tagErotic HorrorWithin the Shadows Ep. 08

Within the Shadows Ep. 08


Part 8 Marriage

"What do I need to do?" Eliza asked as she finally pushed herself up to her knees and looked up at him.

She belonged to him and would do anything that he asked of her without hesitation. He could feel her inner turmoil as she dealt with those facts. He could feel her struggling against the chains that now linked her. He could feel her screaming for him to stop his control. But outwardly she just sat on her knees and stared at him.

"I need you to bring a female to me from the village," he began with a smile. Her facial expression made no changes, but he could see colors of jealousy wash over her body as she struggled with the idea of sharing him.

"As you wish," she said with a nod.

Her naked body had leaves and mud stuck in spots all over her. Even her hair was a mess with leaves sticking out. That wouldn't do. She had to look presentable.

With a simple thought and a push of will, Kyle recreated her pants and shirt from earlier and cleaned her body to a fresh state once more. She looked down in amazement but quickly hid any expression as she realized he was staring at her.

"I'll wait a mile outside the clearing for you to return with someone," he finished explaining and Eliza only nodded.

The walk to the area that he would wait was a quiet one. Eliza was deep in her thoughts and although he could feel a general direction of those thoughts he could not read her mind. He stopped trying after an hour and resorted to reading his surroundings. He could feel the creature behind him as they still slept. He could feel Natasha awaiting his return with anticipation for more fun. He could sense the villagers that they were approaching.

There was something else.

He couldn't make out what it was, but it was nested in with the villagers. It wasn't quite human and it wasn't quite pawn, but a mixture of both. He squinted his eyes as his focus tried to narrow down the thing that he felt.

Lost in his thoughts, he almost missed the small clearing that they stepped around just beyond reach. The distance was just a mile from the village and the opening was the perfect place to create his temporary fort. He decided to dismiss the strange thing in the village for now and focus on the task at hand.

"Here," he said, stopping Eliza from her silent walk. She turned to see him step into the clearing and followed.

"I'll bring someone back here," she said. That had been the first thing that she had said in over an hour. Her voice was raspy and so she cleared it and went on. "Is there a specific woman you'd like here?"

"No," Kyle shrugged as he raised one hand and watched as a throne made of stone erected from underneath the earth. "Any will do."

He could feel her jealousy come back over her and turned to look at her form. She had turned from him and looked stiff. Her fingers were clenched into fists and she looked as if she wanted to scream at him. He narrowed his focus on her aura to see that she had accepted her chains to him but didn't want to share them with the others. He couldn't read her mind, but her emotions were bright enough for him to see her intentions.

"You are mine," he said as he walked toward her. "Only you."

She looked up at him and gave a forced smile. He could clearly see that she didn't believe him and so he held her hand and guided her over to his throne. He closed his eyes and raised another hand and another slightly smaller throne rose from the earth just beside his.

"Only you," he repeated as he guided her toward her seat.

She smiled again, but this time the smile looked sincere. She pushed herself upon the throne and he took a seat in his. He looked over at her and shared her smile.

"Any girl?" She asked as she leaned back into her new seat. She looked the part for sure. Although her small human form didn't quite fill out the stone thorn design that twisted in a marble smooth vine to the top as well as his more demonic form did, she fit.

"Any girl," he agreed

"I will do as you ask," she stated after a moment of thought. "Under one condition."

Anger flashed over him for a split moment, but he let it subside for the better feeling of curiosity. She didn't appear to be challenging him but merely trying to hold a bit of control over herself. He did want her happy regardless of the endgame. It wouldn't kill him to amuse her.

"What is your condition?" He finally asked as he rested on one elbow, not taking his eyes off of her.

"I am to be your wife," she explained. He must have had his mouth open in surprise because she continued. "Don't look so shocked Kyle. I've never lived for anyone but me and I'm accepting this new link between us. I'll only fully accept it with no struggles if you accept this."

"How exactly do you purpose we get married?" He asked. The idea didn't disgust him. He very much enjoyed the company of Eliza and if he could have a partnership along with keeping his mission for Riggan then he could truly be happy with his choices.

