the question of whether she wanted to see another man's penis while another girl was jerking a guy off right in front of her, buried any inhibitions she might have had on the matter.

"Sure," she replied, and both Joe and Jon took out their cocks and put them on display.

Val's eyes widened at the sight of Jon's circumcised cock. It was of normal size, but fully engorged, and reflexively Val reached out and took him in hand. After two or three strokes, she remembered that Joe also had his out and grabbed it with her other hand. She giggled inanely, and began working both cocks at the same time. It was a truly unique experience for her, and she wished that her fantasy might come to pass with one of them fucking her while she got to suck the other off.

Val didn't realize that Brad had pulled the car off onto a dirt road, and stopped the car until she heard the unmistakable sound of Sarah's mouth making a loud, sucking noise that had to be a blowjob in progress.

That was her signal to do what she wanted to and, giving Joe's cock a hard squeeze, she bent and took Jon's cock in her mouth and began blowing him.

"Is it any different than mine?" Joe asked gently.

"Mmmm... maybe, it's hard to tell." That said, Val abandoned Jon and gobbled Joe's appendage into her mouth.

"Mmmm, good!" she said popping him from between her lips.

Jon made a grab for Val's left breast, and squeezed it. When she moaned in response, and squeezed his cock in return, he began working her top up and eventually exposed both her breasts as she wasn't wearing a bra.

Val glanced at Brad and Sarah and saw Sarah staring at her while Brad was obviously fucking her while she straddled him.

"Go for it, Val," Sarah chirped, "Get 'em both off!"

Val, incoherent with lust, nodded and returned to sucking Joe's cock while continuing to jerk Jon off.

Jon and Joe each took a breast and played with them. Val couldn't recall ever being this hot. Jon abandoned her breast and managed to shift her so that Val's face was buried in Joe's lap and her rear was facing the front of the car.

"Pull her skirt up!" Sarah chirped, who evidently enjoyed the hell out of watching someone else while she herself was getting nailed.

Jon gave her a weak grin and did just that. Val wore a thong, but for all practical purposes, her ass was bared to both Jon and Sarah.

And so, with Brad's exertions reverberating in her ears, Val felt Jon's finger running the length of her sodden slit and then slipping into her.

"Wait!" Val cried out, after wrenching her face from Joe's crotch. "Gimme a sec, I'll strip for you!"

To her surprise the two men did just that, and Val removed all her clothing except for her high top stockings and shoes.

"Can I fuck her, Joe?" Jon asked.

"Val? You want him in you?" Joe asked, hoping she'd say yes.

"Sure, a girl's got to know what an uncircumcised dick feels like inside her, don't cha know?"

And Val turned to face Sarah, gave her a wane grin, and set herself down on Jon's pole and helped guide him into her furnace of a cunt.

With Jon pumping furiously into her, Val saw Sarah's facial expression change as Brad shot his load into her. Does my face change like that when Joe comes in me? She wondered briefly and then she said, "Joe, I think it's your turn," and unimpaled herself from Jon, and tendered her pussy to Joe.

Jon moved toward Sarah, and soon had her leaning over the front seat and offering a breast to Jon's eager mouth. Brad knelt on the driver's side and peered back at Joe and Val as they fucked.

"Baby, I'll be ready for seconds in a minute," Brad husked. "God that's hot watching them fuck."

"Yeah, baby, but can Jon come up here for a while? Or I can go back there?"

"Suit yourself, Sarah, as long as I get some more action."

With Brad releasing her to do as she wished, the agile brunette clambered over the seat and joined Jon and the others in the back. She wasted no time in assuming the same position Val was in and soon all four were fucking in unison while Brad applauded them from the front seat.



The next day Val was confused, and remained in her apartment while Bernie went off to classes. She kept thinking about what had transpired the night before. I had sex with a virtual stranger... well he was a friend of Joe's but that doesn't mean I have to screw him. But I did. I did it willingly enough.

She got up and went to the kitchen, poured herself a glass of tomato juice and brought it back to the bedroom and sat on the bed and sipped at the juice.

