tagNovels and NovellasWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 16

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 16

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 16

Ah, Paris... and the Asian Girl

Val was turning to say something to Joe when a warm, moist tongue entered her ear, quickly followed by the whispered words, "Follow me, and we'll do everything!"

From the corner of her eye, Val saw that it was the Asian girl. There was a blush on her cheeks and her eyes were downcast. "I am Ling Lee; I am best headliner in all of Paris, I want you with me tonight."

Joe covered Val's hand, "Sweetheart?"

"You want me to go on stage with her, Joe?"

"No, darling, she doesn't want you to join her on the stage. She wants you to go with her. Its part of the evening's entertainment. I can send her away. I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable sweetheart," he whispered.

Val caressed his face and said: "No, Joe. I know you want it for me. I won't spoil your evening." Her other hand was on his crotch and she squeezed his cock. She wasn't surprised at what she found there.

"And you? Do you have some... entertainment lined up too, Joe?"

"I don't know what's in store for me. I may have a partner. I may be watching the two of you. I may be joining the two of you."

"That's more than I really needed to know. All right, I'll go with... Miss Ling." She brightened a bit and girlishly chirped, "Ta Ta, husband of mine."

Ling (not Georgette, which was merely the Asian girl's stage name) guided Val past the gawking patrons and into a little alcove, where after pressing a hidden button, or switch, a narrow doorway appeared and, with Ling holding her by the hand, Val suddenly found herself in a small, but beautifully designed boudoir.

Ling shoved Val backward and she fell onto the bed. Her eyes widened. Ling grinned at her. "Just us, no George, okay, 'eh?"

"Just us," Val echoed, as the Asian girl's tiny hands ran up Val's legs, pushing up her red dress. A moment later they pushed her thigh's apart. Val could barley see Ling although she knew she was close enough to kiss her... a bolt of fire flashed up from Val's cunt as a sweet, velvet vice closed over it. The strong little eel that swam up her vagina made her swallow a surprised moan. Ling's fingertip expertly rubbed her clit, already engorged, into play. Her long, wriggling tongue caused Val to cum the fastest she'd ever cum. She would remember it because in the back of her mind she thought she was having a stroke or something. Then she realized it was almost a religious experience, and found herself saying so without realizing it.

Val moaned loudly into Ling's mouth as their hot breath mixed, bringing Val up to a boiling point. Ling was panting into Val's throat as her delicate little fingers were anything but delicate, surging in and out of Val's hot twat.

Distantly, Val could hear the little slick, slick, slick sounds of her fingers flickering between her legs, and over her clit.

Minutes later, Val lay like a badly used rag doll, snorting more so than breathing through her nose. She didn't notice when Ling cuffed her wrists in such a way that she could not get her hands any lower then her ears. Val's feet were left free. Then Ling applied a blindfold to Val's eyes and the room went from dimly lit to total blackness.

Ling forced Val's thighs apart, and with Val offering only the lightest resistance, Ling leaned in and sucked her clit into her mouth. Val responded with a long moan that told the lie to her struggling and protests.

Ling expertly swirled around the Val's clit with her tongue, then nibbled on it with her teeth. Val was now gasping and panting, arching her back, a telltale sign that she was thoroughly enjoying the so-called torment Ling was putting her through.

Actually, in measured time, Ling ate Val out for no more than 30 seconds before she started to twitch as an intense orgasm began to overwhelm her.

"PLEASE STOP!" Val croaked, unable to stand the extreme pleasure.

To her dismay, Ling ignored her and simply moved on to kiss and suck at the puckered rim of her asshole. Val began to spasm from the next wave of pleasure that hit the second the Asian girl's tongue penetrated her asshole.

Val squirted several streams of juice directly into Ling's face. Off in the distance, Val heard the Asian girl laughing delightedly, and calling for "More, more, more!"

When Val finally went limp, Ling took a vibrator from a hidden compartment in the side of the bed, and wet it by placing it in her mouth, then she started tapping Val's body with it. Her breasts, nipples, belly lips, and paused briefly before rubbing it over Val's entire face, before switching it on and applying it to her right nipple.

Val's limpness evaporated, and she became a flurry of action, her pelvis was fucking thin air, her manacled wrists strain for release, and she began to kick out at Ling for the first time, calling her, "A perverted yellow bitch!" among other choice epitaphs.

Ling rewarded her with ten slaps to her wet cunt. She waited a minute and then gave her fifteen.

This time, Val moaned.

She waited two minutes and gave her twenty-five more. Val was now in constant motion, writhing, squirming, and twisting. As the silence around her lengthened, she began shouting hoarsely, "Fuck you! Fuck me! Oh, God... oh, my fucking God!"

Ling let three minutes go by before sliding the well lubricated vibrator directly into Val's pulsing snatch, and turned it on full speed.

While Val reacted to that entry, by writhing sharply to the left, Ling applied additional lubricant to a smaller, but still lethal version of the vibrator humming between Val's legs.

