tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWishful Thinking Ch. 3

Wishful Thinking Ch. 3


It had come to me like a dream at night, and stayed with me ever since, and regardless how much I enjoyed the fruits of sexuality that was given to me, I still found myself on my knees at night craving for more. My legs were shaking simply from thinking about the close encounters that I had shared with my exciter, Angelica, and the sensation was of the sweetest kind. The perils it meant to be entirely overthrown by someone so breathtaking had me panting as I thought of it. In fact, my own honesty had brought this upon me, but at the same time there always were the risk of loosing it all and more.

There was a knock on the door, and before I could answer the door opened. There she was, my fountain of lust, capturing my entire attention with a single smile, and I felt how I was beginning to melt inside as I had done so many time before. Without saying a word she closed the door behind her and as she turn the knob and locked the door, I felt her spirit filling out the entire room claiming her territory simply by standing still at the door and allowing me to gaze upon her. Her brown hair caressing her shoulders, her slender figure, the perfection of her round ass, and her long legs ending in her small but beautiful feet. She was wearing a limegreen dress with a low cut in the back which revealed her tanned back, and stretched all the way to her sandals. She had her hands on her hips and to my amazement I noticed that she had painted her nails with a shade of brown that seemed to perfectly match her hair. She let her nails run across her covered ass and without turning around she said.

"I know what you want Todd. Your mind, heart and cock is already burning by the sight of my ass."

Her words struck me dead on center. I heartbeat was higher than normal, and it effected my genitalia to rise inside my cotton trousers. I was trying to form some sort of reply to her straightforward remark, but my mind went dim as she began to sway her ass from side to side. She leaned against the door which made her high ass even more the center of attraction, turning her face to the side which made it possible for me to see her pink tongue slide over her darkred lips. She moved her right hand to the center of her thin dress, and let her index finger slide up and down the crack between her checks while she almost panted out with a voice full of desire.

"Todd, I want you to want me, I need you to crave for me right now, and I lust to have you my way today. Todd, are you available or have I caught you in a bad moment?"

Angelica, turned to me, showing her gorgeous face and the earth tones she had chosen in her makeup. She walked with her head high until her thighs touched the desk, and she leaned forward showing off her cleavage in the most erotic way.

"Todd, take it out and show it to me."

Her suggestion startled me, but she kept leaning forward and moved her right hand index finger to her lips which tightly surrounded it while she slowly let her finger slide back and forth between her lips. I didn't know what to think. The door was locked, and my office had no windows, so we were on our own, yet my own thoughts, my own beliefs of right and wrong told me that it wouldn't be the right thing to do.

"Come on Todd, show me your cock. I know it's long and hard by now, just aching to be touched. Just imagine what it would feel like if I let my hand slide around it and stroke it gently up and down for just a few loving strokes. Don't tell me you do not want that right now. Come on Todd, let me stroke it for you, just a little while and show you just how good I am."

My head was spinning, but she didn't wait for me to respond. Instead she walked around the desk and sat up on it before she spread her legs for me. Her dress covering the view, but I could still sense the erotic fragrance of her hidden delights. She leaned forward and cupped her hands around her breasts, letting her fingers pinch her nipples through the thin fabric and looked me in the eyes.

"Todd, take it out and stroke it like crazy. Wouldn't you like to unload your cum on my naked feet while gazing at my juicy pussy? Come on Todd, take it out and let me see how much you've missed me. Do it for me, do it for yourself, do it now, Todd."

I couldn't believe that I was actually doing it, but my hands struggled hard with the button and zipper before my thick heavy cock come out.

"Oh Todd, you've missed me that much? I'll take special care of you just because you're so good to me."

She pushed my chair back a bit before she slid down on the floor before me and started sniffing on my cock while her hands kneaded my thighs. I felt my breathing getting heavier, and seeing Angelica's beautiful face against my cock was truly poetic. She took the head in her hands and started to twist her wrist back and forth which caused friction between her hand and my sensitive cockhead. The tip was barely visible, enough for her tongue to reach it and she started wiggling with the tip of her tongue in the hole. I was panting heavily, and she knew just how good I was feeling in her care, but nevertheless she stood up and sat up on the desk again.

