tagGroup SexWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 73

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 73

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 73
The 3rd Meeting, Continued

During the intermission Val was besieged by the ladies seemingly intent on exploring two issues. Where and how did she find that gorgeous specimen, and what could possibly top that performance?

Almost giddy with the opening acts success, Val completely forgot about Professor Dorian and his partners. Only when the bell tinkled signaling the audience to return to their seats did it hit her, and she made a mad dash down the aisle and clambered up on the stage to meet the grinning professor.

Dorian wore only soft, cotton baggy pants that rode so low on his hips that the top of his pubic line showed. The muscles in his abdomen rippled for affect as Val approached.

"Mrs. Marcolina, good evening. I must say the first act was most impressive. It will be tough to follow."

"Good evening, Professor," Val replied. "It was exceptional, but I have every reason to believe you and your friends will equal or surpass it."

"Thank you, Mrs. Marcolina."

Just then, a woman in her early twenties sidled up to them wearing only a filmy white peignoir.

"Ah, Zara," the Professor said, "may I present our Hostess, Mrs. Marcolina?"

The two women shook hands and Val said, "I hope your performance is as Dorian promised."

"It should be," the girl said noncommittally before settling down on the bed about to be pushed out onstage.

"Ah, I'm glad you could join us, Mrs. Marcolina," he said just off stage. "I was wondering if I'd have to introduce myself to your..." he paused for effect, "... very interesting assemblage. I've never performed before an all female audience. It should prove interesting given the reception Mr. ... um, was it Solo, received?"

"I'm as surprised as you. But Mr. Solo will be available should you require his services."

"I welcome all the help I can get. After all, it's only Jessie and me, and we're going to skewer a couple of females on stage. The ravenous ladies in your audience will be hard to fight off.

"I know, and I apologize. I should have made arrangements..."

"A group of Chippendale's wouldn't satisfy the cravings of your ladies once they're aroused, Mrs. Marcolina. But the show must go on."

Dorian then gestured for her to step out on stage and perform the introductions.

As she stepped out on the stage the women seated before Val applauded, and as it died down Val smiled and said, "I don't know if we can surpass that opening, but we're going to try."

The audience stood as one, applauding wildly as a spotlight blanketed the canopied bed, upon which sat a young girl brushing her hair. All eyes were on her. She wore a flimsy white peignoir, and if one squinted, the outline of her aureole was apparent.

The girl, of course, was Zara.

Zara continued brushing her hair, pretending that she didn't notice her audience. An instinctive glance downward confirmed that the edge of one nipple had decided to peak out of her filmy peignoir. As if experimenting for the first time, Zara teased the nipple with the hair brush. Her nipple hardened and the strawberry tip lifted up off of her exposed globe, high into the air.

As Dorian had instructed her beforehand, Zara repeated the process with her other nipple. Perhaps a third of the women in the audience were now touching or rubbing their own breasts.

Then Zara, still following instructions, parted her leg so that the members of the audience had a perfect view of her panty-clad crotch. She counted silently to seven, and then used the brush handle to peel the gusset of her panties to one side then rubbed the brush handle up and down her freshly shaven slit.

Practically every member of the audience gasped at her action, including Val, who had known it was going to happen.

When Zara was wet enough, she sent the grooved handle inside, luxuriating in the feeling as it slid past her clit. She thought of the time Christy and she had experimented with a two-headed dildo, and was surprised with the eminent feeling of sexual release.

Am I really this excited to performing in front of an audience? she wondered, as the handle probed deeper and deeper into her love channel.

Departing from Dorian's script, Zara eased the handle from her juicy pussy and began rubbing the bristles over her clit. Several things happened at once: An electric shock surged through her. Zara climaxed, leaving a pool of juice on the sheets bunched up by her crotch; and Dorian made his first appearance on stage as he appeared just outside the window and peeked in on Zara.

Dorian's erection was obvious to anyone who cared to look in that direction. Bulging out against the soft fabric of his cotton pants. Val noted two twenty-something women, both dark-haired beauties, sitting side-by-side on a sofa with a hand inside their respective blouses as they looked at each other and talked rapidly to one another. Val glanced behind her and caught several women already furtively masturbating, among them her sister, Heather.

