tagLoving WivesWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 17

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 17

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 17

Val & Joe Do Some Lines

The weekend following their return from eloping, Val's parents threw a party, ostensibly for them, but Val knew it was really a business meeting for her father, who was seldom doing anything else, the real party would be held during the Christmas holidays, with the entire families of Joe and Val attending; in effect, a wedding without the ceremony.

Joe had allowed his hair to grow to a shoulder length, and it was feathered back and gleamed in the afternoon sun. He already had a great tan even though summer had just kicked into full gear. Val's close friends had asked her more than once about him; and if he had a girlfriend. While she suspected he did have a former girlfriend locally, she always replied, "Yes, he does. Me." She was reassured that this was true because he had been with her almost constantly since they'd met. Moreover, Val wasn't looking for trouble, and didn't seek confirmation one way or the other.

As the day slid into evening everyone was getting a little drunk. Val's parents and their friends were dancing to Hooked on Classics, the disco tune by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Most of Val's friends and her sister, Heather, had left to go to other parties. But she and Joe remained behind, mostly because they were allowed to drink, but not drive. Joe was fine with that, which surprised Val to some extent.

His reasoning became a little clearer to her when he got her to the side and whispered if she'd like to join him upstairs.

"Why?" she asked, thinking he wanted to fuck, and being uncertain if she wanted to attempt it while there were people in the house; drunk or not it seemed a bit risky.

"C'mon, you'll see," was all he said.

She followed him up the staircase reluctantly at first, and then feeling the spark of arousal igniting in her loins, with more haste, until on turning on the first landing she realized she was right on his heels.

He laughed that casual laugh of his, and her heart fluttered a tiny bit. "Can we use your parent's bathroom?" He asked with a certain confidence.

"I... I guess," she answered, feeling guilty, but of what she didn't know.

Joe locked the master bedroom door behind them. Val's eyes widened in suspicion, He wasn't going to do it to her in their bed, was he? She thought, and then put the question to him.

"No, that's not what I have in mind."

"Then why...?"

"Have you ever done any cocaine?"

Val shook her head. She had not done anything but some marijuana, and told him so.

"Do you want to try it?" he asked slyly.

"I... I don't..."

"I don't think anyone would notice."

"They won't?"

"No tell-tale smell and we clean up any leftovers."

"Um, sure. Why not?"

He looked at Val mischievously. They had had both smoked pot whenever they had the chance, but tonight was something new.

Joe pulled out the packet of coke, and emptied it onto a mirror that he'd lain on a glass topped coffee table, and began to chop. They sat on the floor close to each other.

"Why don't you put on some music? I have to hear something..."

"Good idea," she said, and ran out to her room and brought back several tapes. Soon the first strains of Toto's, "Rosanna," drifted out of her parents stereo speakers.

"Good choice," Joe said, as he continued separating the coke into several fat lines. "Toto is so cool."

Val watched with interest as he rolled up a twenty-dollar bill.

"Just watch how I do it," he said, intent on what he was doing, not noticing that she was doing just that.

He lowered the bill to the mirror, and snorted up the first line; felt the rush as it hit his sinus cavity. He tipped his head back and sniffed hard.

"Whew! Good stuff!" he said, and handed Val the mirror. "Here, you try it."

Val took the mirror and did as Joe had. He watched as the first wave hit her.

"Holy shit!" Val exclaimed a few seconds later.

Joe laughed at her and took the mirror back for another snort. Juice Newton's "Love's Been A Little Bit Hard on Me," came on, and Joe turned it up a little. Val handed the mirror back to him, and he did his second line.

After Val had her second hit she blurted, "Oh man, this is great shit, Joe. How long have you been doing this?"

Joe shrugged. "Not too long, maybe three weeks."

"Does it cost a lot of money?"

"Yeah, actually; it costs quite a bit for a guy going to school. It helps that my allowance is more than generous."

She nodded. Money wasn't a big deal with either of them, so there was no need to comment on it further.

They sat there for a minute, and then suddenly both started talking at once. They laughed, and started going on about their majors. Val still had no idea what she wanted to do. She was just going because her parents wanted her to. Joe laughed, and said he was absolutely going for a double major, one in Economics and the other in Finance, to aid him in his banking career.

She watched him clench his jaw, and casually passed him the mirror. "Wanna do some more, baby?"

