tagLesbian SexWith Strings Attached Ch. 10

With Strings Attached Ch. 10


Alice shivered as she waited to be buzzed into April's building, from both the cold and the situation she was in. Like all the clothes Nicole had picked for her she felt more exposed than covered. However Alice did not believe her current outfit could even be considered cloths. The cold air blowing against her exposed crotch reminded her of her desire to get into the warm building and out of sight of potential on-lookers as she really did not want anyone to see her in her current predicament. She had been in a number of very humiliating situations with Nicole over the past week but she had never felt as vulnerable or so alone.

Ever since Nicole had her make this date with April, and it was a date in no uncertain terms, Nicole had taken control of the preparations. Purchasing the gifts for her to give to her sister/lover as well as picking out a very special outfit for there Christmas rendezvous. When Nicole first showed her what she was expected to wear Alice was a bit confused, as the item that Nicole was holding was not something she thought of as clothing, but as Nicole explained what she wanted to do a shiver ran through her body as she understood the material she was looking at was going to be fashioned into her dress.

Nicole's description for what she had planned kept running through Alice's head as she sat in the salon getting her hair and make-up done to her mistress's specifications, all in preparation for her big date. Once finished, Alice once again saw the face of a model, her hair was kept back and out of her face by a black satin ribbon tied around the back of her head with a large bow at the top; a small piece of mistletoe secured to the side. Her make-up was done in shades of red making her look festive and alluring at the same time. Afterwards Alice stood naked as the beautician sprayed gold dust all over her body.

Returning home Alice dreaded having to live Nicole's fantasy of a perfect gift and stood naked as Nicole put the finishing touches on the dress pattern. The whole situation felt so wrong but she felt she had little choice and no control over her life, Susan's blackmail and Nicole's demanding nature made sure of that. Here she was being assisted by her girlfriend as she got ready for an encounter with another girl who not only wanted to pretend to be her sister but desired to have an illicit affair with her. Seeing Nicole walking towards her Alice knew it was now time for the final step in her preparation and raised her arms to literally be enclosed in a strapless sheath dress made of shinny red wrapping paper. Alice could only look into her closet mirror as Nicole carefully taped the seams of the dress closed. Standing perfectly still she watched as her mistress secured a black satin ribbon along the top of the dress and a second around her waist complete with a bow to match the one on her head, the excess ribbon running along her hip.

As Nicole walked around her Alice could not help but notice the look of excitement on her girlfriends face and looking at the image before her Alice understood why. To Alice anyone looking would see her as an exotic gift heading for a kinky encounter with her lover. Her hair, face, body and dress covered in gold glitter taking the theme of her being the present under the dress. The hem of the dress was cut to just below her crotch. And per Nicole's rules she was commando underneath, her only other piece of clothing being her knee high leather boots. Even the slightest movement caused the dress to crackle and she was worried that if she took too long of a stride in the tight dress it would tear. She could not believe that her girlfriend would spend so much time and effort making look like the ultimate Christmas sex symbol just to send her off to meet another woman to fuel her fantasies of lesbian infidelity.

For Alice this was a new low. As much as she hated being under her mistresses control at least when she was with her she had an excuse for what she was doing, Nicole told her to do it. Now things were different. Now she had to carry out her mistresses wishes on her own; Wishes that required her to start an illicit intimate affair with another girl; Wishes that not only required her to play along with April's perverted desire to pretend to be her sister but to encourage and foster it; Wishes that required getting April to agree to teach her how to entice woman, seduce woman and strip for woman. Wishes she not only had to agree to but pretend that she liked.

The sound of the door buzzer startled Alice and brought her back to reality. Taking a deep breath she opened the door and walked into the warm lobby. Not wanting to remain in such a public place Alice quickly located the stairs and began the assent to the safety of her sister's apartment.

