tagNovels and NovellasWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 77

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 77

byParis Waterman©

The Following Day

The following morning Axle Dominefski was sitting in Marty's hotel room at 8 sharp.

"It sounds like a plan to me," Axle said before taking a sip of coffee that room service had brought up earlier.

"I can't guarantee anything," Marty said, "I'll get you in; maybe he has a computer at home connected to the bank, maybe not."

"I know. It depends on how conservative the guy is," Axle said. "But if he has one, I can do my magic."


"As I mentioned the last time we spoke, the banks servers shouldn't have any connections outside the bank's network. The big banks are very difficult to hack because they follow what's called 'air-gapping,' but this is a smaller bank and they may not have taken advantage of it because of the initial cost. They will in time, but it's possible this bank is behind the times."

"Well, I'll get you into the house, how much time do you need?"

"Hard to say; but let's say, twenty, thirty minutes at the least. What I can do if the computer is hooked up to the main frame is essentially copy everything on his PC then work my magic from the hotel room away from prying eyes."

"I get you in; you do your thing and get out in say thirty minutes."

"Yeah, that's it... provided it falls into place that way. If he's not connected to the main frame from the house we're shit outta luck and will have to try another way."

"I understand," Marty said. "This looks like our easiest way in."

"It is, if it works."

"So let's do it."


On waking at nine that morning, Val could hardly walk, yet she felt exhilarated somehow, and then she remembered meeting him at the hotel. It took some effort, but she managed to get out of bed and walk naked to the full-length mirror in her bedroom. Her mouth opened in surprise on seeing the teeth marks, large red hickies, and bruises in the shape of fingers, covering both her breasts. Her nipples were stiff and swollen from being bitten so many times the night before. Her eyes traveled downward to her stomach, where several large red hickies disappeared into her dark pubic hair.

She touched herself and almost recoiled at the pain. She examined her fingers and found them covered with his sperm, looked at her reflection and saw that the sperm was oozing from her vagina and down her thigh. She had a sudden vision of him... no of his cock plunging in and out of her. She shivered and covering her body with a robe thought about the prodigious fucking he'd given her, and she actually came thinking about it.

Val plucked her panties from her purse and examined the semen stains on them then brought them to her nose and inhaled. A moment later she had pried her clean underwear to one side, and began to hurriedly masturbate, comforted by the fact that it was the maid's day off and Caroline was already in pre-school and no one would pass by her bedroom and take note of her actions.

She had her vibrator going, and almost there, when someone began ringing the doorbell and using the brass knocker on the front door at the same time.

Who the hell can that be? She wondered, and then answered her question. Mother, it must be Mother. She's had another fight with Dad. She tucked the vibrator under her pillow, and after putting on a robe, went to the door and opened it, leaving the chain in place, she knew she was alone in the house, no sense in being foolish.

It wasn't her mother. It was him!

"Hey, gonna let me in?" Marty said. He had a sexy grin on his face, but his voice was rough and edgy.

"Do you know what time it is?" Val said trying to sound pissed off, but not even convincing herself.

"Remember yesterday? Well, it's time for the good times to begin again."

"Fuck you!" she yelled, and tried to close the door on him, but he had his foot wedged in the doorway.

"Hey, I know its early and all, but... fuck, I mean I came across town to see you, and this is what I get?"

"That's all you're gonna get too!" she snarled, this time putting force into her words.

"So is the Lord of the Manor home sleeping it off?"

Her expression told him Marcolina was already at work. Marty grinned at Val and said, "I figured the soreness would be gone by now," he said,

"Ready to do it again?"

She felt a chill run up her spine, thought of her semen stained underwear again and found herself teetering on the edge of the orgasm she'd been trying for. Her eyes left his face -- went to the bulge in his crotch, and unconsciously she touched her own crotch and felt the heat of her own lust. She pulled her hand away, but it was too late, he'd seen her.

"Fuck you!" she spat out, and turning away, she stormed back into her bedroom. Marty watched the sensual roll of her hips until she slammed the bedroom door, leaving him standing there.

He counted to ten, while waiting for her to open the bedroom door. When the door remained closed Marty waved Axle over from where he had hidden himself against the side of the house. Both men entered the house.

