tagLoving WivesWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 43

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 43

byParis Waterman©

October, 1988 - Natalie & Vic Stevens

Natalie woke up around four in the morning with the feel of Vic's erection pressing into the pad at the back of her panties. Gritting her teeth, she feigned sleep simply because her alarm would go off at 5:30 and she had a long day ahead of her at the law office. They had been married just under a year. When he persisted, Natalie sighed and slipped down between his legs and took him in her mouth. She derived great satisfaction from oral sex, but as her tongue swept over his corona, Vic, who obviously wanted more than a quick blowjob, pulled away, then tied to mount her.

Natalie shrugged him off and renewed her pretense of sleeping, but Vic was very much aroused and knew she was feigning sleep. He began a trail of kisses over her body and when his lips reached the base of her neck, she let out a pleasured "Mmmm," but nothing else. His tongue trailed down her backbone, stopping at each knob to plant a series of wet kisses there. Natalie drew her knees up to her breasts, fetus-like, thereby thrusting her rump back into his torso just as he began to nibble on her ear. Then with his tongue sensuouly licking the inside of her ear, she was unable to surpress a satisfied groan, and when his warm hand began caressing her hip and then her ribs, she started to raise her arms in mock surrender; but only managed to drag her long hair to one side. He kissed her exposed armpit, reminding her that she had shaved there the morning before and was now glad she had. The kiss excited her; she wanted to tell Vic just how good it felt, but did not.

His hands kept roving. To Natalie it seemed they were everywhere, but he was actually taking his time, lifting a breast, teasing a nipple, then trapping it in the vee of his fingers. The nipple sprang erect, and a light bolt of electricity sang joyfully as it raced to her clit. She lay contentedly on her back as his mouth converged on the pliant bud. He was tender, not at all rough, thereby creating an additional stirring that Natalie had hoped to avoid. And when his finger slipped beneath the elastic waistband of her panties, she sighed and her thighs parted in welcome.

Their heads came together for a series of soft kisses that become stronger as his finger quickened. Natalie's mouth opened, her breathing segued into a ragged heaving in her chest. Vic thrust his tongue into her mouth in symbolical intercourse. Natalie clung to it and that along with his persistent fingering brought her to a nice little cum.

Vic gave her less thn a minute to recover before removing her panties. She helped him, lifting her hips and then grabbed a towel that was draped over the bedpost and placed it under her to catch the body fluids sure to spew from the two of them, saving the sheets for another day, or night of use.

Natalie rolled to her side as he continued his caresses, paying attention to the point where her legs meet her ass. He nudged her right leg forward, and anticipating his wants, she bent the leg at the knee enabling him to enter her from behind. This was one of their favored positions.

He slid in easily. Her whole vulva was alive with pleasure. His hand softly cupped her breast, with the spike of her nipple in the middle of his warm palm. His mouth concentrated on her neck just behind her ear; and on hearing an all too familiar moan, he increased his thrusting, abandoning his casual approach to embrace one of a more forceful nature. As he became more abandoned with his energetic thrusting, Natalie began to worry that he would slip out when he came, and wrapped her legs around his calves hoping to keep his seed in her as he climaxed.

Nat wanting to get pregnant in the worst possible way had badgered Vic about wasting his sperm, but he loved to cum on her breasts and face, although she abhored the latter and didn't care for the former very much, especially since it lessended the chances of her getting preggers.

On the other hand, Vic had no intention of impregnating his wife. He didn't want any kids keeping him awake at night; and to a lesser extent justified his reluctance toward children by telling himself that Natalie's lovely body would lose it's shape once she had a child.

Natalie won this particular skirmish, her legs maintaining control over him until he empied himself in her vaginia.

He climbed out of bed and made for the shower, vowing to use a condom in the future and if she didn't like it he wouldn't fuck her. But he lacked the nerve to tell her outright that he didn't want any children.

Natalie lay in bed for another twenty minutes, hoping his sperm would wend its magical way to her overies and find an egg. Any old egg, she thought, make my miricle baby, Mr. Spermy, make my baby, please!

Vic dressed and told her he was going to play nine before meeting a client at his office. After he left, Natalie got dressed and went out for a morning jog.


Later that afternoon, Natalie was eating an apple when the phone rang. "Hey, Val, how are you?"

"Got any hard liquor in the house? I'm on my way over."

Natalie giggled and put down the apple. "Where are you?"

"Um, maybe four blocks away."

