tagBDSMWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 21

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 21

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 21

Laura & Lou

Laura got very little sleep that night. She kept wondering why Lou had deprived himself as well as her of coming. She fretted about the matter during her work day, drawing comments and glances from her co-workers throughout the day.

And on retiring for the evening that night, sleep evaded her best efforts, until at 1:30 she called Lou's number.

To her surprise she did not awaken him. It was as if he were waiting for her to call.


"Lou? It's Laura."

"Hello Laura, what can I do for you?"

"I... I couldn't sleep."

"Oh... have you tried NoDoz?"

That caught her off guard and she stumbled, saying, "Um, no... I... I was thinking..."

"Thinking about sex, Laura?"

"Um... yes... um, no... Oh, I don't know what I'm thinking."

"But you can't sleep," he said, making it a statement of fact.

"Right... I was wondering..."

"You know where I live?"

"Yeah... I think so."

He gave her the address, waited while she wrote it down, then said, "Be here in twenty minutes. Don't be late, or I won't answer the door."


"Shut up, and get your ass over here."

He hung up before she could utter another word.

Laura glanced at the bedside clock, jumped out of bed, ran to the bathroom and peed.

She brushed her teeth, and threw on the same dress she'd worn the night she'd met him; and hurried out the door after making sure she had her house and car keys.


Her hand was shaking as she rang his bell. It was exactly twenty minutes since he'd hung up on her. Laura said a quick prayer that he'd answer the door, and thanked God when he did.

What kind of person am I, thanking God for letting me have a chance to get properly laid? She thought as she entered his apartment.

"Good evening, Laura," he said formerly, and confused her again.

"Yeah... hi, I... I guess you're wondering why I called, and why I'm knocking at your door at this ungodly hour, huh?"

He stunned her by saying, "I'd guess it's because you want me to make you cum."


"I said you want me to fuck you. Am I right?" Lou knew from prior experience that certain women's desire's increased ten-fold when confronted with the truth about wanting to get laid. It also paved the way for him to restrict her orgasms as a means of controlling her. He could, for example, tell her she could cum, but must wait a half an hour before doing so. Or, as he had the night before, leave her wanting.

When Laura didn't respond, he said, "Well?"

"What?" she said seemingly startled from a far away reverie.

"Did you come here to get laid?"

She turned crimson, and couldn't meet his eye.

He wanted her to ask for it. In fact, he wouldn't proceed until she did. He was well aware that submissives find it hard to ask, thinking perhaps that it will only lead to further denials. The mere fact of asking acknowledges a need, exposes her as powerless against him, and is humiliating.

Of course, for Lou, the humiliation was the point.

"Laura," he said calmly, "you're going to have to ask me to fuck you. In fact, I want you to beg, to convince me that you are desperate. I don't ask that you grovel, but it might help. Of course there's absolutely no guarantee that even if you ask nicely that I'll grant your request. My decision also depends on my whim. I mean, here you are at 1:30 in the morning, wearing the same dress you wore yesterday, am I correct about that?"

Laura could only nod her head.

"I'm a dominant. You're a submissive, and there is no particular connection between what you want and what I choose to give you.

"Oh," she said, and gave his words some thought before replying. "I think I'd rather depend on your whim than ask in the way you want me to."

"I prefer that you answer my question."

That produced a long silence of almost four minutes. Laura bit her lip and tapped her hand against her thigh. Lou remained standing, almost without moving.

Lou broke the silence, saying, "If you want or need something, you have to let me know, because otherwise I can't control you the way I want to. But more than that, it's not for you as my submissive to tell me what I should base my decision on. Don't try to influence me according to what would suit you better.

"So, Laura, if you want to come, you will have to ask me as nicely as you can. The alternative is to turn around and go home."

"I understand," Laura said so softly that he almost couldn't make out her words.

He nodded, and waited.

"I came... I came here to get... I came here hoping that you'd fuck me proper." Totally embarrassed, but needing sexual release, she threw up her hands, saying, "Um, make me cum... please make me cum."

"Nicely said, Laura. Now, why don't you take off that dress and any undies you may have on underneath."

Laura moved as quickly as she could, but not knowing if he had a time limit on her actions caused her fingers to shake, delaying her unnecessarily. When the buttons were undone, she slipped her arms out of the dress and let it flutter to the floor. She was not wearing a bra, and her nipples stung as soon as they were exposed in the cool air-conditioned room.

Standing before him in her silky black thong, she gave Lou a questioning look. His nod told her to remove the thong as well, as she did.

"Good girl," he said, encouraging her no end. "Now for some rules: Rule number one. You have to ask permission to come. If you come without permission-- you will be severely punished. Rule number two: You need my special permission to come loudly."

He let her stand before him for another minute. Laura, not having know all that many sexual partners, was confused by Lou's taking so long to get down to the sexual aspects of their relationship. It never occurred to her that the long pauses were deliberate, and designed to keep her off-balance, leaving him firmly in control at all times.

"Are you ready to worship my cock," he said finally, breaking the silence.

Laura would have agreed to almost anything at this point, and answered quickly, "Yes, I am."

"Good. Take my clothes off. That is everything but my shirt."

Laura unbuttoned his shirt but left it on. She unlaced his shoes, took them off, then peeled off his socks, placing them carefully inside the shoes. She undid his belt and unzipped his trousers. She took them off, leaving the underpants on till she had neatly folded the trousers. When she had placed the underpants on top of the trousers on the sofa beside him, she turned back towards him and sat down on her haunches and studiously contemplated his cock.

