tagErotic HorrorWithin the Shadows Ep. 12

Within the Shadows Ep. 12


Only the Beginning

This is it, Kyle thought as he stepped back to the location that he was having sex with his queen before. He wasn't able to finish that last time. She had warned him of the danger that one of the village women were in, which caused him to have to make a quick retreat. He had to leave so fast that he even left Coralyn lying on the forest floor as she recovered from the exhaustion of succumbing to the new chains on her soul.

Krystal had fared much better in those regards. He only had to carry her part way before she had gained enough strength to walk on her own again.

"Coralyn," he shouted through the night forest.

"Yes, master?" Came the tall thin blond woman's call as she stepped to him from around a tree. Her naked pale skin shining in the moonlight.

"Let's go," he ordered before turning to face the direction of his wife. In truth, it had only been a few hours since he had seen her but it felt like an eternity. Riggan's warnings were running through his mind over and over again.

What changes were happening? Would she be the same when he got back? Would she be a stranger to him?

He shook his head in attempts to rid himself of the concerns, but it did no good. He picked up his pace as he heard Krystal and Coralyn struggle to keep up with him. There was no way that these two would be able to keep up with his demonic form so he stopped, turned and scooped each woman up on a different shoulder before dashing toward his wife.

The travel didn't take as long as he had thought and he found himself slowing as he neared the clearing that held the two thrones and his wife within. He allowed a few concerns back into his head as he stepped slower.

What if she didn't even recognize him? What if she was something else completely now? She was his only true ally in this world now. What would he do if that was taken away from him?

The clearing was in sight. He still couldn't see his wife. He could feel her through the link that they shared, but he couldn't see nor hear her.

He finally worked up enough courage to push through the last of the trees and step out into the open. He could feel the aura of a woman in the makeshift jail cell he had created within the earth but didn't bother looking in. He would deal with that later. For now he had more important matters.

His wife sat on her throne with her entire body covered with a long black hooded robe. She must have learned the skill to create materials from the air such as him, for he hadn't made the robe for her.

"Eliza?" He asked softly as he dropped his two new sex slave to their feet at his sides. "I'm back."

"Kyle," she whispered with worry in her voice. Her voice carried booming vibration like his but still sounded like her otherwise. "Please."

"What's wrong?" He asked as he took two long strides to close the gap of ground between them. "Are you alright?"

Eliza didn't remove her hood not did she look up. Kyle tried to get a hint as to what had changed about her. She sounded like her thoughts were still there. At least she recognized him. That was the most important thing anyway.

"I've changed," she explained vaguely through a breaking voice.

"Let me see you," he more pleaded than demanded.

He waited for her to remove her hood, but she seemed to be struggling with the idea of his eyes on her so he reached out and gripped the end of the hood between two fingers. Gently and slowly, he pulled it back to reveal his wife's face.

The first thing he noticed were the small black horns that stuck out from her forehead and curved up about three inches before ending in sharp points. She tilted her head slightly and looked up at him with her glowing solid white eyes. The whites of her eyes were accentuated by a black stain that covered her face from the top of her forehead down to the ridge of her nose. It looked like a mask. Where the mask stopped her bright red skin started. Much brighter than his dark red skin.

"Am I hideous?" She asked as moisture covering her eyes. He noticed her canine teeth had grown long and sharp in his absence as well.

"You are beautiful," he argued and placed a hand on the side of her face to comfort her.

He wasn't lying either. She still held the facial structure of the Eliza he remembered. She still held that same look in her eyes as before. She was the same in all the ways he would want her to remain so, but the changes only seemed to make her more attractive to him.

"My face isn't the only change," she said quietly as she seemed to fight for herself to stand up.

She stood and let her robe fall from her shoulders to reveal her bright red body. He observed her from her slim neck, over her large but firm breasts, down her tight stomach that revealed lines down the side to show her muscles, her wide hips and down her long legs. She looked the same, other than her skin color.

"Please be kind," she pleaded as she slowly spun her body to reveal her back.