"Yeah, I think I will," he answered. And so it went. For the rest of "Ebony and Ivory," they snorted and talked nervously. Meanwhile the party went on, and they weren't missed. Joe slipped out and got them two beers. Joe drank half of his in one long gulp and leaned back against her parent's bed.

"Oh, man, I feel so wired. But it's great," Val said. "My whole face feels numb!"

Joe giggled, and told her that was par for the course. "My face feels that way too, for that matter, so do my teeth."

"Any more coke?" she asked hopefully.

"Sorry, it's all gone, right up our noses."

"What if we put it on our..."



"Don't know, but it must be a positive thing. That shit's strong."

"God, I want more," Val said, clenching her jaw.

"That feeling will pass. For now just go with it."

Joe started to flex his hands, and Val could see the muscles in his arm bulging. She licked her lips and took a nervous sip of her beer.

"Let me put on something a little more mellow," Joe said, "It will help you relax."

He flipped through her music and settled on John Cougar's "Hurts So Good."

"Perfect," Val said, "you know, this coke feels good and bad at the same time," she observed.

"Yeah, I know. We probably should have spaced it out a little."

Suddenly all the beer she'd consumed hit her, and with the sudden realization that her bladder was threatening to expel the excess fluid, she ran to the bathroom.

Val shut the door, and looked at herself in the mirror. Her face was flushed; her eyes had a wild look to them. She pushed back her long, brown hair that was feathered just so, and pulled the top of her scooped neckline down so she could see her breasts reflected in the mirror.

Sensing a movement behind her, Val spun around to find Joe leaning against the bathroom door watching her examining her breasts. Defensively, she stammered, "It... it's not what you think... I was just..."

It was then that she saw he had exposed himself; that he was rock hard. He heard her gasp, and his face flushed, as he realized what she was looking at.

"I... I... um," he stammered right back, "This stuff made me... you know."

"Um, maybe we should get back to the party," Val said, not knowing what else to do as she carefully placed each breast back into the dress. She went back into the bedroom and carefully wiped the mirror on her dress before replacing it on her mother's dresser.

Joe grabbed her arm and pulled her to him. He was breathing hard, and his pupils were dilated. His cock stood straight out from his body.

"Joe, I..." Val began. "Not here! We better not do anything else here, Joe."

His cologne set off a flood of images of things they might do with his erection.

"I want you now, Val!"

"I want you too, but not here."

"Your bedroom then," he said with a finality she accepted; although the fear of being caught caused her to attempt to delay the inevitable.

"Someone will hear. Someone will come to investigate."

"Fuck 'em. We're married... we're just married, and horny as hell." He leaned into her, pressed his erection into her hand. She squirmed slightly in accepting it, but started to jerk him off.

Trying to get her to do more than masturbate him, Joe husked, "Baby, you give the best blowjobs... wanna do that for me?"

Even though she wanted to blow him, or do anything he wanted her too, she sensed it was a moment to take advantage of the situation and find out about the other women in his life.

"So, I give great head, huh?"

"You know you do."

"Well just how good is your girlfriend?"

"My... but you're my girl, Val, you're my wife!"

"I've hearing there's another woman, Joe. Who is it?"

"Steph is just... just a girl my parents thought I should date. We went to high school together. Why I... I haven't been out with her in ages."

Val didn't believe him, but she listened.

Not knowing just how much she knew, Joe stammered, "I'm not going to lie and say we didn't have sex, but Val, believe me, she's not you..."

"Of course she's not me."

She saw him start to relax. The beginnings of a smile formed on his face.

Val seized the moment and spat out, "Did she suck your cock?"

And before he realized what he was doing, Joe said, "Yeah... but!"

"Get her to blow you then, you bastard!" Val's face was red with anger, an anger she hadn't felt a moment earlier.

Neither of them realized the cocaine was working overtime.

Val!" Joe said, and the plea in his voice turned the tide in his favor. He touched her arm and she flinched.

"Put..." she pointed at his already shrinking penis.

He tucked it into his slacks, and zipped up the fly.

"Maybe I'd better go. Apparently we won't resolve this tonight," he said, catching her off-guard. She hadn't expected him to capitulate so readily.

"Joe..." she said, and as the word left her mouth, he was kissing her.

