tagInterracial LoveWimp Loses to Young Black Boss Ch. 02

Wimp Loses to Young Black Boss Ch. 02


Chapter Two of a true story

Following the humiliating events of his college days Myron went to work for a small, executive firm in Marketing and Development. There, he honed his skills and climbed the corporate ladder very well over the next 12 and a half years. He saved nearly every dime he could in the hopes of providing for his future and future wife. Hopefully, someday a family as well.

Myron, the 6' 7" tall and 224 lb. pencil-necked and noticeably nerdish white man was now completely entrenched into adulthood. He had moved back home after college to live with his mom and dad. He father passed away less than five years later. But, his mother's house had already been paid for and the insurance, as well as the small nest egg left by his deceased father, had taken care of the rest.

This allowed Myron to save most of the money he was earning in the corporate world and to make a few small investments along the way. It was not nearly enough to retire on as he reached his early 30's, but it was more than enough to get out on his own. He could live comfortably.

But, Myron felt at ease living at home with his mom. He liked the umbrella of security this provided. He spent many Saturday nights baking chocolate chip cookies and watching romance movies with her. These movies soon became Myron's favorite ones as well.

Myron watched these movies and longed for the day he would meet the woman of his dreams.

But, while his career was progressing very nicely, the passive Myron was not nearly as successful with the women. Nor, was he even close to meeting a woman he could settle down with.

Despite his very tall stature, Myron remained more of the weakling type with a "weaker" looking chin and a noticeably underdeveloped physique. His overall physical appearance was soft, shy and timid, and this matched his personality.

His success in the business world had been attributed more to his analytical skills rather than his aggressiveness in this so-called concrete jungle.

In the 12 years that followed graduation Myron had only 3 very short-lived love interests. All of these women ended the courtship relatively fast, many disappointed by Myron's ultra-passive nature and lack of taking charge in the bedroom.

Unbeknownst to Myron, they had been disappointed by the 6' 7" 224 lb. man's lack of sexual prowess, and the barely 5" less than thick cock which he so unproudly possessed.

Myron was far from a sexual-dynamo, and he knew it. Yet, he had hoped to find a woman who would see him for the loving and caring man he was. Someone who would accept what he always thought was an "average" sized cock and a better life.

That woman would be Mona Carter.

At the age of 34, Myron was recruited by a larger corporation about 40 miles from the city. Although this could mean moving away from his sweet and adoring mom, it was an offer he found very difficult to refuse.

With a tearful eye, Myron explained this career opportunity to his mom. She was quite receptive to the idea as she had felt for so long that her son would benefit from this change, like this one.

With that approval Myron accepted the position.

He proceeded to purchase a large home in a beautiful, upper-to-middle-class suburb. He also purchased a smaller cottage-style home in another nearby suburb for his mother, no more than 10 miles away.

Although Myron was having second thoughts about the mom and living apart from her, Myron's mom continued to encourage the decision. She told him that it was finally time to cut those apron strings loose and find himself a wife to settle down with. Myron hesitantly shook his head in agreement. He could not disagree with the wise words of his loving mother.

"Yes, okay mom. I know you're right". Myron said.

His frightened and somewhat saddened voice was not even that convincing to himself. Nevertheless, the decision became final.

With the new corporation things seemed to fall in place for the "nerdish" Myron. His career was beginning to progress at an even faster rate, moving to upper-management with just 2 months. Despite the snobbish all-white suburb where he now resided, and a very high mortgage, he knew he had made a sound career decision.

He now had a beautifully-detailed 5-bedroom home with an inground pool in a very upscale area. A 30 foot private and secluded deck complimented the home.

"This was a nice investment". He reasoned.

Still, Myron remained conservative in all other aspects of his life. He drove a 6-year old mid-sized Ford and continued to put away as much of his remaining salary as possible. He made a few other minor investments along the way but mostly lived a life of someone barely making ends meet. He never truly splurged.

After five months on the job Myron finally met Mona.

Mona Carter was a 23-year-old intern at the time, and she soon graduated. She graduated from an all-girl's catholic academy in the midwest. To Myron, she couldn't have been more beautiful. She was ravishing. A true vision.