His eyes widened as he seen two bat-like wings just above her shoulder blades. They extended out as his eyes fell on them. The same black tattoo-like stains made star-like symbols on her bright red flesh around each one.

Kyle wrapped a large muscular arm around her from behind and squeezed gently. He felt her arms press against his hold as she breathed a sigh of relief.

'You are beautiful," he repeated as he pressed his lips to the side of her head. He tasted blood. "You're injured."

"We have a captive," she explained as he released his wife to follow her to the large hole that held the tiny redheaded woman with a fiery temper.

He looked down to see her staring up at him with wide and frightened eyes. Next to her was a large tree branch with dark stains on it.

"She nearly killed me," Eliza continued as she pointed down. "That club of hers was almost my end."

"She's the last," Kyle said as he forced anger out for the task at hand.

He desperately wanted to drop down and crush the woman for hurting his wife. He wanted to end her right there and then, but knew that the task was almost done. He had to finish it right.

"You've had quite the productive night," Eliza said in a happier tone as she turned to regard the new additions.

Kyle turned from the redhead to watch his wife step between Krystal and Coralyn, rubbing her hands over their shoulders as if they were only products to examine. She was right.

"Let's end this," Kyle stated just before dropping into the hole and landing with a great thud.

As he stood straight, the half-demon felt something crash against his back. He turned to see Holly, the angry redheaded woman with a tiny structured body yet large breasts, smash her club into him over and over. He watched in amusement as exhaustion took her over and she dropped the club before falling to her knees.

"Are you finished?" He asked with a chuckle.

"Who are you?" She breathed as she looked up at him. "What have you done to everyone?"

"You know me, Holly," he teased as he lowered himself to look straight into her green eyes.

"I don't know you," she demanded. It sounded like an angry mumble. "Go ahead and kill me then!"

"Kill you?" He said with a laugh. "I don't want to kill you."

"Then what the hell do you want with me?!" She shouted in a flash of absolute anger.

Kyle didn't answer with words. He dropped to his knees and stared down the woman's body. Her short cut bright red hair perfectly contrasted her pale freckled face as her green eyes narrowed into an angry and bitter stare. She was very short and skinny, but he could see her large and perky breasts pushing against her gray long-sleeved shirt that was covered with stains from mud and sweat. Her hips were narrow but wide enough to tell she was in her adulthood. She was young. Probably in her early twenties.

Her eyes went wide with a fear that replaced her anger. He looked down and noticed that his penis had begun to swell into an erection. His large cock aimed straight at her.

"Once we have sex," he began, bringing a gulp from her. "You will be a part of this and no longer need to have fear in your heart."

"I've never," she began in a whisper.

"You're a virgin?" Kyle asked as his eyes widened.

"The closest I got was when I tried to give Gavin a blowjob to save our lives," the woman turned her head from him to not give him the satisfaction of seeing her expression. "And that didn't work."

"I'll be gentle," Kyle promised as he stroked her shoulder.

Holly started to jerk her shoulder away at the touch but loosened her tension once he didn't grab her. She turned to look into his eyes again. He could see her aura, but couldn't feel her desires. He couldn't see the steps he needed to take.

"I don't understand," he said more to himself than to her.

"What do you mean?" She asked as she made a point to avoid looking at his monstrous cock.

"We need her energy in a different way," came the familiar voice of Riggan from above him.

He looked up to find Riggan and Eliza staring down at him from the surface. With a quick thought, he caused the ground to rise until it was level with the surface and the stone pillars retracted back into the earth.

Holly sat on her knees and looked around as she became surrounded by the sex slaves to ensure she didn't escape.

"What's going on?" Kyle asked as he stared into Riggan's eyes.

"We are ready to begin the ritual," Riggan explained vaguely as she waved her hands around and her eyes seemed to go somewhere distant.

A wide white line circled around them until it became a circle. White symbols formed within and Kyle could feel a strange tingling feeling surge through him. He eyed his wife to see her looking just as confused as he felt.