"Devout yourself to me," she said. "I'm already linked to you. All you have to do is share that link with me as well. Is that possible?"

He reached inside of his mind to see if he could feel such a thing existing within his abilities. Could he do that?

"I'm not sure," he answered honestly. "I can only make the promise."

"That won't be good enough," she snapped as she turned to face him. She truly was a beautiful woman. Her long black hair rested on her shoulders accentuating her fierce dark eyes.

He reached inside of himself once more to see.

"I will grant such a power," Riggan's voice called to his mind. "But know that she will gain a sense of power over you in the process."

It could help this process, he thought back and a cold feeling flooded his mind. He reached inside of himself and there it was! Pulling at the new sensation, Kyle could see the chains that held Eliza to him. He could see her struggle against the tug. He knew that she wouldn't be able to hold herself against it forever. He knew that his strength would soon overpower hers, but he also knew that things could go more smoothly if he agreed to her demands. He knew that he would have a companion in her.

"Okay," he said as he looked at the woman next to him. Her face changed from defiance to a smile of happiness.

He took her link and twisted it until it snapped loose. He then pulled both of their auras closer together and attached them to both halves.

He could feel his control lessen, but could feel a new wave of emotions flood into him. He could feel Eliza's aura surround him. Her emotions lit up like embers on a dark night and her thoughts flowed into his head as if she held her lips in his ears and screamed. It was almost too much and as he turned to see her holding her hands over her ears, he could see that she was experiencing similar things.

"Are you okay?" He asked once the hammering booms of Eliza's voice finally faded away. She leaned over her throne with her elbows on her knees and stared at the ground beneath them.

"I think so," she finally admitted. "It feels so different now. I can feel you in so many ways. I can see things that I can't see. I can hear things from distances that I didn't even know existed. What is this?"

"You'll get used to it," Kyle said as he placed his large red hand on her shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze for comfort.

"Riggan," she said, causing Kyle to pull his hand away from her shoulder as if it was on fire.

"My queen," he finally said, drawing a look from Eliza.

"Our queen," she corrected with a smile.


A woman was sent into an orgasm in one of the houses to the right.

Eliza could feel her sexual pleasure explode like fireworks that lit up the exact location of her location. Whoever it was, she would be the perfect first woman to take back to her husband.

Her husband? Could their link really be considered a marriage? She felt closer to his equal than his slave, but the idea of her being married in the first place was a ridiculous notion and the fact that it was to a half-demon man that she had barely known a week almost caused her to laugh out loud.

She approached the house and peeked through a window to see Krystal and Katey lying next to each other on the floor just below the bed. They whispered to each other and for a brief moment, Eliza considered bringing them both with her, but that wasn't what Kyle wanted.

One at a time would be easier to control. Or so that was what he told her.

She could still feel him. She could call out to him from within at any time she desired. She smiled at the thought of having such a close link with someone. She smiled at the thought that she could have sex with him at any time she wanted. Her smile turned more sinister as she thought about the slave that they would have once she brought one of these women back with her.

"Focus," came the voice of her new queen in her head. Riggan had been speaking to her since the linking and she had learned to appreciate the knowledge that the demon queen had.

Yes, my queen, she thought and returned to her focus.

Katey and Krystal were stepping out of the house, Krystal had a stack of long boards in her arms as the two laughed their way down the street.

"Guys," Eliza called, causing the women to turn and smile as they see who had called them.

"Eliza," Katey said in a chipper voice. "Thank god you're back!"

"I'm glad to see you guys are still safe," Eliza said as she approached the two.

"No Kyle?" Krystal asked as a frown took over her face. Anger flashed through Eliza as she could see desires flash through the dark-skinned woman. She's not first.

"No," she lied as she shook her head. "But I did find some supplies. Too much for me to carry back alone."

"Let me give this to Joe and I'll go with you," Krystal said as a smile slowly stretched across her face once more.

"No," Eliza said a bit more aggressively than she had wanted. Krystal's smile disappeared immediately as she looked over Eliza with a new kind of concern. "It's not that much stuff really. You'll be needed here to help board this place up is all."

