tagAnalWith The Neighbor

With The Neighbor


I can't say that the first time I knew what was happening was the first time it happened. It's possible something had happened when I wasn't home but I think that first time was pretty close to their first.

I knew generally, from all the clues, that something had happened and I'd seen my wife go next door just as she said she was going to do. She was very nervous when she returned home about an hour after she'd left and ducked into the bathroom immediately. I saw the flash of material in her hand and found her soiled panties buried in the hamper later.

Disgusting to me, she'd very carefully brushed her teeth and used mouthwash before she told me she was going to bed, accepting my goodnight kiss. Needless to say, she wasn't interested in having sex with me in the least.

About a week later, she told me she had something to do again. I had a feeling I knew what it was and covertly watched her sneak next door where my neighbor, a big, strong looking guy, let her in. I snuck out the back door and up to his house in the dark.

Peeking through his partially opened blinds into his bedroom, I got just enough of a view to know for sure that they were making love and it seemed as much her idea as his.

I know I had grounds for a divorce but I love my wife and didn't want a divorce. I could have braced them but I couldn't see anything good coming from that. They could laugh at me, he could easily punch me out, or, maybe worst, she could leave me as some kind of penance. I suppose I could have called a cop, too. But I didn't want to.

First, let me say that though they were doing something, it didn't change the sex I had with her except for the better. She seemed less restrained - inhibited - than before and she would do things she hadn't before like leaving lights on, sucking me off, and having sex in other places and positions than missionary in bed.

Besides that, I found it very sexy to know it was happening and, even more, to partially see what was going on. The only thing that could make it better was to see and hear it even better. And that's what I set out to do.

Now if you think that that spy equipment is a figment of a James Bond movie and have only seen videos from convenience store surveillance cameras on TV, you have no idea of reality.

I went to a place that specializes in real spy equipment that most people buy to watch their babysitters or something. It was fun.

The first three things I bought were a contact microphone you can fasten to the outside of a window, a tiny stickpin camera, and an almost invisible transmitter and receiver. The receiver hooks up directly to the USB port on my computer.

It was amazingly easy to put the stickpin camera on the inside of his bedroom curtain, the mic on the top of the window outside, and the transmitter on top of the window out of sight. The tiny wires were almost invisible and hardly more than a thread. Back home, I turned on the program that came with the receiver and got a clear black and white view of his bed from one end to the other. I had to wait until he got home from work that evening to test the microphone as he hummed to himself and changed clothes before mowing his lawn. The picture wasn't absolutely clear but the sound was perfect.

Quite awhile later, he invited us to a party and I got the opportunity to put two more cameras in his bedroom - high resolution color ones. Only a short time after I got the black and white stickpin, I replaced it with a color one but that was after the first time I got to enjoy what they were doing.


A few days after I got the camera and mic, my wife slipped out of the house and next door. I knew what she was doing, of course, and went to my computer. It was working perfectly. I could even hear them talking in his living room - "We have to hurry," she said and he laughed.

When they went into the bedroom with the camera, she was already lifting her little sundress over her head showing me that she wasn't wearing anything else but her sandals that she almost walked out of on the way to his bed. He'd pulled his T-shirt off and quickly undid his shorts. Though the picture wasn't great, it was good enough to see the look of anticipation on her face and that he was partially hard and not wearing underwear.

"Here. I want you doggy style tonight. Just get on all fours right here," he said as he went to his night stand and got out a tube. I was hoping it had something to do with a condom. But I didn't see him put one on as she got on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed.

"I've never done it this way," she said.

"You'll like it. I can really get in your cunt a long ways this way and can still reach around and play with all your goodies."

He reached between her legs about the same as I'd seen veterinarians behind a cow or horse and stroked her pussy. She gasped with pleasure.

"My my," he chuckled. "This is really wet. You must have been thinking about it for a while."

"I have been," she sighed. "I took off my panties an hour ago and have been squirming around ever since just thinking about that big cock in me."

That was the first time I'd even heard the word "cunt" said in my wife's hearing and she would never say "cock" for anything. Well, that's what I thought. I hadn't noticed her squirming either but then I hadn't really been watching closely.

He was standing on the floor behind her stroking his long cock as he played with her. She'd moved her knees further apart as he did it.

More roughly than I could ever get away with, he gathered her long hair in the hand that must have been wet with her natural lubrication and pulled her head up. It had the effect of bowing her back and thrusting her dangling breasts forward lewdly. It also raised her perfectly shaped ass.

Watching what he was doing carefully, he moved the fully hardened flesh in his hand to the spot between her legs and edged forward. She gasped loudly as it went into her. I'm not sure whether he pulled her back by the hair or if she moved back further onto it herself but it was quickly deep inside her. She shivered all over and moaned even louder.

He started a slow in and out movement, still holding her head back with her hair as he reached around her and took hold of her hard nipple. There seemed to be little coordination between his steady fucking and the increasingly rough treatment of her breast.

Her head dropped between her arms as he released her hair and took hold of the other breast. He used her breasts to guide her harder and harder back onto his long cock and away so he could almost remove it from her.

