tagNovels and NovellasWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 09

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 09

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 9

1982 - Janet Fowler -- Fitzgerald

Twenty-four-year-old Janet Fowler's brown hair was tied back in a pony tail. Her face was soft and round, with pink cheeks, a small nose, and an overbite that almost looked comical, but emphasized her very full, pink lips. Her brown eyes were hidden by sunglasses. She wore a formless blue sweatshirt, which obscured her smallish, but beautiful naturally pear-shaped breasts. She more than compensated for this by showing off her eye-popping ass by wearing the tightest jeans on campus, or so her girlfriends readily conceded, when pushed.

Janet had two goals remaining for her senior year at UNCW, to learn how to drive a stick shift, and drink a guy under the table. The pert advertising major was just about to master one of them -- as she adroitly darted around the campus in her bright red Volkswagen Beetle.

"You've just about got it, Jan," Flossie her paid instructor said as they roared past the library. "Pull over, let the campus police pass you, they're about a block behind you."

Janey did as she was told, pulling to the curb and putting the bug in neutral as the campus police drove by without so much as a second glance at her.

"Hey, fuck 'em, they can't take a joke," she said, and shook her head clearing her hair out of her eyes.

Janet had a foul mouth, and put most guys to shame on the many holidays students used as excuses for binge drinking. Flossie ignored her, having heard her express herself in this manner more often than not.

"Let's see if you can get us around campus one more time without screwing up the gears."

"Hey, I've done it twice now, what the fuck do you want from me?"

"Perfection, girl, I want no grinding of gears, that's all. Is that so . . . fucking much?" she added thinking the foul language would drive home the point she was making.

"And what did we agree on earlier?"

"No fucking drinking and driving," Janet said, with an impish grin.

"Right, let some cowboy drive you home. They'd be happy to wreck their daddy's car with you in it. But don't let them speed."

"Makes sense to me," Janet said agreeably. "They can't drink; they sure as hell can't drive. But then if they can't drive, why the fuck am I letting them drive me?"

"Because you don't want your insurance rates going through the roof and you want to keep this little bugger pristine for the rest of the semester."

"Oh, yeah," she replied as if understanding Flossie's rationale for the very first time, when in fact, Flossie drummed it into her on a daily basis.

Flossie knew very well that Janet had a tendency to go wild after downing a couple pitchers of beer on a Friday night. Only the week before she'd gotten into an argument with two guys after fucking the both of them, and put her fist through the passenger window of their car.

But that incident did not deter her from going out the following night and flashing her bandaged hand to anyone showing the slightest interest and would follow by recounting the incident, embellishing the fact that she'd fucked them both and had broken the window when they couldn't get it up any longer.

Janet managed to drive the Bug around the campus, not once, but twice more without grinding the gears. Flossie pronounced her a successful driver of stick-shift vehicles, kissed her on the cheek and bade her goodbye. They would meet at church on Sunday. Janet then drove the few blocks to her little apartment off campus; showered, shaved her legs, and put on a fresh pair of jeans and T-shirt, before going out to join her girlfriends at Paddy's Hollow, nestled downtown just off the Cape Fear River.


It was a fairly blustery Friday night, and Janet and two of her girlfriends, dressed in unseasonable short sleeved T-shirts with sexy slogans printed on the front, downed cocktails and took shots of "buttery nipples," a syrupy blend of butterscotch schnapps and Baileys Irish Cream. It was a weekend smack dab in the middle of midterms, but they closed down the bar anyway.

Janet was seriously telling Joan, who sat next to her that, "You don't want to be that dumb girly girl who looks wasted, you know...and can't hold her liquor. I know it's juvenile, but I've had boys comment how impressed they are at the amount of alcohol I've consumed."

"Yeah," Joan replied, her words only slightly slurred, "S'like a badge of hon...honor or something."

"Absolutely right!" Janet said agreeably, "To be able to drink like a guy is kind of a badge of honor. And for me, it's a feminism thing."

Lizzie, the girl sitting on the other side of Joan, leaned in and stamping out her cigarette said, "They had a keg stand over at Bobby's fraternity last night."

