tagNonHumanWinter Passion Ch. 03

Winter Passion Ch. 03


That month was the best month of Niri's life. The kids adored her and she loved teaching them. Even the problem children respected her enough to do as she asked, which in turn caused them to behave better for their parents. Xander was great with the kids and when they were on break, he was all over her, extremely affectionate and sweet.

As the end of the month drew near, Xander went to the king to be permanently placed in the hatchery. The king granted his request. But with the holidays drawing near, Niri couldn't help but feel a little homesick. She missed her family.

"Niri?" she heard Xander ask while he was turning the last egg in Lania's clutch. "You ok? You haven't seemed like yourself for the last few days."

"It's just...Christmas is a couple weeks away," she said in a soft voice. "I miss my family."

"I can't imagine not being with my family at this time of year," he replied. "I'm sorry you were taken away from them."

"Thank you," she said, smiling. "But I do like it here."

He smiled a little. "So, who's turn is it to teach the children this week?"

"It's Aria's turn, but after today, she's giving the kids time off until after New Year's."

"That means we're done for the day," he grunted as he got to his feet. "Ugh, I swear...this sand gets lodged in places you didn't know you had."

"You're telling me," she laughed as he helped her up.

"Say Niri...we've got a week or so of free time...would you like to spend it with me? We'll do whatever you want."

"Sounds great to me," she replied, "The first thing I want is to soak in a nice, hot bath."

He grinned. "Follow me."

Taking her hand in his, Xander led her out of the hatchery. But instead of going to her chambers, he led her up the corridor and hung a right. They climbed a long, steep set of stairs. When she started getting winded, Xander took her into his arms and carried her the rest of the way up the stairs.

She laughed and punched him playfully. Setting her down at the top, she punched him as hard as she could. He laughed a little while rubbing his shoulder. Placing his hand against the small of her back, Xander led her down the hall and hung a left. Going up another short flight of stairs, he opened a large door on the left side of the corridor.

"Are these your quarters?" she asked, tensing and looking at him warily.

"Yes, but don't get the wrong idea," he told her, gently nudging her inside. "Like I said, we're going to do whatever you want; nothing more, nothing less. I want to prove that you can trust me. I promise you, nothing will happen if you don't want it to."

"Ok, Xander. I trust you, I really do."

As he shut the door, Niri took a look around the room. It was set up just like hers, just bigger. His bed was a large crater filled with pillows, large furs draped over the top.

"Bathroom's this way," he told her, going across the room and opening a door. "How's about losing the sandbox we collected?"

"Bathe together?" she asked, getting nervous.

"Trust me," he said, "It won't be a problem. Go ahead in. I'll join you in a minute."


He gave her a kiss on the cheek and headed into his closet. Niri went into the bathroom, her eyes going wide. His bath was a small pond, steam rising off the water. There were showers in the far corner of the room, walled off by thick, frosted glass. Towels were stacked in a tall cabinet. Grabbing a thick, fluffy towel, she set it on the edge of the bath.

Watching the door, she quickly shed her clothes and tossed them into a hamper by the towel cabinet. Niri sat at the edge of the bath and slid into the water, letting out a sigh. It was the perfect temperature. She found a ledge next to her and sat on it, the water up to her shoulders.

"You in the bath?" she heard Xander shout from the bedroom.

"Yes!" she called back.

He walked in, wearing nothing but a towel around his hips. Grabbing another towel, he set it on the far end of the bath and slid in, still wearing the towel. Pulling it off, he rung it out and set it on the edge away from the fresh one. He grinned at her.

"Told you it wouldn't be a problem," he said loud enough for her to hear.

"True," she laughed. After wetting her hair, she realized she forgot soap.

"Soap's in the basket to your right," Xander told her.

She looked to find a small basket to her right, filled with soaps and shampoo.

"Thank you," she told him. "Xander?"

"Yes, Niri?"

"How come you're always in your human form when you're with me?"

"I'm like this around everybody. Part of it's because I'm used to being this way around you."

