tagGroup SexWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 62

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 62

byParis Waterman©

Although Val had committed to attending the social affair with Joe that evening, she was unable to remain in the house that morning and so after playing a round of tennis at the club, she called Gerry Attric and asked if he was available.

He told her to come right over; he always had time for her. She drove over without bothering to change or shower. He had told her once that he liked a sweaty woman, it helped his ardor. She had laughed at the time, but here she was trying to oblige him, having discovered that she liked him more and more every day.

Gerry had champagne on ice when Val arrived, and following the second glass he helped her out of her tennis outfit and after positioning her on his satin couch, began licking the salt and sweat from her body, starting at her toes.

As her arousal mounted, Gerry began a one-sided dialogue with her. "Val, imagine if you will, a dozen men, athletes all, coming out of a steaming shower only to see you lying here, legs spread so that the vibrator you're using on your pussy is visible to them. Imagine too, that one by one they start masturbating. Soon you are surrounded by a dozen husky males stroking their erections while mesmerized by the sight of you getting off with a giant toy."

"Must it be a giant toy, Gerry?"

"I'm afraid so, my dear."

"Well, it is your story," Val pouted, and then smiled, and spread her cunt lips, sending a finger into the dewy morass that had built up since arriving at Gerry's place. A moment later she took the finger out and placed it in Gerry's waiting, open mouth.

"Mmm, sweet," he murmured when she removed the finger from his mouth and returned it to her sex. "Where was I? Oh, yes, that's right, you're looking from one to the next, imagining their hard pricks in place of the vibrator. Would they push themselves into you at the pace their hands are moving? And what would they feel like? Look at them, they're all different. That one is longer than the others. My god, that one must be twice as wide! Can you imagine being spread around it; feeling every movement of it as it surges in and out again? Mmmm, Val, it's so fucking hot! Look at that one to your left. Do you see how slowly he's jerking himself off? Would he caress you the same way? Perhaps he'd spend an inordinate amount of time just massaging those gorgeous tits as he fucked you.

"And that tall one looks terribly strong. He should be able to hold you in his arms while you sit on his prick, or perhaps he could hold you upside down while you eat each other. Can you feel his tongue tickling you while your own weight holds your mouth on his prick?"

Val nodded and whimpered at the same time. She loved what Gerry was doing. Her orgasm was closing in on her. She was aware that Gerry undoubtedly knew it as well.

"Oh, there's another long one! I'll bet you want that one in your mouth; sliding down your throat ... with his balls slapping your chin when he cums.

"The group edges closer to you. The combined smell of their tumescent cocks is all but overpowering. You lick your lips, encouraging them to come closer.

Two of them do. You lean forward and kiss the tip of the closest cock, lapping up the pearly droplet just emerging from his one-eyed monster. You've never tasted a sweeter substance ... or so it seems.

With her hips churning against her fingers, Val moaned and began to pull on her right nipple.

Gerry laughed, and grazed her knee with his hand. "Soon, Val, soon," he whispered. And she moaned all the louder.

"The tall one has more nerve than the others and he mounts you. A moment later you distinctly feel the twitch of his cock inside you as he uses your shoulders to pull him even deeper. You open your mouth to scream out your pleasure only to have the other's cock enter your mouth, plunging deep, deep, deep, until you make a sound that sounds like, 'Gak, Gak, Gak!'

"Your eyes cross as you try to look at his belly and you feel your nose pressing against his skin; then, over the top of your tongue the surges start. He's filling your stomach directly and you can't even taste him. It's over too soon and now, as he pulls back, you finally taste his sperm. You suck desperately and the last drops vanish down your throat.

"He steps back and another twitching member replaces him. This time you maintain a semblance of control, holding his shaft near the base, preventing him from filling your mouth as you suck and lick excitedly on his cockhead. Almost going unnoticed is the cock in your pussy spewing its contents into your tight channel. But when he pulls out you miss him instantly.

"Somebody fuck me!" you scream, and two men vie for your cunt, the winner is pumping into you so energetically that he cums within a minute and is replaced by the other who lasts all of three minutes. Your cunt is filled with their sperm, and as the cock in your mouth releases it's cargo, three other men cannot contain themselves any longer and ejaculate onto your trembling body, one targets your neck and chest, another your face and hair, and the third your breasts and belly.

