tagGroup SexWinter Evening

Winter Evening


It was one of those dreary mid-winter Saturday afternoons. The snow fall had begun sometime after midnight and it had been falling steadily ever since. I had cleared the driveway and walks twice all ready and I'd probably clear them at least once more before it got dark.

I was looking out the window at the snow piling up on the patio when Megan, my wife, slipped her arm under mine.

'Penny for your thoughts.'

I put my arm around her, 'This steady snow sure gives one a closed in feeling. I was thinking if this keeps up, the rush hour Monday is not going to be much of a rush.'

Meg smiled up at me, 'You're the boss. If it's bad Monday morning, you can stay home if you want.'

'If it's that bad, I'll tell everyone to stay home.'

'That would be appreciated, I'm sure. How about some comfort food?'

'What do you have in mind?'

'I thought I might fix a pan of lasagna. And a salad.'

'Sounds good.'

Meg smiled, 'It's a big recipe so let's invite Tess and Harry.'

I smiled back at my wife, 'That's a good idea. They're probably feeling a little closed in too. What can I do to help?'

'Why don't you call them. Tell them to come over in about forty-five minutes or an hour. I'll have things put together by then and we can visit while it bakes.' She turned, 'Oh, and put a couple of bottles of red wine in the cooler.'

'Sure thing. You're going to go whole hog, huh?'

Meg laughed, 'Why not?'

'Well, in that case, I'll light the fireplace.'

'Good idea.'

Meg left for the kitchen and I took care of the wine. I called Harry and Tess' number. Harry picked up on the first ring. I made the invitation. He shouted it to Tess and I heard her shout back, 'That's sweet. Can we bring anything?'

I told them 'no' and that dress was very casual.

'How casual?. I could see Harry's grin.

'Comfortable casual. Meg and I are in scrubs.'

'Sounds great. See you two in about an hour.' I told Meg that they'd be over in an hour and that I'd told them anything dressier than scrubs would be considered too formal.

Tess and Harry have been our next door neighbors for over ten years. We both moved in at the same time. We've helped work on each other's houses and yards. We've cooked out together. We've partied together. We've even taken weekend road trips together. We've done just about everything except sleep together. Tess and Harry are more than neighbors, they are our best and, probably, closest friends.

Tess calls us the 'odd couples'. When we are out together, she says she bets people think we are swapping mates because pf the way we look as couples. Tess is tall and slim. Harry is a couple of inches shorter than Tess. with a stocky build. She calls him her 'fireplug of a man'. Megan is not as tall as Tess and she has a fuller figure. I'm the tallest member of the group. I'm also slim. Tess tells Meg that she should feed me better. Tess says other people expect Harry and Megan and she and I should be couples. This is under the theory that people select mates who look like themselves. Meg laughs and asks about the 'opposites attract' theory.

I went into the kitchen to see if I could help Meg. 'I think I'll fix a large pot of hot chocolate.'

'Good idea. Are you going to have anything with it?'

'Just schnapps. Peppermint. For a little taste.'

Meg laughed, 'Don't over do it. You know how Tess gets rowdy.'

I laughed with her, 'Yes, she does get rambunctious at times. I'd better go light the fireplace.'

Tess and Harry were punctual to the second. Exactly one hour. I helped them with their coats and boots. Tess handed me a sack, 'Could you hold this. It's slippers.'

'Boy! It's brutal out there. The wind is starting to pick up.'

'Well, if it gets too bad you can use the guest room.'

'But we live just next door.'

'Jack is right, Tess. If the wind picks up and this becomes a blizzard, we'd be better off staying put.'

Tess smiled, 'You're probably right. This evening could get interesting.'

Tess went to the kitchen to see Meg. Harry and I migrated to the family room. The two woman joined us.

'Everything will be ready soon. The lasagna is baking. The salad is chilling.'

'The wine is chilling too. How does hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps sound for a before dinner drink?'

'Sounds delicious. Do we get to add the schnapps ourselves?'

'Sure thing, Tess.'

Harry laughed, 'Pace yourself. my dear.'

We sat around and drank the hot chocolate and watched the fire as we relaxed and chatted. Dinner went well. Everyone ate their fill. We polished off two bottles of red wine with dinner. Everyone was pretty mellow when we moved back to the family room.

'Anyone what an after dinner drink?'

'Hot chocolate is fine.'

'O.K., Tess.'

'Don't forget the schnapps.'

We settled in comfortably except for Harry. He kept getting up and pulling the drapes aside and looking out at the snow.