She didn't resist. She couldn't resist. There was no way Val could deny her feelings for him. They went into a tight embrace, kissing long and hard. She was amazed at the hunger she had for him after being repulsed on learning he had been seeing another woman.

Joe's hands went to her breasts, clutching and squeezing them, causing Val to moan appreciatively.

"Let me see them," he growled. "Let me suck them!"

She moaned as he lifted each breast out of her dress and mouthed each in turn. Her areoles puckered and pebbled. Her nipples stiffened with the first touch of his tongue, and she realized that she was so wet that there was a possibility she would be dripping on the white carpeting if she didn't have him plug her quickly.

"Oh, God... so lovely," she heard him murmur as if off in another world.

Her entire body tingled, and then convulsed, when he bit down on her right nipple.

"Yessss," she breathed. Hoping it told him she was now ready; hoping he wouldn't make her wait much longer. She needed him between her legs, or she might be coming without benefit of his marvelous cock.

He bit the other nipple, and she cried out in ecstasy. "You like it, don't you, my little slut?"

Val didn't flinch when called a slut. In fact, she loved it!

And as he moved back to the first nipple, she sought out his cock and rubbed it vigorously.

"Fuck you trying to do... make me cum in my pants?" he huffed.

"If you don't use it on me soon... yeah!"

"Ah, so you're not afraid of being caught up here?"

"You want me... right?"

"Yes, I do."

"You want me to suck your cock?"

"That would be nice."

Holding her tightly against him, Joe walked her into the bathroom, closed the door behind him, and pushed her down on the toilet seat and pulled his cock out.

With a brusque laugh, he lightly slapped her face with it. Val made a lunge for it, but he yanked it away.

"Please!" she pleaded.

"You're not mad about Steph and me?"

"No... No!"

"Okay, then suck it, you little whore."

Val's body tingled all over when he talked to like that. No one had ever abused her that way, and she found herself reveling in each scalding word. And when his cock came within range, she pounced on it, licking his cockhead, feigning a painful wince when he tapped it against her nose before tendering it to her guppied lips.

This is... this must be what love is, she thought, and allowed her saliva filled mouth to drool over his shaft, giving it a glistening, almost magical look.

Val had nothing further to say, and concentrated on giving Joe as much pleasure as she could with her mouth and hands. Her nipples were on fire from the earlier biting; her mind was racing from all the coke. Because of her heightened senses, Val could hear music thumping and toilets flushing; even women chatting, all around them and she didn't care. She wanted to suck his cock forever; even tried to deep throat him, and they were both stunned when she managed it.

"Hey slut, you're pretty good. Had a lot of practice at this, huh?"


"How many guys have you blown, huh? And you've nerve to talk about Steph and me!"

Instead of enraging her, Val discovered his words served to inflame her, and she continued to suck and lick his cock and balls as wantonly as the most lust filled female in all the works of fiction.

She moaned loudly when he deprived her mouth of his cock.

"Please... I want..."

"Shut the fuck up! Are you on the pill?"

Val nodded. And Joe pulled her upright, and then turned her so she was facing the mirror over the sink.

He had her dress up over her hips in a flash, and managed to tear the silken panties from her body with one fierce yank. Val's hand reached up underneath him and gave his balls a gentle squeeze.

"Lean forward and put your hands against the mirror."

Even as she complied, his hands, then his mouth were on her ass. Val moaned softly, as he began to lick it all over. His fingers reached between her legs and began to stroke her pussy. It was already saturated with her fluids.

"Wet already, aren't you, bitch?"

"Yesssss," she breathed heavily, and spread her legs wider for him. "I want you to fuck me, sooo bad."

He said nothing, continuing to lick her ass, and rub her cunt, while she pleaded for him to fuck her.

Abandoning her ass, he tongued her pussy; lapping at her sweet nectar while she shuddered involuntarily.

"You taste heavenly," he murmured. Val thought he was going to lick her all night, and resigned herself to coming without benefit of his splendid cock.

Suddenly he rose up, placed his cockhead at her entrance, and said, "Okay, my slut, here it comes, I'm gonna fuck you good."

Val cried out as he entered her, thinking, I'm in Heaven! And when his cock filled her, she couldn't recall ever feeling this good with a cock in her. It must be the cocaine, she told herself.

Joe grabbed her ass and squeezed tightly. Val saw her tit's shaking in the mirror and that added to the many thrilling sensations coursing through her at the time.

