tagGroup SexWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 41

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 41

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 41

The Foursome, Act One

The day of the scheduled foursome, both Val and Joe were pretty quiet. Chores were taken care of quietly, and efficiently. Around two in the afternoon, Joe caught her in his arms and asked, "Nervous?"

"Yes," Val responded, "and excited. I keep wondering what it will be like, you know... you watching me and Wanda. And Gerry and...."

"Just remember, you'll be watching me too," he said and smiled.

"Val, why not take a nice hot bath?"

"Thanks, it's a tempting offer, but no. I want to be on edge like this. Joe, I'm so primed for this, honey. I've been wet ever since I woke up this morning. Do you know I've masturbated three times today?"

"Really? I've wanted to jerk off, but I don't dare for fear of ruining tonight's performance."

"You should have, darling. You're a bull, or a stallion, which ever is more virulent. It wouldn't damage your performance, and I doubt if it would even affect Gerry's, God love him."

"Jesus, Val, the very idea of you letting Wanda and Gerry fuck you... with me watching, has me in knots."

"You'll be fucking too, my dear. Keep that in mind when you mention watching me in action. Oh, Joe, I feel so wonderfully naughty and so sexy."

An hour before the others were to arrive, Val succumbed to Joe's idea and took a hot bath to relax. At seven-thirty, she dried herself off, perfumed her most desirable body parts, and slipped into a pair of tiny lace panties. They were sheer black and her shaven vaginal lips could be seen through the material. She turned to the left, and then the right as she looked in the mirror, loving the sight of her pert little ass in the brief panties.

She wore no bra; there seemed no sense in wearing one. They would all be nude, or nearly so, soon enough. Her skirt barely covered her rear, and her blouse was all but transparent, leaving little to the imagination.

When Joe saw her, he gave her an appreciative whistle. "You are so hot...."

Val smiled demurely, and said, "I know."

Gerry arrived first, with an expensive bottle of wine. Joe met him and they made themselves comfortable in the large living room overlooking the Cape Fear River. Val called a greeting from the bar in the next room, but was careful not to let Gerry see her. She took their drink orders and busied herself making the drinks while impatiently awaiting Wanda's arrival.

Trying to disguise his nervousness, Joe said, "Um, Gerry... I don't know exactly how to say this but..."

Gerry reached into the inside pocket of his jacket and said, "Relax, Joe. I have the contact's name and number for you." He handed Joe a business card. "Call him tomorrow, around four. Give him your name and number. That's all. He'll call you back in a few minutes. Understand he needs to use a clean phone for these conversations. Your own is good for now, but get yourself a few of those disposable phones for future use, and change them weekly."

Val came into the room, and both men stood and stared, making her tingle all over.

"Wanda's pulling into the drive, dear."

"Perfect timing," Joe said, getting up to go to the front door.

"Let me answer the door with you," Gerry said.

"I don't know if Wanda can take looking at you two hunks," Val said, smiling at them as she leaned over the couch, and allowed her half open blouse to fall apart exposing most of her breasts.

Both men went to the door with hardons bulging, and opened the door to greet Wanda, who was attired in a sensual white tennis outfit.

"Hello, Joe. Hello, Gerry. Nice to see you," she said.

"It's been too long, Wanda," Joe said, and kissed her lightly on the lips.

Gerry was more ardent with her, taking her in his arms and kissing her deeply.

"I see you haven't changed, Gerry," she said, when their mouths parted.

"I'll take that as a compliment, Wanda." He took a step back and examined her. "You're looking ravishing, as usual. Did you win your match?"

"I never play the game, darling. But I do love the outfits." She looked over their shoulders, smiled at Val, and just to distract the men, said, "Would one of you darling men please get me a drink?"

"What would you like?" Joe asked.

"A martini... gin, two olives," she replied, moving steadily toward Val. The two women hugged, and then without a word, they kissed passionately and fell upon the couch, still in an embrace.

Joe nodded to himself, and moved behind the bar to fix Wanda's drink. Gerry smiled gleefully, and plopped himself down on the loveseat just across from the two women who were still kissing.

Joe returned with the martini and stood watching the women kiss. With a wry smile on his face he turned to face Gerry who had already taken his cock out, and was stroking it as he enjoyed the sight of the women kissing. Joe shook his head; Gerry shrugged his shoulders, and slipped his erection back into his slacks.

When the kiss ended, Joe just grinned, and went over to the couch and placed Wanda's martini down on the coffee table in front of her.