"What the fuck's a keg stand?" Janet asked.

"You know," Lizzie said haughtily, "Ya get two guys to hold you over a keg of beer by your ankles and you guzzle as much beer as fast as you can." Lizzie beamed at Joan and Janet. "There was a girl there went longer than one of the guys!"

"Only one of them?" Janet asked.

Confused by Janet's question, Lizzie said, "Yeah... just one of them. Ain't that enough?"

Janet took a sip from her glass and asked, "I wonder...was she wearing a skirt?"

Lizzie pondered this, and then let out a lewd laugh. "Well I hope it wasn't her polka dot panties under it."

Ignoring Lizzie's comment, Janet sneered and said, "Fucking pricks, I wanna drink them all under the table."

Knowing Janet could turn into a nasty bitch, but not really fearful of her, Lizzie said," Well, the guys thought she was awesome. Two of them actually fought over her to see who'd take her home."

"You mean who was gonna fuck her," Janet said.

"Well...maybe," Lizzie conceded.

"Hopefully somebody got laid," Joan offered, and all three broke up laughing. And, spying three guys wandering into the Hollow, she added, "Speaking of which, anyone in a party mood?" she asked.

"I wouldn't mind hooking up with that tall one," Janet said quickly.

"His friend in the red sweater's nice too," Lizzie said.

"Oh, you're leaving me the short, dumpy one?" Joan laughed.

"Hey, it's only a one night stand, right?" Lizzie said trying to placate Joan.

"Do I have to get drunk to have a one night stand?" Joan asked rhetorically.

"No, but you meet a nicer kind of person that way," Janet giggled and cracked the others up.

"Oh, Janet, you're such a slut," Lizzie said, throwing her arm around her.

"Kiss me, we'll get the guys hard," Janet laughed.

Lizzie kissed her lightly on the mouth.

They all heard the remark made by the tallest of the three men. "Fucking lesbians, I thought we'd find some gash here."

"They might not be lesbians," the shortest said, hopeful that the girls would hear him and magically offer their bodies to him.

"Janet," Joan said, "Did you bring those condoms?"

"Sure, when you're smashed you're liable to have sex with damn near anyone; even that short dumpy one."

The three guys moved in on the girls, struck up a conversation, and bought a round of drinks. The tallest one was Roger, the red sweater was Giles, and the short one was Barry.

Roger hit on Janet, but was rebuffed when she downed her drink before he'd even raised his glass. She let a hand drop onto Giles thigh, and cemented their relationship for the night. Lizzie was intrigued by Barry's sense of humor and obvious lust for her. Any guy who wanted her that badly deserved her, she told herself, and signaled Janet that she'd selected Barry, who she'd just discovered had the car.

Joan and Roger went off to dance, and after another round of drinks, Janet and Lizzie left for the parking lot with Giles and Barry.


Less than ten minutes later, Janet was gritting her teeth and hanging onto the top edge of the car window to avoid banging her head as Giles pounded into her.

In the back seat, Barry elated over the tongue that Lizzie had sent swarming into his mouth, gasped, "Want me to eat you? I will, you want."

"Oh, that's classy, Billy," she replied, getting his name wrong, "Here I am, smashed out of my mind and you're asking me such personal questions."

"I'm Barry," he protested, but said nothing further because she had confused the hell out of him.


The car seat was rubbing Janet's knees raw; her hair was a mess, blown up around her face so that she could hardly see, and her tits, small as they were, were being pummeled by the arm rest she was crushed up against. All in all she wasn't enjoying this particular fuck except for the fact that Giles was ramming her pussy with a hot, greasy cock so hard and fast that he had the car rocking and squealing. Janet began to wonder if all the friction could start a fire.


"Are you a virgin or something?" Barry inquired of Lizzie.

"Or something," she answered, already sorry she had passed on Roger. And when Barry made no attempt to answer her, Lizzie was moved to ask, "Why do you care so much if I am or not, anyway? You got me back here in the interests of purity?"

"I'm not looking for purity," he said, "I offered to eat you. I hope to God if I do that you're clean down there."