Mona Carter was the epitome of grace and beauty. She stood 5' 6" tall and weighed a trim yet voluptuous 122 lbs., with fair skin and a 34D bustline. Her trim 23" waist and taut 35" hips was a true reflection of the many years she had spent as a youth in dance and ballet.

Her long, brilliant blonde hair, in profusion, and bright violet-blue eyes highlighted a picture-perfect face reflecting her Scandanavian and Norwegian decents.

Myron had thought she was perfect.

Mona Carter had been raised by a fairly strict catholic family in a conservative small town. She exclusively attended all-girls' academies since Junior High. And, she was a former teen beauty pageant runner up in her freshman year of high school. She even tried a year of cheerleading at Mathers JHS.

The angelic and radiant 23-year-old midwestern blonde had only smaller aspirations of a business career. She had bigger aspirations of meeting her knight in shining armor and being well taken care of by him while raising a small family. But, she wanted the better life. She certainly did not want a life where she would struggle to make ends meet as her parents did.

At the time she would be more than content to have this type of life she envisioned. Mona Carter saw this life well within her grasp when she met Myron.

In her eyes, Myron was a perfect gentleman. He was a polite, well-mannered and financially well to do man that could provide her with the things she always dreamed about. Like many midwestern girls from her small town she had envisioned being swept away by a successful man and into upper middle class society.

"So what if he's a bit nerdy." she kept reminding herself.

She was thinking of the man who seemed to treat her like a princess. "He still has a lot to offer a girl. He is so sweet." she reasoned.

After a brief courtship, the stunning girl next door married the tall, conservative Myron. They settled into Myron's glorious new home in the burbs almost immediately.

Myron couldn't have been happier.

He concentrated on his career even more diligently. Mona took a part time job with a catering company closer to home. Afterall, she really didn't need to work because of her husband's upper level management income and she felt having children and raising a family was more important. More important than some stuffy old business career. She had told a friend.

In the first two years of marriage, though, Myron was unable to provide a child for his strikingly beautiful young wife. Nor could he satisfy her sexually in the way she had hoped for.

Mona was beginning to feel the disppointment of Myron's small and undernourished looking cock. His once a week, 10 minute attempts to please her left her unfulfilled. Deep down, she also felt that her husband could have tried harder to give her a child.

But, Mona had quickly grown comfortable in her new lifestyle. The disappointments on the sexual side was something she felt she could live with. She would have to.

Still, Mona remained quite devoted to her husband. She also remained devoted her part time career in the upper echelon of the catering business.

This feeling prevailed for many years.

After 14 years of marriage, Mona had come to the realization, and had accepted, the fact that her taller and wimpier husband would never become the aggressive, take charge type. She had known this for many years, and her hopes to change that diminished with each passing year.

Mona was beginning to think about that type of man. The type that was opposite of her weakling of a husband. The strong, take-charge type with a stonger sex drive would be nice. She thought about this more often now.

Despite Mona's numerous attempts to get her husband more "in the mood" and to become "more aggressive" in the bedroom, she failed.

The ravishing blonde woman tried everything from wearing cheerleader costumes and a myriad of other sexier outfits, to planning romantic vacations in Hawaii and France. She even suggested roleplaying scenes with her as a hooker and her husband as the "john" who picked her up on a street corner. Mona had read that in a woman's magazine one day. It was far from her personality to do so, but she was getting desparate.

Despite these bold efforts to stir something inside her meek and passive husband, Myron was seldom interested. He was appalled by the suggestions of his younger wife and disinterested in breaking from his normal routine.

His weak attempts to please her went from a boring once a week to an even more boring twice a month.

The elegant blonde beauty began trying less and less after these rejections and she simply continued to accept her chosen lifestyle more and more. The first 10 years of marriage were bland and the last 4 years even more vanilla.

She now turned 38, and Myron was 49. Mona had all but given up all hope of ever having a child. She even thought about asking her husband about adoption, but then stopped. She knew her conservative Myron would never stand for that, either.