She was gasping, "yes oh yes oh yes ohhhh god yes oh yes," with the long strokes. Her back and bottom were humping to him almost as much as his was humping toward her. Without changing the pace at all, he let go of the near breast (letting it wobble front to back with the strokes) as he reached around her leg and quite obviously found her sensitive clitoris.

As his hand stroked against it, she squealed and threw her head from side to side wildly before completely losing coordination with an obvious and wild orgasm unlike anything I'd ever seen from her. I was learning a lot.

He stopped humping into her as she continued her orgasmic movements but smiled as he moved one hand to her hip and the other between them and between her upraised ass cheeks. Her arms seemed to go limp and the side of her head and shoulders dropped to the surface of the bed.

He got even more interested in what he was doing as she went still and he continued to explore between her ass cheeks. I saw her stiffen as he obviously found her anus with his finger.

"Th-that's dirty. Don't do ... ahhhhhh." He'd obviously found it. "Oh no. Please don't ... uhhhhhh. No." She relaxed a little as he removed the finger from her behind. She didn't realize what he intended as I did watching him get the tube I'd seen before. He shook it, opened it with one hand, and squirted whatever was in it down between them.

He dropped the tube and returned his fingers to her rump. Her back arched upward.

"Don't. Nobody has ever ..." she gasped.

"You like my big cock in you, don't you?" It was more a statement than question.


"You'll love it in here. I guarantee it."

"No please. It will hurt and it's so demeaning. Please."

"Naw," he said as he took it out of her streaming pussy and aimed it carefully. He seemed to line it up very slowly, even as she shifted from knee to knee as if to get away from him.

"N-n-noooooo!!!!!" she moaned as he pressed forward. The extended word leaped to a squeal as it obviously popped into her.

"Oh fuck yeah, baby," he moaned. "You are so fucking tight back there." She moaned loudly. Both his hands went to her hips, using them as handles, as he pressed forward, pulled back slightly, pressed forward, and pulled back. She was whimpering like she'd been spanked as their bodies came back together firmly. "Oh baby. This is so good. I filled your stomach from the other end. Now I'm going to fill it from this end. And you'll love it just as much."

He began the same long, slow fucking movements in and out of her as her toes splayed wide like a duck. Her protestations stopped but her squeals and grunts and groans continued and escalated with each stroke.

"Oh god. Oh god. This is. So nasty. Oh god. Oh it. It feels. Oh god. Uhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhh. Oh fuck. Fuck my. Assssss." And she was back to humping back against him with each of his increasingly hard thrusts. Then she seemed to be sliding forward, her legs straightening, until he fell on top of her flat against the bed.

"Oh yeah. Riding your fucking ass right down. I'm gonna fill your little ass." When he started pumping almost wildly into her, she squealed continuously, her knees bent with her feet pointed up radically, and somehow she was humping up to him in spite of his weight on her.

Then he was grunting and freezing, grunting and freezing, and I knew he was cuming in her again and again.

For quite a while, they lay there panting. Her legs were stroking up and down the outsides of his legs and he was very slowly stroking into her as he kissed the side of her face. Finally he did a kind of pushup, stroked a few times in and out of her ass, and slowly pulled himself free. He was as soft as he'd been since I first saw it.

It took a little, but he took her hand after a few minutes and helped her to sit on the end of the bed. He teasingly licked and kissed her nipples quickly and put her sandals back on her feet. She licked the tip of his cock as he tried to get her sundress over her head.

"I need to use your bathroom," she said.

"Nope. Just like last time. You take my cum home with you to your little hubby."

"He might see," she said. I chuckled to myself.

"Yeah. He might. And he might have caught you doing this any of the other times. That's what makes it exciting, isn't it? That's what you want."


When I heard her leaving, I turned off the computer program and "accidentally" met her coming back into the house. For the next few minutes, I asked her questions, hugged her, and got her to show me where something was in one of the lower shelves of a cupboard before she couldn't stand it any more and raced off to the bathroom.

I could see the tracks of his cum on her thighs and the back of her sundress.

Even after she spent some time in the bathroom and changed into a pair of cutoffs and a T-shirt, she still had some trouble keeping the crotch of the cutoffs from getting wet. I told her that she must really be horny, pointing it out to her though she didn't want to make a point of it at all. When we went to bed later, I insisted on making love and she was very hot in spite of what he'd done to her only a while before.


During the next weeks, I collected a considerable library of her antics with the neighbor that I saved to my computer and watched frequently. Our sex life changed only to the extent that I added many of the things he did with her to our regular activities.

About six months after they started, she apparently decided she was getting enough at home and it suddenly ended.

At first, I was a little disappointed but, amazingly, within a week another of the neighborhood "ladies" began an affair with him and I got to watch her progress as well. In addition, the scumbag finally got a girlfriend all his own and, about a year later, married her.

I got a real charge out of watching her with some of her friends of both sexes when he was at work or away. Somehow, it just seemed like poetic justice.

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