"And the other part?"

"Niri...I'm quite a bit older than you. I fought in the last part of the Third War. I was captured in the last major battle and tortured. It was only for a day, but it felt like an eternity. I've...got scars."

"Could I please see you?"

He hesitated for several minutes before nodding. Xander let his human form fall away. As a dragon, he was a little smaller than Lania's mate. His scales were a brilliant sapphire blue, a pattern of gold rings scattered all over his body. Xander wasn't kidding about the scars.

She could see two pairs of scars running down each of his sides. He had one down his face; starting at the base of his left horn, going around his left eye and down to the end of his snout. He stretched and she saw the thick bands of scarring around both his forepaw's ankles. She could see another long scar running down his belly. Niri swam across the bath to him. Sitting beside him, Niri ran her hands down his front, along the scar.


"It's ok, Niri. I'm just glad I survived."

He moved a little deeper into the bath and turned around so he was facing her again. She reached out and stroked his snout, getting a purr out of him. Xander then changed back into his human form and sat beside her. He turned and planted a kiss on her lips.

She returned the kiss and when she pulled back, he took hold of her shoulders and turned her around. Before she could ask what he was doing, he ran his fingers through her hair, combing out the tangles. Then he added shampoo and started to work it into a rich lather in her hair. She allowed him to continue washing it, finishing with a very nice rinse.

"Mmm...that was fantastic, Xander. Do you mind if I return the favor?"

"I would love it," he purred, turning his back to her.

Niri gave him the same treatment he just did to her, pulling a low, contented purr from his throat as she massaged his scalp, running her hands through his thick, blonde locks. Once his hair was rinsed, Niri grew bold and grabbing a washcloth from the soap basket, she lathered it and started washing him, starting with his neck. He jumped a little with surprise, but his purr cranked up in volume as she moved to his shoulders, kneading the knots of tension out of them. He laughed as she got under his arms and down his sides, then went back up and washed his arms.

Taking a deep breath, she got him to turn and face her. Getting more soap onto the cloth, she started washing his chest. As she worked down his front, his breathing got a little fast and ragged. She swallowed hard as she ventured further south, finding him very aroused.

Shoring up her courage, Niri wrapped her hand around his base and stroked him lightly. He moaned at the contact, his erection jerking in her grip. He whined a little as she released him and moved on to clean his legs and back. Curious, she had him turn back around.

"Xander? Could I..." she started, her face flushed a deep red with embarrassment. Unable to say it out loud, Niri moved closer. "Could you stand up for me? I want to see you; all of you," she whispered in his ear.

Xander let out a soft groan as he slowly got to his feet on the ledge, water cascading down his body. She knew he had a great body, but actually seeing it was a whole other thing in itself. When she finally looked at his crotch, she gasped. His erection was long, thick and proud. It bobbed slightly as he stood there, looking down at her. Niri placed her hand around the base of his arousal and gripped him lightly. She tightened her grip slightly and stroked him again, marveling at the softness of the skin.

After a couple of strokes, she noticed the clear fluid leaking from his tip, making it easier to stroke him. Niri smiled at the gasps and moans coming from Xander. He was at her mercy...and she enjoyed it. Xander's head kicked back as he thrust into her hand. Moving closer to really look at him, a bit of his lubrication dripped onto her nose. On reflex, she licked it away. It was sweet and tangy, like a piece of fruit.

Growing bold, Niri leaned forward a little and licked the head of his cock. Xander jumped like he'd been shocked, letting out a loud groan, running his hands through her hair. She opened her mouth and took the head of him into her mouth, sucking lightly.

"Oh yeah...," Xander purred, his hands stroking her hair. "That feels amazing...more...please..."

Hearing him beg spurred her on, taking him deeper and deeper, eventually taking every inch of him with no trouble at all. Xander trembled, trying to keep himself still for her. When she started playing with his balls, he couldn't take anymore.

"Niri...I'm about to lose it...either pull off or prepare to swallow," he gasped, rocking back and forth on his heels slowly.