Lizzie rolled her eyes, and spread her legs at the same time. "Have at it, buster, but you'd better be good."

Not believing his luck, Barry dove between her legs, and actually gave a fairly decent performance, getting Lizzie off twice before tiring and having to stop and rest.

Giles slowed down, and Janet had a moment to assess her situation. While she was getting banged up as well as banged, it felt kind of great. Normally, she preferred cuddling and kissing before the down and dirty action started, but Giles had been forthright about things, having asked her if she wanted him to do her at the very moment she wanted to be done.

He may have slowed down, but he still had her hips firmly in hand controlling both their movements. Janet couldn't have gotten away even if she'd wanted to, which she didn't. Another moment's reflection had her deciding that she loved the loved the jolt of his thick dick slamming into her, and the slapping sound his belly made against her ass.

It was noteworthy that this was the first time Janet had been completely naked with a guy like this. There'd only been her denim shorts and a little French-cut tee-shirt to get rid of, because she'd kind of planned it that way.

She heard Giles grunt and groan, "Oh, yeah!" each time she'd gone, "Ooof" and "Unnnngh," noises she couldn't help making when he slammed into her.

Lizzie was sucking Barry's dick, hoping to make him cum so he'd get back to eating her snatch again. He had proven he was pretty good at it, and Lizzie wasn't one to let a good thing get away. She hadn't even considered that he might be a good fuck as well, not having met a guy who was good at both up to this time in her life.

Giles brought his pumping to a halt, and Janet wondered what was wrong. He certainly was nowhere close to coming yet, and neither was she. Then he pulled out of her entirely, but he was still holding her hips. Janet looked back over her shoulder. "Gonna try something else, now, Princess," he mumbled as he stuck his big middle finger into her cunt and swished it around. Janet watched and waited in silence. But when the finger moved up to her asshole and slathered her own juices around, finally poking inside at least an inch, it dawned on her what the "something else" was going to be.

"No, Giles, or whatever the fuck your name is. I've never done that before! Please, it'll hurt! You're too big!"

"C'mon, Princess, it hurt a little when you lost your cherry, didn't it? It'll only hurt a little bit this time, too. And just at first. Then you'll see you'll love it."

"I don't know...."

"Besides, you got such a cute little ass...."

Meanwhile, in the backseat, Lizzie had persuaded Barry to go down on her once more, and although his cock was aching for release, he attacked her clit and fingered her to another orgasm.

Giles removed his finger and replaced it with his thumb, which was larger than average. Janet thought it felt weird, but it didn't really hurt. Maybe they were bullshitting me about anal, she thought. Maybe this will be as good as getting laid. After all most girls have done it, maybe they say it hurts to discourage guys from wanting it back there all the time.

Then she felt the head of his cock poking and pressing at her asshole. Janet thought that it felt kinda like trying to take a shit when you're constipated, only in reverse.

He forced it in an inch or so.

"Ouchie!" she whined, it hadn't really hurt, but it was uncomfortable, and she had a premonition it would be damn painful with the next push on his part.

"Ain't you supposed to lube me first?" she whined.

"No time," he said, and followed with, "Besides, I did. I used your own pussy juice for that."

"You didn't use enough, I'm telling you!"

He ignored her, and just pushed inward again. Janet bit down on her lip, tasted blood. The harder he pushed, the more it hurt; she was already crying and sobbing, but he didn't let up. Suddenly, the head of his cock squeezed through her anal ring and into her ass. Giles paused, took a deep breath. The worst was over, Janet told herself, and regretted having cried over what she now thought was nothing.

Satisfied that Barry had done a very commendable job of eating her out, Lizzie ground her ass into Barry's crotch, felt his erection slither up her ass crack to her pussy's entrance. He was sucking her left tit, and wiped her hair from his eyes on realizing that she wanted him to fuck her.

"Are you gonna put it in, or should I? Lizzie said, taunting him for no good reason other than that she was drunk. Barry looked at her pussy from a different perspective this time. He was going to fuck her; she would be the second girl he'd ever fucked. He wanted to make it count.