"It may be easier than we thought," Axle whispered quietly.

Marty nodded and motioned Axle to get out of sight, and he did. Marty he took a step back, raised his right foot and kicked the bedroom door open, splintering the door itself, and ripping it off one hinge. He kicked the door shut with his heel, and moved quickly into the bedroom.

He had never been in her home before, but that didn't bother him. When he confronted her she was sitting on her bed, knees up against her breasts. As he reached for her he had a clear view of her frilly red thong. He grabbed her left ankle, and yanked her off the bed. She made a loud thump on the hard wooden flooring when she landed on her ass and cried out in pain and indignation.

Val's first conscious thought was getting revenge, but when he pressed his face to her stomach, she almost bit through her lip. Then his dick was out and slapping her face. An inhuman sound came from Val's throat as the need to be ravaged swelled up in her, eradicating all other thoughts.

She banged the back of her head against the side of the bed as she tried to pull away from him; but opened her mouth hungrily, providing him with her mute approval. He leaned over her, slid his hands under her nightgown, and took both breasts into his hands and felt the large, dark nipples hardening under his fingertips.

A groan escaped her throat, and Val struggled to her feet, using her hands on his back and shoulders to help her get there. They went into a clinch, straining against each other, both of them delighting in the feel of her breasts mashed against his chest, and the impact of his hard cock bulging against her navel.

I've needed this for so long, she thought fleetingly; and then in a heartbeat, they were wrapped together, his mouth hard on hers, her hands fisted in his hair, as he worked his leg between her thighs.

The raw hunger, the physical need, shook them both. She had a small orgasm, a result of having used the vibrator for those twenty minutes before he knocked at the door, and his close, heated proximity of the moment. Her emotions ran amuck. Although he was fully erect and exposed, she tore at his belt, wanting him naked before her.

She didn't think, couldn't think. Not with his mouth burning her lips off. Not as he yanked her nightgown off, and plucked a breast loose from between them and brought it to his mouth.

Like children wrestling, they rolled over the rug, the only sounds incoherent murmurs and strained breathing.


Axle moved stealthily through the house, eyes seemingly everywhere, until he found Joe Marcolina's office with the pc sitting alone on his over-sized ornate, mahogany desk.

It was even easier than Axle had expected. Joe had a direct tie-in to the banks system. Even better, he had two bank accounts written on a piece of paper taped to the right hand drawer of the desk.

Could it really be this easy? Axle asked himself as he sat down at the desk and turned the computer on. Four minutes later, Axle was positive he was in the system and hooked his home made file copier up to the computer and turned it on.

While the copier ran, he meticulously copied the accounts found in the desk drawer on a piece of notepaper and put it in his pocket. When the copier was finished some ten minutes later, Axle restored everything as it had been before he came into the room and then slowly made his way to the front door. He paused and listened after opening the door, heard Mrs. Marcolina wailing, "Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God!" and left the house with a broad grin on his face.

Marty you do have a way with the ladies, he said softly as he made his way to the non-descript Plymouth parked around the corner.


"You're back!" Val sniffed then sniveled, as her nose started to run. Wiping it with her arm, she renewed her wailing. "Oh, God, oh God, oh, God!"

"So," Marty said, laughing with a lewd joyfulness he'd never be able to explain, "you missed me, eh?"

"Ahhhh, you crazy fuck! Put it back in me!"

"Gladly," he laughed giddily, and pulled her thong down to her knees.

Her pelvis was churning against him. He was experiencing difficulty in keeping up with her. She was erupting beneath him, her legs wrapped tightly around his buttocks. Using short bursts of energy he retaliated, pumping furiously, and then stopping briefly to recover.

She continued relentlessly. Her skin was hot, smooth, and unbearably soft to his touch. He wanted to taste it, devour it—he found her mouth, and she slowed her movements in order to greet his tongue. He felt like an animal, knowing he could hurt her, would hurt her if he didn't finish soon.

"Just lean back and relax, Val. Relax so I can get it all in. You can take it all, baby; you just have to know how to work it. Your shit is so tight ... mmmmm, let me get your legs up, like this ...."