"Finger that clit of yours," Joe growled. "I want you to cum hard."

Val nodded, reached between her legs, found her clit and rubbed it furiously while trying to steady herself.

"Ohhhhhhhh," She groaned, "Fuck me, Joe! Fuck meeee!"

Using the powerful influence of the cocaine, Joe pumped furiously for much longer than he was normally capable of doing, and Val's body began to spasm; her cunt had a tenacious grip upon his member, as if she was never going to let him leave her love tunnel.

"Ohhhhh... gonna cum," She wailed.

"Do it! Cum all over my cock."

Suddenly Val's head exploded in a white light as she came. Joe's hands held her in place against him, while all Val knew was that she was coming and coming and that his cock was the sweetest, most lovable instrument she had ever met.

Only when his cock exploded did Joe stop his thrusting. He held her tight as he pumped spurt after spurt into her pussy. Off in the distance, Val heard him calling her name out, over and over again, and she loved him all the more for that.

Eventually he withdrew from her and she felt his cum running down her leg. She wadded up some toilet paper and cleaned herself up. Joe cleaned up as well, and Val heard the distinct sound of his zipper as he tucked himself away.

Val straightened out her clothing, and turned to face him. She thought his eyes shone with a tenderness she had ever seen in him before. It was actually the cocaine, and had she looked at her own eyes in a mirror, she would have seen the same exact sheen in them.

"We should get out of here," Joe said. "We'll be missed, and who knows what people will think."

"Do you care?"

"Only that they don't know we used the coke, baby."

"Do you care about me? I mean, what about that slut you've been seeing?"

"I only saw her to make my mother happy. Her father is president of a bank in Myrtle Beach, and... well, business... you know?"

"Business... yeah, Joe, I know all about business." And she resolved to learn as much as possible about her husband and his business, both private and monkey as soon as she could.

Val & Her Sister, Heather

It was still early enough in the afternoon for the beach to be unbearably hot. Even in the shade of the striped umbrella, Val felt uncomfortable, but she suspected this had less to do with the weather than with her sister's conversation. Heather was telling her that she'd wanted to kill her husband the moment she'd found out.

"I wanted to smash his face in. I was going to do it when he was sleeping."

"Oh, come on," said Val.

"I mean it. I wanted to smash his face in. Kill him, then leave the country."

They were on the southern tip of Wrightsville Beach, an isolated cove far from the cluster of hotels and condos. The house their parents owned was just seventy yards away, overlooking the beach.

"This was after I found out about his little bimbo. He used to come home from the office, tell me he was working after hours on this important account. I believed him. Her name was Felicia. I wanted to kill her, too. I kept wishing I'd come home and find the two of them in bed together so I could kill them both. Then I'd come down here to hide out." She glanced at Val, and said, "But this is the first place they'd look for me, isn't it?"

"Probably," Val said.

"This was right after Halloween, when I found out. It was a Sunday night; a woman in the building was giving a Halloween party. I went dressed as a sexy witch. Doug went as a warlock. Some guy dressed like Dracula was chasing me all over the place, telling me he wanted to bite me on the neck. Doug had the gall to tell me later it made him jealous. Meanwhile he's screwing her... this little minx, two, three nights a week. And he's jealous of me being chased by a drunken Dracula."

She shook her head in wonder. A drop of sweat rolled down her cleavage. "He called her later that night."

"He did?"

"That's how I found out. I got up to pee -- I always pee all night long after having too much wine, don't you? Well, he wasn't in bed when I returned. This is three in the morning. I think, where's Doug? Is he in the other bathroom? But, no, he's not. Overwhelmed by curiosity -- and who wouldn't be? I went out into the hall, and see a light burning in the office, and I call out, 'Doug?' and I hear a click. Click. Just a tiny click, but I know it's somebody hanging up a phone. It's an unmistakable sound. Three o' clock in the morning, and my husband's making a phone call down the hall.

"Well, he comes out of the office wearing nothing but pajama bottoms and a shit-eating grin, he tells me he had to look up a word in the dictionary.

"A word?" I say. "Driving me crazy," he says, "Couldn't sleep."

"A word?" I say again. "What word?" I'm still believing him, see? I'm still thinking I'm wrong about that click. "Eohippus," he tells me. That's the word he was looking up at three in the morning. "You mean the horse?"

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