"Wow, almost here. Um, yes, I have some booze. Martini's okay? Never mind, beggars can't be choosers." Natalie giggled again, hung up and headed back into the kitchen, tossing the half-eaten apple into the trash bin. Moving faster than usual, Natalie made a pitcher of martinis, and then put some coffee on as a backup. Moments later Val was at the front door with a mischievous grin on her face.

"You look guilty as hell," Natalie said to her friend.



"Not guilty, your Honor," Val grinned impishly.

Natalie rolled her eyes and held the pitcher of martinis up. "Want to dive in?"

Val said, "You better believe it!" and made herself comfortable on the love seat in Natalie's living room.

Natalie poured the contents of the pitcher into two martini glasses, handed one to Val and took a tiny sip from her own glass. "Mmmmm, good!" she said.

Val took a gulp from her glass and said, "It really is."

"So what devilment brings you to my doorstep, Val?"

"I shouldn't be talking about it. Really, I shouldn't."

"You drove over here to tell me something, Val."

"Mmmm, I did, didn't I?"

Natalie took another tiny sip of her martini and waited Val out.

"Okay ... okay! Last night Joe and I tried something different."

Natalie gulped at her martini, spilling some on the carpet and ignoring the small stain it made. "WHAT?" she managed to get out before Val was off on a tangent.

"Last night, he ... Joe, I mean, asked me if I wanted to spice up our relationship." What Val was leaving out was that they had indeed spiced up their relationship by having Wanda and Gerry over for a sexual romp. Now she was dying to tell someone about it, or at least part of it without giving all the sordid details away. Innocent Natalie seemed to Val the perfect foil to share some of the story with.

"What did he suggest?"

Val held her martini glass out and Natalie dutifully refilled it.

Val had already decided to leave the others out of the equation, and so went on and invented a scene she felt safe telling Natalie.

"Umm, have you and Vic gone off the usual things when having sex?"

Val instantly realized she'd hit a nerve and changed the subject. "Um, never mind. So are you going to redo that kitchen of yours?"

Val had confided some weeks earlier that Joe had hit on some money making schemes that were bearing fruit and Nat had wondered if she and Vic might be able to do the same.

"Never mind the never mind," Natalie said, "What did you mean unusual things when having sex?"

"Oh, that ... I shouldn't have .... Oh, the hell with it. He thinks we should have sex in public," Val said, grinning.

"Oh, my God! Really? You wouldn't ... would you?"

Val began adlibbing one of Bernie's public adventures. "We went to the movies Wednesday night."


"You know, there was a chance of getting caught ...."


"It was ... exciting as hell!"

"C'mon, Val, give with the details!"

"Oh, there's the Devil in the details, Nat."

"Did you get caught?"

"That depends ...."

"Oh, for Christ's sake, Val, don't torture me. What happened?"

"I'll have to back up a little."

"Go on, I'm all ears," Natalie said.

"Two nights ago we watched a porn movie that had this terribly exciting scene in a movie theatre. Joe wanted to see if we could do ... the same things at our local theatre."

"Um, and what were they doing?"

"Um, you have any coffee made?"

Natalie jumped up and hurried into the kitchen, found two cups and poured the coffee out. "Black, two sugars, right?"

"Right!" Val hesitated a second before resuming her fabricated tale.

"Basically they were sucking and fucking, Nat ... in the porno movie, I mean." Val laughed and sipped her coffee. "You know, Joe's always been very adventurous in our sex life. More men should be like that."

"Vic is sexy," Natalie said, feeling the need to defend her husband.

"Oh, I'm sure he is. Let's see, you're married about a year now, right?"

"One year and four days, but who's counting?"

"Oh, Christ, I'm sorry I missed your anniversary. I'll make it up to you, I swear I will!"

"Please, Val, don't worry about it."

"But I feel terrible, Natty, I'll buy you something gorgeous, I promise, and by the weekend too. I swear to God."

They were both silent after that, until Val picked up where she'd left off. "But is Vic amorously adventurous?"

"What? Oh, I certainly think so," Natalie said, but even she knew she sounded unsure of herself.

"So what have you done that would qualify as amorously adventurous?"

Trying hide her eyes from Val's, Natalie looked upward and sighed, "Christ, there's so many...."

"Name one."

"Um, weren't you about to reveal what went on when the two of you went to the movies?" Natalie countered.

"Nope, you go first," Val said with a grin.