Krystal's tension seemed to release slightly, but not all the way. She looked at Eliza curiously as she turned to look at a house that Joe had been working on.

"I'll take Katey with me," Eliza said with a smile. She was trying to make her voice as kind and innocent as possible, but Krystal still looked apprehensive about letting Katey go with her.

Katey, not noticing any of the tension, only smiled and stepped toward Eliza.

"I'll go with her," Katey stated in a chipper tone. "We'll be right back. Don't worry."

Krystal looked at Katey and forced a smile. She looked back to Eliza and blinked a few times before speaking again.

"Okay," Krystal finally said with a nod. "Just be careful and hurry back. It'll be dark before too long."

"Don't worry," Eliza said as she turned to lead Katey out of the village. "You'll see her again soon."

Eliza turned to look back at the village to see Krystal still standing there and watching them leave as the two entered the treeline.

Katey wouldn't shut up for a second. She went on and on about never feeling any kind of emotional attachment to another human being like she was feeling toward Krystal. She talked about her previous relationships, with both men and women. By the time the two had reached the clearing, Eliza had regretted choosing Katey.

None of that mattered anymore though, for her constant talking ceased as they stepped into the small clearing with two stone thrones sticking out of the ground.

Eliza's new husband sat on his throne and smiled as his eyes met hers. He leaned forward and his expression changed from delight to that more akin to a bird of prey when seeing a plump rabbit running through an open field.

Katey swallowed and took a step back. Eliza could see her leg muscles tense up as she waited for the perfect opportunity to run back. She could hear the woman's heart speed up and could feel the fright coming from her aura.

"It's okay," Eliza said calmly as she stepped up to the woman and placed her arm around her back. Her arm was more for restraint than comfort though. She didn't want to chase her down through the forest.

"What is it?" Katey whispered, still not realizing that Eliza was a part of all of this.

"It is Kyle," she said with a smile as she turned to face her husband again.

To her shock, Kyle had left his seat on the throne and was standing above them both with a smile on his face.

"Kyle?" Katey breathed as she looked up at the demons face. "Is it really Kyle?"

"It is," Kyle said as he gently stroked Katey's cheek with one finger.

Eliza looked down to see Kyle's monstrous cock start to rise from his knees as it swelled. Katey noticed the same thing and jumped back as if his dick was about to shoot her.

That happens later, she thought with an internal laugh. The fact was that Kyle was frightening her too much and it would take much longer this way. Krystal might gather the others and start a search party for the two. They needed to hurry.

"Set down my dear," Eliza told Kyle, gesturing to his throne. "Let us women talk for a bit.'

Kyle looked at her but only nodded before returning to his seat. His cock resting on one leg as he watched patiently.

"What's going on Eliza?" Katey gasped, holding back tears. "What's happened to Kyle?"

"He's okay," she assured the woman. "Kyle sacrificed his human self to save all of us."

"He did?" Katey was entirely too gullible. That would make things much easier. Eliza started to laugh but then thought back to how easy he manipulated her into having sex with him as well. Maybe she was just as bad.

"Those creatures that come with the shadows don't bother me anymore," she continued. "I had sex with him and that saved me from this place."

"They won't chase us anymore?" Katey looked to Eliza with wide eyes and an open mouth. That was the key to move this along.

"Not if you have sex with him," Eliza nodded toward the muscular demon who sat still in his seat while smiling at his wife.

"He's so big though," Katey said as she swallowed hard. "I don't think..."

"It'll fit," Eliza interrupted. "I thought the same things, but trust me on this. It will fit."

Katey looked over to Kyle for a long moment, studying him for a long time.

Eliza studied him as well. He stood slightly over seven feet tall with muscles on top of muscles. His red skin shined in the darkening sunlight as his solid white eyes seemed to study her back. His long black horns curved from both sides of his forehead and seemed to reach toward the sky. A toothy smile stretched across his face showing his long and sharp canine teeth as Katey slowly approached him.

As Katey got closer her clothes burned away, revealing her naked pale skin and round firm ass. She pushed against the throne between Kyle's legs and rubbed the back of her hand up the length of his shaft, causing it to grow to full attention.

