tagNonHumanWings of a Lover Ch. 01

Wings of a Lover Ch. 01


This is my own personal fantasy I have put down into words. Originally, I was not at all serious about this story. It was just something I thought about in my head for years that I just thought would be cool on paper. People seem to like it, so I followed the suggestions and fixed some things here and there. I guess I should also give a warning that it is graphic in the beginning. I like non-consent sex (if you can't tell) and I always thought that it would be hot to be saved by Brooklyn in this fashion. Anyway, I will keep writing more chapters in due time. Enjoy!


The stranger's heavy body kept Kelly pinned against the cold, brick wall. One big hand covered her mouth so she could not scream. The other hand raked up her shirt and slipped under her bra to painfully pinch and pull at her nipples. She struggled and tried to push herself away from the man. He slammed his body into hers, painfully forcing the air from her lungs. She attempted to refill her lungs but the man's hand blocked her airway. In a panic, she began to claw at the hand over her mouth as he worked at pulling down her pants and then freeing his hard cock from the restraint of his jeans. Kelly felt tears of defeat and shame slide down her cheeks as the man slowly slid his cock inside of her pussy lips. The warmth of her made the stranger grunt with pleasure and his hand lessened its grip on her mouth.

With all her strength, Kelly pushed against his hand to free her mouth. She took in a deep breath and then let out a bone-chilling scream for help. Her rapist growled angrily, called her a fucking bitch and backed away from the wall with her pussy still locked tightly around his throbbing cock. He rammed back towards the wall causing her head to bounce off the wall and her vision to swim. She slumped helpless against the stranger as he began a rhythmic action with his hips.

Kelly accepted her defeat and gave herself to the spinning feeling in her head. She tried not to feel as the stranger's large cock messaged her wetting pussy. She ceased her struggling and her attacker's thrusts became softer. She had to withhold a whimper of pleasure and laid limply in his grasp. Her eyes drifted up towards the sky as she tried to keep her mind on other things and away from the chaos of emotions in her mind.

She must be delusional because she thought a large, winged shadow blocked the distant twinkle of the universe. She tried to follow its path but it flew out of her range of sight and she dared not move against her rapists' grasp.

As the man was grunting audibly in her ear and his pace was quickening with the nearness of his release, Kelly was vaguely aware that the two of them were no longer alone in the dark alley. A dark image came up behind her attacker. Bright white eyes glowed fiercely in the darkness. A massive hand gripped her attacker's shoulder. The rapist stopped pumping his hips and turned to face the entity behind them. Before he could even get his thoughts together, his body was quickly ripped away from Kelly's and was thrown nearly effortlessly into the metal trash bin that sat along the neighboring wall.

Her body, now free from the pressure of her attacker, slumped weakly to the ground. Her pants were still to her ankles, but she was too weak and in too much shock to cover herself. Instead, she stared as the winged creature with glowing white eyes walked menacingly towards her now unconscious rapist.

The creature lifted the man up by his neck as if the man weighed no more than that of a child. The man moaned and then came to enough to realize how dire his situation was. He struggled against the tight choke of the creature's strong, clawed hand. He tried to talk but the creature simple tightened his grasp to cut off the man's airway completely. The man gasped helplessly and struggled in midair. His cock had softened at this point but remained exposed as his jeans bunched near his ankles as he kicked helplessly. As the man's struggles began to weaken, the creature reached out and grabbed the man's balls into his free hand. He pulled and squeezed them firmly as the man yelped a choking protest.

"If I EVER catch you forcing yourself upon another woman, I will be relieving you of your weapon permanently. Do you understand me?" the creature growled in a deep, menacing voice.

The man opened his mouth to try to talk but as he was turning blue from lack of air, he simply nodded instead. The winged creature threw the man's body fifty yards away. He crashed into the pavement, slid a few feet before coming to a stop, and did not get back up again.

Kelly feebly attempted to pull up her pants but her shaky hands would not respond to her. The creature turned his eyes on her and she felt cold fear all over again. His eyes were starting to dim, their brightness fading away to a more human appearance. He walked toward her and tucked his large, leather wings around his body. This made him appear smaller and less intimidating, but Kelly whimpered as tears of fear dampened her cheeks.