"We will have sex here," the demon queen stated as she lifted a hand, creating a round bed in the middle of the circle. "And she will be our conduit for power."

Holly's scream caused Kyle to snap his head in her direction. Iron clamps snapped around her wrists and ankles and chains began to materialize from them. The petite woman shouted in protest as they dragged her across the circle to the center of one of the symbols where two large pillars made out of black marble erected from the earth. The chains connected to both pillars and pulled the woman tight until her arms and legs spread out wide.

"What's happening?!" Holly shouted into the night as Riggan waved a hand, causing the woman's clothes to burn off, revealing her naked body.

Around the circular bed set three other symbols and with a gesture from Riggan each of his sex slaves took her position inside of each marking.

"Now we begin," Riggan said with much joy in her tone.

The demon queen lied down on the bed and waved all of her clothing away with another gesture revealing her naked red body.

The sun beamed down on her flesh as she motioned for Kyle to join her. Her face held an expression of passion that he had yet to see on her before. He looked to Eliza, who shrugged and stepped toward the center of the circle. He dropped to his knees on the bed and pushed Riggan's legs apart as she stared back up at him with misty eyes.

Lying down until he felt her breasts press against his chest, Kyle pushed his cock against the demon queen's warmth. A flash of white rushed through his head at the touch and he pulled back immediately.

"What was that?" He asked in shock.

Riggan stared back at him and gave a small smile.

"It's part of the ritual," was all she would tell him.

He pushed his dick back against her and another flash rushed through him. Riggan moaned and he could feel her heels push against his ass, encouraging him to push himself into her. He closed his eyes and felt her warmth surround him as he pushed. She screamed out in pleasure, but it sounded like the scream was growing more distant as the white shifted to swirls of different colors taking his entire vision.


Holly's heart pounded louder than it had ever beaten before. She looked around at the spectacle in front of her.

Katey, Krystal, and Coralyn stood within the symbols that seemed to pulsate some kind of light that rushed over their bodies, causing them to shout out in ecstasy as the large demon claiming to be Kyle mindlessly pounded his too-large cock into the strange demon woman who had just appeared out of nowhere. Eliza or at least the woman that used to be Eliza stared at it all with the same shock and horror that she felt painted on her face.

"Eliza," the demon woman, Riggan she thought she heard her called, cried out through moans to Eliza who shook her head and stared back at her.

Holly looked around to find a way to escape while all of her captors were preoccupied with the nonsense that displayed before her. Her wrists were clamped so tight that it hurt when she tried to pull the free. Her ankles were in the same shape. She could feel the cold morning air touching every part of her naked body as she wiggled and rolled her head in hopes of seeing a way of escape.

Below her, a new symbol appeared and began glowing similar to the way the mindless women's did. She squirmed as she felt the light rise up and touch her feet. It felt warm. It felt like when you walk across a window and step directly into the sunlight.

The light began its slow climb up her legs and the warmth followed with it. She struggled more frantically as the light rose above her knees and she knew it wouldn't stop. She knew that the light would cover her entirely soon, but not knowing what that meant drove her crazy.

A scream distracted her momentarily from the climbing warmth and Holly looked up to see that Eliza had joined the fun on the bed. The large man seemed to be taking turns as he removed his massive cock from one of the women before plunging it into another.

She shook her head and looked down to see that the glow was rising to her waist. She could feel the warmth penetrate her in every possible way. It felt wonderful, but she refused to accept it. She refused to give her control up because of the dark magic.

Her breath quickened as the glow rose above her breasts, she could feel her nipples being tugged at by the warm light as it climbed up her neck.

She rose her head as high as she could with her nose sticking up as if afraid the glow would suffocate her.

Light covered her eyes.

Her entire body from head to toes was covered by the strange warm light now. She held her breath for as long as she could but eventually had to release. She sucked in the air to find that breathing was still possible. She almost laughed in relief.

Something touching her foot caused her to snap out of her temporary relief as she looked down to see thick black vines twisting around her ankles as they began their climb up her body.