She wanted to taste everything he had to offer, so she took him as deep as she could and swallowed, tightening her throat around him. Xander gave a couple quick jerks of his hips, holding her head against him tightly. His cock swelled slightly and as she pulled back to where his cock head was resting on her tongue, he came powerfully.

Niri swallowed quickly so she didn't choke; it was more sweet than it was salty. She found she liked the taste of it. Xander slowly sank to his knees once he was finished, panting heavily as he rested his head against her shoulder. When he managed to look her in the eye, his golden eyes were practically glowing.

"You don't know how long I've wanted that," he purred. "Just to feel your touch would've been enough. What you just did...that was amazing."

"You're welcome," she told him with a smile. "I really enjoyed doing it. I didn't know the power a female could have over a male."

Xander laughed deeply, the sound echoing throughout the room.

"Hon, just the promise of sex will have a male wrapped around your finger." He picked up the washcloth she'd used on him. "Now...how's about I return the favor?"

She blushed and said nothing, unsure of what she wanted to do. Xander cuddled up close to her, tucking his face against her neck. It made her giggle and squirm as he kissed her throat, her chest crushed to his. Niri gasped as her nipples grew hard, stimulated by the friction. She tensed up when she felt his hand move up her side to cup her breast and give it a gentle squeeze.

"You can trust me, Niri," he murmured as he met her eyes, kissing her tenderly.

Her fear subsided slightly and she relaxed in his arms. He took it as a sign to continue. After a deep kiss that left her breathless, he started moving down her body.

"What are you—ohhh..." she started to say when he closed his lips around her left nipple and sucked.

Niri buried her hands in his hair as Xander lavished her with his tongue, her legs opening on their own accord. He purred as he pulled her body flush with his, his hips falling in between her legs.

"Gods...I never knew," she sighed as Xander moved to her other nipple, rubbing his new erection along her stomach.

Niri undulated under him, pulling his head as close to her as possible. When he pulled off of her, she moaned her protest.

Xander chuckled as he pulled her up out of the bath, setting her on her feet. Wrapping a towel around her, he held her to him, drying her off. Taking the towel back, he dried himself off quickly. Once they were both dry, Xander pulled her back into his arms, a low growl rumbling in his chest as he took her out into the bedroom. She giggled as he tossed her into the mound of pillows that made up his bed. He playfully pounced her, being careful not to hurt her as he settled his weight on top of her.

"Shall I start from where I left off, my dear?" he purred, his golden eyes gleaming.

"Yes," she gasped, jumping slightly when she felt his hand move up the inside of her thigh.

He moved slowly, careful not to scare her. His fingers rubbed her sex gently, making her moan loudly. She moved her hips in rhythm with his hand, feeling herself grow wet.

"You are gorgeous, Niriana," he said as he moved down her body, kissing her stomach, moving lower.

She propped herself up on her elbows, her heart beat quickening as he kept going down until she could feel his hot breath on her dripping slit. He looked up and smiled at her before taking his tongue to her swollen lips in a broad, wet stroke.

"Xander..." she moaned as he dipped his tongue inside her.

A deep growl reverberated in his throat as he assaulted the little node of flesh that made her tingle when she tightened her thighs. She spread her legs wider, welcoming his probing fingers as they made their way deep into her. Niri gasped and moaned, feeling a slow tightening in her lower belly, her nether region growing more and more sensitive to his touch. She thrust her hips towards his face, desperate to keep in contact with him.

"Oh, Xander...I'm..."

"Let it come, Niri. You'll be ok, I've got you. I love you," he told her as he took a brief break, catching his breath.

Just when she thought she was about to lose whatever it was she almost had, he dove back in, sucking that little nub at the top of her sex while plunging his fingers as far as they would go. A few strokes and the tension that had tightened in her released, a tidal wave of pleasure crashing through her. Her back arched as she screamed out in ecstasy, Xander not letting up for even a second.

