tagErotic HorrorWithin the Shadows Pt. 02 Ep. 09

Within the Shadows Pt. 02 Ep. 09


Episode Nine, The Last Straw

The nameless scout flew high over the forest as he scanned the ground for movement of the food he sought for his master. His master hadn't given him a name yet, but the nameless scout knew deep down that he would soon have a name. He would soon show his worth in the eyes of his master. He would make his master proud. He couldn't remember what his life was before the gift was given to him, for that's not how the gift worked. One should not be attached to the human they once were before. One should be filled with pride for what has become of them in their new life.

Movement from below caught the nameless scout's eyes and he shifted in the air to break from the air current he was riding in order to scan for what he first saw. Tipping his wings, nameless drifted down to get a closer look. His sharp eyes spotted two people making their way onto the beach only a mile from the large ship that the humans had come from.

Nameless never thought of lands from outside, but from time to time wonder seeped into his curiosity. What kind of land could build such a ship that could carry so many humans at once? There must be a lot of power and magic outside of the island for these humans, who never possessed such gifts, to ride to and from wherever they wanted.

Nameless shook his head and watched the humans for a bit longer. The two were walking north along the beach and he knew they would end up at the ship within the next half hour or so. The nameless scout's long lizard-like muzzle twisted into a smile as he sent images and words to his master.

"Nameless found two," he sent with pride. "Master want nameless to take?"

A long pause followed and Nameless began to wonder if his master had even heard his message. His master had been filled with worry lately and didn't seem his usual self. He hadn't come to the living area to visit in a long time and his greetings had become brief and without the old respect that he used to give.

"No," his master called back finally. His tone was flat as if he were tired. His master worked too hard sometimes. Nameless would help more. "I'm sending a party. You need to keep a view of it from the air."

"But master," nameless began without thinking. He wanted so bad to be the one to catch this food and bring it to his master. He wanted a name so badly.

"I said no," his master snapped back into his head so forcefully that nameless almost fell from the sky as his head shook. "You must remain in the sky."

"Yes master," Nameless answered back and flapped his large wings a few times to lift himself further in the air so as not to gain attention from food.

Brian smiled as they were almost on the ramp of the ship. The cruise ship seemed to be tilting to one side a bit more than it had been earlier, but it seemed sturdy enough as is. Carolyn gave his hand a slight squeeze and he looked to her to see her smiling as well.

"Supplies," she said with a nod. "We will gather what supplies we can and then we can find the others."

"Supplies," Brian agreed. His smile broadened a bit more and Carolyn started to laugh.

"Okay," she chuckled. "Maybe we can find some booze and stay the night on the ship before we head back out."

"You took the words right out of my mouth," he laughed.

The two stepped up the ramp and stopped once they were on the deck. His delighted mood shifted as he looked around.

Large scratches and broken boards scattered the deck along with dark stains that couldn't be anything but blood. The doorway that led to the stairs had been ripped off its hinges and lied stuck in the floor of the deck twenty feet away. The monsters had raided the ship. He started to wonder if there would be any supplies in the entire ship for them to be able to use.

"Let's go," Carolyn whispered. Brian looked to her and saw that her mood had taken the same turn that his had.

Carolyn carefully walked across the deck, hopping over some weak spots where the monsters had damaged it. He followed her, hopping over the same parts. They stepped into the doorway and looked down the steps, which were made of metal with ripped carpeting across each step.

"First," Brian started. "We should go the bottom and see if we can find anything worth taking in that room the captain had sent Adam. He was only looking for one item and might have missed something of importance."

"Okay," Carolyn said with a nod.

Taking Carolyn's hand, Brian started down the steps. Each step they took echoed down the stairwell as they descended. Carolyn's breathing increased as the darkness swallowed them. He took a lighter from his pocket and flicked it a few times until a small flame rose. The light was that amazing but it was enough to at least see their feet as they walked down.

A few minutes of silence went by and they found themselves stepping in a foot of water as they reached the bottom floor. A large metal door had been bashed open and submerged in the water set various metallic objects.

"Do you have any idea of what any of this is," Brian asked as he swung his lighter around the room.

"Unfortunately, no," Carolyn answered with a frown.

Brian shared Carolyn's frown as he pushed his feet through the water and slid his hand across the wall. Something sharp cut his hand and he pulled back with a hiss. He held the lighter up to the wall to see a slash in the metal where claws had swiped across during the raid. Something reflected the light from the other side.