'For Pete's sake, Harry, stop pacing about. Sit down and relax.'

'I was just curious. It's snowing and blowing so hard, I can't the fence between our backyards.'

'We're safe, We're warm and dry. We're with friends. Relax and enjoy.' Tess fixed herself another cup.

'You're right. Would you fix me one too, please?'

Tess fixed Harry a cup. 'Anyone else want one while I'm at it?'

Meg and I both took another. Meg also checked the drapes and she turned the lights down to a soft glow.

'Anyone up for cards or a movie?'

'No,' Tess smiled, 'Let's just chat and enjoy each other's company.'

We got to talking about all the things we had done together since we first met. The conversation really brought back memories and reminisces. There were a lot of laughs about some of the silly things that we had done. We started talking about things that we still wanted to do and, somewhere or somehow during the evening, the talk turned to fantasies - things we wanted to see and do.

Tess had a wicked smile, 'You know, I've always wanted to see a male stripper.'

'You what?' Harry looked a little surprised.

'A male stripper. I know you've been to a so called gentlemen's club.' Harry looked a little nonplussed. 'I'd like to watch a guy take off his clothes.'

Harry laughed, 'You see that every night when we get ready for bed.'

'It's not the same.'

Megan piped up, 'I haven't really thought about that in a while, but male strippers are on my list too. Low lights. Bouncy music. Fresh drinks.'

Meg got up and walked over to the entertainment center. She flipped through a number of CDs and, in a minute bouncy dance music filled the room. I got up and fixed everyone another hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps.

Tess took a drink of hers. 'This is good. Lot's of kick.'

Megan sipped hers, 'Wow! This is serious hot chocolate.'

I put my cup down and began doing some gyrations in time to the music.

Tess and Meg watched and smiled. 'No more schnapps for the Cyclops.' That brought more than a few laughs.

'Come on, Harry.'

'Come on what, Jack? What are you doing?'

'The ladies want to see a male stripper. Let's put on a show for them.'

'No way.'

Tess laughed, 'Get out there, Harry. Shake your booty for us.'

'I said no way.'

'Oh, come on, Harry. It'll be fun.' Megan pleaded, 'Besides I think you have a sexy body.'

Tess poured another slug of schnapps into Harry's cup. 'Drink up.'

Harry emptied his dup and reluctantly stood up. 'O.K., Jack. This is your idea. What are we supposed to do?'

'Let's get some steps down.' In a couple of minutes we had some moves reasonably coordinated. Harry had sort of a silly grin on his face, but he moved along beside me.

A really bouncy tune came up. Megan and Tess were laughing and clapping. 'Here we go, Harry.' I started to pull my scrub top over my head. I managed to stay, more-or-less, in time with the music, as I pulled the top off. Harry was struggling, but he got a round of applause when he was finished.

We swung and waved the tops around as we gyrated. I tossed mine to Tess. Harry looked surprised but he tossed his to Megan. I untied the drawstring on the bottoms. Harry reluctantly followed along. Both Megan and Tess moved to sit on the sofa. The fireplaces was behind us.

I pushed the bottoms down over my hips. 'Take them off! Take them off!' the girls chanted. The scrub bottoms dropped to my ankles to applause and laughter as I almost tripped as I tried to kick the bottoms away. Tess gave me a wolf whistle. I was wearing bright blue men's bikini style underwear.

Harry stopped, 'That's it. I'm not going any farther.'

'Oh, come on , Harry. Take them off! Don't be a party pooper.'

Harry reluctantly dropped his scrub bottoms and kicked them away. He was wearing white boxers. The ladies were whistling and applauding. I threw some bumps and grinds and some spins into my gyrations. Harry stood in one place and swayed to the music. I played with the waistband on my underwear.

'Take them off! Take it all off!'

I slowly pushed the underwear down my legs. I tried to do it as sexily as I could. I faced Harry as I stepped out of the underwear. He was standing still and staring at me. I picked up the bikini and held it in front of my crotch as I turned back to face Megan and Tess.

I tried to tease them with some bumps and grinds. They were laughing and cheering me on. I stood directly in front of them and began doing hip thrusts. Harry was still staring. I tossed the bikini to Megan. She kissed it and tossed it to Tess.

I've always had balls that hang fairly low and loose. My soft dick is five, maybe six inches, in length. It doesn't get much longer when I get a hard-on. Maybe seven, possibly eight inches on a good night. Megan says it feels more like nine or ten, but I have to take her word for that. And I thank her for the compliment.