"Are you okay?" the creature asked gently.

He reached out to touch Kelly's shoulder. Turmoil of emotions clouded her mind. She looked into the creature's face and realized his eyes were now without light but still glinted in the moonlight. He had long, flowing white hair, deeply pointed ears, and impressive horns that swept back across his head from the heavy bridge over his eyes. His beak-like mouth and nose dominated his features. Kelly had a strong urge to reach up and stroke the creatures face to see if the beak was hard like bone. Before she could move, her mind gave up on her and reality faded to blackness.


Something wet and warm touched her forehead and brushed a path along her cheek to her neckline. Her head throbbed painfully and there was a large bump at the back of her skull where her head ricocheted off the brick wall during her rape. A moan of pleasure escaped her lips as the soothing cloth repeated its path from her forehead to her neck. She carefully cracked open her eyes and saw the nearly human eyes of the winged creature gazing at her. Lines of concern wrinkled his forehead. She had an unusual urge to raise her hand and smooth them away. Instead, she forced herself to sit up but the throbbing in her head intensified. She groaned and slumped weakly back down onto the couch.

"Wow there. Take it easy," said her savior.

Kelly looked around to assess her surroundings. It was a big, open area. Many metal beams crisscrossed at the high ceiling. The walls were simple brick but one housed a beautiful glass mural. Kelly examined the artwork and determined that they were not far from downtown in one of the high-rises on the older side of town.

He was not alone. An older winged man stood nearby. Although this other was gray haired and showed the deep lines of age on his face, he was still muscular and looked like a formidable warrior. He was quiet but looked concerned.

"Where am I?" Kelly finally was able to say.

"You are safe here. You need to rest some and then I can get a cab for you and you can go home," her savior replied.

He dipped the washcloth into a bowl of clean, steaming water. Wrung it free of excess moisture and returned it to Kelly's forehead. She reached up and gently held his wrist and pushed her head into the warmth of the cloth. She breathed deeply with pleasure. The winged man gave a little smile.

"Who are you?" was her next question.

"My name is Brooklyn. And that is my dear friend, Hudson."

"Greetings, Lass. Welcome to our home," spoke the veteran.

Kelly smiled at the other creature. He seemed friendly and warm and he spoke with an accent that hinted of something old. She wondered how long these strange creatures lived for.

She gripped both hands around Brooklyn's arm and pulled herself up a little at a time. The creature wrapped a strong arm around her shoulders and helped her into a sitting position.

Her face was inches from his. She felt his warm breath on her cheek as she rested feebly against his arm.

"Thank you for saving me," she said softly.

"Of course, I am glad you are okay."

The next few hours consisted of Kelly regaining her strength and asking many questions about what her savior and his friend were, where they had come from, and why he had saved her. She discovered that the winged creatures were flesh and blood gargoyles. An ancient people that had spent the last thousand years cursed into a deep slumber only to be recently brought back to life by a powerful spell. Once brave warriors seasoned on the blood split many hundreds of years ago, they now busied themselves with protecting the city from crimes committed. . . Even if the people they protect have no knowing, and no interest in knowing, about their kind.

Kelly listened carefully to their tales and asked many thoughtful questions as she sipped hot tea and her senses slowly returned to normal. This was when she suddenly realized her attacker's juices were still polluting her body and she felt an intense need to shower.

"I thank you very much for saving me and your hospitality, but I think I need to go home now," she said.

Brooklyn nodded a silent understanding and went to pick up the cellphone that was lying on the coffee table. "I will get you a cab."

"No!" Kelly spoke suddenly. She didn't really know why, but she didn't want to be without Brooklyn's presence. She felt secure with him and she would not feel safe in a taxi. "Please. Can you take me home?"

Brooklyn looked at her for a long moment and then put down the cellphone. "Okay."

With Brooklyn's help, Kelly tried to stand. She was still a little dizzy from her concussion, but she managed to keep her balance and walk with Brooklyn's help. Within the lines of the mural lay a cleverly hidden door that the two of them exited. There was a trashcan sitting alongside the mural. It contained many sharp shards of grey stone. She picked up one of the stone pieces and examined it. Brooklyn explained that the stone shards were the shedding of the gargoyle's skin when the sun went down and they awoke from their daytime sleep as solid stone.