When she finally settled back down, he stopped, moving up her body, his arousal probing at her swollen slit. She gasped as his cock head pushed inside. It stretched her a bit more than his fingers had. As he pressed forward, she was stretched open wider, feeling some discomfort as her body tried to adjust to his intrusion. He stopped and went still after an inch or so, panting heavily.

"I'm sorry for the pain I'm about to inflict on you," he told her as he pulled back.

Before she could ask what he meant, he lunged forward. Something inside her broke as he drove himself to the hilt inside her, the pain a burning sting, like she'd been stung by a dozen bees at once. She clawed at his back, leaving shallow cuts in his skin.

"Xander...it hurts," she sobbed.

"I know," he whispered to her, his muscles twitching erratically. "Shh...it'll be alright."

He ground his pubic bone against hers gently, his cock rubbing against a very sensitive spot. She tensed up, moaning lightly. The gentle ministrations continued until the pain was gone, her walls clinging to him a tiny bit looser than before. Xander pulled back slowly. Niri tensed up, scared of feeling the pain again.

"Niri, relax," he murmured to her, running his hands all over body, "It'll be easier on you. I promise you...if it still hurts, I will stop. I would never do anything to hurt you intentionally." She looked up into his eyes. He smiled, tucking her hair behind her ears and kissing the tip of her nose. "I love you."

She relaxed, tickling his sides. He laughed, squirming a little, tickling back. Niri squealed from his attack. Caught off guard, Xander lunged forward, burying himself deep inside her again. Niri clung to him again, but not from pain.

The feeling of being filled felt delicious, the tension from before starting to build at the same pace as before. But this time, it felt ten times better. He repeated the stroke again and again, getting faster and harder each time he filled her.

"Xander..." she purred, tipping her hips up and throwing herself into him, trying to get him deeper. "Mmm...if only I'd known earlier..."

"Grrr...Yes, this has...been too long in coming," he growled, pulling her tight to his body. Kissing her roughly, he rolled onto his back, Niri now straddling his hips.

Without hesitation, she took over, leaning forward slightly as she set a rough pace. She knew it wasn't her place to take charge like this, but she was so close to that blissful precipice again...she didn't want to lose it. Xander clearly didn't mind her actions, pawing her breasts, blue scales starting to replace his skin.

He sat up and took her right nipple between his lips, sucking it feverishly, a low, growling purr filling the room. Her cries overshadowed his growls as she rolled her hips, feeling his arousal grow longer and thicker inside her, the head nudging the neck of her womb. He sat back a bit and groaned, his face elongating into a snout.

"Oh god...Niri," he groaned, a sharp jerk of his hips burying him in her womb.

She couldn't hold back any longer; she came with a scream that had to have been heard by half the Keep. She slowed her movements, resting in his arms as he continued to give small, gentle thrusts into her. As her heart rate slowed, he leaned forward until she was on her back and took over, keeping his rhythm slow, gentle.

"Here it comes, Niri...mmmm," he purred, finally releasing into her, setting off a small orgasm for her as well.

As Xander rolled again to where she was lying on top of him, Niri felt something cold and wet land on her back. She sat up quickly, startled by whatever it was.

"Snow?" she asked, seeing tiny white flakes fall around her.

Looking up at the ceiling, she saw that it was snowing, but there were no openings to the outside or a window open. Xander chuckled, waving his hand and making the snow disappear.

"Sorry about that," he told her, nuzzling her throat, "Sometimes, my abilities get away from me."

"It was nice, but thanks for making it stop," she told him. "Not exactly something you want to be in when you're naked."

"Cold doesn't bother me, what with being a blue dragon and all. But I get your point."

He grabbed one of the large fur blankets that got tossed to the side and pulled it up over the both of them. Niri cuddled close to him, stroking his chest lightly.

"Is this better?" he asked, running a taloned hand through her hair.

She nodded, kissing his chest absently and looking up at him. "I can't believe that I finally found someone."

"I'm sorry I wasn't there for you before," he murmured. "But I'm here now. And I'll never let you go."

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