"Here," Brian said as he leaned into peak through the gash. "We need to find a way in here."

Carolyn sloshed over and peered through. Her eyes went wide and a smile returned to her face.

"What is it," he asked.

"Explosives," she said, looking at him with excitement. "Someone hid explosives in here."

"Why would a cruise ship have explosives in the storage compartment," Brian asked.

"I don't know for sure," Carolyn said as she ran her hands across the wall. "But I would say that rich woman that ran off with Adam stored them here."

Carolyn hummed in delight as she found something and pulled. A hidden door moved outward slightly before getting stopped by a large metallic object in the water at her feet. Brian stepped over to the object and tried to move it, but it weighed entirely too much for him. He shrugged and Carolyn squeezed through the crack where the door had opened. He followed.

The secret room was much smaller, only large enough for the two of them and a secured shelf with strange looking things attached to wires tied to them. Brian held the lighter up to get a better look and gasped as he realized what he was doing. He released the lighter allowing darkness to swallow the two up.

"Fire won't make it explode," Carolyn assured him as he felt her hand on his arm. "It'll take an electrical charge from something like..." A blue light sent the small room in a glow as she opened a laptop that had been tied to a shelf next to the things. "This."

"Can they be moved," Brian asked, standing next to her.

"I believe so," she said. She looked to him and her smile broadened once more.

Caught up in the excitement, Brian leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers. She returned his kiss and embraced him with her arms. He took her in a hug as he felt her tongue slip in his mouth.

What sounded like a hundred roars called out from above them. The monsters were here! Did they know they were down here? Were they here for another raid or had they been following them?

"Shit," Carolyn whispered as she pulled her lips from his. "I guess we can't catch a break."

The roars were rapidly getting louder as the beasts descended the stairs as if they knew exactly where to go.

"What do we do," Brian asked.

Carolyn pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it, a splashing sound followed as she lifted a leg and pulled her skirt off. She yanked his pants and he lifted his leg as she pulled the leg off from under one foot.

"I'm not sure if it's going to work this time," Brian said sorrowfully.

"I'm sure it won't," Carolyn agreed as she stood back up.

"Then," Brian began but couldn't finish his sentence.

"This is it, Brian," she said soberly. "But for just one last time."

He felt her hand stroke his cock and he slid his hand down her back. She moaned as his hand found the wetness of her and he hooked his fingers inside of her. Her grip around him tightened as she jerked a bit harder, losing rhythm in her lust for her.

He could hear the beast's feet and hooves smashing against the steps as they entered the storage room. They growled as they looked around and sniffed the air.

"We wait, human," one growled in a strangely slurred speech.

Brian turned Carolyn and lifted her up before setting her ass down on the shelf next to the laptop. He pushed forward as she held onto his dick to guide him in. Her mouth parted as he felt his erection slide into her. The warmth of her drew a moan from him as he pushed the rest of the way inside. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he worked his cock in and out of her.

"I really like you," she moaned. "I think that the three of us could have been happy."

"I really like you too, Carolyn," Brian said. "I'm so sorry for all of this."

"Me too," she said. "Let's enjoy this and then blow this ship and all these fucking monsters up with it."

Brian quickened his pace and Carolyn's words turned to moans as he moved. The monsters stood in silence and the sounds of flesh slapping flesh echoed across the metal walls as Brian sped up.

Carolyn pressed her open mouth to his as he tried to hold his climax back. He worked faster and faster as her legs squeezed him toward her. Her body began shaking as she moaned. Her pussy squeezed his cock and he couldn't hold it any longer. He pulled her into a tight hug and shot in her as she reached over and pushed a button on the laptop.

A rhythmic beeping began as she relaxed her legs. He didn't release her though. He pulled his head back and stared into her eyes. There was no fear in her eyes. There was only what looked like satisfaction. He wanted to ask how she knew about the explosives or how to operate them. He wanted to ask her where she was from exactly. He wanted to know her story. How had she grown up? What was her family like? He realized that he didn't even know this woman and yet... He loved her.

Brian began to laugh.

It had been long moments since Nameless had watched the party enter the ship. He thought the numbers were a bit much for just two humans. Master knew what he was doing but why had he sent so many? Who were these humans that needed so many to catch them?

A flash caught Nameless's eyes just before a ball of fire and debris spread out from somewhere inside. A loud boom caused a buzzing in his ears for a moment just before a shock flew through the air, knocking nameless away. He found himself falling.