"Todd, I have planned a little surprise for you. Do you like surprises?"

I nodded while looking at her delicious mouth as if I needed to read her lips to understand what she was saying.

"Good. You're going to love this surprise, but I want something from you first."

She moved her hands to her dress and slowly began to pull it up, revealing her shins and calves.

"I have this need that only you can fulfill."

Her dress kept revealing more and more, her knees and then her thighs.

"I have this terrible urge to pull your face into my pussy and make you eat me."

And as she spoke those words she pull me by my hair between her legs. Her pussy was warm and her scent was as lovely as she was, if that was even remotely possible. I let my tongue slide in between the wet lips and instantly went to work licking her entire pussy. I wasn't concentrating on her clitoris alone, but more so licking every smooth fold like a true explorer. I pushed my lips around her clitoris and sucked it in between my lips, only to move to the entrance to her pussy and suck it in a similar fashion. I was drinking her juices as if it was essential nectar to sustain my life, but regardless if it had become just that or if it only was a way to please Angelica didn't matter, it tasted so good I just couldn't have enough of it.

"That's good, so very good. Oh my pussy is on fire, I'm burning up. Your so very good to me, my little pussy loving Todd. Take your cock in your hand and squeeze it for me. Oh, I want to hear your moan into my pussy while you eat me long and hard. Stick that tongue up my cunt and whip it up good, real good."

I did as she asked or commanded, and felt my stiff cock was pulsating in my hand while I shoved my face harder against her crotch and pushed my tongue against her soaking wet opening. My tongue slid in a bit and I could feel her muscles working around it. It was a breathtaking moment to feel and hear her letting go against my working face. I was insane in my actions, rubbing my nose against her clit while my tongue wiggled it's way deeper inside of her. I opened up my mouth as much as I could and pushed my chin against her tight ass while I frantically squeezed my cock in the grip of both my hands.

She felt her hand against my face and felt how she pushed me away.

"Stand up Todd, let me see your cock before me."

I watched her rubbing her clit forcefully with two of her fingers while I stood up with my cock just inches away from her tasty pussy.

"Oh Todd, your cock seems so hard, so very hard. I'm sure you'd love to fuck me hard with it, wouldn't you? So hard and naughty, just eager to fuck me and unload your cum."

I couldn't believe what she was saying. All the time I had known her she had never lost control, but right now she appeared to have placed herself in a position where she wanted me to take charge, and the thought just blew my mind away.

"Yes Angelica, I would absolutely love to fuck you long and hard. Oh please let me, just for a while."

Our eyes met and she smiled for a brief moment before she spoke again.

"Come Todd, fuck me with your big eager cock, push your cock in right here."

And in the moment she pushed her thighs together and pointed between them.

"Come fuck my thighs and let me see your thick dark cockhead appear between my thighs. Show me how much you love to have me control your actions, and let me guide your motions until you are screaming for more."

With absolute disappointment I pushed my cock between the slender soft skin of her inner thighs and felt how my cockhead appeared on the other side for her to see. She squeezed around my shaft while her hand kept teasing her clit below.

"Oh Todd, what an absolutely fabulous sight to see your cock like that between my thighs. It looks so smooth and nice, as a plum ready to be eaten. Would you like me to do that? Would you like me to eat your plum and let my soft lips slide around it?"

My mouth had gone completely dry, which made it difficult to answer her questions, so I nodded quickly to each of her questions.

"Oh good Todd, would you like my tongue to lick your cockhead and push against the opening at the top of it? Would you like me to deny you from cumming until you've been on your best behavior?"

I just kept nodding without fully understanding what she was saying, but suddenly realized the meaning of her last question.

"Excellent Todd, just obey my commands and I will make your dreams come true. Now, take your hands away from your cock and come over to the other side of the desk so I have your balls in my face while I show you just how delightful my pussy is. Come and let me lick your balls."