He positioned himself before her, but Lizzie's hand took him and led him to her squishy cunt. His precum mixed with her juice. They were both lost in the pleasure of the first contact of their genitals. Lizzie had completely forgotten about using a condom as the head of his cock eased through her puffy, wet entrance and into her. Barry showed remarkable restraint in resisting the urge to plow right in as far as possible. He edged in, taking his time, although he knew he didn't have time on his side before he came.

But up in the front seat it wasn't over, not even close. Giles began thrusting into her ass, and this time Janet could have sworn he was using a baseball bat and not his dick. Her face was mashed against the car seat, though her hands were still clutching the window ledge above her head. Her knees were spread as wide as the seat allowed and her back was curved downward to give Giles maximum access.

Normally, Janet liked being in the weaker, more helpless position during sex, but it occurred to her about then that it might be more dangerous.

His cock was completely inside her; however many inches of it there were. There was nothing she could do about it, except scream, and this wasn't rape. She had practically asked for this to happen. Of course, that made it sexier to her; and helped supplant the discomfort she was still feeling.

Lizzie grimaced, and Barry felt her spasm inside, her body reacting to his cock's violation.

"Are you all right?" he asked, noting that several beads of sweat had appeared on her brow.

"I'm fine. Just...keep it there a minute, okay?" she said, needing the respite to catch her breath. He waited, using the time to curtail his own ejaculation.

"Okay, go slow," she whispered, and Barry pulled himself most of the way out before easing back into her.

"Ahhh, that's nice," Lizzie murmured, and if anyone had seen her face just then they would have seen the enraptured, lost look of a woman being properly pleasured.

Barry went faster, more intent now on himself and readying himself to cum in her cunt. Lizzie placed her hands on his shoulders, stroked lovingly down his arms. Barry grunted, when she lifted her legs and crossed them behind his back, pulling him in even deeper than he had been. He came then, and on feeling the heat of his sperm, Lizzie's eyes opened wide as she realized she'd neglected to use any form of protection. Her shock didn't prevent her from enjoying her own climax, and moments later, her possible pregnancy was forgotten in the throes of a wonderful climax.

"Hold on," Giles said with another grunt. "I'm going to change position."

Janet held her breath as he wrapped his arms around her waist and picked her up with hardly any effort at all. With his cock buried deep in her ass, she felt like a rabbit on a spit being set over the fire. He resettled himself with Janet sitting in his lap, her ass jammed back against his groin. Then he began lifting her up a couple inches, then dropping her back down, causing his cock slide in and out. Janet feared that he might split her open; that she might be bleeding and already had some type internal injury, but hadn't felt it because of having all those drinks. But what overcame those fears was the thought that he might just stop.

Her pleasure synopses were in overdrive. Each thrust of his cock seemed to push him farther up into her. His cock felt two feet long, and eight inches around. She was forced to brace herself with her hands on his forearms, and arched her back. Her tits, not all that fig, still managed to jiggle and bounce, and she had a furtive thought that perhaps they'd be bigger after this session.

Giles pounded into her for what actually amounted to about ten minutes, but seemed like forever to Janet. Her ass was numb from the savaging it had taken, and her juices were flowing from her cunt, soaking the seat of the car on which she had sat earlier.

Janet was so tender and sore back there that she decided that she wouldn't stand a chance of coming from his ass fucking. But Giles took a big breath, increased the tempo and force of his thrusting, and Janet's climax bubbled to the surface.

Technically, she came first. He followed a nanosecond later, filling her rectum with his sperm.

Janet made a vow to herself; Next guy wants my ass can have it, and I won't be complaining. Fuck... I'll tell any girl who'll listen that it's the greatest part of getting laid.

Neither Giles nor Barry was up for more action, even declining Lizzie's offer to switch partners, although that did get her an elbow to the ribcage from Janet, who was incensed at the thought.

Joan and Roger, both too drunk to stand, were sitting on the curb outside the club waiting for them.

"He let me jerk him off!" Joan crowed triumphantly, and pointed to the remnants of sperm on the front of her sweatshirt, while everyone roared with laughter.

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