tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWinter Swimmers

Winter Swimmers


"Hello," they said, as they went to their change rooms. It was always the same word and nothing more.

Inside each change room were two lights, fluorescent tubes in wire cages which protected them from vandalism. They lit a room of cement with four shower cubicles, stainless steel toilets, sinks and a cement bench on the wall around the room to sit on. He was always quick to shower because the change rooms were a little spooky, especially in winter when it was dark. "Excuse me." It was her voice. He looked up and saw her face peering around the corner into the room. "The Ladies has been padlocked. Would you mind sharing?" He was surprised, he thought she'd used her quotient of words. Perhaps that was a little unfair, some times it was so cold that attempting to speak could conspire with the shivers to knock a tooth out.

"You're welcome," he didn't give it a lot of thought. More of her appeared, she carried her bag and towel to the bench opposite him and began to lay out the things she needed, much the same as he was doing.

"I'm Sharon," she introduced herself. "Thank you."

"I'm Philip. No problem."

"Well, Philip, don't mind me." She was facing him. With fingers numbed and stiffened by the cold, she was trying to get the zip on her wetsuit down. With winter, it was always cold so early in the morning. He wondered if he should shower in his bathers but slid them down and kicked them on to the bench. He looked to see if she had any reaction and began to walk to the shower. She was, after all, in the Men's, the beach is designated as topless and who cares if she saw him.

"Philip? Can you help me with this bloody zip please?" Self consciously, he walked to her. The cold had caused considerable shrinkage, he had nothing impressive to show. She watched the tight little jiggle as he approached. He pulled at the wet suite to make the zip straight with one hand and pulled the zip down with the other.

"All the way?" he asked.

"Please," and he continued down, well past her waist as she began to peel herself out of the suite. "Bloody thing," she said as she struggled. Her breasts emerged and her nipples were wizened with the cold as he helped get her arms out."Thank you." She got herself out of the rest.

"How long have you been coming here?" she asked as she stepped out of the last leg of the wet suite and stood naked in front of him.

"Two and a half years. It's good preparation for the Iron Man event"

'It's almost three months for me, I'm a lot fitter now. I'm in the Iron Women competitions, haven't had my first race yet." They went to the showers, it was too cold to be waiting, and gave the taps a turn. No more than a dribble came from them in spite of being turned on full.

"How's the water pressure?" she called, "Only a dribble here. I'll turn mine off if I can join you."

"Okay." With her taps turned off it was much better. She came into his cubicle and they stood facing each other with the water falling in the middle. They took it in turns to wash themselves and surreptitiously watched each other in the gloomy light.

With the showering done they went back to the benches, dried themselves and dressed, having had enough of being cold and anxious to get to work on time. They said goodbye and rushed.

He was three minutes late for work. Normally, he was early. All day he was distracted with images of Sharon. When she was bending over, her breasts hung and shook as she towelled her long blond hair. When she looked at him and smiled with what she saw.

Next morning he was there half an hour earlier, he hated being late for work. As usual, he swam out to the buoy and back. As he made his way to shore he heard more splashes behind him.

"Hi Phil."

"Hi Sharon, good to see you."

"Thank you." In the street light's glow he saw she didn't have her wet suite on. She was topless.

"How was it without the wet suite?"

"Not too bad," she said, "a little cooler, but not a lot."

"I think the same." He saw her teeth as she flashed a smile. They went to their cars for their clothes and things. In the change room he was arranging his things, disappointed she wasn't using the same change room.

"Hello Philip. It's padlocked again. Can I join you?"

"Of course!" and he worried he may have sounded a little too enthusiastic. She set up in the same place as previously.

"You know, I feel safer here with you. I worry when I'm on my own. There are crazy people around. Being with you makes sense."

"I'm the same. It's awkward on my own. I've turned up at work with seaweed on my shirt because I rushed to get out of here."

Together, naked, they went to the showers. Again the water pressure wasn't enough and she joined him.

They weren't so shy about looking at each other this time as they went about their tasks. They watched the goose bumps level out under the warm shower. He watched as she lifted her breasts and washed under them. He saw the bubbles in her pubic hair as she soaped her self. He felt very privileged. She stooped in front of him, he felt her touch and she stood to show him the piece of seaweed she'd plucked from his pubic hair.

She placed soap in his hand and asked him to wash her back. He was thorough and finished by giving the cheeks of her bum a squeeze. She laughed. He handed the soap to her and she did the same for him. They turned off the taps and went back to the change room. He loved the way the cheeks of her bum rose and fell as she walked. They picked up their towels and briskly ran them over their bodies, it was too cold not to.

She asked him about the scar on his thigh and he told her of the tiger he'd fought bare handed, before telling her he'd fallen on a stake in the garden. She laughed and touched the thickened tissue with her cold finger and he jumped. "Any more," she asked, "no more tiger bites?" He laughed as he said, "no" and playfully turned for her to see.

He asked if she had any scars and she said she was lucky and turned for him to look. She held her breasts up and said "No implants," and they giggled. He lifted his little wizened dick and said, "Me too- no implants," and he laughed with his mouth so tight with the cold it was unexpectedly funny.

