tagErotic HorrorWithin the Shadows Pt. 02 Ep. 06

Within the Shadows Pt. 02 Ep. 06


Part Six, The Raid

The camp was still as the small fire from the center faded and died as no one remained awake to tend it. Figures laid sprawled out around the small clearing only a few miles from the wrecked ship. The local wildlife was the only noises sounding off within the night and Kyle couldn't suppress the growing smile on his face at the sight.

How did these people plan on remaining alive if they were so unprepared? Were there no members of their group wise enough to set up at least a watch? Not that a watch would have done them any good on this night, but just the thought of them not even attempting to protect themselves caused Kyle to shake his head as he scanned the small camp.

By his count, only four men were in the camp and two of the four were severely injured. Kyle furrowed his eyebrows to the knowledge. He needed more members of his army. He looked to Eliza, her facial expression showing that she had noticed the same thing. He needed to leave men in the camp with the others in order to build more energy for the inevitable ritual and therefore couldn't dare take them for his own personal gain.

Shrugging off his disdain, Kyle scanned the camp to take in the auras of all who sleep there. One of the healthy men lied to the side of two Asian women. One of the Asian women had an hourglass figure with large breasts and pouty lips while the other was tall and skinny with long straight hair. The other healthy man lied toward the end of the camp next to a woman with curly blonde hair and a firm body that suggested a regular exercise routine. The two injured men lied next to each other with wide leaves firmly pressed against their wounds while a young woman, who must have been no more than eighteen, lied next to one of them. Something about the woman's aura glowed brightly toward him. His eyes widened as he realized that the woman was a virgin.

"You see it too then," Eliza asked with excitement dripping from her words. "We need her."

Kyle nodded his head as he looked a bit further down to where another woman slept. Her long black hair pulled back into a bun as she shifted her body over to another side in her sleep. Another blonde woman slept close to the black haired one, and Kyle noticed her eyes open as she looked up into the sky, seemingly deep in thought. She looked like a younger version of the woman the raiding party brought back.

"Leah," Kyle called behind him. The woman stepped up to his side and stared into the darkness of the camp. "Is that the daughter you spoke of?"

"Yes, master," Leah answered in a whisper. She held her same consciousness but held a compulsion spell that controlled her actions. She had turned quite easily. Kyle had expected more of a fight than the woman had put up. "That is my Rebecca."

"We will let your Rebecca stay with them this night," Kyle stated as he looked down to the woman. "I have a mission for you on this night."

"Speak your desires and I shall see them done," Leah answered.

Kyle eyed the woman up and down again. He hadn't paid much attention to her with all that was going on recently, but he gave himself the time to observe her at this moment. The woman's blonde hair was the same as her daughter's but Leah's hair was straight as opposed to wavy. Her skin was tan and her body was short and curvy. Her large breasts shined in the moonlight and her nipples stuck out erect from the chill in the air. She was slightly thickly built with muscles showing with each breath.

"I'm going to give you a gift that you will need to share with one of those men," Kyle explained as he gestured for Eliza to join him.

Eliza stepped around the short woman and lightly brushed her hand across her back as she stepped to the other side and looked up at Kyle. Leah let out a soft breath as Eliza's hand slid down her back, sliding her fingers between the woman's ass cheeks. Kyle gripped his growing cock in one hand and lifted Leah's head up to look him in the eyes by pressing the fingers of his other hand under chin and pushing upward.

"You will enjoy this," Eliza whispered in Leah's ear as she hooked her fingers and drove them up the woman's cunt from behind.

Leah moaned quietly as Eliza began working her fingers in and out, all while turning her to face Kyle. Once Leah was facing him, Eliza pressed her free hand on the upper back of the woman and pushed until Leah was bent over. Kyle could feel her warm breath on his cock as she moaned to his wife's touch.

Eliza's wings twitched as she watched Leah take the end of Kyle's cock in her mouth. Kyle suppressed a moan of his own as Eliza began fingering the woman harder, causing her to pushed her mouth around his cock further until he could feel the end of his shaft press against her throat.