She was vibrating beneath him, her eyes huge and dark, and her lips swollen with desire. Her eyes teared up, and then set her mascara running as she began crying like a baby while the orgasm vented her body. Marty plunged into her with renewed vigor, and brought on his own climax.

They lay still on the rug for a long time.

He opened his eyes to find her staring at him. Her smile bloomed as she framed his face in her hands. "Welcome back," she said, and let the slow, quiet kiss soothe them both. Their tongues both escaped at the same time, twirling in the shared space of their joined mouths, pulling and sliding across each other, tasting each other, delighting in the texture, the feel, the slight friction of tongue on tongue.

After eliciting another groan from her, Marty slid the palms of his hands slowly down the front of her breasts, knowing now, how she both loved and hated the friction of it, the raw feel of skin on skin. She didn't pull away though, continuing to crush him against herself, her hands pulling at his skin, scraping her fingernails up to his shoulders, and down his spine again and again, leaving long red trails in their wake.

As his hands cleared the bottom of Val's breasts, she wriggled with delight, and, goose bumps appeared briefly on her skin, only to disappear as they pulled each other close again. His hands slid, staying on her skin, over her small cheeks, caressing the tightly delightful mounds of skin, his fingers sliding delicately down the crease between them, down between her legs, and under, until she jumped, and he felt his semen seeping out of her.

He held still there for a moment again, listening to her breathe, and feeling her move, just a little, against his fingers, encouraging more pressure, more exploration. He had other plans though, and moved his hands back, much the way they had come, skimming lightly over her puckered ass, enjoying the shiver that resulted.

His hands eventually fondled her rump again. Axle should be done by now, he thought as his hands retraced the path they'd taken before.

Val was almost incoherent, feeling his hands crawling over her, and she had to remove her mouth from his, just to get enough air in her lungs. She could feel his fingers on the cheeks of her ass, and shrieked with delight when he tickled her rosebud again; but so much more directly. And she murmured contentedly when his hands cleared her buttocks, and came to rest on her upper legs.

She smiled again as his cock sprang forward, and gave it a friendly stroke before straightening up again, signaling her readiness, knowing they would be more patient this time.

He pulled himself close again then, gave her a quick kiss on the lips, and lifted. She bent her legs, to help as much as she could, and he slid her back up the cool wall, spread her legs and wrapped them around his hips. As her legs wrapped around him, she allowed him to position both of them, hanging on to him with her hands, and waited greedily, hoping for an even better release.

With her body off the ground, Marty was able to position her where he wanted her, and as he moved a little closer, he could feel the tip of his cock nestling between her legs, between her spread lips, between the walls of her hot vagina, and he could tell just how quivering eager she was.

Val moved herself over it, feeling her slickness rubbing on it; the softness of it sliding over her clit; the hardness of it as it thrust into her. With all the muscles she could manage, she pulled him hard towards her. She welcomed the now familiar stretching, sliding, and the fullness of it, and his hot breath in her ear.

She tried to move, and couldn't, until he did.

He pulled himself almost out again, and stopped, just for a moment. She thrust at him, pulling him back. He relaxed, and sank back into her. She pushed then, wanting more movement. He lifted her a little, moving against the weight and the pressure. She relaxed, and hauled him back in.

They slowly got a rhythm going, her body against the wall, his in free space. The smooth, slippery friction got hotter. He got harder. She got wetter. They pumped now, a single machine, with one aim. They slid apart and together, in and out, up and down.

He dragged himself to the very edge and her with him. She felt how close he was, and knew she was too. He could tell, when her movements changed, that she was as close as he was.

Her groan was all he could take. Her release was instantaneous, irresistible. He fell over the edge, and as her muscles contracted around him, his muscles pumped inside her, a wonderful feedback loop of brute force and fluids.

He spurted, she clamped. He panted, she groaned. He pushed hard, and she squeezed her legs. They both shuddered and shook, and struggled not to collapse. Her head fell down in front of his shoulder; his body fell forward on to hers.

He kissed her shoulder, and pulled himself out, bending his legs to remove his still hard cock from within her. She shuddered again, feeling like a trauma victim, sweat covering her cheeks and neck, her lungs stinging.

