tagNovels and NovellasWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 28

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 28

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 28

Introducing Nick Fitzgerald

Nick Fitzgerald, a balding, well built thirty-four year-old former guard for a UNCW college basketball team, sat in his plush leather recliner. He was staring at the architectural drawing of a huge development pinned to the wall on the opposite side of his office. He was richer than he'd ever thought he would be. He had a great looking wife in Janet, and a secret lover in Harrison Von Damm, who he was helping to get rich selling his real estate properties.

Nick had a good thirty minutes before a scheduled meeting with Joe Marcolina and another banker, at which they would discuss the most favorable rates he could expect on his next land purchase.

He felt himself growing hard, and closed his eyes, as he recalled his first sexual experience. He'd been eighteen and still lived at home with his parents. He had met the man in a movie theater rest room. Nick was urinating, and realized the man standing next to him was looking over the slight partition and staring at his penis. He found himself with an erection and made his cock jump for the man's benefit.

"Want me to suck you off?" the man offered.

Nick was so excited he couldn't speak, but managed to nod, and the man steered him into the nearest stall, had him sit on the toilet tank with his feet on the toilet seat and blew him.

They waited patiently while someone came in and took a crap in the next stall. Then with the lingering stench of his bowel movement still permeating the air, they switched places and Nick took a cock in his mouth for the first time.

When his partner came in his mouth, Nick realized he loved the feel and taste of it, and resolved to repeat the act as soon as possible. He promptly confessed that he'd never done it before and received a warm, moist kiss from the stranger. Moments later, the man left and was gone from Nick's life forever.

Two months later, Nick took Kathleen MacGruder to her sister's wedding. To say that he was sexually inexperienced would be an understatement. Other than the mystery man in the rest room, he had "made out" with a girl just one time. Four months earlier he had had a kissing spree with Monica Frapp. He got as far as clutching at her right breast through her clothing and was promptly rebuffed. There was no second attempt. The rejection he felt all but made him a recluse.

But when Kathleen's mother called Nick's mother, asking if he would take her daughter to the wedding, his mother accepted for him and that was that.

Nick knew Kathleen, of course. They had gone to high school and shared several classes together. While considered a wallflower, Kathleen was not unattractive. What Nick had not reckoned on was her sexual appetite. Kathleen had promised herself she would lose her virginity after the wedding, and didn't care who she lost it too.

So attired in his powder blue tux, slicked back hair and his father's car, Nick headed out to pick Kathleen up. They were halfway to their destination when Kathleen turned to him and asked, "Do you like me?"

Working through a dry mouth Nick managed to choke out, "Yes, Kathleen, I do like you."

That got him a soft smile. As his eyes adjusted to the dimness, he saw that she was waiting for him to make the first move. Then she would decide how to respond to it. Nice girls didn't make the first move.

Nick fooled her, though; he didn't make a first move, he was already breathing faster than usual. And, while there were all kinds of things he wanted to attempt with her, he was afraid of being rebuffed. He was obligated to take her to the wedding, and while his hormones raged, he couldn't risk offending her before the wedding took place.

The wedding went well enough, and after the picture taking was finished they got back in his father's car and were driving to the Country Club where the reception was to be held. Kathleen leaned into him, but Nick didn't react the way she thought he would. Kathleen breathed a little sigh, perhaps of exasperation. "What's the matter, Nick?"

"You scare me a little," he replied candidly. "Or, I guess, I scare me. You're so pretty, Kathleen...I'm afraid to touch you."

She looked at him a little oddly; but thought carefully before she spoke. "Don't you even want to kiss me?"

He moved quickly toward her and bruised his chest on the steering wheel. "Oh, yes, I do...very much."

She leaned her head back against the car seat and tilted her face to him. In the body language of the time, that meant 'Do it, you idiot'.

Nick pulled the car over to the side of the road, leaned over and carefully kissed her cheek, then the corner of her mouth, then her lips. She kissed him back, which was what it took to unfreeze his brain. He slipped an arm around her shoulder, and she leaned closer and put one hand on his. Nick knew how to kiss; he'd had plenty of practice with the men he'd come to meet at night almost every weekend.

He went slowly, trying to be very gentle and romantic. But kissing Kathleen was very different, there seemed to be a future here, no matter if only this night, there was something in the air, he could sense it.

Minutes later he couldn't believe his ears.

"So... will you do it with me?"


"It's just ... I want to lose my virginity!"