Alice's level of excitement and fear rose with each step she took. Part of her wanted to run as the other part told her she had no choice but to follow orders. But the debate became moot as she looked up and saw April standing at the top of the stairs dressed to leave not doubt as to her intentions. Following her trend of looking gorgeous in a sexy way April was clothed in a red stretch velvet strapless dress with white fur trim and a hem so short Alice could easily see the red velvet underwear she wore beneath. Her head capped with a red velvet Santa's hat and her feet encased in shinny red patent leather knee high boots with white fur trim and a three inch heel, shinny red lipstick completed her look of a very sexy female Santa.

"Merry Christmas," squeaked Alice nervously as she approached April.

"Merry Christmas to you too sis, replied April in a husky voice that did nothing to hide her excitement. Reaching up she slowly began to caress the face of the angle that stood before her. Ever since Alice called to make there date she had been on an erotic fueled high thinking about this moment and how she wanted it to be perfect and looking at her new sister she was happy to see Alice felt the same way.

"You look absolutely amazing," whispered April as she leaned in for a kiss.

Alice leaned forward holding the gift between herself and her new lover and closed her eyes in anticipation of the kiss, a full passionate kiss filled with lust and desire. While she had practice with Nicole for countless hours and had kissed multiple girls the sensation of their lip gloss rubbing together was a new one for Alice. While she was required to wear lipstick and lip gloss this was the first time she had kissed anyone wearing the same. The feeling was much more feminine, more sensual than simply kissing the soft seductive lips of another girl. To Alice it was like the erotic sensation she got from rubbing her nylon covered legs against another girl's nylon covered legs. Linking the new sensation to her previous sexual markers resulted in her moistening in anticipation of intercourse.

"That was very nice," gasped Alice as she broke the kiss focusing again on what she was doing. She wanted more than anything to put the breaks on April's desires but Alice knew that was not possible. She had to keep April on a string in order to complete Nicole's plans for the stripper. Plans that required her to make sure April was hungry for more and would be willing to do anything she requested to gain access to her body.

"Yes it was," added April in a dreamy voice, her hands sliding down Alice's arms.

Alice could only smile nervously and she watched April's eyes roamed over her body and her embarrassing outfit. She could see the lust in her eyes and the nervous biting of her lip hinting at her hunger for more. Knowing that April wanted more and was looking for some sign of what she wanted Alice leaned in for a second soft sweet kiss. A kiss that was abruptly ended when April ran her hands over the back of Alice's dress.

"Are you wearing wrapping paper!" exclaimed April in a surprised voice, her hands now exploring Alice's shinny red dress. "You are, aren't you? That is so wild!"

Alice felt too ashamed to answer and shyly smiled at her admirer.

"I think you may be the best present I ever gotten," purred April in a sultry voice, leaving little doubt as to what she was thinking.

"Thank you," replied Alice softly to the complement.

"So does this mean you're mine to keep," asked April in a play full voice, "Because I do not want to give you up."

"Just for tonight," stammered Alice, nervous of April's plans.

"Well we will just have to see about that", giggled April. "When I done with you you may not want me too give you up," announced April taking Alice by the hand and leading her towards her apartment. "Come, we can open our gifts after we eat."

Alice's level of anxiety increased at April's remark and the repercussions of her intent ran through her head as she allowed her new lover to lead her towards the apartment door. Her attempt to take control of the situation dashed by April's discovery that she was not her guest but her gift, her eyes downcast as she watched the back of April's skirt playfully swish back and forth with the movement of April's ass as her own ass subconsciously moved in a slower more pronounce movement better suited for her tight skirt.

"Welcome to my home," announced April as they passed the threshold.

Not knowing what to do Alice simply stood by the front door her eyes following April as she walked through the Euro style apartment past a small dining table, set up for a holiday meal, and around an island separating the rest of the room from the kitchen. Scanning the apartment Alice noticed a Christmas tree with a few decorations and presents under it. A shiver ran through her as she felt she should be sitting under the tree dressed as she was.

