tagLesbian SexWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 26

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 26

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 26

Late summer, 1984 - Val and Joe

"This is a terrible connection," Val said. "Where are you?"

"At the office," Joe said. "Shall I try again?"

"Maybe I should call you back."

"It's cheaper from here isn't it?"

"Let me call you back, anyway."

"Okay, good," Joe said, and hung up.

She'd been dressing for dinner when he called, and she stood now in bra and panties in the master bedroom looking in the mirror at her bulging belly.

Seven months along... wow! I look like shit. Frowning with distaste at her pregnant body, Val dialed Joe's number.

"Sexual Deviates, Incorporated," Joe said, knowing it was Val on the other end.

"I wish to request... no, make that report a crime."

"What is the crime, ma'am?"

"Reckless Abandonment," she said.

"Took all the condoms with him, did he?"

"No. He refused to buy more. I'm afraid we ran out of them."

"You...um, didn't try other methods?"

"He has a fetish about putting his thing into nasty places," she said, holding back a laugh.

"Well...that's terrible. How can I be of assistance to you...Miss?"

"It's Ms. Ms. Jones."

"The devil, you say. Well, Ms. Jones...as I said. How can I help?"

Well, I'm standing here wearing nothing but white, high-heeled, ankle strapped sandals, completely naked except for this see through peignoir. You might come right over here."

"And?" he said, his tone betraying his growing excitement.

"And be sure to bring a gross or so of various types of condoms."

"Do you like French Tickler's?" Joe said, managing a modest recovery.

"I love French Tickler's. They seem to hit the spot...every time."

"Do you like a variety of colors?"

"I love different colored condoms. They help create the proper mood."

"Would you want them put to use in...the nasty place?"

"That would be delightful; in fact you needn't use one for that entry."

"It will take me at least two hours to find that many condoms."

"But you will hurry, won't you?"

"You have my word, ma'am."

"Oh...I don't know."

"What? What don't you know?"

"You're a man, and everyone knows that men can't follow directions. You'll get lost looking for all those condoms. Perhaps I should just venture out and grab the first desirable male I see, and drag him home with me."

"I'll call you," he said with a chuckle. "You can give me directions."

"You'll probably want me to put it in for you when you get here too," she said, forcing a whining petulance into her voice.

"Oh, I can find my way on that count, I assure you."

"I'll give you thirty minutes," she said laughing.

"I'll see you in twenty," Joe said, and hung up.

Val pulled her underwear to one side and walked to the full-length mirror. The hairs surrounding her pussy were glistening with her juices.

"I may start without you, Joe darling. Better get that ass in gear."


Twenty-six minutes later, Joe was telling his wife: "I love your outfit Val. I haven't seen you in that before. Looks good on you. Damned sexy."

Val had bought the 'special outfit' two days earlier when shopping with her sister, Heather. Heather had told her it was too daring, but Val had laughed and happily made the purchase, saying, "I'll bet it's worth every penny."

"Well I want to hear if it is," her sister had replied.

Val flushed with happiness on hearing Joe's compliment to her carefully selected outfit, said, "Thanks Joe, I don't know why I put this on today. I just felt like a change. It's nice occasionally to try something new and different, don't you think?"

"If it makes you look that good, I'd certainly have to agree with you, and it does that." His hand moved lightly over her stomach, hoping the baby would move or kick. It didn't, but he was happy and so was Val.

"That's my man," Val said, and then laughed, because her real surprise lay beneath the outfit.

Joe stood up and reached for Val's hand. Without a word Val let him take her hand as she stood up.

"Let's go for a walk in the yard."

The yard wasn't what Val had had in mind, but when he took her hand she went willingly, neither saying a word as he led her around the pool and into the pool house.

Feeling safer within the enclosure, Val took a step back from her husband and held a hand up in a 'stop-wait' pose, and then slowly peeled the outfit away, revealing the see through peignoir and white, high-heeled, ankle strapped sandals, and otherwise completely naked body to him.

Joe took her into his arms and pulled her body close to his. Val slid her hands up onto his shoulders as they went into a lingering French kiss. She felt his hands slowly slide down her back to her ass, which he squeezed. Val wondered what he would do next. One thing about Joe, he was innovative in his lovemaking, she told herself.

"I love the way you dressed up for me, sweetheart," he whispered in her ear.