And so, Nick found a parking spot in the all but deserted park next to the country club. They got into the backseat and fucked, until he'd cum three times. He never inquired if Kathleen had cum too, it appeared that she had, she was happy enough. They fixed themselves as much as possible under the circumstances, and went to the reception with almost no one the wiser. Kathleen couldn't help bragging about it to her sister, the bride, who thought it wonderful that her little sister had lost her virginity on her wedding day. Her sister couldn't wait to tell the Maid of Honor, who eventually told her younger sister and soon it was common knowldege among Kathleen's peers and Nick found himself with two more girlfriends in the following month.

Nick tried college, but didn't like it. He quit, and took a job working for his uncle and learned several trades, among them, plumbing and carpentry. He would put this to use after returning to college and taking several business courses that helped him when he first went into the home building business.

His sex life went on hold for two years; then he met a handsome young man named Tom with whom he tried anal intercouse and found he liked it.

From that point on, he gravitated to meeting men at various places, and managed to keep it secret from friends and family. At the same time he dated several women all of whom thought him a good catch as a prospective husband.


Now Janet Fowler had a theory about confidence. She had never met a man with sexual confidence that didn't have a cock like a mule. The fact that she met most of the men in her life while drunk didn't occur to her. She felt very strongly that this was a given and had confided this to Valerie Marcolina one time on the tennis court. "It's there, the confidence, I mean, maybe you don't see it straight off, and maybe even he doesn't know it, but subconsciously he knows it and he'll walk like one of those cowboy gunfighters because of it."

Val had smiled and in her usual style had said nothing to contradict her friend.

Janet was at a cocktail party, staring across the room at Nick Fitzgerald. She wasn't quite inebriated, but she was getting there. He walks like John Fuckin' Wayne, she thought. Not a pretty face, but he's got kind of rugged good looks and he carries himself well, like royalty, Ha!

Janet studied the group he was with, and decided that in his current circle of admirers there were more women than men. It could be because he's rich. They smell his money. He's single, never married... and how the hell do I know this? Listening to those two hags in the powder room, that's how.

He looks like it's a given that one of them will want him to take them home with him. I'd go. I'd go in a minute. He'd say something like, "You know I like you, Janet, so why don't we jump in the bed and fuck?"

And I'd have no answer for that. I'd just jump into bed with him.

Twenty minutes later, Janet was facing him, worried about slurring her words; worried that he could see the heat rising off of her; possibly smell her arousal at being this close to him.

She wasn't wrong in her initial perceptions of him. They were alone in a corner of the room and he told her that she had the nicest tits.

"You think? Myself, I think they're smallish."

"They're a good mouthful, Fowler."

"Call me Janet."

He laughed and said, "I'll call you drunk."

"Not as drunk as you," she countered, "But if you want to give them a squeeze, go ahead."

He was inches from her face. "I really want to see your tits, Janet."

"There's more to me than just tits, Fitzgerald," she said deliberately calling him by his last name as he had done to her earlier.

"I think we're both a little drunk, Janet."

She flushed at hearing him call her by her first name and responded by saying, "You want to see them, I'll show you my tits." And started to pull her top off.

Nick caught her hands and prevented her from embarrassing herself, saying, "Not here. Let's take a short ride to my place."

Without another word they left, and when they were in his converible, Janet peeled off her top, undid her bra and out they came.

"Nice," he said and meant it.

She did a thing with her shoulders and made them shake inches from his face.

"Did I say nice? I meant perfect," and he swooped in and took one nipple in his mouth while cupping the other breast and sucked until Janet gasped with pleasure.

"You're a bad boy, you know? Taking advantage of me when I'm drunk..."

He tweaked both nipples then kissed her. She held his head tightly to her breast when he returned to suckle again.

"Now that... feels especially good," she purred. This prompted Nick to lick his way across both breasts, down to her navel back up to her mouth. Janet opened her mouth and kissed him back while his hands continued massaging her tits.

"I... I have to... see something," she murmured into his ear, then felt along his thigh until reaching the bulge there. She smiled knowingly.

"What?" Nick said, puzzled about her smile.

"I just knew you were hung like a horse."

Nick didn't consider himself to be "hung." He had seven inches, he knew that as he had measured himself countless times. And several male partners had complemented him as well.

"I want to play with your dick," she gushed and struggled to unzip his fly. Nick pushed her hand aside and took his member out and then placed it in her hand.

He went to raise her dress above her waist, but she stopped him, saying, "Me first, you'll get your chance." Holding him in her fist, she lowered her head to his lap and looked up at him.

She took it all at once. Then slowly let it out of her mouth, and did it again. The vacuum lock was on. His hand joined hers, and together they began working his cock up and down. Janet ran her tongue over the head, nibbled on the tip, and made Nick go wild. She was as good at sucking cock as any guy he'd ever known!

"Suck it you dirty fucking...."

Of course that caused her to pause and look up at him. "I've never done this before, Nick, am I doing it right?"

