tagLesbian SexWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 27

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 27

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 27

Val gives Birth – Has Affair with Bernie

Finally the big day came and when the contractions started, Val's housekeeper called Joe, who in turn called 911, and then left the office for the Hospital to be with Val.

He was soon joined by Val's mother and sister, and together, with several other family members joining them, they waited seven hours for her to give birth to a seven pound baby girl, quickly named Caroline by the couple.

After another three hours passed, Joe took his leave and left for home. Heather decided to stay with her sister for the night, and eventually the others left.


The next six weeks were hectic for the new parents, but Val couldn't say enough good things about the way her husband helped out with Caroline.

Val was telling Bernie, "He gets up for her two am feeding every night, letting me sleep through until four, or four thirty when I breast feed her again."

"Wow, that doesn't sound like him at all," Bernie said, holding the baby in her arms while wondering why he hadn't stopped by her place.

"Well, it is him, and he has so much work to do. Don't say anything to anyone, but he's heard that he may be made president when Lionel Cooper retires this fall."

"That IS GOOD news," Bernie said, "But isn't he kind of young to get THAT job?"

"You would think so, but he has brought in so much money to the bank that ... well, they almost have to give it to him or risk losing him to the competition."

Bernie nodded and handed Caroline back to Val. "She needs a change, Val."

"Want to do it?" Val teased.

"Um, no thanks."

Val giggled and said, "I thought not," and proceeded to change her daughter's diaper in an expert manner that had Bernie smiling with admiration.

"Isn't caring for Caroline tiring?"

"Of course it is. But then, I do get a lot of help from my mother and sister. And don't forget the housekeeper. She adores Caroline and would do anything for her."

"But it's still tiring, isn't it?"

"Well I just told you...."

"I know, I know, and I'm sorry. I didn't mean that."

"Well, what are you getting at, Bernie?"

"I... I was wondering if ..."

"Bernie, please get to the point."

"Have you and Joe..."

"No we haven't. Not yet, anyway." Then Val, engulfed in what would later be termed a light postpartum depression, began to cry. Bernie held Val close to her chest and tried to soothe her. Val seemed to be responding to her when Caroline began to cry.

"Oh, Christ," Val swore and stood up and went to the baby's crib, lifted her up and brought her back to the couch where she had been sitting with Bernie.

"Feeding time," she announced, as she freed a breast from its confinement and tendered it to her daughter, who sucked greedily at it.

Bernie tried not to stare, but couldn't help noticing how big and fat her nipples were. They weren't at all like Bernie remembered them. Now they were swollen with milk, the nipples thick and elongated from Caroline's feeding frenzies.

"She makes me so fucking horny," Val said, smiling weakly at her old college roommate.

"Joe will probably remedy that when he gets home," Bernie offered, but stared hard at the nipple as it sprayed milk onto the diaper on Val's shoulder after tugging it from between Caroline's lips.

"Does... does Joe get to drink some of that liquid at night?"

Val looked at her, sniffed and wiped her nose with a tissue, then looked away

"What? Did I say something wrong?"

Val started to cry.

"Val, what is it?"

"Nothing... I'm fine."

"Val, we've known each other..."

"I know, Bernie. I know!" she sobbed

"C'mon, Val, you'll feel better if you let it out."

"Will I," she said lamely. "Will I?"

Bernie said nothing, but waited. Val made certain that Caroline was satisfied, checked her diaper, saw that it was fine and placed her back in the crib where she fell fast asleep.

In a small voice, Val said, "He... he still hasn't touched me."

"He may be worried about hurting you," Bernie said placatingly.

"Bull shit!" Val spat out, "I as much as begged him. I tried to suck his dick and he rebuffed me!"

"I don't know what to say... maybe a counselor?"

"Fuck counselors, I want to get laid!"

"Don't worry, he'll come around, Val, they all do."

"Bernie, forgive me, but what the hell do you know about him?"

"He's a male. They have cycles too. Not exactly like we do, but they have them and just maybe he's stuck in one and can't get out."

"Can't get it up? No, don't go there. He has his morning erection like clockwork. I look for it. Maybe it's me. Have I gotten ugly all of a sudden? I heard that sometimes...."