Nameless smacked against one branch and then another until the ground stopped his fall. He rose his dizzy head and looked up to see large pieces of the ship on fire and falling to the ground. He sent an image of what he had seen to his master.

"Human's go boom," he sent to his master just before a large metal door fell from the sky and stabbed into nameless, cutting him in half.

"No!" was the last message his master sent nameless before his eyes could see no more and he became no more.

Kyle looked at the rising black smoke from his view on the balcony and growled in fury. Cracking noises from below him started up but he ignored them. Two humans were able to blow up the ship and kill over half of his army. He was a fool to have sent so many at once. The decision had been his decision but he placed the blame on these fool humans.

"I will drain each and every one of you," he growled as he heard more cracking from below. "I will kill the men straight out and drain each woman until there's nothing left of them."

He looked down to see that he had smashed the railing in his grasp and opened his hands to watch the pieces crumble a hundred feet to the ground. He turned to walk back into his chambers.

"Eliza," he called in anger. The room was empty aside from Leah, who was standing by his bed with a blank expression on her face. He remembered the last time he had seen his wife. She had argued and fought with him. He had done... things to her.

Shaking his head he looked at Leah. She wore no clothing and stood with her hands straight to her sides as she waited for a command. Well, if his wife wasn't around then she would have to do.

"Leah," he called. The woman turned her head to regard him. "These humans of yours have stepped in the wrong direction for the last time. I'm sending an all-out attack on them. Each woman shall be caught and each man shall be killed. What do you think about that?"

Leah blinked a few times before smiling.

"Whatever you wish, master," she told him.

Kyle smiled as he stood in front of her. He gently rubbed his hand down her chest, feeling the curvature of her breasts.

"Turn around and bend over the bed," he ordered the woman.

She immediately spun her bent down until she was resting on her elbows while her legs remained straight, keeping her ass in the air for him.

"You would make a better wife than Eliza for sure," he laughed as he rubbed the tip of his cock against her wet slit. "Unfortunately, I have different plans for you."

Kyle shoved his cock inside the woman, splitting her pussy open enough to fit him in one pumping motion. She screamed as he slammed into her over and over again while thoughts of what he was going to do to these humans raced through his head.

Eliza had committed nothing short of treason and that was something the king could not put up with. He would be setting a bad example if he were to forgive her for what she had done. He assumed Eliza had taken the woman and hid them somewhere. The virgin was something that his kingdom needed desperately. She was the center of the entire ritual he had to perform. His priorities were apparent to him. He would need to catch his wife and execute her. He would need to find all the women on the island and take all of their energy and then kill whatever men managed to remain alive.

Leah's screams brought him from his thoughts and he looked down to see her body jerking back and forth as he slammed his cock into her harder than he had ever done so before. She cried out in a mixture of pain and pure and absolute ecstasy as he pounded into her.

The sight of the woman so helplessly lost in his act caused Kyle's balls to tighten. There was only one thing left to do at the moment to start this entire chain of events in motion. Kyle slammed his cock inside the woman and using all of the power left within him, he exploded inside of Leah's womb.

He pulled his cock out of her and watched as his cum poured from her twitching cunt. She laid on the bed completely motionless. The only thing showing that the woman still lived was her hoarse breathing.

"You know what to do," he said as he walked out of his bedchamber.

Adam crouched low next to a bush and gestured for Sheri to follow. She crouched next to him and he watched as her eyes widened. Set out before them was an open area with houses spread out between cobblestone paths.

"There's a village here," she breathed in excitement.

"Follow me," he ordered. "We're going in."

The thing that used to be a man named Sam stepped across the forest floor making no sounds as his eyes stopped on movement. Two women drank from a small spring and Sam smiled. He would take them. They were pretty. The pretty ones would be his.

He moved a bit closer. Not so close as to get their attention. No, there would be time for that very soon. Same stepped closer to see who these women were.

The two women that the evil man, Adam had saved. They were drinking and talking quietly to one another by that spring. These pretty ones were very special to Sam. Sam would show that evil man that his actions didn't matter in the end. These pretty ones would be his.

Sam dashed toward his pretty ones.

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by Anonymous

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by Happytimeshappy02/18/19

Three more episodes left

I can definitely understand where you are coming from. I wasn't sure I enjoyed where I was taking the story either. I had bounced back and forth from one conclusion to a completely opposite one but inevitablymore...

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by Dont_miss_me02/17/19

Not sure...

I like the way this is headed...

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