tagBDSMWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 23

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 23

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 23

Laura & Lou – Part 3 (Early March, 1984)

Lou let her contemplate the situation for a moment, and then attached a clamp to each nipple. As he tightened them, her breath audibly registered the new sensations.

"Grab the bedpost and lean over so I can see your ass."

Biting her lip, she complied. Without waiting for her next question, he began spanking her. Slowly at first, he began slapping her cheeks, spreading them around so that in no time at all they were rosy red, with his hand prints evident on her firm buttocks.

She managed to remain silent, merely grunting every so often. But with time, the slaps came more rapidly. Now each swat produced a moan, or an attempt to deflect it. Time seemed to have stopped for Laura.

He switched from spanking her with his hand to using a paddle that quickly turned her rear a bright red. Then, just a suddenly as it had begun, it was over. He went into the bathroom, leaving her to compose herself.

What next? Laura asked herself as she rubbed her hands over her very tender rump. But her thoughts changed from speculation to apprehension when he returned with a black cloth in his left hand.

"I'm going to blindfold you for a while." He said, while covering her eyes and tying a knot in the cloth. She couldn't see a thing. Taking her hand, he led her around to the edge of the sofa. She felt the cushion pressing against her shins.

"Lie down," he said in a monotone, providing no indication of what was to come. She felt another twinge of fear, but did as asked without comment. As she lay there waiting, she took stock of what had happened to her thus far and was surprised to discover her arousal had grown, and now her concern was that she would stain his sofa with her juices.

"A towel?" she said, the plea in her voice obvious.

"A towel, why?"

"I... I'm afraid I'll stain your sofa... I'm getting ... excited down there."

"Good girl. I appreciate your anticipating spotting my sofa."

He was gone for a moment, and needing release, Laura started to touch her clit, but Lou returned and caught her in the act. He slapped her across the face. It was a light slap, but it was just as effective as if he'd hit her as hard as he could. She had not heard him return, and that had surprised her more than the slap itself.

Lou tucked a large towel under her, and a moment later she heard a match being struck, and smelled the odor of sulfur.

He's going to burn me! And she nearly panicked at the thought.

"STAY STILL!" Lou yelled into her face. And she froze, save for the trembling that she could not overcome. Her sense of hearing began to compensate for the loss of sight, and she sensed his presence leaning over her. A moment later he began removing the nipple clamps.

Jesus! I'd forgotten all about them!

A second later the first drop of wax from a candle fell four inches, landing on her left nipple.

Laura screamed.

When the expected pain did not come, she started to relax her rigid form only to repeat the action as the second drop of heated wax splattered on her other nipple.

"Oh, God, I thought..."

The slap of his hand on her breast was sharp and surprisingly painful, as it was unexpected. Laura lost control and began to cry.

He paid no attention to her, and continued to drip molten wax on her nipples. Eventually, she stopped crying, and what Lou did next brought her to the edge of the orgasm she had sought for so long.

Unbeknownst to her, Lou had taken some shaved ice from a bowl, and allowed it to melt in the heat of his mouth while at the same time the wax began to cool and harden on her nipples.

He deftly removed the molds of wax from each breast, and put them aside. He would keep them as a souvenir of their first time together.

Laura's first thought was that her nipples were numb. She failed to realize this was a combination of both the clamps and the hot wax application. Suddenly she felt his mouth upon her! Only it seemed wrong. His tongue was not a heated muscle, but cold, seemingly indifferent to its surroundings.

That changed as he teased each nipple in turn and soon Laura was squirming about on the couch, thankful for the towel under her, for she was cuming ... no, not yet. But she was this close....

Lou spoke into her ear, soft and sensually. "There is one more thing before I remove the blindfold. By the way, did you enjoy the waxing?"

"Well... not at first. But, yes, after I got used to the idea, I found it enjoyable."

His finger rubbed her arm, feeling the goose-bumps confirming her nervousness. "Did you come?"



"No. Well... almost."

"You will, and soon, but first..." He took her hand in his, and brought it to his knee. She realized her sense of touch was more acute since she' been blindfolded. Still, she guessed he'd present his cock to her next. He hadn't released her hand, and as she anticipated, brought it into contact with his erection.

She would never forget this moment. As her fingertips glided over his erection she felt the warmth and softness of his foreskin, akin to a baby's skin. Very slowly, Laura explored its silky surface. Gingerly touching every bump beneath the pads of her index and middle fingers, from the base of his cock to its tip. Enjoying the moment, like an unhurried teen petting for the first time. When she reached the very end of his shaft, her thumb and forefinger rubbed and rolled the velvety texture of his pucker between them. Turning her wrist, she slipped her fingers under the smoothness of his shaven balls, lifting them upward in the curl of her fingers.

Suddenly he ripped the blindfold off her head. She found herself staring at the beauty of his uncut cock; and succumbing to the lustful desire to feel him inside her mouth, she leaned in closer, and took him between her outstretched lips. Lou arched forward, felt the muscles in the cheeks of his ass grow taut. Laura's arm slid behind him, her palm settling in the small of his back. Drawing him to her, her lips stretched even further, as the thickest part of his member invaded her throat. She was forced to pull back or choke.

The wet flat of her tongue pressed firmly and then licked slowly across his slit, forcing it to wink as she passed from one side of his glans to the other.

Beads of perspiration formed on Lou's forehead and upper lip. His meaty, pink tongue licked over his lips tasting the saltiness of his own sweat.

"Ohhh!" Laura groaned, having momentarily removed his phallic wand from between her lips.