Dorian dropped a hand to his middle and began to rub his cock through his pants. Moments later, after flashing an Errol Flynn like smile at the audience, he climbed through the fake window and several women in the audience began reacting to what was happening on the stage, turning to one another as if to say, "Is he really going to do what I think he is?"

Meanwhile, Zara continued rubbing the hair brush over her pussy, unperturbed by the sudden presence of Dorian at her bedside. Dorian grabbed his crotch, gave it a squeeze to emphasize his boner to the audience then turned to face them, saying: "So let's start the show. How many of you think she has nice tits?"

His sudden familiarity with the audience caught most of the women, including Valerie off guard.

But not Katy Dide, who shouted, "I do!"

Dorian responded with an impish grin, "Well, me too!"

He made it evident that he had been on a few stages before tonight, when he casually turned to Zara and said: "Forget your line, Zara?"

"Oh," she said startled by his use of her given name. "Who are you? What do you want?"

"I am your lover tonight."

"You're not my lover," she protested weakly. The contrast between their respective acting skills was apparent to one and all, including Zara.

Dorian laughed and patted the bulge of his erection. "You've already given yourself to me. You just don't know it."

"Show us your cock!" a highly aroused member of the audience shouted out.

Dorian began to circle the youthful Zara, the sound of the wind adding an exciting dimension. Hesitantly, she reached out and traced her fingers over his pecs, circling a nipple for a moment then drifting down over his stomach. When she reached the band of his pants, she slipped her fingers just barely under it and slid them from left to right. There was obvious movement under the loose fitting cotton pants.

Dorian departed from the script and shouted,
"Contain yourself woman, or I won't save any of this for you!" By 'this' he clearly meant his boner, which had made its outline in his tight slacks even more apparent than it had been moments before.

Turning back to Zara, he resumed his lines, saying: "If you wanted to be left alone, you wouldn't be here like this. You want me to take your body and use it however I want. Now be a good girl and tell everyone who your body belongs to."

Zara looked out at the audience and said: "My body belongs to him. He can do whatever he wants to it."

To Val's surprise, the audience had gone silent, no one called out. No one even gasped. Those masturbating continued to do so. Val saw Natalie and Katy kiss once or twice, and Katy's hand was definitely under Natalie's skirt freely roaming around.

"That's better," Dorian said. "Now we can get on with the business at hand," and approaching Zara, he gingerly lowered her onto her back. The shapely cones of her firm breasts sat exposed on her chest.

Val glanced over at Katy Dide and saw that she was undoubtedly fingering Natalie, who was watching Zara hungrily, waiting to see her tits bouncing up and down as she got fucked.

Val had been assured that Dorian was a magnificent lover; a true artist at foreplay, fully attentive and never distracted. He would take forever if the situation required it. What was it she'd heard? It came to her a moment later: He can get a girl moaning for a boning every time.

Dorian did not, as most of the audience expected he would, leap upon Zara and ravish her. No, the audience's jaws dropped in surprise as they watched him put on a condom then warm some baby oil. Zara dipped her hand into the warm oil and begin stroking his condom covered cock.

On the opposite side of the stage from where Val was sitting, the two dark-haired women on a sofa had both hiked up their summer dresses. The one on the left was rubbing her clit while the other woman finger-fucked herself, pumping two fingers in and out at an even pace, her eyes roaming from her friend's masturbation to the action on the stage and back again.

What a novel idea, Val thought, intent on not missing a thing.

Dorian also dipped into the oil and spread it over Zara's petal-like folds. When satisfied she was thoroughly covered with the baby oil, he began to finger-fuck her.

Apparently no one in the audience had expected this and there were cries of both approval and disapproval. Well, perhaps not disapproval, but there was genuine disappointment at not seeing him ravage the young girl on stage.

It occurred to Val that many of the women in the audience were not familiar with someone making love to them at a slow, well tempered pace. Wham bam, thank you ma'am, is what they expect, she realized, and had to hold back from laughing aloud. She looked around, made mental notes as to who fell into this category for possible future use.