"Your kind turns to stone during the day?"

"Yes. It helps us heal. We turn to stone the instant the sun appears at dawn."

"So you have never seen the sun?" Kelly asked, marveling at this reality.

Brooklyn looked out towards the east. The moon was waning and it would be daylight in a few hours. He shook his head but said nothing.

"Oh." Kelly returned the stone shard to the trash heap and walked over to where Brooklyn sat perched near the ledge. She looked down at the 40-story plunge to the city street below. There was not much traffic as it was very early in the morning. Hours passed last call at the local bars. The human world was sleeping. She realized she was very tired herself and longed for her hot shower and her cozy bed.

"Are you ready?" Brooklyn asked her.

"Yeah. Do you have a car or something?" Kelly asked him.

Brooklyn laughed and then unfurled his wings. They were powerful and massive, easily over eight feet across. A strong bone that ended with a small, three-fingered hand supported each wing. The leather that made up his wings was thin but tough. They were a deep burgundy tint that matched the reddish hue of his skin but the backside was black as night.

"Why would I need a car when I have these? Are you sure you don't want to take a cab?"

Kelly swallowed when she realized that she would be flying home. Yet, she was still not comfortable being without him.

"I'm sure," Kelly said bravely.

Brooklyn opened his arms and Kelly stepped into them. She let her hands rest against his shoulders as the winged man looped an arm under her knees and effortlessly lifted her from her feet.

The old gargoyle joined the two of them on the ledge. Hudson took one of her hands into his and patted it reassuringly.

"You take it easy, lassie. Get well. It was nice to meet ye," he said.

"Yes. I hope to see you again sometime. Sorry if I caused you any trouble," Kelly said.

"No, no. It was a pleasure having you, gave me something else to do with my evening instead of watching TV all night long."

"Goodbye. Thank you again!" Kelly spoke as Brooklyn stepped up onto the ledge. She looked down at the massive drop to certain death and squeezed her arms tightly around the gargoyle's neck.

"You'll be okay," he whispered softly into her strawberry blonde hair.

She nodded and that's when she felt their bodies falling forward. She refused to look and closed her eyes tightly as the feeling of falling made her heart race. She hid her face deep into the muscular chest of the gargoyle. His wings made a noise like that of a sail and she felt their bodies' decent abruptly cease and there came a steady, floating feeling about her. She waited for her heart to stop racing and listened to the calm, steady beat of Brooklyn's heart. Then, she dared to look up. Brooklyn was focusing ahead. His white hair was blowing back away from his face in the gentle, summer breeze. She saw his wings catching this breeze and lifting them almost effortlessly through the air. Occasionally, he would flex the arms that supported his magnificent wings and they would lift a little higher into the air.

"Where do you live?" Brooklyn asked a few moments later. Kelly breathed and realized she would have to look down to determine her whereabouts. She slowly and carefully looked down and saw the city pass by below her. It was difficult determining the location by looking down upon familiar streets but she could make out a few telling landmarks.

"Not far from here. I live on Washington Avenue, in the Riverwood Apartments. I'm on the 8th floor."

"Is your window open?" he asked.

Kelly was confused at first by this question then she understood. "Actually, I think it is."

They flew on in relative silence. Kelly felt amazement from her current reality. She was in the arms of a strange, winged man and flying to her apartment. Even after the ordeal of her rape, she found it easy to trust and understand this strange man. Even if it blew her mind that his kind even existed or that this was really happening.

When they got to her apartments, Kelly told him which window belonged to her and he was able to land effortlessly on his windowsill and hop into the apartment. He gently placed her onto her feet but kept an arm around her waist to ensure that her footing was strong. Kelly looked at the concern in his eyes and it made her blush. She looked shyly down to the carpet.

"I don't think I can thank you enough for saving me, Brooklyn. I'm glad I have met you."

"You're welcome. I'm glad I got to meet you too. I wish it was under different circumstances."

Kelly looked back up at him and smiled. Then a yawn escaped her lips.

"You need to rest."

"Yes. After my shower I will probably sleep for a long time."