"You taste so sweet!" she gasped, before devouring him again.

His head fell back, and his eyes rolled in his head at the electric charge that surged through him. His hands went to her hair, he had to restrain himself from pushing her head hard down on his aching prick.

Laura smiled as she looked up at him, her eyes two dreamy almonds. She knew he liked what he felt. His cock twitched beneath the feather soft touch of her fingers. Her eyes closed as her lips returned to his corona, sliding down to the soft bunching skin at his ridge; her taste buds were dancing with sheer delight.

Her lips tightened, hollows formed in her cheeks as her head bobbed up and down. Slurpy sounds of wetness could be heard as the saliva of her mouth along with his salty, sweet nectar made his cock a slick tool, easy to swallow.

Laura's face was a mere blur to Lou, as she bobbed furiously on his musk-ridden cock. Spittle ran from her stuffed mouth to his crotch and from there to his balls.

She plucked him from her lips, and gasping for air, asked, "Can I suck cock, or what?"

Then her succulent lips were sliding back upon him, puckering his foreskin while she turned her head from side to side, and immersing herself in the silky softness of his velvet flesh.

She sighed, and allowed her tongue to swirl over around and under his glans. It's side swept over his slit. Her palm slid down his throbbing cock pulling the foreskin taut to his base. Her tongue began to flick the underside of his engorged shaft where his sensitive "T" stood out like embossed lettering.

Surprising herself with her inventiveness, Laura rubbed at the small of his back and gently squeezed his aching balls, then took him deep. The tip of his prick rubbed against the soft palette of her throat.

His legs began to stiffen. Laura didn't realize how close she herself was to coming as she humped the air around her; squeezing and releasing her thighs as she tried to draw the seminal fluid from his loins.

Lou emitted a low cry that turned into a bellow, and disgorged his semen into her mouth - over her teeth and gums, with some trickling down her throat. She gagged, and pulled her head back to allow for the remaining spurts.

She also felt a warm tingling in her clit as his cum spilled down her throat. She continued to milk his spurting cock, her lips tightly sealed over his slick glans, bringing his foreskin with it with each time she swallowed.

Both his hands were in her hair, as she pushed his foreskin back with her tongue, and then allowed it to swirl around and cleanse the remaining sperm from the head of his cock.

After he had finished coming, he let her lick and suck on his testicles for a few minutes, then roughly pushed her away.

Laura pouted as if deprived of her favorite dessert.

Lou got up on shaky legs, and she watched numbly as he pulled several lightweight ropes from a dresser drawer, yanked her off the sofa, and tied her arms and ankles to a chair. She was relieved the ropes were not uncomfortably tight.


"Still want that orgasm. Baby?" Lou asked, as he leaned on another chair.

Laura nodded.

"What did you say?"

"Yes I would...."

"Very well then, pick a number from one to five."

She hesitated.

"Come on. Pick a number."


"Five it is," he said, and opened the top drawer of the dresser, lifted out a box, and presented it to her.

Opening the box, Laura saw there were five vibrators. He removed the end one, obviously number five. It was about eight inches long, and was studded its entire length.

"Oh, let's make you more comfortable," he said, and trotted into the bedroom only to return with two pillows in his arms.

With a light grunt, Lou stuffed the pillows behind her back. This forced Laura's body forward, and made the ropes around her wrists tighter. Almost immediately, she began squirming around on the chair, seeking a more comfortable position. But was not able to find one.

"Let's begin, shall we?" Lou chuckled without mirth, and brought the toy to the mouth of her wet cunt. Laura heard the faint motor start, and tensed against its insertion into her vagina. She jerked at the first touch, causing him to laugh aloud.

"I didn't think you'd be that sensitive." With a practiced hand, he guided the humming instrument up one side and down the other of her labia.

Laura bit her lip trying to contain the lustful groan that filled her throat. She failed. "Ohhhh!"

"Oh, indeed! You have a lower threshold than I'd given you credit for."

Laura's head was shaking back and forth as she gradually succumbed to the delightful thrills the vibrator was providing; yet she was embarrassed by her reaction, and mortified by his comment on her low threshold of tolerance.

My God, she thought, what will I do when he... she refused to finish the thought, and fought to make her mind a blank, only to loudly moan when he increased the vibrator's speed.

"Are you getting ready to cum?"

She refused to answer him and he punished her (if that's what it can be called) by placing the vibrator against her swollen clit.

As Laura strained against her bindings she realized her body was swathed in sweat.

Lou's free hand alternated between mauling her breasts and stretching her nipples, as he methodically worked her into a sexual frenzy. She bit her lip to help distract her from the need to come. But Lou knew exactly what he was doing, and continued teasing her by running the toy back and forth across the mouth of her cunt with an occasional bump against her throbbing clit.

Suddenly he changed tactics, shoving the vibrator into her cunt, filling her with its thickness and sending its tiny, rapid movements swirling throughout her entire body.

Laura was moving involuntarily from side to side. Her panting and groans filled the room. Lou waited patiently for several seconds, and then applied powerful pressure to her turgid nipple, drawing her into a vortex of babbling and screams while the intensity of her orgasm hammered, and then completely overwhelmed her.

Lou pushed the vibrator deeper, and grabbed her other nipple. Encouraged by her cries, he pulled and pinched them even harder. To Laura this brought on a deliciously titillating glow that triggered another small but beautiful climax.

"Cum for me!" He yelled, even as she did. "Cum for me!" he screamed into her pain distorted face. Knowing he had made her his slave, if only for a brief time.

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