He knew she was lying, but didn't care. "Yes... wonderful," he told her. "Janet, you keep doing this and I'm going to cum right in your mouth." He was concerned about HIV. In her inebriated state Janet couldn't have cared less. Anyway, to her way of thinking her lover was clean as could be.

She continued to work his cock, her head bobbing up and down as her hand jerked him off. She knew intuitively he was about to ejaculate.

"Janet, I'm gonna, cum."

"I know," she said, but with her mouth full it sounded like gibberish to him.

Suddenly, she stopped sucking and began jerking him off with more intensity. She looked up at him with those sexy eyes and he knew he would ask her to marry him.

"Come on Nicky, cum for me!"

A second later he groaned and shot a white creamy ribbon across both of her breasts.

"Oh, my!" she shrieked delightedly.

He wanted to finish in her mouth and guided his cock to her lips. She knew what to do, and caught the second shot in her mouth before she could finish what she was saying. He came again and her mouth never left his pulsing cock. She worked to get every last drop.

Nick's knees were weak, he had that feeling men get after a wonderful blowjob and their partner keeps sucking on them. Gently he placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her away, saying, "It's kinda sensitive right now."

Janet purred like a satisfied cat and began rubbing his sperm into her breasts. She opened her mouth to show him the cum on her tongue, then made a show of swallowing it and then ran her tongue seductively over her lips.

Nick didn't want her thinking the show was over, and began hauling her dress over her hips. She didn't resist, but raised her rump to help him get the garment out of the way.

She was wearing a black thong. Ever so gently, Nick worked a finger under the tight thong and stroked the outer lips of her pussy. She moaned softly as he barely touched her. With her help he slipped the thong off her and discovered a thick patch of red hair just above the mons; otherwise she was cleanly shaven.

"Just one minute," he told her, and turned the engine on, then raised the convertible's top. "Just a little more privacy, you think?"

Janet laughed and climbed into the back, shedding the dress enroute. All she wore now were her heels. She laughed wickedly when Nick shoved his jacket under her ass and began licking her feet.

He worked slowly, methodically and Janet enjoyed every second of his touches and kisses. She almost climaxed when he kissed the backs of each knee. And while delighting in his artistry as a lover, she grew impatient for him to go down on her.

In this, he was far ahead of her.

"Honey, I want you to lick my pussy. You're driving me crazy." She was humping the air in front of her as he made his way up her thigh. He continued to tease her by getting close, but bypassing her cunt and moving up to suck her navel. She was putty in his hands; she wanted it bad and he knew it. Slowly, he circled across her belly, even rising to suck each nipple again while she moaned and arched her back and rolled her hips.

She was ready... He left a nipple and went straight to her clit. Her hand joined his tongue as she began to help out. "Lick me there, please put your...."

But he was already there, and before she could say anything else he'd circled her clit, nipped at it and while she screamed her delight, sent his tongue into her pussy and tongue-fucked her to her first climax.

Even as her body was trembling with the rush, he tongued her anus and brought her off again.

"Holy shit, Nicky!" Her legs were beginning to shake and she was losing control. But he had another erection and wasn't about to waste it.

He pulled her up, and kissed her passionately. They were both covered with sweat. She knew he was about to fuck her and grabbed his cock.

He thought she was going to insert him into her. But she pushed him away, saying, "Let's finish this in a bed. Preferably yours. I have a roomate and while I don't normally care, I don't feel like sharing you with her."

She liked threesomes! He thought, and exhaulted in what might occur in the future as they quickly dressed, and then drove to his place.

Once inside, he bent her over the kitchen table and fucked her as her tits mashed against the cool wooden butchers block.

He was savage; like nothing Janet had ever experienced before. She let go... let him do as he wished, and was rewarded with climax after climax until she was sure she couldn't stand, much less walk.

Later, she relived the experience, reveling in the fact that he had twisted his hand in her hair, almost uprooting a huge chuck while at the same time his massive cock was slapping her across the face as she gulped at it, trying in vain to get it into her mouth.

He had pinched her nipples and she was sure he'd made her cum from it. He had also slapped her pussy until it felt raw; jabbed two fingers up her ass until she was begging him to fuck her there. But he did not do it. He was "saving it," she remembered him saying.

When they finished, the insides of her thighs were greased with juice. The room reeked of sex. She recalled having laughed insanely because, with the couch covered in protective plastic, they made a continuous series of farting sounds as they wreaked havoc on it.

Never in her life had Janet been so hot for so long a period of time. Nick felt much the same; surprising himself with his desire for her. Until this night, only another man could have gotten him this worked up.

Two nights later, they were engaged.

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