Eliza stepped up behind the woman and rubbed her hands down her back, stopping as she squeezed her asscheeks. Katey turned her head to look into Eliza's eyes, but Eliza placed her hand on the woman's chin and turned her to face Kyle once more.

"You're going to enjoy this," Eliza teased in a soft voice as she reached around her and pulled the demon's large cock up until the tip was pressed against Katey's lips.

She heard the wet sounds of lips on flesh as Kyle laid his head back and let out a light moan. Eliza placed her open lips to Katey's neck and lightly bit down, sliding one hand down her crack until she felt the hot wetness of her pussy. Katey moaned around flesh as Eliza pushed her fingers inside of her.

Pure sexual delight took over the woman's entire aura as Katey lowered her head a bit more. Eliza flicked her fingers in and out of the woman's cunt as she heard moans turn into gags.

His cock must have hit the back of her throat. Eliza smiled as she dropped to her knees and slid her tongue up Katey's slit, tasting her juices. This went on for a long moment. Eliza sliding her tongue in and out and around Katey's pussy as sounds of the woman gagging on the demon's cock mixed with wet slurping sounds followed.

Suddenly Katey was lifted up and away from Eliza's mouth. She looked up to see Kyle had picked her up by her arm and spun her upside down in the air. He held her with both hands around the waist as he lowered her down to where she took him in her mouth. He dropped her down until she had swallowed his entire cock in one motion.

Katey gurgled around his meat as he shoved his long tongue into her pussy, pushing and pulling just the right parts. He lifted her back up to allow the woman breath. She gasped and coughed as a long string of pre-cum stretched from her mouth to the tip of his dick.

Eliza stood and gripped his cock in order to pull it straight so that he could drop her mouth on it once again. He smiled around the woman at Eliza and nodded in appreciation. Eliza let go of his cock as the woman's mouth dropped as far as it could go, taking his entire rod down her throat once more.

He began working the woman up and down at a rapid motion as she gagged and gasped for breath at any moment available.

Eliza watched in amazement of seeing such a large thing disappearing in Katey's mouth.

The massive demon suddenly spun the curvy blond in the air and dropped her down directly on his cock, stretching her pussy around his cock as she took him all in within a single motion.

Katey screamed through her coughs as the woman limped down, resting her head on his shoulder before he threw her up and dropped her down again. She gasped and screamed as her insides were stretched to their limits over and over.

Eliza could see the sexual approval on the woman's aura and knew that she was enjoying every minute of it.

Katey's limp body slammed down onto Kyle's lap so hard that she wondered if the villagers would be able to hear the slapping sounds from a mile away. A silly notion, but the volume of the noise was enough to cause such silly concerns.

She turned to look in the direction they had come from. To the direction of the village. Was Krystal on her way? If she was searching for them then the sounds would surely attract her. She looked back over to see that Kyle had stopped and was holding her down on his cock as her limp body jerked about in her orgasmic state.

"Let me help you out there," Eliza said with a smile, pushing her worries about a search party to the side.

She crawled onto the throne and straddled the demon's legs as he lifted Katey off of his cock and rested her body against his stomach. Eliza grabbed the slick wet rod and stood up enough to press the end against her pussy. She stifled her own scream as she dropped herself down on it. She could feel it stretching her once more. She could feel it go deeper and deeper inside of her as she took it all in.

Eliza peered over Katey's shoulder and into Kyle's eyes as she felt his lap touch the back of her legs. She had all of him inside of her now. Katey still moaned and jerked from time to time, but her body and head rested as if none of her muscles were working. She almost looked like a limp doll.

Kyle smiled and closed his eyes as Eliza rose herself and dropped once more onto his lap. She worked her hips back and forth as his girth rubbed her clit in just the right ways to get her worked up. She could feel her heart begin to pound as she felt his own heartbeat pulsating inside of her. The rhythm of both beats began to match up as she swung her hips back and forth at a quicker pace.

It didn't take long for her to feel all of her strength explode into one single and strong orgasm. Her screams escaped her lips as she forgot all about her worries for others to be able to hear them. She screamed through the entire orgasm and once it was done she pulled herself up and off of his throbbing cock and slid down on the other side.

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