Leah's aura began to glow as her energy was fully ready to accept the gift. Kyle closed his eyes and reached inside himself to find the exact power he wished to share. Once he found what he was looking for, he allowed his orgasm to approach as he felt the woman's throat open enough for his giant dick to push past the barrier and slide down.

"Give it to her," Eliza called quietly, still fingering the woman and applying pressure to her back.

Kyle stifled a groan as he felt blasts of cum shoot from his cock and down the woman's throat. She gagged at the amount but took it all in as her hands gripped his hips and squeezed. Soon Kyle felt his dick began to soften and pulled it out of her open mouth.

Eliza released her hold on the woman and allowed Leah to stand back up straight.

"Do you feel it," Kyle asked after a moment of silence.

"I do," Leah answered, looking up into his eyes.

"Good," Kyle said with a smile. "Your ability will only work with the man suffering from injuries left by one of my beasts. The other one will either have to heal on his own or die."

"Your desires will be met, master." Leah stepped from the outskirts of the camp and toward the sleeping man.

Jeff awoke to the feeling of something approaching. He wasn't sure what, but whatever it was, he knew it was coming for him. He looked around in the darkness, but couldn't make out anything. He looked to his side to find Lucy lying there deep asleep and to his other side lied a man that he didn't remember ever seeing before. How long had he been asleep? How did he get here?

The last thing he remembered was being lifted up by two men on a door and being carried along the deck of the cruise ship. He had passed out and had no memories since. Not even the memories of a dream.

The sound of a twig snapping caught his attention and he looked down to see the silhouette of a woman swaying her hips as she seemed to be floating in his direction. He wanted to call out but felt his throat close up to an attempt.

The warmth of the skin brushed up his legs as the woman slid into view. He could feel her soft hand grip his dick and began to jerk on him up and down until he felt an erection begin to grow. Her blonde hair tickled his neck as she stared down into his eyes. He made out a smile spread across her face in the shadows as she straddled him and held the end of his dick up long enough to impale herself on him.

"You shall be healed," she whispered as her warmth covered him. "I shall see my master's will done."

"Who are you," he managed to ask quietly.

"My name is Leah," she explained, grinding her hips back and forth.

Jeff could feel something seeping from the woman and into him. He could feel a torrent of tingling across his flesh and inside his body fill him as the speed of the woman's grinding increased. Her breathing increased with his and it felt as though the two were connected in some way greater than the physical activity they were performing.

A roar cut the silence like a knife and Jeff heard Lucy shout and sit up straight to the sound. People began screaming and Jeff looked around to see everyone up and panicking as they were unsure of what to do.

"Jeff," Lucy's call sounded both frightened and confused as she noticed the woman riding on top of him. "Aren't you..."

Leah growled at Lucy and slapped her with a backhand before returning her stare back into Jeff's eyes. He could see something off about her eyes. Something glowing within her that wasn't natural. He could feel her cunt tighten around his cock.

Whether it was the heat of her womb, the tightness of her pussy, the slight vibration from her orgasm, or even the danger and excitement of what was going on, Jeff knew that he was about to cum. He looked toward Lucy, who was holding her face and crawling back to get some distance from the dangerous woman.

Leah lowered her head as she swung her hips up and down, smacking her ass to his thighs with every pound. She purred in his ear and a slight growl escaped as he felt his balls tighten.

"Fill me and I shall heal you," she growled into his ear.

Jeff grunted as he felt his cock empty into the woman's womb, causing her to shout out loudly and begin to gyrate harder on top of him. The warm tingling sensation increased and he felt all the weakness and fatigue that he had been suffering disappear.

The woman stood up from him and looked around the camp before walking off. Jeff stood up and ran over to Lucy, who was looking at him with wide eyes.

"Are you okay," he asked as he dropped next to her.

"Wasn't that Rebecca's mom," she asked before looking to him. "How are you up and running around?"

"I have no idea," Jeff admitted as he turned to see the woman walking back into the darkness as monsters poured in from the forest around them.

Jeff watched as people ran from one side of the clearing to another and finding monsters stepping in from everywhere. He looked back to Leah and his eyes widened as he watched the monsters move to the side as she stepped through them. Rebecca shouted and ran up to Leah, but the monsters closed in and forced her back as she tried to make contact with her mother.