"If you're alright, I have to be going now. The sun is going to rise soon and I need to be back," he explained. He then looked at her with a serious expression. "It is important that you don't tell anyone about us, Kelly. Many people would not understand and they could. . ."

Kelly reached and put a finger over the pointed muzzle that was Brooklyn's mouth. It silenced him and she took the opportunity to rub the back of her finger gently across his lips. It was firm but softer than expected to the touch. More like flesh than the hard material of a bird's beak. Brooklyn's eyes closed at her gentle caress. She withdrew her hand and smiled at him.

"Your secret is safe with me," she said.

"Okay. . . Then, I should go," he said hesitantly.

The gargoyle turned to leave out the window but Kelly quickly went into his arms for a hug. He wrapped his arms tightly around her and buried his long muzzle into her hair. She heard him breathe her scent in deeply.

"Will I see you again?" she asked.

He was quiet for a moment. "I can check on you tomorrow night. Leave your window open and I'll stop by."

"Okay. . . Goodbye, Brooklyn," Kelly whispered and she released her hold on him.

He reached up and touched her cheek. Kelly lowered her head into his talon-like hand and gazed at him. A heavy sigh escaped him and he stepped back from her. He did not say more and quickly pivoted and leaped out the window. Kelly watched his dark silhouette disappear towards the high-rises of downtown. The sky was starting to lighten. She hoped the trip would not take him long and he would get to his tower before the dawn.

When she could no longer see his shadow, despair and disgust overcame her and she quickly hiked to the bathroom and stripped off her clothes. She threw away her filthy underwear and turned the water as hot as she could bear. Then she scrubbed her body fiercely until the water started to grow cold. She barely had the strength to dry herself and wobble to her bedroom where she collapsed, still naked, onto her bed. She wept a little there as the shock of the night began to loosen its numbing hold on her. Her pussy ached from constant scrubbing and she felt nauseous and shameful. She forced herself to block the image of her rapist from her mind. Instead, she filled her thoughts of her savior and she felt comfort in that.


Kelly slept for many hours but made sure she had called her boss to let her know that she needed a sick day. Images of her attacker and the dull throb of her woman parts polluted her dreams. The winged creature also visited her sleep, and Kelly's restlessness would cease while the gargoyle embraced her as they flew amongst the stars.

When Kelly finally awoke, the daylight was waning into the west. Her stomach growled at her angrily and her body was stiff from lying down all day. She fumbled around for something to wear and pulled on a long t-shirt but didn't bother with any underwear.

Her cellphone was on silent while she slept and there were two messages awaiting her when she woke. One was from her boss confirming that she had received Kelly's message for a day off and asking her to get well. The other was from her best friend and co-worker who called during their lunch hour to make sure she was feeling okay.

Kelly made her way to the kitchen and opened her fridge to find a container of leftover Chinese. She dumped the gooey mess of noodles and brown sauce onto a plate and nuked it. With a fork and the hot plate of food, Kelly slumped onto her couch and flipped on the TV. It was seven in the evening, and the sun would only be up for another hour. She wondered if the gargoyle would come and see her as he had promised.

She had finished her meal and spent some time curled on her couch with her computer on her lap. She Googled gargoyles and read many interesting articles, even those claiming of real life sightings from all over the world. Like the Bigfoot legend, expect that Kelly was positive she did not dream her entire ordeal last night.

She had some messages on Facebook from her mother asking her how she was and if she had any dates with any potentials. She was always on her ass about finding someone and settling down. She already had her career and her apartment, but no boyfriend. The truth is, Kelly really didn't like going out much and was content in her life. Not that she wasn't interested in having a boyfriend, but they were like pets and were just an extra headache Kelly was not ready for.

The thought of being with a man made her think about her attacker. The feeling of being a rape victim was surreal to Kelly and she simply was not ready to tell anyone about what had happened. Besides, how would she of explained how she had escaped her rapists and what other events occurred last night?

"It feels like a dream. . ." she murmured to herself.

Kelly shut her laptop and went back into her bedroom to find something more appropriate to wear for her special guest. She was strangely excited about his visit. She found herself thinking about him at every free moment, not to mention the time she spent with him in her dreams.

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