"You are almost covered with cum; and languidly rub it over those parts that were not splattered upon originally."

"Gerry!" Val calls out, "come, fuck me!" Thereby ending Gerry's tale of seduction. His cock is out and throbbing. Val spread her legs and after Gerry entered her wet sheath, swung her hips so his cock made big lazy circles inside her. Val came in short order with Gerry following moments later.

"Oh my god! I knew you were the Prince of Seduction, but never ..."

"So you're satisfied?"

"I think I came five times, but I'm not sure. I was paying too much attention to the story and might not have counted some. Does it matter?"

"No, not at all, I'm happy it worked as well as it did."


They had lamb chops, and a chilled white wine that must have cost $500. It was without question the finest wine Val had ever tasted, but she couldn't ask him what it cost.

"You know what you need, my dearest Valerie?"

"What's that?" she replied, glancing at her watch, not wanting to be late for her husband's function that evening.

"A trip. A special trip."


"To Hotlanta!"

Val laughed, "Hotlanta, eh? And what pray tell awaits us in that hot metropolis?"

"A show. A very special show. We can invite Wanda if you like."

"Tell me more, Casanova."

"We dress to the nines, pay a small fortune as admission, and watch a special sex show."


"Tuesday night."

"I'm in. What about Wanda?"

"Let's ask her." He picked up the phone and speed dialed Wanda's number, which surprised Val. She had thought the two were anything but friendly after their evening together with Joe and Val.

Wanda was amused at being asked, and after a short moment of consideration, accepted. Gerry had told Wanda how he expected the other women attending might be dressed, so Val had no need to inquire herself.

She kissed Gerry goodnight an hour later, and drove home wondering what was in store for her in Hotlanta.


"God, you didn't say there'd be so many people here," Val said, sitting tentatively in the plush chair. She wore her favorite black cocktail dress, with a low cut front that revealed a great deal of cleavage, and the dress was short enough so when she was sitting it rode up exposing most of her thighs. Wanda was also wearing a low cut dress, but hers had a slit in the side that allowed most of her right leg to show when she walked or sat down.

Wanda laughed as Gerry reached over and patted the flesh of Val's thigh. "There will only be about 15 or 20, an even mix of men and women." Val looked around the room at the chairs and sofas ringing the stage. "It appears most are already here. Wanda, I feel so weird being here."

"You're going to like it, baby. While I haven't been to this particular show, there have been others ... trust us, you'll love it."

Moments later the lights dimmed except for a soft spot on the bed centered up on the stage. The golden light flooded out far enough that everyone seated in the chairs could be seen by everyone else. The rest of the room behind them was in darkness. Wanda's hand slowly crept up Val's thigh. Val shifted uneasily in her seat. Who's watching us? Val wondered, as the sound of a wind storm issued from the large speaker system at the edge of the stage.

"Look," Gerry said, leaning toward Val, "we like to watch porn, right?" She nodded absently, more concerned with the people surrounding her than Wanda's wandering hand or Gerry's last minute comments. Ignoring her lack of attentiveness, Gerry prattled on, while his hand landed lightly on Val's other thigh.

"I know you love a good story," he said, almost whispering. Val nodded, wondering where this was going, not minding the hands on her thighs. She knew they would be under her dress in a few minutes, and assumed the other people at the performance would have their own activities to occupy them as well. "And you like watching me get off, possibly others as well."

"Get to the point Gerry!"

"Yes, well tonight we get to watch, be seen and do whatever. With strangers. And it's safe."

An unidentifiable piece of classical music began, with oboes and violins featured.

"What do you mean safe?" Val asked, looking at Wanda.

"It's really safe, Val. No one other than Gerry and I will be touching you tonight."

Val took a deep breath and willed herself to relax. Wanda's fingers were teasing Val's slit. "Damn it, Wanda. Can't you wait?"

Wanda didn't stop what she was doing. Gerry resumed his quiet lecture. "Everyone will be masturbating or doing something else to whatever is going on up on the stage, or from just watching the others around them. There's only one rule. We can't fuck. We are also expected to behave to a certain extent, like respecting the feelings of those around us."

"Sweetie," Wanda said, having worked a finger into Val's cunt through the dress, "Only the people on stage can actually fuck one another. For everyone else it's all about voyeurism and exhibitionism."