"We've done it in the shower, and once in the bathtub...."

Val shook her head from side to side. "Doesn't count, huh?"

"Nope, everyone's done it that way."

Natalie sighed, "Okay, so we aren't the most adventurous couple, but that doesn't mean that we don't have great sex. Jesus, Val we're trying to have a baby. That's hard work, you know?"

"Yes, sometimes ... other times it happens when you least expect it." Natalie knew she was alluding to her own pregnancy following her miscarriage, and nodded sympathetically.

"Any news you care to share about it?" Val asked with a warm smile.

"Not yet, Val."

"Awwww, well don't worry, it'll happen sooner than later. Say, maybe if you got him to do something really outrageous...."

"Like doing it at the movies?"

"C'mon, Natty, something new and different, get your adrenaline pumping."

"Val, I'm not having sex in public! And you have yet to say what you did that's so adventurous."

"Okay! We sat down; the feature film was already on. Oh, we weren't at a porno theatre. I think there is one on the outskirts of town but haven't the foggiest idea where it is."

"Me neither, but I bet our husbands know."

Val laughed, "Probably they do. But what happened was Joe took it out."

"Was anybody else sitting in your row, or behind you?"

"No, thank God. I don't think I'd have done it if there were."


"After making certain no one was watching, I got down on my knees and took Joe's cock in my mouth. He came about as fast as I can recall, even the faster than the first couple times we did it."


I had him look around and when he said the coast was clear, I got back up and sat down again."

"Did you leave after that?"

"No, Joe wanted to see the picture, so we stayed."

"Joe didn't do anything to you?"

"No, not then, but when we got to the car ... he went down on me. We used the backseat. It was like the old days."

"It sounds like he's not all that adventurous to me," Natalie teased.

"Listen, Nat, it doesn't have to be THAT extreme."

"What else have you done?"

Val grinned and ran her finger up and down her mug, then looked Natalie in the eye. "Oh, we've had our share of naughtiness, Nat, I assure you."

"Assurances aside, Val, you tease me about being sexually adventurous, and you tell me about giving Joe a little blowie in the movie theatre, but no one saw you two doing it. I fail to see that as a retelling of Captain's Courageous."

Incensed at having created her own trap, Val spat out, "All right then, you sure you want to hear this?"

"Oh yeah, I'm living vicariously through you anyway."

Val had already admitted to herself that Gerry was more adventurous than Joe ever was, and made the decision to tell Natalie about one of her scenes with the older man and then change the topic.

"Nat, you know the coffee table in my living room?"

"Uh huh," Natalie replied, wondering where this was going.

"Imagine laying full length on it, with your wrists and ankles tied to the legs."

Natalie took in the image and slowly whistled. "Wow, it sounds sexy as all get out. Was it?"

Val laughed. "Joe was feeling very domish that night. He stood there holding himself just in front of me, and...."

Natalie leaned forward. "And?"

"Jeeze, do I need to spell it out for you?

"Yeah, give me all the gory details."

"Well, at first he rubbed his cock lightly over my cheeks and lips. But I didn't open my mouth; I just let him rub the head over my lips." Val began to grow wet, recalling that afternoon with Gerry Attric.

"Jeeze, Nat, it felt so smooth."

Natalie was also tingling with excitement. It wasn't the first time Val had described a sexual act to her; in fact, they used to tell each other every little detail about their encounters — some things never changed. Of course, Val always had more to share than Natalie did.

"Nat, I've found out I can be quite the submissive," Val said, grinning widely. "I was watching his eyes when he told me to open my mouth and saw his excitement as he entered my mouth.

"What a turn on, seeing the look on his face and knowing how I must have looked — bent over the table like I was with my ass sticking up in the air."

Twin beads of sweat formed on Natalie's brow. She gave an involuntary squeeze to her thighs and concentrated on Val's story.

"Joe held the back of my head as he moved in a slow rhythm and fucked my mouth. I started to melt. I mean, it was like his cock was melting in my mouth."

Natalie laughed gleefully at Val's vivid imagery.

Val ignored her and went on, "He started massaging my ass about then ...."

"Oh, God," Natalie whimpered. She was THIS close to coming herself.

"He let me suck him a little while longer, and then he moved behind me, knelt on the floor and started eating my pussy."

Natalie groaned. Val grinned. "By this point I was begging him to do me doggy-style."

"Did he?" Natalie croaked.