It was evident that Ling was a sort of time-freak, and in that capacity, she waited once again allowing two minutes to elapse before moving between Val's legs and carefully raised them to her shoulders.

A hesitant, almost mournful question reached Val's lips, but never passed through. Ling pushed the smaller vibrator into her rectum, met almost no resistance, and turned it on to the highest setting.

Ling leaned back to watch the effect it had on Val.

So too, did several others, including one Joe Marcolina, Val's husband, who now had a video camera on his shoulder, recording the scene to posterity.

Another lengthy minute passed, and evidently bored with the process, Ling began to work the larger vibe in and out of her victim's cunt. The slushy sound it made over rode the humming noise, and Val's juices surged out of her and onto her thighs and the already well soiled sheets she lay upon.

"I'll be back," Ling whispered into her ear, much as she had earlier that evening.

"What! What the fuck are you talking about, I'll be right back? We're not through here. You've got to let me up. My husband'll be looking for me. He'll be frantic! He might call the police!"

Val stopped protesting when she heard Ling's light footsteps leaving the room. This has been quite a day, she thought. From Joe having me masturbate while he videoed me; to wearing a dress by St. Laurent to dinner and then this... this sex club. Now I'm handcuffed to this damn bed, totally fucked out, and all alone.

Her fear began to escalate when she realized that she might not be alone that much longer. Who will they send in? What will they do to me? Where the fuck is Joe? These and similar thoughts kept racing through her mind.

I won't allow them to spank me... or whip me! But how can I stop them?

An eternity later, Val heard someone come back to the little room. Straining at her bound wrists, she waited, but nothing happened. Her ears, now attuned to the darkness of the room as they compensated for her eyes, heard the faintest of rustling sounds, but nothing more.

Suddenly, there was a finger gliding across her belly, and Val screamed, "JESUS CHRIST!" and fainted. She recovered quickly enough, felt a hand on her foot.

There was more than one person in the room!

"Who is it? Ling, is that you? Who did you bring? Joe, is that you?"

When no one answered, Val felt self conscious and extremely naked; but there was no denying her bodies' response to the several hands now touching her.

Suddenly something cold was drizzled over her breasts, belly, and pubic hair. And while it was cold at first touch, when it seeped into the opening of her cunt, there was no denying the sudden heat it caused to emanate within her.


There was no return sound; there was no further touching of her flesh. There was nothing... save a pungent odor of something Val thought might be alcohol, a brandy, perhaps?

And then, a warm tongue snaked around her left nipple, her painfully hard nipple. A second later, someone else's mouth closed around the other, and someone else's teeth nipped her thigh and someone's fingers slid through the cool liquid coating her belly.

Over her shoulder, Val could hear the sound of kissing. Kissing? Who the fuck would be kissing at a moment like this? How many people are there?

She was unable to deny her excitement., for there was now a steady flow of her juices almost gushing out of her love hole. Another mouth, another set of teeth biting at her neck, her shoulders and then with an exquisiteness she thought might cause her to die, both nipples were pinched hard between two pair of teeth, and Val was unable to choke back her undeniable pleasure bursting from her throat.

One of the hands caressing her thighs pushed them apart. The tongues seemed to be bathing her from head to toe, lapping at the rich brandy that now tingled and burned her flesh in some places. Val felt the warmth of two tongues as they probed and suckled at her clit. It was driving her insane. Her mind tried helplessly to figure if it were a man or woman licking her pussy, or biting her tits for that matter. More importantly, how many were doing it?

She slowly realized that the couple she had heard kissing earlier were now on the bed next to her. The woman's, she decided it had to be a woman, body began bumping Val's shoulder as her lover pumped into her with an animal-like violence. He was being rough with her. Val could tell that from the sounds the woman was making that he was rough, and also that she thoroughly enjoyed it.

The woman's hand went out blindly, it seemed, found Val's left breast and.

It was then that someone decided to impale Val. She was suddenly filled with a thickness she thought would rip her to pieces. But then she realized that there was no significant weight upon her; and that the mouths nibbling at her continued doing so. It had to be another vibrator, she concluded as the sudden pain of someone's fingernails clawing across her stomach distracted her momentarily.

A mouth suddenly covered hers. And for the first time in quite a while, Val felt a semblance of safety, for it was Joe's mouth! She would know the touch of his lips and taste of his tongue anywhere. Moments later he shifted his body and sent his pliant cock into her waiting mouth.

He's not at all hard, she thought. Well, that's not so strange. Look at the number of times I've cum. He's been here, at least for a while, watching... and God knows what else. The fact that my man's still got a solid cock to swing says something about his staying power.

Val decided to say nothing for the time being, and she relaxed for the first time since entering the bedroom with Ling.

Ling! And where the fuck was she? The thought faded away as she realized Joe was close to coming. The tell-tale twitches always gave her warning that he was about to cum.