She was fascinating to watch with the towel, the way she stooped to let her breasts hang and toweled them dry was almost likeshe was sculpting them. He had to hurry. Work was calling.


Next morning they didn't see each other until they were at the change rooms. They said "Hello" and she followed him into the men's change room.

"Where do you work?" she asked as she prepared for the shower.

"In Seacliffe, I do breakfast for the homeless."

"I work with the homeless too. Dog rescue." He thought it funny and laughed. They went to the shower.

"I'd work with dogs if I wasn't working with people."

"I'd work with people if I wasn't working with dogs. I'm off this weekend. I need it."They were talking more loudly over the noise of the shower as they helped each other with the shampoo.

"Me too."

"It's the Queen's Birthday." She turned off the taps.

"Yeah. I know. But I still work on Monday."

"Me too. Some one has to feed them."

"Yeah. The holiday doesn't really matter. It isn't really the Queen's birthday any way."


They were quiet as they towelled them selves dry and watched each other finesse their bodies with interesting moves.

They quickly dressed and gathered their things to go.

"It's a lot better not dealing with a wet suite," she told him.

"Yes," he agreed, "The springs in my car seat rusted with the salt water getting to them. I was stupid. I didn't think to use a plastic bucket." She thought it funny and told him her seat springs were probably rusted too. At the door there was a moment where they both leaned in to kiss and both straightened before they did. They said goodbye and were quickly in their cars exiting the car park.

Again he struggled to concentrate at work. Visions of her kept intruding. When she dried her breasts, when she bent over in front of him and he saw the mystery between her legs- he wondered what she looked like under the copious hair.

******************************************** Again they met as they walked from the beach to the change rooms. The light was gloomy and the little there was reflected off their skin giving a surreal effect.

"Hey, no bathers?" he asked, observing her as she arranged her things on the bench.

"I don't want the car seat springs rusting out," she said as she turned to him, grinned and gave a little twirl.

"Where's your hair?" he asked, "all that hair has gone."

"Like it?" she asked.

"Of course, you're beautiful. Why should you be hidden."

"Thank you. I was hoping you'd like it."

"I love it! I want to touch."



They walked to the shower. The water pressure had improved. Neither of them thought to go to another cubicle. They washed each other's hair and backs. His hand slipped between her legs for a moment and she laughed. "Lovely and smooth," he told her. When she washed his back her hand slipped too and cradled his testicles for a moment.

"I think it was the hair."

"What about the hair?"

"Why mammoths died out and elephants survived." It was his turn to laugh. Her point was taken.

They dried themselves quickly, trying to put on a show for each other but also trying to get dressed while the warmth of the shower was still with them. By the time they were dressed his little man wasn't so little, it looked odd with his balls in their tight, hairy wrinkles under a penis that was struggling to erect. He was aware of her watching and gave it a vigorous toweling. They dressed rapidly, aware they were running late for work and rushed to their cars. With shouted good byes and promises to be there tomorrow morning, they slammed their doors and were gone. In the car, on her way to work, she was pleased with the impact of her shave.

That evening, after work, he gave the house a clean and tidy. He also looked at himself, got a razor and shaved his testicles and around his little man. The rest of his pubic hair he trimmed to make it look tidy, hoping she'd be appreciative. He slept fitfully that night.


"Mind if I join you?"

"I'd love it if you did, Sharon." They walked down the beach to the water and together, with high steps, waded in. He saw she was topless again. In the scant light it was difficult to see.

"How far do you go," she asked.

"To the buoy and back."

"It's a long way in the cold."

"I'm always worried they'll move the buoy."

She laughed.

"Mm. I'd like to move the boy."

"Who'd know where I'd end up if you did." He hadn't heard the humour or perhaps he did. They began to swim. She was the better swimmer. When they got to the buoy he obsessively touched it and they paused for a moment to look back at the shore. The thin shafts of light from the street lights seemed to beckon them to return. With chattering teeth he said,

"Half way."

"Half way." She was shivering too. They started swimming again, the cold was beginning to set in, numbing and stiffening their limbs.

"Ouch!" He heard her. Almost immediately he was stung too and knew it was jelly fish. He could feel the welt low on his stomach, a sharp, uncomfortable burn.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Yeah." They continued to swim, determined to get in as quickly as possible. Jellyfish aren't common but he'd had the experience before. It seemed to take a long time but eventually they splashed their way out into a biting wind. They grabbed their things and rushed to the change rooms. It was very unexpected that the Men's change room was padlocked. Sharon called him to the Ladies, it was open. He didn't think twice, together they rushed inside, out of the wind.

When he kicked off his bathers, he hoped she'd notice.

"Wow. You've had a trim. So good, I can see your balls now. They're beautiful."

"Thank you." He lowered his eyes and she was delighted he was so coy.

"I want to do more than touch."

Under the warm shower she winced. As her skin warmed, the stings of the jellyfish worsened. It was the same for him. They were quick and finished with their showers before the pain became unbearable.

He offered her vinegar to put on the quickly developing rash. She asked him to do it and explained it was too cold to lie full length on the bench, she would sit. With cotton wool balls he applied it while she parted her legs, raised her knees to her shoulders and smiled as he succumbed to the temptation of looking at her intimately.

