tagNovels and NovellasWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 76

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 76

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 76

Val & Marty, continued

Back at the hotel, they waited for the elevator which carried people between the lobby and the twenty-fourth floor of the hotel. Another couple got on the elevator ahead of them and stepped to the side. Marty and Val got on the elevator and moved to the back. "Would you hit fifteen, please?" Marty asked politely.

As the doors closed, Marty kissed Val softly. She nervously eyed the other couple who were holding hands and facing the front of the elevator which was almost all glass, except for the back wall, which was polished chrome. The other couple could see their reflection as they kissed as they rose rapidly to the seventh floor. She hadn't had a chance to go to the ladies room, to wash her hands, to clean herself. She was sure they could smell her sex.

The elevator stopped at the fourteenth floor. The other couple left. The doors closed. Val's pulse raced as Marty took her hands in his, pinning them above her head. He pressed his body to hers, pressing her against the glass door of the elevator. His mouth was on hers, his tongue teasing her lips. After all that had happened during dinner, it was wonderful to actually feel his body against hers. She kissed him hungrily. He stepped back; pressed the STOP button on the elevator.

He parted her lips with his tongue then slid his tongue into her mouth, taking her breath away. His tongue found hers, swirled around hers. He drew her tongue between his lips, and gently sucked her tongue. God, she loved that.

He slid his hands under her thighs, pulling her into him, lifting her. He easily supported her 108 pounds as her body pressed against the glass, her arms stretched above her.

Oh, God, she thought, anyone can see us... anyone can see me! If Joe came out looking for her — if he were to glance up....

Vaguely she realized he had freed a breast from her dress, she became fully aware of what was transpiring the second his mouth closed down upon the exposed nipple. Val gasped with pleasure, forgot Joe, forgot everything as his tongue gently circled her areola then licked the nipple causing her to moan aloud.

She squirmed against him, rubbed herself against him. She felt the hardness in his pants. She wanted him badly enough at the moment to let him take her on the floor of the elevator.

He moved to the other nipple. It felt so good, so different from what he did to the other one. He sucked, hard, drawing the nipple into his mouth. She moaned and writhed against him.

He kissed her mouth then whispered in her ear, "Prepare yourself, I'm going to kiss you between the legs."

"Your room... please, let's go to the room!"

"Don't you want to come?"

"Of course I do, but anyone can look up and see...."

"Doesn't that add to the excitement?"

"Yes... but...."

"Lift the dress."

She hesitated, remembering that he had made her remove her underwear at the table, that she wore only her pantyhose under the dress. Val's mind was racing: They were surrounded by glass, in the elevator with a wonderful view of the lobby and the entrance to the ballroom so many floors below. But could anyone see into the elevator? Of course they could. All they had to do was look up.

"Now, please!" he said in a taut voice that inflamed her even more.

Had that exhibitionistic slut, Bernie ever done this? Val thought not, but made a mental note to ask her if they ever spoke again. Why the fuck am I wondering about her? I'm in a situation here... it's my decision to make.... But even as her mind was struggling to come to a decision, her hands were raising the dress.

She stood naked to the hips before him, wearing only her pantyhose and shoes.

Oh, shit!

"I'm going to suck your clit and fuck you with my tongue. But you will not come. I want to take you to the edge, but you will not come."

Oh, shit, shit, shit!

He crouched between her legs, and with his hands under her thighs, lifted her as he pushed her legs apart. Val shrieked as his teeth found a purchase in the pantyhose and tore them apart, wrenching several pubic hairs from her loins and drawing a horrified scream from her throat.

A second later his tongue found her wetness. When it slid inside her, she began to writhe against him, squirming against the glass door, suddenly uncaring that anyone looking their way could see her naked and splayed apart with a man between her legs, eating her.

"I... I need to come!"

"Not yet!"

He licked her clit, then gently drew it between his lips and sucked. Val moaned louder. She kept moaning as he licked her, fought the building orgasm. Just when she knew she couldn't hold back any longer, he stopped.

"God damn you!" she swore at him.

No one had ever done this to her before. Not like this, no man or woman. And how was it that she was managing to keep her orgasm at bay?