"What in the hell is going on here," Jeff asked, holding onto Lucy tightly.

Kyle stepped into the clearing and looked around at the frantic survivors as they tried to run from one side of the clearing to another. One by one, they stopped as they noticed him stepping into the center and eyeing each and every one of them. He looked over to see that one of the healthy men was having sex with the blonde woman in the back of the clearing. She sat on her hands and knees as the man pounded her from behind and looked around at all the monsters.

"I'm glad that you've seen a tactic to avoid notice by my forces," Kyle said loudly. His booming voice caused the shouts of the survivors and the roars of his raiding party to quiet down as they all looked to him. "You can stop if you wish, or keep going if that helps."

The man and woman's eyes went wide as they realized that he was talking to them. The man pulled out of the woman and they both stood up. Kyle smiled as he looked around at the now quiet campsite.

"My name is Kyle," he stated as he looked around. "I am the king of this land and this is my queen." Kyle gestured for Eliza to come into the clearing.

Eliza stepped from behind the trees and stood next to him as she placed her hand around his waist and stood straight-backed. She eyed the survivors with a great hunger in her gaze.

"This must be a shock to you all," he said. "But you are now people of my kingdom and therefore shall look at me as your king." That wasn't exactly going to happen, he knew. He could remember when he first arrived in the forest from that plane crash and knew that he wouldn't have stopped his survival instincts to follow some crazy monster claiming to be their king. H knew they would fight until the end and that was fine with him. The end results were all that mattered for him and his kingdom.

"What are you going to do to us," called one of the Asian women. The one with the large breasts. She seemed to be the brave one. The skinny one seemed to be cowering from behind her.

"Nothing right now to most of you," he explained. "I'm going to choose a few of you to come back with us and the rest will remain here to do as you wish for the time being."

"Back with you where," the man that Leah had just revived asked, stepping protectively in front of the virgin. He might make a good commander, but at the moment the man needed to stay with the others that would be left behind.

"That is for the ones I take to know," Kyle answered in a tone that left no room for debate. "Now if you all wouldn't mind, could you line up in front of us so we can get a better look at you?"

No one moved, either by fear or by stubbornness. Kyle growled and made a gesture to his raiding party. The monsters began closing their circle, pushing the survivors closer in until they all stood shoulder to shoulder for him and his wife to inspect.

He began from the left, where the two Asian women and the man that had been sleeping next to them stood. He eyed the large breasted one, who was eyeing him with hate. Her build was voluptuous, with round hips and thick legs. Her facial expression showed no room for obedience, and he didn't want someone to put up too much of a fight at the moment and so he looked past her to the skinny Asian woman. She was refusing to make eye contact with him and her face was pale with fright. Not much of a fight there.

"What is your name," he asked as he gripped the woman's jaw and turned her head to face him.

"D...Daisy," the woman timidly whispered.

"Daisy," Kyle echoed in thought. "You will do fine, Daisy."

Arms from one of the monsters behind her reached out, took the woman by the waist and jerked her behind the ranks. The large breasted Asian began screaming and slapping at the monsters behind her, but they refused to budge or to even pay attention to her.

"I would stop your futile attacks," Kyle warned. "They will only take so much."

"Go to hell," the woman screamed at him as she continued to pound her fists into the beasts. Kyle made a gesture and one of the monsters lowered his fist onto the woman's head. She dropped like a stone and crumbled her unconscious body to the ground.

"Now let's continue," Kyle said as he moved down the line.

Kyle eyed three girls, who were holding each other's hands as they stared frightfully at him. One, with red hair, seemed terrified of him. He already had one that would take some time to loosen up around him. He didn't need another. One of the other women, brunette with tanned skin, eyed him in terror but seemed ready to fight or flight at any moment. He almost picked the brunette when his eyes fell upon a petite woman with short black hair and a mouth that twisted into a resting mischievous smile. Her eyes still shown with horror, but everything from her stance to her facial expression called to him.

"What's your name," he asked.

"Dixie," the woman called back in a calm tone. "Am I next?"

"Yes," Kyle said slowly. "I believe you are."