"That's my wife you're making out with," he said, feigning disapproval.

"Do I need your permission?" Wanda asked genially.

"Yes, you do," he replied, glancing at Gerry who was avidly watching the encounter.

Joe, moving quickly, scooped Val up from the couch, and raised her up in the air so that she was partially over his head.

"Whee!" Val exclaimed, as he carried her over to an armchair and managed to sit down before depositing her across his lap. She tilted her head, and they kissed just as passionately as the two women had moments earlier.

"Good for you!" Wanda called out, and made for Gerry, who accepted her on his lap with open arms.

The foursome made small talk for a few minutes and might have continued except that Joe slipped his right arm around Val's neck and lightly lingered on her nipple. Both Gerry and Wanda stared, their common lust for Val evident on their faces as Joe leaned into Val and kissed her on the neck. Val's upper body flushed with evident arousal, and her nipples stood out prominently under the almost sheer blouse she wore.

"That looks very hot," Gerry said, more to Wanda than anyone else.

"Do you think so?" Wanda asked, wiggling her buttocks against his obvious erection. "Do you want a touch yourself?" she said, without taking her eyes off Val and Joe.

"I'd rather it was you touching me," Gerry said answering her question. "But I can wait."

"I don't know that I can," Wanda said, throwing Val a questioning glance that revealed her impatience to get things started.

"Well you'll have to; Val chirped happily, "I almost forgot, dinner is ready. Let's eat first and... well, whatever later."

The food was delicious, and the wine put everyone in a mellow, reflective mood, and when they returned to the sumptuous living room the fire was going, and candles provided the only lighting.

The building sexual energy in the room was almost overpowering. Gerry smiled at Joe and raised his glass of wine in a silent toast. Joe saluted him with his own, cradling the bottom of his wine glass and wondering when it would begin.

Joe found himself sitting on the oversized couch in front of the fireplace. Wanda joined him, sitting close, but not to close, and Gerry sat down on the love seat opposite them. Val was not in the room, and just when Joe began to feel some concern about her whereabouts, she returned, and sat next to Gerry, leaning over him first, providing him with a through glimpse of her chest, after opening each and every button on her blouse.

Joe shrugged his shoulders, and smiled. And so it begins, he thought. In support of his theory, Wanda slowly slid from the seat next to him, to the floor at his feet. He glanced across at his wife and Gerry. Gerry appeared a little tense as Val shifted her body, moving closer to him.

Wanda's hand snaked out and began to tickle Joe's ankle. Gerry moving quickly lifted Val's leg and laid it across his lap. If he has an erection, Joe thought, she can certain feel it.

Gerry kept busy. In one quick movement he peeled Val's blouse down her shoulders, leaving it to her on what to do with it then. But both her breasts were fully exposed for an instant, and then obscured by Gerry's head as he bent to suckle her.

Wanda crawled over to Val and Gerry, leaving Joe sitting there -- feeling that he was outside, looking in at them. Both Wanda and Gerry helped Val out of her skirt, leaving her nude, save her heels. Surprisingly, Val was totally relaxed, leaving everything to the couple attending her, and was soon on her back, legs in the air, waiting.

"So tell me, Wanda," Gerry said, ignoring Val for the moment. His index finger lightly tracing the underside of Wanda's breast under the pullover top she wore. "How did you come to meet Val?"

Wanda laughed, partly because of Val's predicament, in part because Gerry's gall pleased her immensely. She gripped Gerry's inner thigh, and told him, "I seduced her at my husband's party. She was bored out of her mind. And you, Gerry? How did you make Val's acquaintance?'

"I threw a party and provided Joe with his own entertainment. That left Val to me."

"You seduced her?"

"I'm a very capable man, Wanda."

She reached out and found his erection, gave it a hard squeeze. "So I see," she said, and they both laughed.

Meanwhile, Joe had crossed the room to them and gently lowered Val's legs to the couch. She pulled him down to her and kissed him, showing the others her tongue as it delved into his mouth. Wanda swiveled around and gave Gerry a strikingly similar kiss.

As Gerry and Wanda came out of their torrid embrace, they saw Joe cupping both of Val's breasts. Her eyes were closed, and she was breathing heavily. Little moans escaped her semi-closed lips.

Wanda found Joe's action irresistible, and left Gerry to kneel next to Joe and Val. And when Joe kissed Val again, Wanda's mouth found Val's right nipple and gave suck to it.