Mercifully, he did not suck her clit or lick it for long. She would have come, she knew. She would have come hard. There would have been no holding back. His tongue moved lower again, teasing that secret spot between her anus and her pussy.

His tongue moved still lower, touched her anus. She screamed. If he touched her clit again she would come. She didn't care if he said not to. She would come and cry and come and scream.

He teased the rim of her anus with his tongue.

She squirmed. God, she thought, I could come from just this. If he keeps it up much longer, it would be hard not to.

He stopped.

Silently, he let her down and started the elevator.

She let the dress fall back down, smoothed it into place and attempted to control her breathing. The silence was erotic. She wondered what would happen next.

Val suddenly realized the elevator was going down. NO! she couldn't walk out into the lobby like this... anyone looking at her would know what she had been doing....

She watched the numbers, and began to cry. Twelve—Eleven—Ten— the elevator began to slow. It was going to stop!

What floor had he said? Was someone going to get on?

The doors opened. Val cringed, her mascara had run, her lipstick was smeared. What would people think of her?

Marty held the "door open" button and looked out. Left. Right. Left.

"My room is to the left," he said. "Careful, there are people coming from that direction."

Oh, no, she thought, but Marty had anticipated as much and draped his jacket over her shoulders and shielded her face from the two women headed toward the elevator they has just left.

Val felt a flutter between her legs at the thought of either woman recognizing her. It could cause a scandal the likes of which Wilmington would be talking about for years to come.

Finally, they were safely behind his closed door. She was trembling with relief and anticipation.

Marty removed his jacket from her shoulders and said, "Take the damn dress off. I want to see that body."

Val removed every stitch of clothing, balling the pantyhose up and tossing toward a wastebasket but missing badly.

Marty laughed.

But all Val knew was she was finally standing nude in front of him.

Will he like what he sees? It was highly erotic for her to be naked while he was dressed. She felt vulnerable. She was surprised how her vulnerability excited her. God, everything he did excited her.

Marty hoped K.C. had remembered to take her belongings with her and not left an earring or such out where Val might see it. He quickly placed the Do Not Disturb sign on the outside handle, closed the door and moved to Val.

Val didn't bother to look at her surroundings, but with calmness she didn't feel, she placed her purse on the table, folded her dress on a hanger and hung it in the closet. Taking a deep breath, she turned to face him as he embraced her.

"This feels so natural, holding you. You know, I wanted you the moment I saw you holding those packages."

"Nice things happen in the heat of August," she murmured, almost dizzy from his closeness. He spread his legs to bring his torso lower, wrapped his arms around her, and breathed in the soft scent of shampoo in her hair. She snorted softly through her nose, and swung herself so that she was straddling his left leg. He nuzzled and kissed her neck, sucking her skin softly between his lips. Her lips slid along his jaw, seeking his.

"I have to confess something to you," she murmured.

"I'm not a priest."

"I wouldn't think of telling a priest what I'm going to tell you."

She began to hump his leg.

Marty, a long lapsed Catholic, responded with, "And how long has it been since your last confession, my dear?" "What?" she blurted, having been caught off guard.

"Just teasing; so, are you going to tell me your name?"

"Jesus! That's right," she said, "We don't know each other's fucking name!"

"I'm Marty Piatkowski," he said, unabashedly, "from Jersey City."

"Val Marcolina; from right here in good old Wilmington."

"What were you doing at the hotel function?"

"Trying to get smashed; I usually do that when my husband takes me out."

He laughed, and asked, "Are you a drunk?"

Val giggled inanely, and replied, "I am almost drunk. Or I was before we started... but I don't think I am a drunk. Did that come out clearly?"

Marty was fascinated by the slow, easy drawl she used. He thought it gave her a kind of foreign flavor. He decided that southern women, or at least this one, certainly could put an arousing spin on just about everything they said.

"So, what were you doing at the dinner?"

"Oh... my husband's a banker. The affair was honoring... a roast I guess... of another banker. Had to go... you know, keep up pretenses and all that shit."

"This is too fast," she murmured against his mouth just before he kissed her again.

"What is?"

She hadn't heard him, and said, "I'm giving myself a birthday present."

"What kind of present?"