"Of course not, Val, you're beautiful. You were positively radiant all though your pregnancy with Caroline. And if you ask me I think you're more beautiful than ever."

Val smiled, and said, "What bullshit!"

"No, Val... no bullshit. When I watched you feeding Caroline I wanted to be her. I wanted your nipple in my mouth. I wanted to suck those luscious tits of yours. And I want to dive between your legs and lick your beautiful pussy."

"Stop it!" Val said, her voice rising, "Just fucking stop talking like that."

"We did it years ago, Val."

"That was then."

They didn't say anything for a while, but Val reached out and took Bernie's hand in hers and patted it while they watched TV. Bernie wanted to leave, she was embarrassed at having revealed her true thoughts and felt that her long friendship was at an end.

"I should leave," she told Val.

"Did you really mean it?"

"What? It's been a while. I seemed to have forgotten what I said."

"You said..." and Val took a deep breath before continuing, "You wanted my nipple in your mouth. You want to suck my luscious tits, and dive between my legs and eat my pussy. That's about what you said, Bernie. Did you mean it?"

Bernie shifted in her seat as her pussy gushed. She sucked in her breath and her face turned red.


"Um, yes, I meant it. I don't know why Joe doesn't want you," she whispered. "I know I do!"

Val looked in Bernie's eyes and saw an undeniable hunger in them. Val reached into her blouse and extracted the breast Caroline had not fed on. "Want this, do you?"

"Yes... I want it very badly."

Val stood up and holding the breast protectively, walked to the bedroom. Bernie followed without a word.

"Do we have time before the baby wakes up?" Bernie asked in a husky voice.

"Yes, she should be out for a couple of hours."

"Good because I want us to make love for a couple of hours."

Val shuddered at her words, and began to strip. Bernie stood stock still, watching her. Val had lost almost all her pregnancy fat. Her belly was still soft, and a little round and it looked very sexy.

"Oh my god, Val... you're luscious."

Bernie began to take her own clothes off, and when naked, stood up to embrace her. They pressed their breasts together, sending a jolt of electricity through both of them.

Bernie managed to stay away from Val's breasts, compelled herself to cup Val's firm ass. And when she squeezed it, Val moaned into her mouth. They kissed then, and kept kissing and using their respective tongues to explore and entertain the other. Bernie angled her groin forward so that their mounds made contact, and the kisses ended in order that both could moan and caress the other.

In their previous encounters back in college, Val had been the aggressor, but now it was Bernie who initiated things, like licking the white skin at the nape of Val's neck. It was Bernie who straddled Val, and began a long round of tit play, Squeezing them and making her lactating breasts squirt high in the air while playfully attempting to capture the falling liquid before it landed on her face or Val's chest.

Both were laughing gleefully at Bernie's antics. Val was no longer morose about Joe's lack of attention. She was in her element now. She would be experiencing wonderfully dramatic orgasms and knew it. Further, she was already looking ahead to going down on her long time friend.

At that moment all Val wanted was to be teased and fucked in that order. Bernie flicked a nipple and Val moaned low in her throat. Before she was finished moaning, Bernie had the nipple between her teeth, nipping at it and sending a current of pleasure right to Val's cunt.

"Suck them, Bern," she moaned. And when Bernie did just that, Val began to pant.

"You like that?"

"Yes... oh yes... do it again."

Bernie released the nipple and went to the other, repeating the sucking.

"If you don't stop," Val gasped, "I'll gonna..."

Bernie wrenched her lips from Val's tit and a dollop of milk flew through the air.

"Oh, Bernie..." she moaned, "Suck me, suck me, suck me!"

Bernie felt her legs open beneath here and slid one hand between Val's moist thighs. She was soaked down there. Her fingers lazily played with Val's wet slit as her milk filled her mouth. Bernie lifted her head up and looked at Val.

"Can you suck your own tits?"

"I...I don't know."

"I bet you can, they're big enough. Put a pillow under your head."

She pulled a big fluffy pillow under her head, and Bernie took her hand and placed it around her breast, then pushed it up and suddenly the nipple was right at her mouth.

"Suck yourself. You'll love it."

Val took herself in her mouth and began to suck.