Joe's hand moved up to the apex of her crotch just as Gerry wedged his way next to Wanda as Val came out of her sexual stupor, realized that Wanda was nursing on her teat, and cradled her head with both hands. Only then did she reply to Joe's actions, "Um, yeah, honey, finger me!"

"Like it?" Joe laughed.

"Yes. Feel how wet I am?"

"I certainly do. Shall we fuck?" he said, as if asking her to dance.

"No, dear. Wanda here has first crack at this crack," she giggled, managing to sound like an innocent girl as she slipped from his arms, stood up and extended her hand to Wanda. Gerry fell back on his haunches, frowning at being closed off from sampling either woman's breasts for the moment.

"Here's the way it's going to be," Val said, leading Wanda toward the bedroom. Her tone boded no interference from either male. "We women are getting it on first. You men can watch, have a drink, or jerk yourselves off. We don't care. But we will be in need of some nice hard cock when we finish with each other."

Gerry's jaw dropped. Joe was stunned into silence. For a moment it was as if time stood still, Val's pert breasts stood out in carnal invitation. Wanda quickly accepted the offering; taking both of Val's breasts in her hands, and then going from nipple to nipple with her mouth while Val moaned happily.

Somehow the two women made it into the bedroom. The men followed, watching as Wanda hugged Val, and gave her a passionate kiss on the mouth while they moved to the bed.

"Thanks for inviting me," Wanda said, breathing heavily, as Val squeezed her hands underneath Wanda's tight pullover slowly pulling it over the other woman's head. Wanda wore a bra which pushed her ample breasts up and produced a deep valley between her firm globes. Val's tongue slid into this valley, licking both mounds as her hands unfastened the bra, freeing the twin beauties.

After dropping the bra to the floor, she cradled Wanda's breasts, pushing them up and bringing her nipples close to her eager mouth. Val kissed each breast then one at a time sucked the nipples into her mouth, before she knelt down to take off the Wanda's shoes. Still kneeling, Val helped Wanda out of her tennis skirt and wispy silk panties; and then, as her hands slowly pushed the panties down to Wanda's ankles, she planted a firm kiss on the other woman's cunt. Then she got up and bade Wanda lie down on the large bed. Making sure the men were both watching her, Val performed a ritual strip designed to tantalize both them and Wanda, who was already stroking herself excitedly.

Joe couldn't believe his eyes when she began undulating before them as she peeled off her miniskirt, leaving her naked except for her four inch heels. She had also shaved her pubis completely. He was used to her maintaining a closely cropped cunt, but always with a small fur pelt that sort of pointed down at her clit. Now that too was gone.

Val posed for the men's benefit, and then joined Wanda on the bed. In no time at all they were swapping spit and rubbing their cunts together in a fevered manner, as if both were concerned about coming for the first time that evening.

Tearing her mouth from Val's, Wanda gasped, "Lick me. Please lick me, Val!"

A very eager Valerie cupped Wanda's ass cheeks and raised her, bringing Wanda's cunt to her mouth; Val leaned in and vacuum sucked the other woman's labia until Wanda gasped deliriously, "Christ, yes!"

"Oh, God! Wait! Wait!" Wanda croaked as Val began tonguing her. "Oh, this is great," she panted. "You're going to make me come in just a few more seconds, Val. Joe, Joe, please... come over here. Kiss me while she does it!"

Joe scampered over to the two women, and promptly sent his tongue into Wanda's mouth.

Gerry had his cock out again, and was stroking it furiously, thinking this was the first time he had ever seen a husband and wife team up to tongue a woman.

Val paused with her mouth an inch or so away from Wanda's clitoris. Then she stuck out her tongue and licked it. Wanda's clit was already firm and emerging from under its protective hood. Val used the same technique on Wanda's clit that she would have on Joe's cock, running her tongue over it as lightly as was possible under the circumstances. Val's nose managed to drift into Wanda's pubic hair, and she had to stifle the impulse to sneeze.

Val sent her middle finger into Wanda's cunt, but continued laving her tongue over the other woman's clit. Wanda's pelvic region jerked with each touch of Val's tongue.

Joe was still kissing Wanda, but now he was letting his saliva drip into her mouth and at first she swallowed it, then as Val brought her precariously close to the edge, she began to gargle with it, causing Joe to pull away and terminate the kissing for the moment.

Val found Wanda's G-spot and stimulated it. Joe kissed Wanda again and she sent her tongue deep into his mouth and moaned as he attempted to suck it even deeper.