She kissed him then; her tongue probed hesitantly at first, then danced into his mouth and tickled the roof of his mouth, only to surrender to his tongue when it greeted hers. She began a series of little hunching movements against his leg, then realized she was not all that unlike a dog in heat.

"I'm in heat," she blurted into his ear.

"I know," he replied softly. "It's all right."

"Want to fuck?"

"Good thinking," he answered and scooped her up and carried Val toward the bedroom. Nudging the door open, Marty moved to the bed and fell slowly backwards onto it with Val on his lap. She turned to face him. One areola was pebbled and coral in color; the other was getting there. Her mouth was open, and she seemed to be breathing fast.

Marty was unbuttoning his shirt while on his back. Val attacked his slacks, unbuttoning and then lowering his zipper. "Bounce," she commanded. He did, and she hauled the pants off him, letting them drop to the floor alongside the bed. His shorts followed soon after.

His cock sprang to attention, lolling idly close to his stomach. "Oh, my," Val husked. What a lovely present!"

Then with no hesitation, she wrapped her hand around him and squeezed gently. "It's as big around as my tennis racket grip!" Then she swooped down and bestowed a wet kiss on his cockhead.

Before taking him into her mouth, she thought to ask, "Um, Marty?"

"Yeah?" he said his voice dry with lust.

"Promise me you'll eat me after we fuck?"

"Want to see me eat a cream pie?"

"Something like that... um, what's a cream pie?"

Just then she realized what it was and giggled. "Yeah, I want to see it... a cream pie, huh? That's a new one for me."

"I love cream pies, especially when I help make 'em."

She shivered from the tone of his voice; swallowed half his length, giggling as she did so. Her nipples, already hard, began to ache for attention, and she unconsciously took one between her fingers and pulled on it.

Marty groaned and squeezed his cock, but refrained from jerking off. He could wait for her. She was definitely worth the wait.

Val twisted her nipple, and hissed at the sensation it wrought. Her heart was beating so fast she thought she might die before having him cum in her.

She compelled herself to breath as normally as possible under the circumstances. She had to concentrate on holding her breath, count to three and then exhale. It seemed to work, and she calmed down a little, but not all that much. Her hands were shaking badly from the pent up excitement.

She could feel the warmth inside her spreading; the sudden realization of a fulfillment beyond anything she'd ever experienced before.

Intuitively, Val understood that Marty as special. He was her gift, her special gift, and she resolved to make the best possible use of him.

Val would have been stunned to know that Marty felt approximately the same about her. She felt his eyes upon her and shuddered.

Marty watched her through narrowed eyes, as Val moved her hand lower; fingers spread along past the soft flatness of her tummy and over the silk of her panties. She felt the light fur of her pubis, the soft swell of her mons, as she reached lower, desperately wanting to feel the need between her legs.

His cock pulsed, and Marty thought to spit onto the tip of his prick; then rubbed the moisture over the head and crown, and spitting the remaining saliva still in his mouth into his palm, began a slow masturbation, pausing only to show this strange woman his testicles and demonstrating how he wanted her to touch them when her turn came.

In turn, Val cupped her sex, feeling the wetness already starting; and then came the hard throb of her small clit as it pressed against her palm. She deftly moved her fingers in a small circle, around and around the soft folds of flesh; closed her eyes and imagined his cock in her mouth, bringing her relief from the emptiness inside her.

Her breath became ragged and uneven. She absently put her fingers under the elastic band at the top of her panties and dipped a finger into her damp slit, then thinking to shock him; she brought the finger to her mouth and sucked it. She let out her breath in a long soft whoosh, and suddenly focused on the all but forgotten cock Marty was slowly stroking near her face.

Val stared at the tumescence of his maleness... then shuddered and wrapped both hands tightly around his rigid member, took it from him and leaned down and kissed it where the precum oozed from the tip.

She closed her eyes and rubbed his cockhead over her cheeks and nose, then murmured, "I'd love to suck it, and I want to see if I can take it all. You can cum in my mouth. I'll drink your cum." Marty nodded in agreement, and a moment later Val's warm, wet mouth was stretched around his cockhead, sucking him with all the vigor she could muster.

He discovered as she fellated him that her breasts sagged slightly, but not much as they weren't overly large. He estimated them as 34's, perhaps a B-cup. Taking them in his hands as she drew his full length down her throat, her gave them a not too gentle squeeze, and heard her moan appreciatively.