At 38, Mona remained a truly stunning woman. She was as beautiful as ever. Her daily aerobics routines and frequent trips to the Woman's Workout facility near her workplace really showed. She was proud of her body. In fact, many others felt she was even more beautiful than she was in her 20's and she still turned many heads.

At 49, Myron remained passively content in his life. Things had settled into a comfortable routine for him. And, he liked that. He seldom thought about his ex-sweetheat from his college days, Becky Collins, and the failed romantic attempts of the past had not entered his mind for many years.

That is, until shortly after he received some bad news.

Myron had heard rumors about his company being sold. The older corporation was beginning to fail and the company he had worked so diligently for, and for the past 14 years, was selling out to a newer, up and coming organization.

Now, these rumors were real. The takeover and the restructuring of the operation would begin immediately.

The younger and more progressive company had plans to cut more than 90% of the current staff in favor of their own people. Few, if any, would retain their current positions. And, that would be decided by a 3rd party group during an interview process.

After the day Myron was interviewed he was chosen to stay with the company. But, he was faced with a limited choice.

He had a choice of taking a lower graded position as an Assistant Manager with a salary $40k a year less than he was making, or take a $15K payout settlement and face termination.

Humbled and uncertain about his future prospects, Myron accepted the lower paying position. He reasoned that this new assignment would be fine for the time being, and he could scout around for other opportunities in the same field.

When he arrived home that night he looked defeated and drained, and he tentatively gave the bad news to his wife.

Myron's beautiful wife of 14 years appeared concerned. She explained that their savings was still good, but no longer great. She reminded Myron that they had loaned her family over $75K in the past two years and still had mortgages to pay for their home as well as his mom's home.

"We have enough for you to take off for a year or so while you find another job ... so, why don't you do that". Mona asked.

With a bit more concern in her voice now, Mona quickly changed her mind.

"But, then again maybe you should keep this job they gave you for awhile and start looking around for something else". She reasoned.

"You're right, honey". Myron replied.

"We can't afford for me to be out of work right now, and at my age I won't be getting too many offers anytime soon". he said in a defeated tone.

"Well, maybe I should also try to get a better job?!" Mona asked.

But, Mona had not acquired many additional business skills in the past 14 years, except for the catering business. She knew her opportunities would be limited. And, Myron knew this too.

"No. I think things will be alright". Myron said.

"This is a good position and I can always move up the ranks again. If not, maybe something else will come along?" He concluded.

But, the job market was extremely soft at the time, and no offers or even offers to interview came his way. There were no offers in April, May or June as the younger and more progressive company completed the transition.

That is when Myron was introduced to his new boss, Je'Quon.

Je'Quon was a 27-year-old handsome black man with a rougher exterior. He had a chiseled and stern face, and dressed like he had a million dollar salary.

He was considerably-shorter than Myron, standing just 5' 8" tall, but had an incredibly athletic physique and a 30" waist on his powerfully built 185 lb. frame. He was fairly a dark skinned man who seemed to be a cross between the polished former-street gang member type and the more educated college athletic type.

True to this image, Je'Quon had a high school and college career in football at the tailback position and in track.

One could easily tell by just looking at this younger black man that he was a supremely strong and confidant man, almost arrogant, in appearance.

He intimidated the docile and yielding Myron tremendously.

Additionally, the young Je'Quon was just as tough as his appearance. He sat Myron down in his office that first day and laid down the law!

"Listen! I'm not here for any games or corporate bullshit". He began. "Your former group of idiots ran this thing into the ground a long time ago and we're gonna' fix it!" He yelled.

He seemed almost disgusted by the nervous wimp sitting before him.

"Yes, okay". Myron replied in a timid whisper.

Je'Quon's eyebrows seemed to bend in anger. "Yes, Sir!" he snapped, directing Myron how to address him.

Myron's face turned a crimson red. "uh, yes, Sir Mr. McWilliams". Myron stuttered. Je'Quon simply sneered, amused by the lack of backbone that his new white male subordinate showed.

"You're dismissed!" Je'Quon ordered.

"Yes, Sir". Myron replied nervously.