Val methodically worked both the G-spot and clitoris, causing Wanda to let out a little scream, and then she bit Joe's lower lip, drawing blood, but he continued kissing her. Now Wanda was perilously close, constantly rocking her cunt against Val's hungry mouth. Gerry, unable to refrain from joining the trio any longer, moved quickly to the bed, stopping only to shed his clothing. Kicking the last of his clothes aside, he reached out and took one of Val's nipples between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed it.

Val growled. He squeezed again, even harder. Val stuck a finger into Wanda's anus and attacked the woman's swollen clitoris harder.

Joe looked on as Wanda's belly rippled in a series of contractions as she came for the second time. Val stopped licking and sucking, and looked up at Wanda, waiting patiently for her climax to end.

Perhaps a minute went by. The only sexual activity during that time was Gerry's rhythmic squeezing of Val's nipples, which were now fully aroused and extended like the erasers on a number two lead pencil.

All four lay on the bed breathing heavily. No one uttered a word, until Wanda said, "Now I'll do you," breaking the silence that had pervaded the bedroom since Val last growl.

Wanda splayed Val out on the bed, and kneeling over her, cupped the younger woman's firm, upturned breasts and kissed her tiny eager nipples. She ran her hands over Val's narrow waist and slim hips. Both men fought to keep from drooling, their excitement higher than they had dreamed it could be. Wanda slowly ran her fingers across Val's belly, teased the dot of her navel and moved quickly to the recently shaven pubic mound, stopping short of actually touching her cunt.

Wanda grasped Val's legs and spread them apart. "Doesn't she have the loveliest cunt, gentlemen?" she asked, as if it were a normal conversational query.

"She does," Gerry replied quickly.

"I've always thought so," Joe said half a beat later.

Val giggled at all the attention centered on her.

"I'm sorry, Val, can't help myself," Wanda said, and with an indescribable smile on her face, grabbed Joe's stiff cock, rubbed it against her cheek, gave it a quick suck, and tossed it aside.

"Later, man, after I do your bride."

Joe could only look on helplessly as Wanda spread Val's lips apart, revealing a pair of puffy looking labia and a clit that was almost twitching with anticipation.

The women kissed again. It was an indolent kiss, but about as torrid as one could imagine. And all the while, Wanda had a finger plunging into the soupy morass of liquid seeping from Val's earthy smelling cunt.

When Wanda's fingers began teasing Val's clit, Val sighed deeply and began rocking her pelvis up and down. Val opened her eyes, saw Joe looking on, and gave him her most suggestive smile. "She's good Joe... very good. You can't imagine how this feels, and I've got two magnificent cocks waiting in the wings. I'm in heaven!"

Wanda shifted Val's body slightly to garner easier access to her cunt, then took Val's clit into her mouth and circled the tip with the edge of her tongue.

That was enough to send Val to the edge. But Wanda was a knowledgeable and relentless lover, and knew intuitively what her body wanted. She kept her from going over, by sending one finger into Val's slimy slit, and then adding a second finger; this one burrowed into Val's anus.

Gerry maneuvered himself so that he was able to take one of Val's pebbled nipples into his mouth and bit down on it. Val moaned.

He released the stiffened bud and moved to her mouth, kissed her and tasted Wanda's sex on her tongue. Perversely, he returned to grasp the spongy nipple between his fingers and rolled it, squeezing it, then releasing it, and repeated the process as their tongues dueled relentlessly.

Wanda tongued her cunt and Gerry felt a wave of arousal roll over Val. Wanda switched to licking Val's anus, but sent her fingers into her, seeking that sweet spot that all women possess. Val spread her thighs wider, inviting the fingers deeper, her slippery hole swelling around them, clutching, squeezing much as Gerry was squeezing her nipples.

Joe found himself prodded into action after having watched for several minutes, memorizing the scene before him. He started off by inserting a finger into Wanda's twat, and after several thrusts, began working his thumb into her asshole. At first he was worried that she would tell him to get lost, but all she did was grunt and shove her ass back at the invasive thumb.

Then, with Wanda's tongue gently lashing her clit, and two fingers strumming her G-spot, Val felt her climax rushing in. She wrenched her mouth from Gerry's and sought her husband's. Joe was there for her, kissing her deeply as she came under the expert tutelage of Wanda's mouth.

After Val had calmed down, Wanda looked up at the two men and with a lewd grin said, "Would one of you like to fuck my ass while I eat this delicious pussy to another cum?" Then she bent her head so that it was hovering scant inches from Val's dripping cunt and sent her long tongue into the steamy folds of flesh without waiting for a reply.

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