"I don't think I could ...."

"But you will, Val," Gerry said, reaching across her and tweaking Wanda's nipple through her dress. "No bra. Typical Wanda," he said with a smirk.

"Fuck you, you old fart," Wanda shot back. Gerry smiled knowingly at both women. Val started to say something, but the performers had come out on stage and a smattering of applause caused her to forget what she was going to say.

A man and a woman strolled through a break in the chairs and stepped up on the raised platform. They didn't acknowledge the applause or when it abruptly stopped. The haunting sound of wind and sensuous music continued. The couple stood face to face, gazing into each other's eyes.

"Oh my God," Val whispered, "look at their bodies!"

The man, possibly thirty years old, handsome and wearing only a soft cotton baggy white pants, was lightly muscled with a deep set of six pack stomach muscles. The pants rode low on his hips so that the top of his pubic line showed. The woman was in her mid 20s, long California blond hair, wearing a silver satin camisole and red thong panties.

Val whispered again: "They look like they're from one of those exercise infomercials. Are they going to...?"

Gerry smiled at the hope in her voice. He was wearing a black silk shirt that he had unbuttoned and a pair of perfectly creased black slacks. Although in his mid-sixties, Gerry was tall and had a well developed midsection. He was accustomed to being watched by females as he strolled along the beach, or boardwalk in Wilmington.

He looked Val up and down, admiring her body. He liked how the low front showed her Breasts and her crossed, bare legs showed not only him, but the guy next to him, those incredibly long legs.

The couple on the stage circled each other, the sound of the oboes adding an exciting dimension. The woman reached out and traced her fingers over his chest, circling a nipple then dropping down over his stomach. When she reached the band of his pants, she slipped her fingers under the waistband and slid them from left to right. There was obvious movement under the loose fitting cotton pants.

"Look to your right, Val," Gerry whispered, and plucked Val's left breast out of her dress.

"Gerry!" she protested, but was already looking to her right. Two 20-something women, both dark-haired beauties, sat side-by-side on a sofa. Both women had a hand inside their respective blouses as they looked at each other and talked.

"Shit!" Val wheezed, taking it all in. "Wanda, he's impossible!" Gerry was nipping at her aureole, but avoiding the nipple. Wanda took advantage of Val's losing effort to fend off Gerry and slipped her hand under Val's tight cocktail dress to rub Val's pussy through the thong she was wearing.

"You two are too much!" Val said, already exasperated at their antics. Then, as she had in Paris on her honeymoon, Val decided to go with the flow and let them do as they wished with her, and tried to concentrate on the performers now on stage.

The muscular male on stage was gently kneading the blonde's breasts. Her eyes were half closed, her lips parted slightly. She put a finger in her mouth, sucked it, and then extended it toward his mouth. A long string of saliva trailed from her mouth to her finger and danced in the light before breaking, landing on his chest. He gently tweaked and pulled at her nipples through the satin as he licked and sucked the finger she moved all around inside his mouth. The man's bulge was literally moving all about the front of his pants as he and the woman stepped toward each other. His hands reached around and cupped her round ass and pulled her into him as their mouths crushed together. After a moment they pulled their heads back just enough so everyone could see their tongues intertwine, lick and suck each others' mouths. The woman licked the side of his face, slowly and sensuously, over and over. His eyes closed and his chest heaved.

Val heard something to her right and turned. The man in the chair next to Wanda had taken his cock out and was slowly stroking it. He saw Val looking at him and smiled, glanced at her cleavage then gestured to his penis as if offering it to her. Val shook her head negatively, the man shrugged, and then nudged Wanda, who slapped him across the face, and returned her attention to Val's pussy.

On stage the couple contented themselves with nipple play, each rubbing the others, leaning their upper bodies back, but keeping their pelvises pressed hard against each other, seemingly grinding bone against bone.

Val's dress was now up around her waist. Wanda had the thong pried to one side, with two fingers frigging merrily away in her cunt. Val began to moan as her arousal level skyrocketed.

Gerry took his cock out, seized Val's hand and placed it on his erection. She was pleased to grip his hardon and began a rudimentary jerking off motion that seemed to satisfy him.

To Gerry's left, Val spied a redheaded woman with her breasts exposed. Her gentleman date was squeezing one melon and the woman had the other nipple between her teeth.