"Harder," Bernie urged.

Val's eyes went wide as the milk went into her mouth. "Oh, wow!" was all she could say.

Bernie giggled and returned to her other tit and they suckled together. Moments later, Bernie's hand went back to her cunt and began rubbing it in earnest. She found the hardened clit and pinched it. Val's body leaped up off the bed as if given a huge shock.

But she continued sucking on her own breast, although now a shudder passed through her every few seconds.

Bernie knew she was close; she knew she was also close and hurried things along by sending two fingers into Val's gaping hole while her thumb busily strummed Val's clit. Val's legs were thrashing about, but she never stopped sucking herself.

Bernie frigged her faster.

Her hand was coated with Val's juices.

She pinched the clit again and Val let go of her breast and yelled, "OH, MY GOD!"

Her body went rigid.

She began to rock her entire body, lifting Bernie as easily as if she were a feather.


Finally Bernie eased herself off her. Val lay there panting with her eyes closed. There was milk all over her tits making them shiny and slick. Bernie glanced between her legs and it was the same story there.

"Oh my... that was wonderful," Val breathed.

"Yes it was." Bernie replied lying next to her. Her hand lazily caressed Val's sides and her belly.

"Sucking my milk was so... kinky," she laughed.

"Mmmm... and it tasted wonderful," Bernie added.

"Do you own a vibrator?"

"Yes, of course I do," Val replied.

"Would you like to use it on me?"

Val hesitated slightly, "If you want me too."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes," and to prove it, she reached over to her nightstand and took the vibe out of the drawer.

"How...how would you like it?"

"Why don't I lay here and let you do what I used to do to you?" Bernie suggested.

"Good... okay, Val said softly as Bernie lay flat on her back.

Val turned the vibrator on and when nothing happened, cursed.

"I hope you have fresh batteries," Bernie laughed.

"Um, yeah... I think...." She got out of bed and walked into the master bath and returned a moment later with several batteries, which she quickly and efficiently replaced the old batteries with new ones. The vibrator hummed loudly and both women laughed excitedly.

Val placed the tip along Bernie's labia and her body shuddered from the vibration

"That's it," Bernie said. "Just tease me."

Bernie's hands went up to her own breasts and she began to pull and twist them as Val moved the humming instrument through most of the secret crevices of Bernie's cunt. She opened her legs wider giving Val a silent invitation to push deeper. She did just that and Bernie let out a long sigh as the vibe filled her waiting pussy.

"Oh, yes, Val, that feels so fucking good."

Val smiled and increased the motion.

"Mmmm, that's it. You do that so well."

Wave after wave of warm pleasure spread throughout Bernie's body. She closed her eyes and pictured herself sucking Val's sweet tits again.


"Like this?"

"OH, YES!"

And before she knew it, Bernie's pussy was gripping the vibe and her body was exploding. The orgasm came so hard and so fast she had difficulty breathing.

Val kept up the pace as Bernie shook uncontrollably. Her legs closed around the vibrator, pulling it in, but Val didn't stop until Bernie begged her too.

Eventually she pulled it out with a soft plopping noise. Bernie went limp.

"Was it good?" Val asked.

A full minute passed before Bernie could answer her.

"Oh, fuck, yes it was... wow."

They lay side by side recovering.

"How long before she wakes?" Bernie asked.

Val looked at the clock. "Another 30 minutes, or so."

"Good," Bernie said as she rolled Val onto her back, moved between her legs and began to lap at the others creamy cunt.

"You like to be eaten?" Bernie asked.

"Yes..." Val breathed, "You can't imagine how much."

Bernie assaulted Val's cunt and then her breasts over and over until at last she came, screaming so loud it was impossible to believe Caroline didn't start crying. But the angel slept through that climax and the following one.

Val was so depleted from the tumultuous orgasms that Bernie had to hold Caroline to Val's breast as she drank her fill.

Bernie became a regular visitor to the Marcolina home after that day, partaking in the excess milk in Val's generous breasts until they went dry.

Needless to say, during that period, Val used her breasts to entice Joe back into her bed and his enthusiasm mad her forget that he had ever shied away from her. What all this meant was that any postpartum depression disappeared.

All was well in her world.

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