I was having a good time. There was something exciting, and maybe more than a little kinky, about being totally naked and doing bumps and grinds and hips thrusts in front of my wife and her best lady friend. They were both applauding and whistling at my efforts.

'That's what I call a swinging dick,' Tess called out.

'Come on, Harry! Show us what you have!' Meg cried.

Harry grinned then he just pushed his boxers to the floor, stepped out of them, and joined me in doing hip thrusts and bumps and grinds for the our wives. They were encouraging with whistles, catcalls, cheers, and applause.

Harry and I faced each other while we were hip thrusting. Our dicks would occasionally touch as they bounced around.. Harry surprised me by pulling us together and grinding his groin against mine. We separated for a second, then he pulled us together again. I could feel that he was getting a hard-on. He reached between us and squeezed my dick. I was getting a hard-on.

We separated for some more bumping and grinding to more cheers and applause. We must have been something to see with hard cocks waving and bouncing and balls swinging. He reached out and pulled me to himself again. He gripped both of our cocks and held them together as he began little hip thrusts. I thrust back as my cock seemed to get harder.

I put my hands on Harry's as we thrust and rubbed cocks. He moved his hand and stepped back a little. I was holding his cock in both of my hands. He licked his lips and nodded down. I can't explain it, but I sank to my knees and took him into my mouth. I didn't hear the music or cheers or clapping. I did hear Tess say, 'That's another fantasy that I have, to watch two guys get it on with each other.' And I did know that I wanted to suck Harry's cock.

I tightened my lips and tentatively pushed them down Harry's hard shaft. His cock filled my mouth. I smelled his sweat. I tasted his sweat and piss. I began to slowly bob my head. A little bit more of his cock went into my mouth on each down stroke. As I got more confidence I tried to do more than just slide my lips up and down Harry's slick, stiff cock.

I remembered how Megan used her tongue to swab my cockhead and how she pressed the flat of her tongue against my cock's underbelly when she pulled her lips back or up. I remembered how she varied the pressure of her lips around my stiff shaft. I tried to do all of them.

I found his balls and gently lifted them on my fingertips. I took Harry's cock out of my mouth so Tess and Megan could see how hard and wet it was. I licked my way up and down his shaft and I ran the tip of my tongue all over Harry's cockhead. I licked and kissed his ball sac.

Harry groaned when I kissed his cockhead and then pushed it back into my mouth. I remembered a former girlfriend who tipped her head back and forth to the sides when she blew me. She would position her lips right on the rim of my cockhead. She would apply a little pressure then start to tip her head. The tipping motion sort of twisted her lips around my cock. I f her lips were positioned just right, the sensations on the sensitive cockhead made me groan loudly and rise up on my toes.

I tried it on Harry. He groaned loudly.

'I wonder when Jack learned that move..'

'Well, apparently Harry sure likes it. I'll have to try it on him.'

'Me too.'

'On Harry?' Tess laughed.

'If you let me, but definitely on Jack.' Megan laughed in return.

Harry put his hands on each side of my head as he pushed his cock deep into my mouth. I sucked and worked my lips as he began pumping his cock in and out.

'Harry move your hands so we can see you fucking Jack's face.' Megan's voice sound a little strained and more than a little excited.

Harry moved his hands. I put my hands low on his thighs and concentrated on holding my head still.

'Play with yourself Jack.'

'Yes, beat your meat for us.'

I shifted my knees a little and wrapped my left hand around my cock. I tried to pump it in time with Harry, but he was getting a little erratic and varying the speed and depth of his strokes.

'Harry's down to the short strokes.'

'He's about to pop. I hope it's a big load.'

'I wonder if Jack will swallow it.'

I wondered too, but I didn't have too long to think about it. A short stream squirted into my mouth and throat. Harry jerked his cock out of my mouth and hosed a long stream across my face. I had my mouth open and tongue extended in an effort to catch some of the cum.

Harry held his cock still as he shot a stream into my mouth. Then he pushed his cock deep and all I could do was swallow as fast as I could. I tried to seal my lips around his shaft, but I could feel cum running down my chin. I also felt his cock pulsing as he emptied his balls into my mouth.

'That's not a big load Harry's shooting, that's a huge load!'

Harry pulled his cock free. He sank to the floor beside me. 'Son of a bitch, that was great! Jack, you can suck my cock anytime!'

I scooted around on my knees to face Megan and Tess. Somehow Harry and I had moved close to the sofa. We were less than four feet away from the women. They must have had a great view as I sucked Harry's cock.

I wiped some of the cum off my face and I licked my fingers clean before I got to my feet. My dick stuck out in front of me. Tess touched it.