"Yes, of course he did. He stood up, rubbed his saliva covered cock over my labia then grabbed my hips and ploughed into me."

Natalie let out a gasp that surprised her — unable to believe how turned on she had gotten.

"And that's about it," Val said, smiling at the look on Natalie's face.

"Hey! That's not fair!"

"Well I can't give away everything — a girl needs some secrets."

"God Val, I can't imagine doing that. I can't imagine Vic wanting me to do that!"

Val put her elbows on her knees, "Maybe you just need to start out small and work your way up to a little coffee table bondage."

"You think? Um, how?"

"You might suggest role playing. You know, like doctor, nurse, or the poor widow who owes back rent. That kind of stuff."

"Um, he could be the paperboy and I want to give him like a Christmas present?"

"Maybe something like that, um, how about boss and secretary?"

"No way, I've seen his secretary, and I don't want him getting any ideas."

"Rapist and helpless victim?"

"I'm anything but helpless."

"Natalie! It's only acting."

"Seriously, Val, I don't know what Vic would think if I brought up any of these ideas. I mean, we have pretty wild sex, but we have never played games. In fact, to tell you the truth, Val, he... we have sex, but he uses a contraceptive."

It was Val's turn to be surprised.

"I want kids, Val," Natalie said with a burst. "Every time I try talking to him about having children he ... he acts like he wants them, but he always says something like, 'It's too soon for them.' Val, my biological clock is ticking. My parents have been pestering me about when we're going to give them some grandchildren. And so have his for that matter.

"At first, Val, I thought it was me. I got hold of some books and read them cover to cover and when I finished I felt like a sixth grader. I hadn't known half the things in the book. Well, I know them now. Three months of doing kegels made my climaxes almost automatic. Vic loved it and came back for seconds, even thirds. But used a rubber each and every time.

"Would you believe that only this morning I managed to catch him off guard ... well he was half asleep. I got him to cum in me, even elevated my legs for a half hour after doing it?"

Val, clearly uncomfortable at where the conversation was going, feigned looking at her wristwatch. Natalie saw it, and smarting from Val's reaction to her problem, said coolly, "Getting warm in here, Val? Time to leave already?"

"No," Val protested, knowing she wouldn't be believed; knowing that Natalie needed a real friend at the moment and that she had failed her. She was struggling mentally to think of something that might salvage the situation.

Sensing that Val was trying to be a friend, Natalie went on as if nothing had happened a moment earlier. "You've told me about being hog-tied to a coffee table. Well let me tell you what I've tried... it was his birthday and I greeted him at the door wearing nothing but a low-slung red ribbon around my waist. A big red bow covered my abdomen with tendrils that pointed down toward my neatly trimmed pubis. I had rubbed ice cubes over my nipples to get them hard and pointy."

"My God," Val said gaping at her friend's facial expression at that moment.

"That's exactly what Vic said. "My God, it is my birthday!"

"He didn't say anything about you?" Val asked in astonishment.

Ignoring Val's comment, Natalie went on with her story. "I'm your present," I said. "Wanna unwrap me?" I damn near purred that last part. "Looks as if you are mostly unwrapped already," Vic answered. He drank in my body from top to bottom. Unconsciously, he reached for his crotch and adjusted his hardening cock.

"I thought you deserved a present... something that you always seem to want... but don't get very often..." I was looking directly at his bulging crotch.

"This is for the birthday boy;" I said as huskily as possible, and then pulled down his jockey shorts and watched his boner spring forth. Now the stunned Val was unconsciously rubbing her thighs together, like a Boy Scout trying to start a fire. Her inner glow was evident on her face.

"Oh my," I chirped happily, "What a big boy we have here! What shall I do with this big... old thing?"

"Oh, my Gawd!" Val swore, and held her hand up as if to ward off Natalie's story. "You're unbelievable! I never thought...."

"That I was capable of lowering myself to that level?"

"No!" Val protested, "I never meant it that way, Nat! I'm amazed that you had the gumption to do it."

"Yeah," Natalie said, her voice had paled in comparison to how she had sounded moments earlier. "I was on a roll until he took it out of my mouth to put a fucking condom on before fucking me."

"Oh, Nat!" Val said embracing Natalie, as both women began to sob.

"You ... you know, Val, I ... I lie awake at night wondering if I should take a lover who'll make me pregnant. I'd do it in a minute if I knew Vic wouldn't divorce me as soon as he found out I was knocked up."

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