It wasn't long before Dorian had four fingers in her. Had Zara been larger, Dorian would have fisted her, something many in the audience had never seen, or even contemplated.

Zara was writhing and moaning under his skillful fingering; and her moans grew louder when he sent a well-oiled finger into her anus.

A guttural roar of approval erupted from the women watching in the seats a few feet from the bed on the stage.

Vaguely, Zara realized Dorian was spreading her legs. She didn't resist, nor did she help. As Dorian moved between her spread-eagled legs, another woman appeared on stage. This was René, a surprisingly flat-chested girl about the same age as Zara. She too, wore a white nightie that left nothing to the imagination. The principal difference between her and Zara, other than breast-wise, was that she was that her pubic hair was intact, and not even trimmed.

René followed the instructions given her shortly before the performance began, and dipped a hand into the heated oil then took Dorian's condom covered prick in hand and masturbated him as he continued to finger Zara both vaginally and anally.

Feeling his ejaculation coming on, Dorian faced the center of the stage and grunted. René increased her pumping and with another, even louder grunt Dorian came hard. René continued milking him until he signaled her to stop, and she did.

Then with a slight flourish, René carefully peeled the oil soaked condom from his penis and even more carefully brought it to Zara's open mouth.

"As you will see, we don't waste a drop, ladies," Dorian said while tucking his somewhat wilted penis back into the cotton pants.

René positioned herself so that the audience had a clear view of what she and Zara where about to do, and then slowly poured the ejaculate from the condom into Zara's waiting mouth.

A hiss of stunned approval came from the women in the audience. The hiss grew to a surprised roar the moment Zara's hand went around René's neck pulling her so that they were face to face. René smiled and opened her mouth and they kissed. It was obvious that the sperm was being exchanged and then re-exchanged as they continued the kiss.

Another man appeared on stage. (This would be Jessie) He was nude and had a prominent erection protruding upward, almost touching his stomach, but not quite making it. As the two girls continued their kisses, he moved behind René, placed his hands on her ankles and gently pried her legs apart without disturbing the women from their kiss.

Every woman in the audience watched him place his hard cock against René's thickly bushed hole. To the more discerning audience members, a glistening sheen from her inner juices could be seen leaking out of her exposed opening.

René felt the familiarity of his cockhead pressing against her. She reached back and took him in hand. She had been instructed to let him enter her without any assistance on her part, but forgot. Her labia parted as he pressured her entrance, and with a slight push, Jessie eased into her.

The girls ended the kiss at that point, but remained close, so that Zara felt every thrust of Jessie's cock with almost the same intensity as René.

Most of the audience was close enough to clearly see her labia stretched around the base of his shaft, while she swayed slightly from the intense feeling of being penetrated so deeply.

René felt her insides wound tightly around him and squeezed his cock as it spread her open.

"God, she's tight," Jessie muttered, half to himself, half to the women in the audience, eliciting a moan from both René and the women raptly watching.

René expected Jessie to start rocking back and forth inside her, but she wasn't in control. She felt her pussy finally contracting as he slowly pulled out of her, until only the tip was inside her, and then he slammed back into her. The force rippled up through her, throwing her chest upward and her head back. Thrust after thrust slammed into her, and as her body squirmed and moved up and down in time with his thrusts her little girlish tits slid back and forth on her chest as she tried to catch her breath.

The constant pounding against René's clit and opening were too much for her and she felt herself losing control. Long ragged breaths turned into moans. The next thrust was too much. It pushed her over the edge, spasms rocked her body as all her muscles contracted causing her whole body to rock and she exploded as Jessie continued pounding away.

Meanwhile, Dorian reappeared on stage with a lithe, blonde-haired beauty. This was Christy, Zara's roommate and sometimes sex partner.

"Hello again, ladies. Yes, I'm back, and with little Christy in tow. Christy why don't you get between Zara's legs and warm her up while Jessie finishes René off?"

René caught her breath as Jessie paused to listen to Dorian. The moment he resumed fucking her she felt another climax building. She looked desperately around as another hard stroke pounded into her.