The mixed feeling inside of me made me confused, but I did what she had told me to do, simply because I knew I loved everything she did to me and to herself. As I walked around the table with my trousers around my ankles, I watched her lay down on her back with her head over the edge of the table. I walked close to her and I could feel how she began licking between my hanging balls. Her legs parted before me and she moved her knees up against her flat stomach which made her pussy open up like a pink flower with dew on the leafs. Her right hand kept tapping her clit, while her left hand moved from her breast up and grab hold of my shaft. My legs were shaking from the excitement of being close to her, within her space and her soft delightful hand began stroking my cock slowly. I could hear her utter words between licks.

"Look at my pussy."

"See how wet it is."

And then, as if the position wasn't good enough for her, she pushed me back and stood up on her hands and knees on my office table.

"Sit down on the floor Todd, and stroke your cock slowly for me. I want you to stroke it just around the root while you watch me."

It might have been a strange suggestion if it was heard by anyone else, but to me it sounded just as natural as anything else, and I sat down on the floor and began to slowly masturbate while I watched her on the table. She moved like a cat around the table, scattering papers to the floor until she had cleared the entire surface. If anyone had entered the room it would have appeared as Angelica was having a outrage, as she fully dressed threw papers around. Finally she positioned herself on the edge of the table, her feet hanging down over the edge.

"Todd, look at my ass, I know you love to watch my ass while you stroke your cock slowly. Gaze at my ass while you build up the pressure in your balls. See how my dress is merely covering my ass, and how you can make out the shape of it. I know you lust for it, for my ass, my pussy and my breasts. You simply adore the way I make you feel and how your body tingles as you do what I tell you to do. Watch my ass Todd, do you want me to pull up the dress so you can see it, so you can see my fingers in my cunt?"

"Oh yes please." came panting out of my mouth.

"Yes you do, you want to see my ass, you need to dream of touching it and to lick my pussy. Stroke your cock faster Todd, let your hand slide all the way from the top to the root and back up again, over and over. Let me hear how much you love to see my ass."

She raised her dress and revealed her pantiles crotch, and I could see how she had inserted one of her fingers into her tight pussy. Her asshole was pulsating as if it was trying to nibble on something, and I was in paradise as I was rushing towards orgasm in a hurry.

"Stop Todd, take away your hand from your penis, and look at my ass."

I was sitting on the floor and leaning against the couch behind me with a dreadful desire to ejaculate, but Angelica was telling me to withhold my orgasm in favor for something she had planned. It was as if she could read my mind and know exactly when the last moment was to stop me, and at that moment tell me to stop, in order for us both to enjoy the powerplay between us.

"Todd, I want you to want me even more than you do right now. I want your cock to be hard as soon as you see or get a hint of my ass, and enjoy doing what I tell you to do, just because you know that I will make it all feel so much better then."

I was listening to her words, while she was fingerfucking herself in full view, and my breathing was so heavy my lungs ached a little, while my cock ached even more.

"Todd, I want you to follow me to the car, because I want to take you to a special place. A place where I'll make you even more horny than you are right now, and where you'll amaze yourself. Would you like me to take you there? Would you like me to feel so horny you'll feel like a wild beast just ready to fuck anything or anyone?"

She removed her hand from the wetness of her pussy, and I detected a slight sigh as she forced herself to wait a while longer too, but at the same time she smiled wickedly at the thought of her plans taking form, because it was impossible to resist her invitation regardless how lovely an orgasm would be a few quick strokes away.

"Lay down Todd, lay down on your back so I can see how hard you are. Show yourself off to me."

I laid down, to relax a bit and calm down, but as I felt the soft carpet against my back, I noticed how she took two steps and suddenly stood with both her feet on opposite sides of my hips. She kneeled slowly until her dress touched my stomach.

"Wouldn't you just love to feel me ride your cock until you sprayed my cunt with your white spunk? Wouldn't you go insane with excitement if I let your cock slide inside my tight hole and slowly pump you up and down? In and out, in and out, in and out. Todd, just think of the intensity of it all as your cock slid in and out, in and out."