"I'd feel lost with out you. It would be difficult putting the vinegar on my self."

"I'm sure you'd manage," he told her.

"Yes. But, not nearly so well. You can see where the rash is and I can't."

"I guess so."

"There's no more is there? I mean, I don't mind you looking," and she used her fingers to open her sex for him. He looked closely and suggested she might like the vinegar applied there, just in case and admitted it was possible he'd missed some thing.

"It's okay, I just wanted to be sure," and she smiled, her teeth bright in the gloomy light.

He took her place on the bench. When she applied vinegar to his rash she took extra care with his nipples and extended the application of vinegar down past his belly button. She moved his penis with her fingers, her touch a little too long to explain as looking for the rash.

"I love him, you know. He's beautiful, all tightened up with the cold." She took him in her hand and gave a gentle squeeze. He touched her breasts and impulsively gave her nipple a quick kiss. She fell to her knees and kissed his little man. She stood and hoped he'd touch, her sex so close to him but he only looked. She rubbed her labia with her finger as though relieving an itch. She had more than just an itch.

"We're not working today."

"I know."

"Would you like coffee?"

"I"d love coffee but it's too early. There's no where open."

"One place."

"Where's that?"

"My place."

"That would be lovely."

"How's the rash?"

"Much better, thank you."

They quickly dressed and were in their cars. She followed him home as dawn filtered through the darkness.

She sat on the old three seater sofa as he made coffee, found biscuits and turned on the air conditioner. They agreed this was the coldest morning so far, the wind chill factor must have been huge. She took the coffee from him and wrapped her hands around the mug to gather the warmth. She raised her knees and with her arms around them peered over the top at him.

"Another coffee?"

"Please." She dropped her knees to the sides and held her mug out between them. It was strangely reassuring to see she'd forgotten her panties. When he returned she opened her knees again and took the mug from him.

"I love the shave," he told her. She giggled.

"I'm glad you do. There's nothing worse than hair sneaking out of bikini bottoms." She giggled and spread her knees further to allow closer inspection. "Have I missed any?" she asked. Her inner lips protruded a little and he touched with his finger to smooth their wrinkles into symmetry.

"Mm. That's lovely." She gave him a smile of encouragement. "You know, the stings are getting itchy again."

"I have vinegar."

"Mm. Can you put it on for me please?" He went to the kitchen to return with vinegar and tissues. She was taking off her skirt and looked up at him. "Almost ready." She kicked it off and waited for him to open the vinegar. He wet a tissue. She slid down in the chair and lifted her knees to her chest.

It was difficult for him to concentrate on her rash. He got to his knees and started applying the vinegar. She watched, amused by his hesitation to touch her. He slathered the rash. She murmured with the delight of being seen and spread her knees further to add to the enticement. He was taking a long time, his care meticulous as his eyes studied her sex. She grinned.

"I love the shave too," she told him, "It feels great and hiding seems wrong." With her fingers she opened her sex. "You can see every thing now. I like that." There was a trickle of fluid adding to the wet spot on the sofa.

"I wondered about shaving all of mine off. I think it's crazy to hide too."

"Why don't you take your pants off so I can see?" she whispered.

He slowly unbuckled his belt, lowered his zip and undid the button. With a hand on each side he pushed his pants down. She watched carefully.

'It's so much bigger," she said., pleased with the observation and she reached to hold his dick in her hand.

"It's warmer."

"I'd love to complete your shave."

"Mm. I'd like that."

"I wouldn't only shave you."


"I want to blow you." She giggled and opened her mouth to show him she was well equipped.

Finally finished with the vinegar, the rash more tolerable, he stood, leaned to her and kissed her mouth. She was surprised. She thought he'd kiss her some where else. He kissed her again. She held him to her and they kissed with open mouths. He withdrew.

"I want to eat you." She pulled his head to her and kissed his lips.

"Why don't you gorge yourself?" she whispered.

He went to his knees, inhaled her scent, kissed her sex and ran his tongue up it. She held his head and pulled him to her with a sigh. He sucked, split her sex with his tongue and with his mouth explored her. His tongue entered and felt her. She moaned and stretched her legs wider. He found her little bud, she gasped and he gently teased. He put a finger inside her, she was so wet.

"Mm," she murmured, as his finger felt around. "Put another one in." With two in, feeling around, he added to the stimulation with his tongue. She sighed again and twirled her fingers in his hair. He sucked her, pulled at her labia and his tongue danced around her clit. She sighed. His fingers went in and out. "My God, that's beautiful," she whispered, pulled her fingers from his hair and opened her self further. His tongue pushed under her hood. She grabbed his hair again and pulled him down further. His tongue slipped on her and he pulled her labia into his mouth to stretch it and gave her little bud a teasing touch. "Oh my God." With a deep hurried breath she screamed. He watched as her body trembled and she batted him away from her hypersensitive areas. He giggled as she recovered.

"Guess what's happening next?" she asked him, when she was finally able to speak. I'm going to blow you. I've wanted to ever since I first saw it. So cute."

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