It was obvious that it was not yet erect, but it had grown thick and heavy. She took note of how the foreskin covered the entire head. Actually, a bit of the head was peaking out from the crinkled lips at the edge of his foreskin, which happened to be longer on the underside. The thick ridge at the base of the crown was evident under the skin, and several purplish veins stood up along the surface of his shaft.

"So far, so good," he said, and waited for her next move.

With a feline grace, she took hold of his appendage between her forefinger and thumb. Laura's pulse was racing as she envisioned the dramatic climax that lay ahead. She bent her head and softly kissed the very top of his cock.

Lou saw her tentative sniff and smiled evilly. She's looking for the scent of my smegma. "Don't pull the foreskin back until I say so. Just kiss it for now."

Laura puckered her luscious red lips; glad she had applied a new coating of lipstick before meeting him. With a soft, satisfied groan, she began kissing her way down the back of his cock until she came to his balls.

"Nice work, now cup them in your hand."

She cradled his balls in her palm and squeezed very gently.

"Do it a bit harder."

She squeezed a little tighter, and when he sighed, her heart fluttered with excitement. She leaned down and kissed his cock again, this time at the base, just where it joined the scrotum.

Feeling euphoria she hadn't expected, Laura decided to experiment and began nibbling at the skin. Lou looked down with a new interest, as Laura's teeth took a fold of flesh and tentatively bit on it.

He laughed, and said, "I don't know if that's worship, but it's fucking enjoyable as hell."

She felt herself growing wetter than she'd ever been before. I may have to throw them away, she thought, meaning her underwear. Then she began kissing her way back up the shaft again. When she got to the top, her tongue came out and licked all the way round the very edge of his foreskin, dipping into the little hollow inside it, pushing the tip of her tongue a tiny way into the urethra. She made a gulping sound as she swallowed and sent her tongue down the cock, and began to lick his balls.

"Take one in your mouth, and suck it," he said. "But be careful."

Gingerly, Laura enveloped one, rolled it around in her mouth.

"Can you take both?' Lou asked. No one ever had before.

Laura nodded, and sucked the other one between her lips, and in. He felt her tongue pressing them against the roof of her mouth. At the same time she took the shaft of his cock in her hand and squeezed it hard.

Lou moaned softly. He let her please herself for a while; for she was certainly enjoying the sucking and the squeezing.

"Show me how you feel about my cock," he said. "Don't be shy. Let me see how much you love it." Laura raised her head from his balls and looked at his cock as she held it in her hand. She bent to kiss it again, and then began to rub it slowly against her cheek. She closed her eyes, and her face took on an expression of reverence as she brushed his cock with her lips and rubbed it against the side of her nose and across her eyelids. Lou was moved.

"Pull the foreskin back now," he whispered. "Take it in your mouth."

She peeled the foreskin back with her hand and very slowly wrapped her lovely lips around the base of the glans. Lou felt the gentle pressure as she sucked and moaned quietly when her tongue burrowed under the foreskin while her long, red-painted finger nails raked lightly over the rest of his cock.

His cock was jutting straight out. She kissed the tip, lapped lightly upward then closed over the end of his cockhead and sucked hard.

"You're doing well," he said.

Laura responded by pushing her tightly pursed lips down his length, drawing his cock deeper into her eager mouth. Her eyes locked on his, her hands reached around him to grasp the cheeks of his ass.

Not wanting to cede control, Lou grabbed the back of her head and forced it back, then fed his entire length down her throat. Laura coughed, but composed herself sufficiently to accept him without choking as he began fucking her mouth.

He thought about satisfying her with a decent fuck, but his own lust overrode that momentary impulse. He began jerking himself off to get that extra stimulation required to get him there -- and just before he came, he pulled out of her mouth and splashed her face with his semen.

"Baptism by jism," he crowed and slapped her face with his still hardened member.

How can I be content? Laura wondered, and yet, I am. I've sucked his cock and he came in my face. That's so humiliating. But, I really don't mind. Yes... I do mind, but... but... what the fuck is wrong with me?

Lou caught her completely off guard by kissing her forehead and simultaneously dragging his fingernails across her belly and down to her carefully trimmed bush. Laura gasped, sucked in her breath, and moaned aloud when he moved those same fingers through the valley of her breasts, leaving a light pink trail.

"Remember the rules, baby," he crooned into her ear.

"I am. I'm nowhere close to coming."

Eventually, baby, eventually," he whispered into the same ear.

Laura shuddered as those same insidious fingernails traced the lips of her sex, gathering droplets of moisture. And when he brought those fingers to her nose her knees buckled. She would have crumpled to the floor had he not held her up.

"What's the matter, baby, can't take the smell of your own excitement?"

"I... I...."

Lou laughed and dipped his head to her breast absorbing her stiffened strawberry shaped nipple. She moaned, and her body sagged against him as he sucked fiercely upon her nipple. Eventually, he released the swollen bud and helped her to a straight-backed chair.

Lou had no intention of taking her too far the first time. He wanted her to become used to the idea of being submissive. He left for a few moments, leaving her to wonder what was in store for her.

Laura's mind was racing. Have I made a drastic mistake in coming to him like this? God, I hope not. She made a quick assessment of her situation. He hasn't really mistreated me... and I enjoyed the hell out of giving him head. It would be perfect if only he'd fuck my brains out.

Lou returned to her and she saw that he was holding something in his hand. An inner alarm went off in her head. Laura you ass, he's going to hurt you now. How the fuck can I get out of here? Maybe... maybe he won't hurt me too much.

"Um, Lou?"


"What are you going to do to me?"

Opening his hand, Lou revealed a pair of clamps to her. A bewildered look crossed her face.

"They're for your nipples, Laura, your beautiful nips."

"My nipples?" A look of shock registered on her face as she realized that he was going to attach them to her breasts.

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