"Good choice," Eliza purred as they moved down the line once the petite woman had been taken behind the line.

"Take me," called Leah's daughter. The woman shared much of Leah's looks but stood a head taller and her blonde hair hung down past her shoulders in large waves. Her eyes were red from crying and her voice sounded raw from her screams for her mother to return.

"No," Kyle said.

"Why," the woman cried. "Am I not good enough for you!?"

Eliza stepped from around him and stood in front of the woman. She slid the back of her hand down the woman's cheek and leaned in to whisper into her ear. When Eliza pulled back and stepped back up to Kyle's side, Leah's daughter held amazement on her face.

So many beautiful women that Kyle wanted to take with him. He knew he couldn't' take them all. He needed to allow most to stay behind so he could harvest from them at a more prepared time. There was one more that he needed to take though. One more woman that would be key to the success of his mission.

Kyle stepped directly up to the young woman with long black hair. Her breasts were of average size and her large doe eyes peered up at him with a mixture of fright and curiosity.

"What is your name," he asked quietly.

"Lucy," the woman answered.

"How old are you, Lucy," he asked. She looked very young and her aura screamed at him of her innocence. Most virgins held that aura.

"Eighteen," she said in a whisper.

"Don't take her," the man pleaded by her side. He was the man that Leah had healed just moments before. What connection with Lucy did he have? Kyle dismissed the man and looked back at the woman.

"I'm going to pick you now," Kyle whispered to her. Lucy looked into his eyes before nodding courageously.

Kyle made a gesture for Lucy to be taken and another woman he had passed screamed from behind him. He turned to see a woman with black hair drop to her knees and begin to beg him.

"Please," she cried. "Take me instead."

"As good as that sounds," Kyle said calmingly as Lucy disappeared behind the beasts. "I don't need you at the moment. She will be taken care of."

Kyle eyed the group of survivors one last time.

"I will have my scouts leave some food and clothing for you tomorrow night," Kyle explained to the rest. "I, myself, will return in a week for another visit."

With that, Kyle and Eliza walked back into the forest before spreading their wings and taking flight into the night sky back toward his castle where those he took would be waiting for him.

Sheri felt Adam's calloused hands grip her arms as another screech sounded off from the sky above them. They had remained within the cover of the laurel as Adam had instructed. It began when they heard the roars from where they had come from and a few moments later, the screeches in the sky had begun.

"Don't move," Adam whispered harshly into her ears as his hands squeezed. "I don't know how their vision works exactly."

"I think they can see us unless we are having sex," Sheri whispered back as she listened for more sounds. "At least that's all I could get out of my research on their vision."

Adam released her arms and began shuffling behind her. The sound of a zipper being pulled down caught her attention, and she couldn't help but feel a spike of excitement.

Sheri knew sex would end up being necessary, but it felt different than just survival at this moment. She wanted it. She couldn't believe it, but she actually longed for this man to fuck her. Maybe it was the rough way that he handled her. Maybe it was that he was dangerous. Maybe it was that he reminded her of her ex in a way. Whatever reason Sheri desired this man, she couldn't deny it to herself.

Sheri's heart pounded in her chest as Adam's hand shoved her onto her belly and pin her down. She felt the night's chilled air touch her bare ass as he yanked the bottom of her skirt up. Chills ran up her body as the heat from the man's body warmed her legs as he pushed her knees apart. She turned her head to see him lowering his body down on top of her back.

Sheri groaned as she felt Adam's cock slide into her already soaking wet pussy. His arm entered her view as she lied her head down on the ground as he braced his body above her and began pushing his girth in and out of her. Squeaks escaped her mouth as she felt him forcing his way in and out. Her pounding heart along with his body heat kept her warm in the cold night as he quickened his motions.

"Oh god," she breathed out as her cunt began to tingle.

Adam's rough hand covered her mouth as he lowered his body on his elbow. She could feel his body weight push down on her, pressing her into the forgiving ground. She reached an arm around him and held tightly to his forearm as she felt her orgasm approach.

Sheri's body began to convulse and her muscles twitched as her orgasm took control of her. Adam held her mouth tightly, which was a good thing considering the screams of pleasure that escaped her lips.

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