The man next to Wanda suddenly yelled, "Fuck! Oh fuck!" Val glanced at him and saw that his hand was a pumping blur.

"Don't cum on me!" Wanda squawked, and leaned away from him and into Val.

"Gerry do something!" Wanda complained.

"Wanda, he's a regular here. He comes about three times during these things," Gerry said. "Watch how far he shoots."

"I don't give a fuck if he can hit the fucking moon, I don't want him coming on me!"

Val stared in disbelief, her breathing quickening though she tried to fight it. It didn't help that the guy was as handsome as a movie star and the arousal in his face was soooo damn hot.

"Fuuuuck!" he cried out again, and a white streak of cum shot from the cock his fist was clenched around, caroming off the back the chair in front of him and oozed slowly to the floor, pooling near the cuffs of his trousers. He continued to stroke for another few seconds, then collapsed back against his seat cushion.

"Awesome, huh?" Gerry said, obviously impressed. Val was staring at the man. "Yes," she whispered, highly aroused, then leaned back quickly, embarrassed when the man smiled at her a second time.

"You cocksucker," Wanda swore, "keep that thing pointed away from me or I'll bite it off!"

"All right, lady, I will. There are some here that would appreciate it anyway."

Up on the stage, the woman was sitting on the edge of the bed now, one hand moving under her camisole, the other cupping the man's balls as she took long wet sucks on his cock. His pants were bunched around his feet and he had one hand on his hard ass as the other rubbed his stomach slowly.

"God that looks good," Val said, her eyes practically bulging. Her thighs were moving under the dress. The guy next to her kept turning from the stage to Val's legs uncertain as to where he should fix his attention.

Gerry, his jeans unzipped, and his hand now inside stroking himself, said, "Told you."

Val jerked her head toward the man on her right who had removed his hard cock and was stroking it slowly as he turned back to watch the sucking action on the stage.

Across the way, the two dark-haired women on the sofa had both hiked up their summer dresses. The one on the left was rubbing her clit as the other fingered herself, pumping two fingers in and out at an even pace, her eyes roaming from her friend's masturbation to the action on the stage.

The blonds' sucking had the man's cock stretched to its limit. His head was lolling back, both his hands on his ass so all could see the action. The woman pulled her mouth away on each back stroke so that a long string of spit hung from his wet cock for a moment, before her mouth engulfed him again. Once she spit a big glob on the cock head and rubbed it around with her palm as if shining a door knob. He even bent down and let a string of spit swing down and land on his cock, which she quickly slurped eagerly before smiling up at him.

A man directly behind Val came. He moaned for a moment, threw his head back on the chair and let it shoot up onto his belly. He kept stroking as his other hand rubbed sperm over his bared chest. Val's legs were moving faster now as she kept looking back at him and the splattered jizm being massaged into his chest hair.

Val turned back toward the stage then looked at Gerry, then glanced past him to the next aisle where a woman was rubbing herself between the legs much to the delight of the two guys on either side of her who were pumping their dicks.

"Okay, okay. I can't stand it anymore," Val groaned and began rubbing her pussy in frenzied fashion.

The blond on the stage had removed her top and was sucking hard on her left nipple as the man sucked on the right. Her other hand was stroking his cock and his hand was fingering her pussy under her red thong.

Gerry had shoved his jeans down a ways and was stroking himself and massaging his balls with his other hand. The redhead was leaning toward him staring hungrily at his cock as her hands rubbed her exposed pussy. "Where you going to cum?" she asked him, never tearing her eyes away from the stroking.

"Wherever you want me too," he told her.

Val was too turned on to be jealous. Actually, it turned her on even more knowing that she could have Gerry whenever she wanted and the redhead could only do her voyeur thing.

"Shoot it straight up and let it fall back on your cock and balls. That's what I want to see."

"No problem," Gerry wheezed.

The entire room was filled with moan and groans. Every chair and sofa was occupied by masturbators. Some had already cum once, but the electricity in the room had them at it again. Up on the stage the woman was lying on the bed and man was standing beside it. Her legs were wrapped around his waist as he plunged his cock in and out of her. Their kisses were hungry, wet and sloppy. The light was perfect for highlighting the spit bubbles between them, the dripping chins and lips.

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