'That looks tasty.'

'Oh, trust me, it is.'

I picked up my cup and I used the cold chocolate to wash the remaining cum down my throat. After setting the cup down, I said, to no one in particular, 'I think I'll wash my face.'

Harry was back on his feet when I returned. He was leaning over the back of the sofa. I stopped beside him. He was watching Tess and Megan. Megan was stretched out in a partially reclining position. Her scrub bottoms and panties were on the floor. Tess was on her knees between Meg's legs. Her face was pressed into Meg's curly muff.

Harry straightened up and looked at me, 'I owe you one.' He turned back to the women, 'Pretty sexy, huh.'

I walked around the sofa and knelt by Megan. I eased her up into a semi sitting position without disturbing Tess. I slowly worked Meg's scrub top over her head. She wasn't wearing a bra. After easing her back into the reclining position, I leaned down and sucked a nipple. I could hear Megan sighing softly as Tess and I sucked her.

Harry came around to stand beside me. I watched as he rubbed his cockhead over Meg's face. He rubbed it over her eyelids and lips several times before he pressed it against her lips. Harry pushed and I watched his cock slip into my wife's mouth. One of Meg's hands found her breast. The other found Harry's balls. My wife was doing two of the things that she liked - getting her pussy eaten and sucking a hard cock.

I got down beside Tess. She looked up, 'Meg's pussy is so good.'

'I know. May I?'

Instead of leaning in to begin eating my wife's pussy, I kissed Tess on the lips. I tasted Meg. Tess pushed her tongue into my mouth and I sucked it like I hoped to suck her clitoris.

After we kissed, she looked at her husband, 'Harry surely likes to have his dick sucked. I want to watch him suck yours.'

'He said he owes me one.'

'Good. I'll make sure he pays you back.' She got to her feet and starting taking her top off. I pulled her bottoms and panties down together. Tess stepped out of them. Now all four of us were completely naked.

I knew Tess was a runner and worked out at a gym, but I didn't know how much she worked out. I don't normally see many women with a six pack. Her breasts were small and her nipples stuck out at least an inch. They looked very suckable. Tess' pussy was bare except for a small tuft of hair. Her outer labia were rather loose and dangling.

They looked moist. I kissed her just below her little tuft. Tess pressed her pussy against my face as my tongue and lips touched her labia. For few minutes I licked and kissed and tugged at her pussy.

Tess backed away and got back down on her knees beside me. 'Lie on your back.'

I lay down, where she indicated, between Meg's wide spread legs. Tess straddled my shoulders and face. We had to adjust our positions several times, but soon I was busily eating Tess' succulent pussy while she ate my wife's. My dick felt a little lonely so I wrapped one of my hands around it.

Tess would sit up and press her pussy against my face. I could rub her firm belly and play with her long nipples. I would gently rub a thumb or a fingertip on and around her clit as I tongue fucked her.

She reach back and gripped my hard-on. After squeezing and pulling on it, Tess leaned back with her back arched. She twisted her torso a little. I felt her lips close around my cock shaft. Megan was moving her legs. Harry helped her stretch out on the sofa. I sensed other movement near me, but I was trying to concentrate on devouring Tess' pussy. Her mouth action on my cock competed for my attention.

Tess rolled off of me and stretched out on the floor beside me. I got on my knees beside her. She gripped my cock and she rubbed it over her face. I moved closer so I could rub my nuts on her face. Tess would lick and try to suck them as they rolled across her mouth.

Harry was straddling Meg's chest. She had her breasts pressed together around his cock. Harry was enjoying the tit fuck. He would push his cock towards Meg's face. He would chuckle each time as she licked or kissed his cockhead.

Tess pushed me away and sat up. 'I wondered what you were watching.'

'I'm sorry.' I put my arm around her shoulder.

'I can't give Harry a tit fuck. Megan's breasts are lovely.'

'Your breasts are lovely too.' I slipped my hand down and covered one of her beasts. Her long nipple pressed into my palm.

Tess got her legs under herself. She used my shoulder as a brace as she stood up. She extended her hands and helped me to my feet. Harry lifted his hard cock from between Meg's breasts. He turned so he was sitting on the sofa. Meg moved her legs to give him some room.

'I think it's time for you to suck Jack's cock.' Tess pushed me forward. My hard cock was inches from his face. She held it still. 'Suck.' Tess moved her hand as Harry's lips closed over my cockhead. Megan sat up and put her face close to Harry's. Tess sat down next to him.

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