Breaking free of the thought Alice turned her attention to the other side of the room. Her attention was immediately caught by the corner of the room. At first she thought it was some kind of fashion design area with a small mirrored platform and floor to ceiling mirrors. A set of track lights even completed the space on the ceiling. However at about eight feet square it seemed too big to be practical for designing. Stepping to the side Alice let out a small gasp as she saw the chrome pole in the center of the platform. A stripper pole!

April had a stripper pole in her living room, repeated Alice in her mind as she stood frozen in place. Why would anyone put a stripper pole in the living room thought Alice as she tried to comprehend what she was looking at all other thoughts washed from her mind.

"I see you found my home office," giggled April as she stood behind Alice.

"You also work from home!" gasped Alice in a surprised.

"Of course not," answered April as she walked over to the platform and did a quick spin around the pole. "My last lover had it installed when I moved in. He liked to have private shows. But his wife found out about us before he could appreciate his gift."

Alice simply stood there awkwardly as she watched April saunter around the little stage and explained how she got her 'personal entertainment center' as she called it. The idea of curling up under the tree and pretending to be a present started to seem like a much better option than having to stand there not knowing what to do or what to say as another girl performed before her.

"But we can play later, dinner is ready and the sooner we eat the sooner we can open our gifts," stated April stepping off the stage.

Alice could only nod her agreement.

Dinner for Alice was an awkward experience. Here she was having dinner, a romantic dinner, with a woman who lived alone. April was the first person she knew that was close to her own age and did not live with her parents. Everything in the house was April's and even though she felt like she should be concerned about April's parents walking through the door at any moment she knew that was not going to happen. Tonight, like every time when she would come here, it would only be the two of them.

Alice could not believe that this was even happening and thinking about what was going on made her too nervous to eat. Every time she looked up she saw April, the smile on her face and the look in her eyes, she knew April wanted her and that made her nervous. If that was not enough every time she looked up she could see the stripper pole out of the corner of her eye. The pole she would soon be receiving lessons on.

"You haven't eaten much, is the dinner okay?" inquired April.

"It's very good," stated Alice happy to escape her thoughts. "It's just my head is someplace else."

"Well I love to have it between my thighs," replied April in a husky voice.

"It's just I'm uneasy about all of this," stated Alice hoping to slow the events down a little.

"I understand," replied April in a reassuring voice. "You have a girl friend and you don't want anything to mess that up."

"Right," answered Alice a small smile appearing on her face, but thinking of a very different reason than April.

"Well I don't want anything to mess it up either," continued April getting up from her chair and walking behind Alice. "What we do between us stays between us. I don't want you to break up with your girlfriend; in fact I want you to continue your relationship with Nicole just as it is, or if possible even stronger."

"I appreciate that," murmured Alice nervously. Now giving up all pretense of eating and just sat straight in her chair.

"However I believe you want a relationship with me as well," continued April as she slowly caressed Alice's bare shoulders. "The amount of time you spent preparing yourself for tonight shows it. Your hair and makeup are perfect. And your dress was chosen for one reason, you are not here just as my sister you want to be my secret lover."

Alice could only sit in the chair and listen to April. She did not want a relationship with April, her girlfriend demanded on it; wanted her to seduce the stripper into playing sister and lover. The only secret in this relationship was that April didn't know that Nicole not only knew but insisted on their supposed affair. In fact everything about her tonight from her hair and makeup to her clothing to the present she brought for her was all designed by Nicole.

"I do want a relationship....," started Alice as she paused to think how to express exactly what she wanted from April.

"Good then we are in agreement," interjected April as she smiled. Those five words were all April had to hear as she had the whole relationship planned out and the most important part, Alice, was already in place. The phone call was easy, with Alice practically begging to come over for an early Christmas and to spend the night, promising to make it worth her while. A very different experience than when she had to call Nicole. With Nicole she had to do the begging. Where Alice had been accommodating and passive Nicole had been demanding and aggressive.