"Jesus, Val," Marty croaked, as he panted, trying to recapture his breath. "You're really great in the sack. But look at you... you're covered with bruises."

"You're a rough guy in the sack," she said meekly.

Using a gentleness she hadn't suspected he had, Marty spooned up next to her, pleasing her no end, resting his chin on her shoulder. As they cuddled in the dark, all she could think of at first were those penetrating brown eyes of his, as he finger combed her hair.

"I think I need a shower," he said finally. His muscular legs seemed to wobble when he stood.

"Check that, I need an IV."

"You could get one at the emergency room when you drop me off," she replied, coquettishly.

And then, suddenly, Val leaped out of bed.

"What the fuck!" Marty exclaimed, instinctively readying himself for a fight.

"The door!" Val shrieked. "You broke the fucking door down! Anyone could wander in!"

"Easy! Take it easy!" Marty said, trying to calm her. "It's the bedroom door, the front door is closed. I closed it myself."

"You broke the door down to get to me?" she said, more to herself then to him.

"Yeah... I did," he said, confirming the obvious fact.

"That's... that's so fucking beautiful...." Val's eyes were filled with appreciative tears at this act that she suddenly considered the most caviler action she had ever heard or thought of.

"I want... I want to suck your cock, your beautiful cock. Would you let me?"

Marty was already getting hard. He tendered his stirring member to her hand, and said, "I'd be honored."

Val thought it the most romantic thing she'd ever heard.

Afterward they took a shower together.


Marty and Axle had lunch together at the Water Street Café, where over beers axle told Marty of his successful entry into the bank's system.

"We can loot the whole fucking thing, you want," he said after wiping the foam from his mouth.

"We don't want that," Marty said. "We want Gentner's account and what's in it.

"Yeah, I thought you would. So, here's what I got so far. That nitwit, Marcolina left two accounts written in his desk. They both tie in to a bank in the Cayman Islands. One account has 8.5 million in it. The other has 6.7 million. I'm assuming Gentner's got two accounts. One for a rainy day, the other for business expenses if and when they arise."

"That makes sense," Marty said, then took a bite from his fish sandwich. "Any chance they're not his accounts?"

"I don't know yet. I will when I go in again. First time I needed to see what's what, you know?"

Marty nodded.

"So next time I follow the numbered accounts, see if they lead me to a name, or names."

"Good work, Axle," Marty said.

Axle laughed, "You certainly had to work hard on your end, Marty."

Marty grinned at him. "I did, didn't I?"

"I left when she was calling you God."

"First time or the last?" Marty asked with a broad grin.

"First I guess," Axle laughed.

"We get back; you run that check for me. After six I'll have a couple strippers drop by, see how long it takes you to make them call your name out."

"You gonna hang around and wait for it to happen?"

"No, I ain't got that kinda time to waste," Marty laughed. He was feeling good for the first time in almost nine years.

"Hey, fuck you, Marty," Axle laughed and waved at the waitress to bring them another round of beers.


Axle hit pay dirt fifteen minutes after reentering the banks system. Ten minutes later, he had the password to the first numbered account - the one with 8.5 million in it. Twenty minutes later the second account's password blossomed and presented him with access to the other account.

"Marty?" he whispered into the phone.


"You want me to send this 15.2 million to any particular account?"

"You got it? I mean, you're not fucking with me?"

"I got it, and more, you want."

"You still able to do that thing... you know, move the money from one place to another so no one can trace it?"

"I um, do have a thing setup, but it's my thing. I doubt you wanna mix money at this point."

"Yeah, your right. Can you set up another series of accounts?"

"I'm already working on it. I get five... right?"

"Axle, you get six, I'm giving you a bonus."

Axle smiled, he had already taken 10 from several other accounts at the bank. With several key strokes he sent another six million dollars to his personal account in Switzerland. Then he set about doing the same for Marty.

When he finished an hour later, Marcolina's bank had been looted of twelve million and the Cayman Island bank of fifteen million, two hundred thousand.

Marty won't mind a little extra, Axle told himself as the girls Marty had promised knocked on his hotel room door.

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