Val was starting to breathe heavily, her breasts rising and falling against his chest. She sighed, "Joe I... "

But she let her words trail off and she laid her head on his shoulder. The friction against her nipples through the peignoir was causing her to experience a series of little sensuous pleasures. Her fingers opened and closed repeatedly on his chest. Val seemed to have no control over her own body... wanted no control over her own body.

Joe squeezed her smooth bare ass in his hands again and then Val felt his hands lightly glide around her sides, onto her abdomen as he tried to detect any movement from the baby within.

"The baby kicked today... it was the hardest one yet," she whispered into his shoulder.

"I didn't feel anything, earlier," he said.

"You will. If not today, then maybe tomorrow. She moved earlier, Joe. It was the most beautiful thing. Our baby daughter is getting feisty. Soon it will be an everyday occurrence."

"I can't wait. This is super, Val. I really can't wait for our child to be born."

His hands wandered over her stomach and she sucked in her breath when they inched even lower.



"Tickles... you tickle when you do that."



"And how about this?" he inquired as his fingers found her swollen clitoris and pinched it lightly.

"JESUS!" she swore, and when he covered her cunt with his hand, Val panicked and quickly said, "Joe... be careful... the baby... remember the baby!"

"I will, Val. I know... I'll be careful, but I've got to have you."

"I want you too, Joe, but please be careful."

"I will... I will"

Moments later Val began to shake as he gently masturbated her clit. She couldn't help herself, she gasped as her entire body went rigid, then she let out a groan that was more of a growl as she started to cum. Joe met her open lips with his, their tongues dueling. He continued rapidly stimulating her clit with his fingers as she returned the pressure against his hand.

Joe's moved his other hand back to her ass and one of his fingers disappeared between her cheeks to toy with her tiny anal rose. Val sucked in her breath, reveling in the tingles of pleasure that gave her. She moaned loudly when two more fingers found her moistened pussy and easily entered into its warm sanctuary. His fingers pressed deeper into both openings and Val screamed with pleasure.

He began to move his fingers in and out of her more rapidly and this brought her to another climax. But Joe did not slacken his attentions until she at last went totally limp and slumped against him. Joe held her for a few moments then gently sat her on the chaise lounge nearby.

In a moment or two Val looked up at him. Her swollen breasts were bared, inviting his mouth to torment them. Joe looked her over, and smiled saying, "You are so beautiful... and baby, you go off like a bomb. Why, when I've talked about women with the guys..."

"You talk about me with your friends?"

"No... Not that way! It's just ... guy's talk, you know? And when they do, sex almost always comes into the conversation. What I mean is... I've never heard any of them say that their girls, or wives cum like you. Mind you, I listen, I don't talk about us. Not sexually anyway."

Val let his words sink in, then replied, "Well, girls talk too, Joe. And from what I've heard I think we have a much better sex life than most."

"That's gratifying to hear," he said, as he turned her over.

"What are you going to do?" Val asked, sounding like a shy little girl.

"I'm going to fuck you, my dear." He spit into the palm of his hand and rubbed the saliva on his engorged cockhead.

"You be careful, Joe. I'm not kidding. Be careful of the baby!"

"I will," he said, "I don't want anything happening to our baby."

Val seemed mollified by his words, and of course she was literally dripping with want for him.

"My God, will you look at your nipples?"

"Aren't they something?"

"I can practically tell you how many goose bumps are on your areola."

Joe moved closer, intending to kiss them, but as he drew close he stopped and stared. "That thing you're wearing... whatchamacallit?"

"My peignoir?"

"It's sticking to them... the nipples."

"Oh... Damn, I'm leaking milk!"

"I never saw that before!'

"I never did it before. Want a taste?"


Val took a deep breath, swiftly cupped her left breast and slipped the other hand into her peignoir; once her fingers were under it, she lifted the entire breast out. At 24, Val's breasts still had the resiliency of a healthy 16-year-old's. The anticipation built up from waiting for Joe's arrival. The fact that she had refrained from masturbating while waiting and his reaction to her attire and especially to her swollen breasts had her pussy throbbing, and probably accelerated her milk production.

Joe noticed the difference in her breasts... how the skin seemed to shine and stretch; and he considered her then and there to be the most beautiful and desirable woman he'd ever seen.

Val giggled and then Joe felt a light spray hitting him in the face.

"I'm getting even for those times you came on my face, big boy."

Only then did he realize that she was spraying milk from her teat and opened his mouth to engulf the five or six small fountains arcing from her nipple.

Val smiled at him, playfully, much the same as other women with an abundance of milk, obviously delighted with herself.