Marty's hands gradually explored her body cavities and he was pleased to find Val had a neatly trimmed, but rather full bush of dark hair that glistened in several places. He smiled on realizing it was already matted with her juices.

The scent of her arousal slowly filled the hotel room. Marty relished her odor; even moving his nose to within an inch of her pussy before taking a prolonged sniff. But Val was oblivious to his actions, for she was so taken with the pleasure his cock was bringing to her taste buds, that she lost all sense of what was transpiring about her.

And when she took him from her mouth and gave a lusty, uninhibited laugh, Marty took it as coming from a woman of great experience.

Val had some experience in sexual partners. There was Joe, her husband, and Gerry Attric, in recent years. And just a few days before with professionals like Jay Carter and Professor Dorian. Going back further, there had been two boys in high school and one in her freshman year when she was so horny she thought she'd explode. And then there were the women, like Bernie and Wanda; and a few others... some of whom she'd already forgotten.

Val was suddenly wrenched back to reality when Marty groaned, "Enough!" and shoved her away from him.

"What? Did I do something wrong? Did I bite?"

"No, nothing like that," he said.

Confused, Val pushed him, demanding more information.

"It's not you... it is you!" he huffed.

"Well... what...."

"Shut up. I need to eat you now," he blurted, and Val, stunned by the words, stopped jabbering. She almost came then and there. No one had ever attacked her like that. Then when his mouth descended upon her, she went slightly crazy, for although both Joe and Gerry had gone down on her, neither of them did so with the animal-like intensity that this wildman was doing.

With his face mashed into her groin, he maneuvered two fingers into her sodden cunt in search of her spot. When he found it, he attacked her pea-sized clit, causing her to go off like a rocket.

But Marty, a practiced, albeit rusty lover, didn't let her rest, but continued gnawing at her labia and clit until he felt her going over the edge again.

Ten minutes later, after having cum several times, Val pulled his head from between her legs, and kissed him tenderly; tasted herself on his lips.

"Your cock," she said in a voice husky with desire. "I need your cock in me now."

"Do you now?" Marty said, smiling down at her. She snorted a soft laugh. He leaned over and kissed her eyelids.

"Beautiful, beautiful," he whispered, almost to himself rather than to her.

His fingers combed through the curls on her pussy several times before he said, "I like how stiff those nipples of yours are."

Marty suddenly let one finger slip down to her cunt. He was only touching her with that one finger, sliding it up and down along her sopping wet clit. In truth, he was masturbating her, and she was on fire from being touched by only one finger.

"I'm going to make you come again very soon, but only if you use your fingers to pinch and twist your beautiful nipples while I do it!"

Val looked down her body. Here I am in a hotel bedroom with a complete stranger while my husband's downstairs getting drunk, or laid, and this guy wants me to play with my tits for him! Even as she thought the words her hands went to her breasts and began to squeeze and twist them, sending electric shocks directly into her clit. Marty increased the speed of his frigging, and in record time Val felt the promised orgasm coming on.

"Oh, you!" she panted, "Oh... it's wonderful. I'm coming... just like you promised!"

Val's thighs were shaking violently as she humped his finger. With a loud scream she felt the powerful orgasm. It was, she told him later, as if molten lead was being poured out all over me! She chose not to tell him about the violent cramps that had caused her legs to tighten up in a fetal position, causing her to lie helplessly on her back, shaking and crying.

"Oh, my God! I can't... I'm still coming!"

It took her nearly a minute before she was able to relax and let her legs fall back on the bed. Little beads of sweat had formed between on her breasts and forehead. "Phew, that was lovely," she whispered. "Would you please get me a towel?"

"I'll do better than that," he said.

With that, Marty leaned over and ever so slowly started licking the sweat off her body. His hand moved across her belly, then pulled lightly at her dampened bush while his tongue started licking her pebbled areola.

"I'm gonna slip back into you, let you feel me grow hard inside you."

"What... no, let me take you in my mouth," she protested. But he pushed her back and entered her with his almost flaccid penis.

"It's not all that hard yet, but I'll get it in you now, and then you'll feel something I bet you haven't felt before."

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