She stood up and walked to the door. She waited until our eyes met before she pointed at a bag laying next to the wall, and then she gracefully disappeared out of sight, leaving me panting in grave despair and disappointment.

I couldn't stay in my horizontal position for long, but it took some effort to stand up. My heart was still racing in my chest as I stumbled to the bag. I opened it up and stood surprised looking down into the bag without understanding what the content of the bag meant, or rather what Angelica might have planned for me. Though time wouldn't let me look through the bag more, because I knew that she was walking with quick steps towards the elevators, so I locked the door and rushed after her. While running I realized that I was feeling like a young schoolboy, eager to help his teacher set up an experiment.

She stood in the elevator waiting, her right foot preventing the door from closing, and her dark eyes looked at me with a glow I had never seen before.

"You made me wait for you, you know I don't like that. Do you really want to come with me to this special place, or is your head somewhere else?"

I was stunned by her comment and unable to come up with an answer, but eventually I uttered a dull.

"You know what I want."

"Sure I do, I know every desire you have, but I need to know if you really want to follow me, if your curiosity is stronger than your anxiety for what I have planned for you."

She lowered her voice slightly and moved a bit closer to me as we were moving rapidly down towards the garage level. She placed her index finger against my shoulder and pushed me against the wall, holding me in place with no effort at all, and licked her lips.

Are you ready to be dominated in my way, to do or feel whatever I choose to let you? Would you like to fuck my thighs again until you cum, or hold back if I commanded you? Would you do anything in order to please my needs and beg for me to allow you to taste the salty skin of my ass?"

I felt her body against mine, and her hand gripping my semi-hard cock through my pants while she awaited my answer. It came without hesitation or thought.

"Angelica, you have given me more than I ever thought I could receive from someone, and you're questioning if I wish to continue receiving what you have so thoroughly given. I can't find any other answer than that I absolutely trust you. How can I make that even clearer than it already is?"

Angelica smiled a heartwarming smile as she heard my answer, and reached for the stop button which made the elevator stop between floors. She unzipped my pants and reached inside her pocket as I felt her long fingers pulling down my shorts. My cock had become hard in a flash and I felt her hand stroking it back and forth while she pushed her face against my neck and bit me. She took a step back and I felt a strange sensation around my cock-head, which I found out by looking down was a small pouch secured around it.

"It's made of fur, which tickles your purple plumb ever move you make. Doesn't it feel so good? Doesn't it make you wish your cock was between my luscious lips and burst cum down my throat over and over again? Wouldn't that be so delightful, and perhaps even better if I let a finger or a tiny vibrator inside your ass at the same time?"

She had me right where she wanted me, and I was moaning at the very thought of what she was describing for me. I was hooked and she knew it.

Angelica moved her hand a bit on the panel and the elevator resumed its journey downwards. I fought the stiffness in my manhood to get it inside my pants again, but the soft fur around the edge of my stiffness was making it all so difficult.

"Get in."

She got in behind the wheel, while I sat down beside her in the passanger seat. I enjoyed looking at her as her elegant hands grabbed the steering wheel and drove out of the building and onto the road. She drove in silence, while heading for a more questionable part of town. The further she drove, the darker the part of town seemed. Finally it appeared that we've reached our destination as she stopped the car in front of a dark house which opened up before us as she pressed a remote in the car.

"We're here now, in the special place I mentioned before."

She reached her hand into my lap and felt my cock.

"I see you're enjoying the fur. This is just the beginning of all that I will let you feel. Your body will tingle in a way that you have never felt before, and you'll enjoy it all because I will be the one ministering it all. But I will enjoy it even more."

Her last remark made me look curiously into her eyes, and all I could see what how beautiful there were. She drove in and stopped the car inside a very small garage. She turned off the engine and the door closed behind us, while she turned to me and continued to rub my cock with her talented hand.

"Welcome to my home."

Her home? I had never dawned on me that she would take me to her home, or call it her special place, but seeing her get out, I did the same. The garage was indeed small, but still large enough so that doors on each side of the car would open. There were only one door apart from the obvious garage door behind the car. Angelica moved towards it, and I followed walked around the car to follow her.

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