She was careful not to overdo things; unsure if wasting the milk now would deprive the baby when it was born in a few weeks.

"That was lovely, Val. I love you. I hope you know that."

"Oh, Joe, that's wonderful to hear. I love you too. I really, really do!"

Joe slid her panties up over her hips until the thin strap was snug over her cunt and between the cheeks of her ass. (A modified wedgie, if you will) He turned her, lifted her chin, so that she had to look in his eyes.

They embraced, kissing without a break. He read the effect in her breathing and in her tongues confrontational response. He knew that when genuinely embarrassed, or highly aroused, the dark rose on her cheeks also suffused her neck, shoulders and breasts. Blooming like a fever, it seemed to make her flesh swell. Her ear lobes and nipples became dark.

Joe sank to the floor, and kneeling behind her, pressed his face to the backs of both her knees. He moved upward until his face was buried in her bottom, the weight of her cheeks warm on his. Listening to her almost constant moans, he stripped the thin panties down her legs, leaving them around her ankles, and slid his hands over her hips and waist, up and over her swollen belly, until he was able to lift both breasts. In a few seconds, with his nose and mouth burrowing into her, Val's legs went soft. She suddenly ceased standing and most of her weight shifted onto Joe's face and chest. He dropped his hands and massaged the spongy front wall inside her cunt with his thumb; shortly thereafter he pushed a finger rhythmically in her asshole and Val's body started to shake and he had to hold her until she could stand again. She was dry tinder in a forest of smoldering sexual appetites.

He used his face to spread her honey-juice over her bottom and legs, returning to surround his face with the firm cheeks of her ass again and again.

Finally Val nodded. "Okay," she said, "time to fuck!"

Hardly reassured by his words, Val tried to evade his cock as he was placing at her asshole.

"C'mon, Joe, you know that hurts."

"Want me to talk dirty again? Okay, you like it when I hurt you. You're my little slut, remember?"

"No! No! No!" Val moaned.

He grabbed her by the hair. This was not what Val had imagined they'd be doing when he came home. What had gone wrong? It had started out perfectly with her skimpy outfit and his getting her off... maybe she should blow him... maybe....

He rubbed the tip of his erection against her anus, spit on his hand and applied the moisture to her puckered hole hoping to lube it sufficiently to gain easy entry. It had worked in the past.

"It's too fucking big! C'mon, Joe, I'm a little girl back there!"

"I got you off, Val..."

"And I'll do you, honey... here let me...."

He pulled the hair on her head hard and she groaned with the sudden pain, then realized what he wanted and opened her mouth eagerly to accept his throbbing cock.

Val used every trick she had in her arsenal on sucking cock.

Soon Joe was lost in lust, moaning, "You're such a dirty cunt when you want to be."

Val took him deep.

"That's so dirty" Joe gasped.

"Your mouth is so good!"

His hand went to her crotch and felt the excessive moisture there. "And you're so wet for me!"

"Mmmm," she responded, and almost immediately regretted having done so.

He was already at her ear, whispering, "If it hurts so much how is it that you're so fucking wet down there, huh?"

Taking him from her mouth, she looked up at him and said firmly, "Stop it, stop it right now!"

Joe had no intention of stopping anything. He knew enough to leave her ass alone, and turned her so that she was facing north and he south, and then he got on top and went down on her.

Val was fine with that, and after gratefully licking his cock in acknowledgement of his capitulation on fucking her up the ass, lowered his balls to her mouth and suckled them.

"Oh, yeah, lick it! Lick my ass!"

With the first touch of her tongue on his anus, Joe made for her clit, and calling her his wonderful slut, began licking and sucking on her clit occasionally alternating by slapping it, and then fingering her cunt until she came.

When she recovered from her climax Val jerked him off.


"Well, that was not what I expected. Not at all," Val told him.

"What do you mean?"

"I don't see any colored condoms... for one," she said with a smirk.

"I don't... wait!" he replied and got up, found his slacks and fished in the pockets until he produced a package of colored condoms. "There you go!"

Pleased that he had taken time to find them, Val opened the package, took out a bright orange rubber and daintily pulled it over his rapidly rising erection.

"Is this a tickler?"

"No, I thought I'd do the tickling," he said and began tickling her. A few minutes later he had her on all fours and mounted her from behind. She did not object when he entered her anus.

There's a time and a place for everything, Val thought, and now's the time for my ass to get some.

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