The two could not be more different, yes both were willing to allow her to play out her fantasy where Alice would become her little sister, her very kinky little sister. They would go shopping, out to dinner and do all the things sisters would do but they would also be lovers. Secretly having an affair behind Nicole's back. Just as she was going to have an affair with Nicole behind her new sisters back. But that affair would be nothing like the one with Alice. With Nicole the relationship would be on Nicole's terms, basically her cheating on her girlfriend with her girlfriend's stripper sister. She had to promise not the date anyone without Nicole's permission and be willing to submit to her. A price she was more than willing to pay to live out her fantasy.

For April it could not be kinkier. She could play both the passive and aggressive at the same time and have the perverse pleasure of cheating with both parties of a relationship.

"Actually I need you to teach me how to strip," blurted Alice trying to get the conversation back to what she needed from April.

"I remember how eager you were to learn at the club," purred April as her hands resumed their caress of April's flesh, "and we will begin your lessons soon. Don't worry, before we're through you will know every trick and you will perform for me and I will perform for you. We will be each other's most intimate clients. I will also teach you every trick I know about pleasing another woman and when I'm done with you every partner you have will think you are the best lover they ever had."

Alice was trapped mid-thought. April's take on what she needed to learn was very different then what she had hoped. Now not only would she be getting 'lessons' from her girlfriend, Nicole, but from her new sister as well. She wanted to try and correct the direction the relationship was going but felt uncertain on how to precede.

"Come," announced April as she took Alice's hand. I think it's time to open our presents.

Alice timidly followed April to the Christmas tree, her eyes downcast and inadvertently focused on April swaying ass. As the reached the presents April let out a giggle as Alice struggled to kneel on the floor without exposing herself or tearing her dress.

"Now as my guest you get to open your present first," announced April as she handed Alice a red wrapped box.

Nervously Alice took the wrapped gift and began to tear off the paper. A slight shiver ran through her body as she imagined April doing the same thing to her dress. Upon opening the box she was slightly relived to see a purple version of the slave girl outfit April wore when she last visited the club.

"Thank you," stated Alice, "it's very pretty."

"I saw how you looked at mine when I wore it, or was it me you were watching," giggled April. "Besides if I'm to teach you how to strip you need to look the part."

Alice pictured herself wearing the outfit and dancing in April's 'home office' for the pleasure of her fake sister. Shaking the image from her mind Alice quickly picked up the gift Nicole had bought for April and handed it to her. Nicole had spent considerable time wrapping the gift in the same red paper and black ribbon as her dress.

April was less cautious opening her present tearing the paper off in an excited fashion.

"Wow, now that is a unique Christmas gift," laughed April as she held up a purple version of the strap-on Nicole had used to take her virginity.

"It was designed by women for women," stammered Alice, repeating the line Nicole said to her when she bought identical dildos for them. She could not believe that Nicole would have bought such a thing for her to give to a girl she just met. Worse April would assume Alice wanted her it use it with her.

"Well in that case we will have to put it to good use," purred April as she lean in to give Alice a kiss.

Alice simply closed her eyes and allowed herself to be kissed, the shock of having given another girl, who had romantic interests in her, a strap-on as a gift overwhelmed her. Alice could no longer over come the perceptions about what was supposed to happed with April tonight and going foreword, April was going to be her secret lover.

"Here I got this for you," stated April breaking the kiss. "I was worried that I might be pushing the envelope but after your gift I see we are both very much on the same page."

Alice no longer tried to think about what that page was or make any effort to try and change it, taking the present from her now sister Alice carefully opened the box. As she lifted the top of the box a strong rubbery smell invaded her nostrils and as she removed the tissue paper a shinny black material came into view. At first Alice did not understand what it was she was looking at. Carefully removing it from the box Alice held up what looked like a tank top with a skaters skirt attached made of a black rubbery substance.

"Do you like it," inquired April. "I know I just love the feeling of latex against my skin.

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