"What the hell?!" She screamed in a mixture of horror and anger as the vines moved past her calf.

A third vine spun wide circles around both of her legs as it too made a climb up her body. She shook her legs as violently as she could in an attempt to knock them off, but they continued their climb without even a slowed down pace from the results.

That squeezed around her thighs.

She looked up at her wrists and gave another pull, but the clamps wouldn't budge. She was stuck where she stood. She could feel the two vines tickle her asshole and pussy in an almost teasing manner. The warmth from the glow intensified, causing her body to be sexually ready. She shook the pleasant thoughts from her head as the third vine squeezed between her breasts and up her neck, wrapping around her throat but not so tight that she couldn't breathe.

It felt comforting.

She almost laughed at how she was starting to desire the vines and as her mouth opened, the third vine slipped into her mouth. She twisted her head, but it had grown and swelled past her tongue.

She let out a moan of pleasure as she felt the first two vines penetrate her. She screamed a muffled scream as they began working in and out of her. They swelled and shrunk to a rhythm that had her screaming from passion as the vine in her mouth pulsated as well.

She tried to look over to the three on the circular bed but realized that the glow had created a prism around her and she couldn't see past three feet from any angle.

Faster and faster the vines moved. Faster and faster her screams followed. It felt so amazing to her. She wondered if this is what sex actually felt like. What had she been missing?

She thought back to Gavin and how she wanted to take him up on offer of sex at the time. She wanted him then but just couldn't find the courage to accept him. That's why she reacted the way she did. Anger had always been her way of defending. It was her weapon. It stopped her from pain.

Suddenly she felt hot juices fill her insides as the vines swelled larger and larger with every pump of fluid. The vine in her mouth began to swell as well. She screamed as her body went into the convulsions of sexual release.

Hot and sweet juices exploded in her mouth so hard and fast that she had no choice but to swallow most of it. She felt the access juices run down her chin and drip on her breasts.

Her thoughts seemed to disappear and be replaced with images of shadows lurking about at every corner. She looked around to see where she was. Black was all she could see. The silence was all that she could hear.

Her vision returned her back to her current situation as she looked down to see more vines sliding and twisting up her body. She couldn't see her legs from the vines and they were climbing faster. They were going to cover her entire body!


Kyle looked around as he floated through a void of emptiness, interrupted by visions of various things from time to time. He looked over as a man touched a small statue on a fireplace mantle.

The vision was gone as soon as it was there and he just shrugged it off as he continued his flight.

A vision of that same man having sex with a blond woman appeared and he could feel magic from within.

The vision left again, but this time Kyle didn't shrug it off. It must mean something.


The man was in a strange world of white and a beautiful woman with short black hair floated toward him. She pressed her lips to the mans and accepted him inside of her.

The visions continued as they told a story of a man gaining power for a succubus similar to his relationship with Riggan. He gave her great amounts of power until she had taken control of her own prison and had him as her knight.

He watched as a woman dropped into the world and helped take back control from the succubus, creating a soul chain against her so that she had to serve the man who had once worked for her.

He watched as despair washed over the succubus.

He watched the rise and fall of Riggan's sister.

With a blink, Kyle was out of the empty void and back in the circular bed. He was covered with sweat and looked down to see Riggan and Eliza both in similar states. They moaned and screamed as he pounded himself inside of them.

He could feel his climax coming on and pulled his cock out before gripping it tightly. He waited for a split second before he shot cum like a cannon over both women. They rubbed and kissed each other as they tasted his warm hot blasts of cum.

Once the last drop fell from the tip of his dick, Kyle fell over beside them on the bed and caught his breath.

Riggan was the first to stand up and look around at the aftermath of their ritual. He watched her as she nodded in satisfaction.

"All went well," she purred as she looked back at the two on the bed.

Kyle stood up and looked around to see what was suppose to happen.

Shock filled him as his eyes fell over his sex slaves. They stood in the same manner that they were standing when it began, but their skin had turned to marble. They had been turned into statues!

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