Absently, Val wondered if he had fucked the women who had been bumping into her. No, he doesn't have a woman's taste to him, she decided, then almost laughed aloud, thinking, with all the things I've had shoved in me and then in my mouth, how could I possible tell for sure?

But I recognized Joe's taste the moment he kissed me, didn't I? And he promised me a night I'd never forget, didn't he? Well I'm not likely to forget this night, that's for sure.

All such thoughts evaporated as a thick pulsing "Live" prick surged into her cunt, replacing the anonymous vibrator that had long since ceased thrilling her. But this... this was different! This brought a fever of pleasure to her loins, seemingly reviving them for further titillations.

Val humped back at this prodigious member, remembering to bring Joe off, which she managed without the use of her hands which were still secured to the bed. For the first time in her life, Val's muscles began to tire. Her body had been used repeatedly, with an almost total willingness on her part. But now she was tiring, yet as she gulped and sucked on Joe's erection - he was like a steel rod again - she didn't want it to end.

Suddenly she was deprived of her husband's prick, which was replaced by a woman's tongue. Ling was back! Licking gently across her mouth and chin, and then Joe's cock was back in her mouth. It took Val a moment to understand that Ling was also after his cock. Licking Val's mouth had been her way of telling the blindfolded woman that she too, wanted to play with his love muscle. The two shared Joe, with Ling helping Val to find him during those awkward seconds when he slipped from her mouth and she was unable to locate him.

The monstrous prick pummeling her cunt slowly withdrew, and Val heard what she took to be his finishing up by jerking off... an seconds later she felt him shooting line after line of jizm onto her stomach and breasts. He rolled off the bed and was replaced by another, but this was a woman, who attacked Val's wide open cunt with a gusto that amazed Val in its intensity.

Then Joe came, with Ling holding his penis and directing his ejaculate onto Val's face. Moments later, Val felt a second barrage of semen splattering across the bridge of her nose and that part of the blindfold covering her left eye.

My goodness, how many men are there? And why am I the focal point of their seminal discharges?

There was no time for further reflection. A cunt pressed down upon her face, as a woman straddled Val and knelt on either side of her cum-splattered face.

Val lapped away at her, trying to recall if these juices were those of Ling, or a complete stranger. The stranger won out, for Val decided that Ling's flavor had a particular curry-like taste, and this woman did not. The woman on top was grinding and straining against Val's mouth almost as violently as Val herself was from the woman's mouth at her own cunt.

The woman on top climaxed, and then Val came yet one more time only to come out of her climactic stupor knowing that somehow she was now alone on the bed and that her hands had been released from the restraints.

She lay still, waiting and listening for someone to return and mount her again.


With every muscle in her body aching fro the strenuous ordeal she had been through, Val slowly sat up on the side of the bed. A dim light came on. She saw her red dress neatly draped over a nearby chair along with her purse and shoes. The bed she sat on was a ruin. The sheets were sticky with semen. Her hands went to her face; found it covered with crusted semen as well, as were her arms and breasts. Val's nipples were sore to the touch, her breasts covered with hickies and love bites. And lastly, her cunt lips were puffy, sore to the touch. She managed to get off the bed and took a tottering step toward her dress on the chair.

The door opened, and Ling entered the room; caught Val in her arms and embraced her. Val somehow managed to notice that Ling wore an emerald green dress, with a long slit up the left side.

"Why Ling? Why so many?"

"Not many, Val, not many at all. Just you, me and husband."

"No, there were others. At least one other woman and two or three other men."

"Oh, you mean customers. Yes, many customers watch."

"They did more than watch, Ling. One or more men fucked me. At least two other women went down on me. One of them sat on my face."

"Me... that was me, Ling sat on your face."

"She didn't taste like you, Ling."

For the first time, Val noted a different facial expression on the Asian girl's face. It was a momentary frown. "Oh, so sorry, Val. Maybe customer get carried away. In the darkness of room, cannot tell who is who. Accident. Very sorry, for inconvenience."

"If you wish, I help you clean up. I have basin and washcloth outside door. You sit. I will get them."

Val allowed Ling to bathe her and help her dress. When she was standing shakily on her three-inch heels again, she thought to ask about Joe.

"My husband... is he outside?"

"Oh, yes... Joe waiting. He worried you be mad at him. He think you very, very mad. But that's not so, is it?"

"I don't know, Ling. I just don't know."

With Ling's assistance, Val made it downstairs and found Joe waiting at the entry to the theater, a worried look on his face.


Val found the one word utterance, soft, sweet and loveable, and she ran to his arms and embraced him, then melted into him.

"Joe, Joe, Joe," was all she could manage.

"I love you, Val. I... wanted to show you just how much, but I might have gotten carried away. Please forgive me?"

Val moaned into his neck. He loves me! He really loves me! She thought, and her tender nipples throbbed at the thought.

"You gave me a night that I'll never forget. I'll bet there aren't many women who can truly say that about their men on their honeymoon."

They returned to Wilmington two days later. It had begun to rain again in Paris as their plane left the ground.

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