tagErotic CouplingsWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 22

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 22

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 22

Katy Becomes Disabled

Just prior to Christmas, Katy Dide, sick and tired of the long hours involved in the lay-overs involved in her job as an airline stewardess, took advantage of an accident that occurred when a sudden turbulence caused her to take a violent fall, hurting her back and right leg. Katy was helped from the plane after it landed, and taken to the hospital for further examination, was admitted, and remained in the hospital for three days.

Katy took two weeks off, one for being disabled by the accident, and another two as vacation time after telling her superiors that she was still feeling a lot of discomfort and needed the extra time off.

She returned to work but worked helping out at the ticket windows rather than fly as a stewardess. On the second of March, Katy made arrangements to have her own physician, one Dr. Marion Fissurelli, examine her further. She had met Dr. Fissurelli on the golf course several months earlier; had dated him once, and found that he was attracted to her. But then she met Jessica and Walter, and had not bothered returning his calls.

"I had hoped to see you under different circumstances, Katy. But needless to say, I'm happy to see you again. Now what seems to be the problem?"

"I'm a stewardess with Piedmont, and during some turbulence on a flight I fell as we were coming into Wilmington. I banged up my leg... um, they took care of it at the emergency room. And I had a short hospital stay for my back. That was during the holidays. I've returned to work... not as a stew, but doing odd jobs where needed. But I'm really concerned about my back. I don't know if I can fly again. It really hurts, and well... I don't know, but aren't back injuries serious?"

"Some are very serious, Katy, but why don't we have a look, eh?"

Katy groaned as she removed her blouse, and took off her bra although it wasn't necessary for Dr. Fissurelli to check out her back.

She saw immediately the effect that baring her breasts had on him, and thought about being in the hot tub with Walter and Jessica until her nipples hardened; knowing it would further excite Dr. Fissurelli.

As the exam proceeded, Dr. Fissurelli hemmed and hawed, then told her, "Katy, I don't think there is anything inherently wrong with your back. Just take it easy for a couple days and you'll be as good as new."

"But Marion, may I call you Marion, Doctor?"

"Yes, yes, of course, Katy."

"I... I really hurt my back, and going back to work will probably cause me to worsen the situation." Before he could reply, Katy ran her hand over his burgeoning member and cooed, "Why I'd do almost anything if you could say that I had some sort of disability because of my fall."

"You... You'd do anything?"


"And what might almost include?"

"It might include a blowjob here and now."

"Umm, well..." He was already taking his dick out. "Let me tell my receptionist that we'll be busy for a while, so she won't interrupt us."

"That's a good idea; you won't want to interrupted, Marion."

Katy waited until Dr. Fissurelli finished with his receptionist, then knelt at his feet with her hands on his knees and gently forced his legs apart.

Fissurelli braced himself against his desk, as her hands moved knowingly up his thighs until they reached the bulge in his slacks. Katy looked up at him and placed her hand on his erection, rubbing it until he groaned aloud.

She smiled up at him hefting his cock in the palm of her hand. "We're going to have so much fun," she said, as she examined him. "Hmmm, oh, my, you're a nice big boy aren't you?"

He was average sized, and not circumcised, but she spoke more for effect than anything else.

Katy skinned it back until the head of his cock was fully revealed; and planted a soft wet kiss on the tip. She kissed it again, and that turned into a French kiss that had her tongue swirling around the crown and buckled his knees.

"Do you get many blowjobs, Marion?" she inquired innocently.

"Nuh... no!"

"Do you like it so far?" she asked before engulfing the entire cockhead and sucking forcefully on it.

"Oh, YES!"

"Ummm, you have a sweet taste!" she said after taking him from her mouth. "Let's get these trousers off, shall we? I want to see those big balls of yours."

Moments later, Marion stood with his slacks and boxers pooled around his ankles.

"You really have a beautiful cock, Doctor."

"Can I play with your breasts?" he asked in a small voice.

"Of course you can. May I lick those big balls of yours? I promise I won't do anything to hurt them."

"Um, yes, sure... of course."

As he touched her breast, Katy reached around him with one hand and grabbed his ass. The other hand circled the base of his cock and then she proceeded to rub him over her face and mouth, taking pains to insure that she wet him thoroughly in the process.

Feeling his legs shake, Katy had the doctor sit down in his chair and resumed rubbing him over her face while humming happily to herself.

"Mmmm, I just adore your big old cock. Mmmmm, oh, yes, I sure ... suck, suck, suck... do!"

The warm saliva in her mouth began to accumulate, and she spit on the head of his cock and watched delightedly as it ran down the length of him on opposite sides until it reached his testicles.

Katy closed her eyes and said a silent prayer of thanks to the tricks Jessica and Walter had taught her about fellating a man. She tightened her grip on his as her head began bobbing up and down.

Whipping him from her mouth, she told him: "My goodness, I don't think I can get all of this marvelous wiener down my throat!" This, of course, was a lie, but made the doctor feel like a king.

Several sucks later, she removed him from her mouth, and holding him in both hands, began jerking him off and licking his testicles, using her tongue to lick figure- eights on each in turn.

She looked up at him, swept the hair from her face, and asked, "You want to tell me when you're gonna come, honey? I'd like it if you came all over my face. Would you like that?"

His breathing changed ever so slightly before he replied, "Oh, yes! Yes, I'd certainly like that!"

"Okay, I know you're close, honey, let's see what we can do to make it really nice for you."

Taking him back into her mouth, she swirled her tongue over his cockhead,

His cock began to expand, and she quickly removed him from her mouth and pointed him at her face. Seconds later he erupted, splashing a gob of cum on her right cheek. This was quickly followed by a second, long string of gooey semen that went from her right eye to her chin.

Katy closed her eyes, and continued jerking him off. He followed with successive spurts that hit her on the temple, ear, and hair. When his penis finished pulsing, Katy kissed it and licked it clean, then slowly scooped up the remnants that were plastered over her face and swallowed them, the good doctor having refused her offering to him first.

Katy went to the sink and washed her face and hair off and dried herself with paper towels while the doctor fixed his trousers and replaced his white smock.

"So, we have a deal?" she said.

"We do. Let's see, can you be back here in three days?"

"Whatever for?" she asked innocently.

"I'll need to examine you further. Back injuries require it. Then too, you'll need a certain amount of x-rays, and documentation to support your claim."

"And another installment of payment?"

"Mmmm, that too."

"Well, you're the doctor."

"Katy, would you by any chance be free this Saturday?"

"Yes, but you wouldn't be thinking of taking me out in public would you?"

"Oh... right. Can't do that, can we?"

"No, but here's my address, come on over... say eightish? We can test my back in other ways... all right?"

He smiled, "Saturday, eightish it is."


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