All they did was mention Jon's cock. Ugh, no, there was Sarah up front, jerking that guy Brad off. What a slut she is. Ugh, no, kiddo, you're just as much a slut as she is. At least she stayed with her boyfriend. A moment later Val realized that wasn't exactly the case. No she didn't! She screwed Jon. I remember her asking Brad's permission, hearing him say, "Suit yourself, Sarah, as long as I get some more action."

The phone rang. Val looked at it, but didn't answer it. It rang seven times before stopping.

That's probably Joe. Fuck him! I've got to sort out my life. Am I a slut, or worse? It's one thing to make it with one's roomie. After all, close confines and all. But after meeting Joe, I set him up with Bernie. I practically inserted him into her cunt. Now I've essentially allowed Joe to do the same to me with Jon.

Her hand jerked out and knocked the glass of tomato juice over onto the carpet. Swearing silently, Val jumped up and ran to the bathroom and grabbed a facecloth, wet it and ran back to the spot on the carpet and began rubbing furiously at it.

After several grueling minutes, she found that while having removed most of the stain, some remained, and would so until the carpet was replaced after Val and Bernie vacated the apartment.



Joe found her lounging alongside the apartment complex pool at dusk.

"So where were you today, Val? I called, didn't get an answer. I ran into Bernie and she told me you weren't in the class you shared today."

"I was thinking," she replied, vacantly.

"Oh, sounds heavy. Was it?'

"Not really."

He squatted next to her, put his hand on her shoulder. The contact of his hand on her triggered a torrent of tears from Val just as he asked, "Want to talk about it?"

She did, but she couldn't, not just then.

He helped her stand, and supported her as they made their way back to the apartment. Fortunately, Bernie was out shopping for some make-up, and Val, after sinking down on the sofa gathered herself enough to stop crying.

Joe wiped the last of her tears away, and sat quietly, waiting for her to tell him what was troubling her.

For her part, Val had no intention of revealing her true concerns, fearing that would ruin their relationship, and she felt that she loved him and he loved her.

Damn it, she thought, why is love so fucking complicated?

Tired of waiting, Joe took the initiative, asking, "Val, please tell me what's wrong?"

His words released a torrential confession from her.

"I'm trying... God knows I'm trying! I practice those kegels every chance I get. But I... but I...."

Joe waited, his arm around her shoulder, holding her tightly.

"Joe... you have to believe me,' she said and paused.

"I do believe you, baby, I really do."

"I'm not a slut. I'm not! I'm not!"

Suddenly indignant that someone had the effrontery to cast such aspersions on his Val, Joe stood up and roared, "Who the fuck is calling you a slut? Tell me! Tell me his name. I'll kill the fuck!"

Secretly pleased with his reaction, Val meekly murmured, "I do. Joe, I think I'm a slut."

This stopped his tirade, brought him up short, and sputtering for the first time in her presence, Joe said, "Y... Y... You mean ... because of what happened last


"You and Jon, yes."

Joe flushed, and trying to hide his embarrassment, he said, "That... that just happened. I mean, it was spontaneous."

All of a sudden, Val saw the truth of what had happened. They had set it up before hand. Perhaps they even had Sarah doing Brad deliberately to get her excited. "I don't think it was... spontaneous at all. I think you guys set it up. You wanted me to fuck Jon, didn't you?"

"Um, I... no... no I wouldn't say that. It just happened."

"It just happened, my ass! You're full of shit, Joe. Admit it; you schemed to get me to do him... or the both of you!"

A moment later she saw it differently. "No, you probably wanted both of them to fuck me. What happened, Sarah wouldn't go along?"

"No! She fucked Jon, didn't she?"

"But not you, Joe, she didn't fuck you. And that was the plan, Joe. That was your little, shitty plan all along, wasn't it, you lying, scheming bastard!"

Joe had nothing to say for himself. It was all true. Feeling totally exposed, he got up, and left the apartment.

When the door closed, Val began to fume at first, and just as quickly became remorseful, for she knew she loved Joe, and this fight might have driven him away from her for good.

He called her four hours later. He was drunk. Val let him talk, or more specifically, ramble. She cried as she listened to him apologize over and over until, unable to bear it any longer, she interrupted him, and when she was certain he understood her, said, "Shut up and get over here. Don't drive. Take a cab, but get over here. I love you, Joe. I really truly love you!"

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