Dismissed by his new boss, Myron drove home feeling humiliated. He was humiliated by the fact that he now had a boss 22 years younger than he was. Even more demeaning for him was the way this young black man spoke to him, as if he were angry that Myron was assigned to him as his assistant rather than some pretty young blonde.

Je'Quon was a more than demanding boss. Seldom did he ease up on poor Myron and he even started making Myron bring him his coffee in the mornings and early afternoons.

That first day Je'Quon made that request for coffee was a very humiliating experience for Myron.

"Listen! I expect coffee on my desk when I sit down, ya' hear that?!" Je'Quon told Myron.

"Y-Yes, Sir". Myron replied.

That day, Myron walked in with the cup of coffee after his boss first ordered it. He had a little cream and sugar off to the side along with it.

Je'Quon was on the phone as Myron entered his boss' newly-decorated office.

"Sir?" Myron humbly spoke softly, "Did y-you want cream and sugar in that, Sir?" He asked.

Je'Quon held his hand over the phone and placed it down to his broad chest, covering the mouthpiece.

"What? Do I look like some sorta pussy to you, boy?I drink it black!" He yelled.

Myron was taken back by his new boss' even sharper tone.

"Y-Yes, Sir". Myron replied, meekly. It was an indirect insult to him as Myron knew all too well that his boss had just seen him preparing his own coffee the day before. Myron took his coffee with two teaspoons of cream and two teaspoons of sugar.

Mona began noticing a difference in her tall, timid husband right away. Myron was now even more stressed out by his job and the new position with the firm. He was also becoming even less active in the bedroom.

In June, Mona began noticing the reactions of her husband when his new boss would call him on the phone at nights. She often overheard Myron's end of it from a short distance, as she walked by his study.

"Yes, Sir." Myron said, exasperated.

"Right away, Sir."

"Okay, Sir."

"I'll have that for you tomorrow then, Sir!"

"yes, Sir Mr. McWilliams, Sir."

"I'm sorry, Sir." Myron repeated dozens of times.

These are the words and the worried tone that Mona heard practically every night from her husband's lips. He often tried in vain to cover it up. And, this was occurring nearly every day for the the next two months.

Seeing her husband so emasculated like that and overhearing some of the muffled yelling coming from that phone as her husband was "scolded" by his new boss was shocking and even embarrassing.

Mona finally decided to say something.

"Why don't you just quit that job. He sounds like such a bully". she snapped. And, she suggested this many, many times in those first two months.

Mona persisted.

"Maybe I should just go and talk to that boss of yours ... I should give him a piece of mind ... who does he think he is ... calling you at all hours ... and making you run back to the office like that all the time?" Mona said in a protective and disturbed tone of voice.

Myron was humiliated beyond words. His face always seemed beet red when his boss called. "N-No, Mona ... no! Don't do that ... things will get better, I'm sure". He told her. "Please don't make it any worse". He pleaded.

A week later, Mona found a crumpled up note in the inside pocket of her husband's navy suit. It was a note from Myron's boss, but it was only signed with the letter "J". She was shocked by this note.

"Pick up my fuckin' dry-cleaning at Jasper's Dry Cleaning Service on 5th Street".

"I want all 7 pairs of shoes in my office shined by 9!"

"Have my July report ready by 10!"

The note read like a list of commands. "Oh my gosh!" Mona thought to herself.

Myron had not yet told his wife anything about his new boss. He had never mentioned the fact that he was 22 years younger than him, either. It was too embarrassing for him to admit that and he had hoped he would land a new job soon. Myron often wondered what his wife would think if she knew.

Those first two months moved into three. It was now mid August and, still, no other job offers had come. It was more important than ever that Myron stayed working.

Then one day Mona received a 'flyer' in the mail from the newly-named corporation.

It was an invitation announcing their upcoming annual company summer picnic. The picnic was to be held at some higher class beach resort by the lake, and read "swimwear recommended, but not required".

Mona grew excited about the invite and immediately grabbed her hand bag to run out and do some shopping.

She purchased for herself a new red two-piece bikini, to show off her phenomenal-looking body.

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