tagLoving WivesWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 25

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 25

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 25

Mostly Girl Talk

Val was delighted with being included in the informal pre-shower meeting that was in progress at her sister Heather's house.

Janet was carefully laying out several pictures of different style baby carriages for the other women's inspection.

Val's mother pointed to one of the designs. Janet looked on and said, "Hmmmm, well I think it's between this one, and..." she paused to point at the third photo, "... maybe this one."

Val's mother nodded effusively, and said, "That one. Yes... definitely, that one."

The front door opened and without turning, Janet eagerly called out, "Bernie?"

It wasn't Bernie, but Joe Marcolina who walked in and laid several packages on the table in the foyer. "Nope, it's just me," he said cheerfully.

Everyone but Val ignored him.

Heather, glanced at the two choices under consideration and said, "I don't like that one."

Natalie, standing next to Heather, rubbed her nose and said, "Oh, I do."

Heather, waited a second, put a hand on Natalie's shoulder and agreeably said, "I sort of do."

"I sort of do too; only... damn I need Bernie. Where is she?" Janet threw in, and then leaned closer to give the pictures a more serious look.

Val approached the group with a tray of cups filled with vanilla and strawberry ice cream. She served her mother first and then the other women, saving Joe's portion for last.

But more on impulse than anything else, Joe grabbed a spoon and helped himself to a generous spoonful of her mother's ice cream.

Val's mother, startled and irritated by his action, blurted, "Hey! Get out of there. Get your own!"

"Joe," Val said, intervening before the two adversaries were at one another's throats, "here's your ice cream." And as if speaking to a small child, added, "See, I gave you a very generous a generous portion."

"I don't want that one. I want this one," he said, and dug the spoon back into his mother-in-laws cup again.

Bernie, having just entered the room, was embarrassed for Val and her mother, but said nothing as Joe swallowed a second spoonful of the older woman's ice cream. He saw her looking at him and something passed between them.

"What?" Joe asked her.

"Oh... nothing," Bernie replied, and went back into the kitchen to see if she could help out in there.

"It should be this one. Definitely... unless... wait," Heather said, paying no attention to Joe's shenanigans while giving careful consideration to the respective merits of each baby carriage.

Janet, distancing herself from the hostility between Joe and his mother-in-law, glanced at a small book lying on the foyer table. Joe must have brought it in, she thought and picked it up and read the title.

"What Shall We Name The Baby?"

"Oh, look, Val, a baby name book!" Janet called out and waved the book in the air.

"Hey!' Joe growled, irritated that his surprise was spoiled by Janet's nosiness.

All the women gravitated to Janet.

"Look how many names there are!" Janet said as she leafed through the book.

"I wanted that to be a surprise," Joe said, glaring at Janet, who paid no attention to him.

Val's mother, laughed, and said, "Serves you right for taking my ice cream."

"Thank you, sweetie," Val said and gave Joe a kiss on the cheek.

"You too, Janet," and she kissed her too.

Everyone, including Joe laughed, and his rude behavior was put aside.

"Oh!" Val gasped, and her mother and sister were immediately at her side asking her question after question, for they were overly concerned about the possibility of another miscarriage.

"No, no!" Val said, deflecting her sister's arm from her shoulder. The baby kicked. He's been doing that a lot."

"So it's a boy?" Janet yelled.

"No! I mean... I don't know," Val said defensively and risked a quick glance at Joe. "We don't know, honest. It was just a figure of speech, please, let it go."

The baby kicked again, and this time Val laughed and said, "Oh, God... I'm so pregnant!"

"How's Theodore sound, Joe?" Heather inquired.

"Theodore is a fine name, but we don't know that it's a boy." He and Val had agreed to keep the baby's sex a secret for the time being.

"Theodora then," Heather chirped. She was definitely trying to get under his skin.

"We'll pick a name when the time is right," Val said coming to Joe's rescue. Now were we looking at baby carriages or what?"


Several minutes later, Joe wandered into the kitchen where he knew Heather kept her liquor, found a bottle of Vodka and began making himself a stiff drink.

Heather sidled up to Janet and Bernie and asked Janet: "So how's that cute guy, what's-his-name, Willie?"

Bernie used the moment to leave and head for the kitchen.

Janet laughed and replied, "Gluck. I have no idea, actually. We went out once, a blind date. Believe me, he's a nice enough guy, but we're not a match."


"Hey, Bernie, can I make you one?" Joe said, as Bernie walked into the kitchen.

"Why not? Thanks that would be nice. Is there any orange juice for that?"

"Let's see..." he opened the fridge, took out a container and poured a generous portion into her glass, then added the vodka.

Holding the glass against her cheek for a moment, Bernie gave him a smile that could have meant anything, then went and looked out the window. She had on a pair of tight shorts that rode up high in her ass.

Joe thought he could see her pussy lips outlined against the tight material, but then again he had a vivid imagination.

God I'm getting a hardon already, he told himself as he smiled at her.

Bernie didn't blink as he eyed her breasts. She wanted him to look at her ample boobs. She had painstakingly prepared for the moment, having housed them loosely in a little silk thing that was off the shoulders and showed her flat sexy tummy right up to where the swell of her tits started. They didn't sag a bit, but were heavy enough that they swayed nicely in the thin material of her top and at the moment her nipples were clearly outlined.

Turning to Joe, she smiled and said invitingly, "Remember that time back in college, Joe?"

"Never forget it, Bernie."

"It might be nice if you dropped by my place sometime. Like around two or so. My husband just loves his golf. You could find out when and where he's playing easily enough couldn't you?"

"I could, yes," he answered, looking hard at her.

"Do that, Joe. I think we just may have found something beside the vodka we both love."

Joe's throat was dry. His ears listened for sounds of anyone coming, and not hearing any; he cupped one of her soft breasts in his free hand, and kissed her. Her tongue catapulted into his mouth, and she moaned softly as he tweaked the nipple of her breast.

Then she pulled away and said, "Someone will be in here any second." He took a step away from her and caught her hungrily eyeing his erection.

"That looks fun, Joe, now you better get away from me. It might be wise to sit down someplace inconspicuous for a while. Don't want Val or her mother spotting that tent."


Back in the living room, Heather was telling Janet about the wonderful food at The Pilot House. "The Shrimp and Grits are better than any Momma ever made."

"I don't know," Janet laughed, "My mother is a great cook."

"Oh, I'm not saying mine isn't, but...."

"Hey there's Bernie!" Val said. "Where'd you get that cool looking drink?"

"Ha!" Bernie answered; "I caught Joe making one and asked him to make me one too."

Val stared at her for a moment, taking in the halter and the tight shorts, and quickly made her way to the kitchen.

Joe was sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper and sipping from his glass of vodka.

"Make me one too, Joe, would you?" she asked sweetly. He met her eyes and responded, "Sure babe, just a sec."

Val waited, and Joe stood up, pretended to finish reading a paragraph and then went to the bottle of vodka and, after dropping three ice cubes in a glass, poured two fingers of vodka into the glass and handed it to her.

"I would have brought you one, but I thought ... because of the baby you weren't drinking."

"I'm not... it's for my mother. I didn't think you'd make her one."

"Nonsense, I'd have made her any number of drinks... um, that didn't sound right. I mean she shared the ice cream with me so why not make her a drink?"

"Nice save, Joe. I'll tell her you don't hate her," and Val turned away, but not until she'd checked his crotch out for a tell-tale bulge.

There wasn't any, Joe had rubbed an ice cube over his balls and gotten his cock to deflate just before Val had stormed into the kitchen.


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