Her eyes met Dorian's and found his face consumed with lust. As they stared into each other's eyes, she wailed, "Oh, god, it's happening again," and wave after wave of pleasure filled her mind and body.

Jessie was amazed at the staying power the lotion Dorian had given him was providing. Normally, he would have come a long time before, yet he had yet to feel the thrill of his ejaculate building in his balls.

René arched her back, pressing her body and ass back against Jessie permitting him to get even deeper, aware half the room was getting a wonderful view between her spread legs. Slowly, the most intense of her young life rose up within her; and several deep thrusts later it arrived, escaping out of her in loud moans as she shook for a minute or two and then collapsed as every woman in the audience thought they had cum with her.

Dorian strode over to them and tapped Jessie on the shoulder. "My turn," he said. René gave Jessie a puzzled look as she felt him pull out of her. He hasn't come yet, she thought, but as he approached her face with his juice coated cock throbbing in the night air she understood. Hungrily and without hesitation, she took it into her mouth, wanting to reward him for what he had given her.

Suddenly she felt another pair of hands on her, guiding her to her side and pushing her knees together and up towards her chest.

It must be Dorian; she told herself then leaned her head back and gave herself to him, while sucking gingerly on Jessie's jerking cock, his taste reminding her that this was the cock that she had cum all over; that now it was his turn to cum inside her.

Dorian held her knees in place, taking the opportunity to reveal René's bushy cunt and ass to the audience.

René was now sucking hard as well as jerking Jessie off. He was not able to hold off any longer and began to pump spurt after spurt into her mouth as she swallowed eagerly, and then licked the tip, making sure she got every drop. This last was done in full view of her audience who imagined it was themselves sucking Jessie's magnificent cock.

When Dorian felt René had finished with Jessie and was ready for him, he pushed the lubricated tip of his finger up into her. René hadn't expected him to use her anus, but didn't find his finger unpleasant as it entered her.

Jessie walked off the platform to a smattering of applause, as most of the women in the audience were now concentrating on Dorian's preparation for an assault on the young girl's anus.

René curled tightly into a ball as she felt him finger her asshole. Dorian slipped a second finger into her and let her adjust to it, and then started pushing his fingers apart. As she got nervous, René tightened up, squeezing his fingers back together again, but when her muscles tired, she was compelled to relax and he opened her up a little more.

The more knowledgeable members of the audience, having had some experience with anal play, appreciated his efforts at making the lithe young thing as comfortable as possible. And, when Dorian had René open far enough, he poured some lube directly into her rectum, spreading it inward with one deft finger.

René glanced into the audience, saw that it seemed to consist of only women and smiled out at them, drawing a gasp of surprise from several members, including Val's sister, Heather.

René lay there, completely vulnerable to Dorian, while a mixture of curiosity, excitement and even fear flowed through her. She had not experimented with anal intercourse, and dreaded losing her last vestige of virginity to Dorian and not her lover, Jessie.

Valerie Marcolina squirmed in her seat. Around her women were openly masturbating, and those who weren't, were transfixed by the couple now on stage.

Dorian fitted a condom on himself then inserted the head of his dick into her opening. To René the sensation was completely different than expected and she squealed at the complex mix of pressure, pleasure and pain she felt as he
continued to press forward into her.

Her cries registered with her audience. Some felt an exhilaration, some were indignant at the seeming injustice of her anal debasement. But the audience remained silent other than the occasional gasp and muffled groan of pleasure from being masturbated by the person next to them.

Val was startled to see Katy Dide with her legs on Natalie's shoulders while the other was on her knees, head under Katy's dress, obviously going down on her.

On the stage, René made a keening sound as Dorian continued working his member into her anus, but now was attempting to divert her attention by rubbing her clit.

He succeeded as her body responded and relaxed her sphincter to the extent he managed to garner another two inches into her anal channel.

"It will be much easier for you from now on," he whispered to René, and she visibly relaxed on hearing his words.

Turning to his rapt audience, Dorian, ever the showman, called out, "This could be anyone of you out there." Then, trying for a laugh, he added, "Of course I mean that I could be fucking you. I know some of you are all too familiar with a strap-on."

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