tagInterracial LoveWives Get The Truth

Wives Get The Truth


The party started out normal enough. Ivy and her friends liked to get together with their husbands once a month or so. The drinks were flowing and everyone was laughing and having a good time. Ivy's husband Scott was drinking real hard and was challenging the other guys to darts. Every time a shot scored below 10, whomever threw it had to drink. The ladies were gathered in the kitchen and of course the topic turned to sex and their husbands. Needless to say the group of ladies weren't feeling fulfilled lately. One of Ivy's friend Jenny started to say that she could remember an old boyfriend she had right when Justin walked in to get another beer from the fridge. Jenny quickly clammed up but Justin jokingly commented "Didn't mean to stop the conversation." and got his beer and left.

Outside he pulled Brian aside. "Hey dude, slide in there and find out what their talking about, I think my wife's bitchin' about me." Brian was a dark black man, and I do mean man. At 6'3 230 and shaved bald, he was an ex-college football player and still in amazing shape. Brian smoothly walked into the kitchen. His black wife Yolanda was speaking at the time. "There's my sweetie!" She was obviously drinking hard too and having a great time. As Brian looked around he noticed all of the ladies glancing at him and after a few drinks , they were no longer good at being subtle. The silence was deafening "OK what?" he said. They all began to giggle and laugh a little. "What did you say Yo?"

"Nothin' bad baby" she slurred.

Brian shook his head and walked to the bathroom. After relieving himself he left the room. Standing in the hallway was Ivy and Jennifer.

"All yours" Brian said "I wish" Ivy replied with a smile as Jenny giggled.

"Ok, what's going on?" Jenny quickly blurted out

"Yo told us about you." Brian thought for sure they meant his football career that was shortened thanks to his knee injury.

"Oh well, its no big deal."

"That's not what I hear." Jennifer said.

"So…"Ivy said. "Is it true?"

Brian caught on real quick. Jennifer's eyes were almost transfixed on the lump in his shorts. He knew what white wives wanted. He had more than a few in his day.

"Oh that, I'm not saying it's a rule or anything, but I played ball with white boys in college and I just don't know why you waste your time."

Both of their jaws dropped at such an offensive statement. "I don't believe you." Jennifer said holding herself up by the bathroom door.

"So don't take my word for it, find out for yourself." The girls smiled and Brian thought quickly. "We've all got spouses here. Why don't you 2 make their drinks a little extra strong for the next hour or so and we'll see what happens."

With that Brian walked back into the bathroom and filled his beer bottle with water. Brian hadn't had white pussy in almost 2 months and was ready to make a white woman feel it, and these 2 were prime.

Ivy was a brunette with b-cups and a great face. At only 24, her skin had that perfect pale glow. Jenny was a stacked redhead, and although neither were in perfect shape, they certainly had MORE than attractive figures as well as faces. Jenny's freckles kept her looking young for a 31 year old.

As the evening went on, Brian continued to keep the guys drinking hard and fast and the girls kept feeding Yolanda margaritas at an intolerable rate.

The party began to wind down and friends began leaving. Brian made his way out to the front of the house here he placed a private phone call. "Terrence, get Eddie and Dimetry and come to…" and Brian gave the address.

When Brian re-entered Justin was sloshed and quickly hollered "BRIAN! DUDE COME OVER HERE!"

Brian went over. "Let's go Dude!" yelled Justin, I'll arm wrestle you right now! Loser drinks."

"Now I know you're crazy you scrawny bastard." Brian said with a smile. "I'll tell you what, if I win you drink AND go sit on the couch and get ready to drive home." Brian knew there was no way he would make it.

Brian glanced at Ivy and Ivy smiled and walked back into the kitchen. Brian won easily and sent Justin to the couch where he quickly passed out. Scott laughed and laughed. "You next?" Brian said.

"What the hell, Scott said, just don't break my arm." Brian went easy on Scott.

As Scott stumbled to the fridge to get another beer, Yolanda approached with her hand on her head and laughing with Ivy. "Come on baby, I wanna go home."

"Actually Scott and I were gonna play some playstation. If you wanna lay down in the guest bedroom I don't think Ivy'd mind. I'll come get you later. Is that OK Ivy?"

Yo was really slurring now and Brian knew she would not wake up until morning. Scott came back to the living room and as he bent over to put his beer down he began to tip over. Brian caught him "Whoa dude. Have a seat."

As Scott's head rocked back…his eyes rolled back…and he was out. A knock on the front door, and Terrance,, Dimetry, and Eddie entered. Ivy walked to see who was entering. 3 black men with exceptional bodies entered the room. All were tall and athletic looking.

"You must be Ivy" Eddie said.

" 'Sup guys. We got 2 white boys passed out in the other room, and 2 curious white ladies here. Ivy began to back away. This wasn't what she was expecting.

"Beers are in the fridge dog" said Brian as he came up behind her and put both hands on her ass and squeezed it. Ivy gasped and looked over her shoulder at Brian who was now smiling. Ivy felt 2 hands on her breasts as she turned her head quickly. Dimetry was kneading her breasts "ah these are nice man."

Ivy felt warm breathe on her neck and a soft kiss from behind. The alcohol went to work quickly as she slowly stretched her arm back and around Brian's neck. Her eyes closed, she could feel his right hand reach around and slip between her legs.

"C'mon" she whispered and led the men into her bedroom.

Jennifer was now exiting the restroom and walking through the hallway. She was ready to find out about Brian. As she wobbled unsteadily down the hallway she could hear voices from the bedroom. Jennifer opened the door to find Ivy on her knees. She had her hands on 2 enormous dark black cocks and was sucking Brian's.

"Do you believe me now?" Brian said to Jennifer. As her eyes refocused she could see Brian's shirt was off and his stomach muscles were perfectly outlined against his skin. "Suck this mother fucker right here" Eddie said, pulling Ivy's head gently by the hair and rubbing his thick cock against her cheek. She pulled her mouth off Brian's manhood just long enough for Eddie to insert his piece. Ivy moaned in disbelief as she began to envelop his cock in her mouth. Her mouth was as wide open as it could get, and it was still straining. Eddies' body was just as perfect and a little lighter skinned. Jenny couldn't believe what she was seeing. Ivy was giving blowjobs while their husbands were in the other room.

Just then a deep voice came from behind Jennifer – "What do we have here?"

Jennifer was slowly pushed into the room and she slowly, staggeredly swung around. "Damn, you cute baby."

Dimetry put his hands on Jennifer's large breasts and her large nipples hardened quickly. "Shit, those are some nice titties."

Terrance chimed in as he made his way around her and quickly put his hands up her shirt to cup her D-sized breasts. Jenny gave a long moan and reached for Dimetry's growing crotch. She was put on her knees and pulled down Dimitry's basketball shorts to reveal the largest cock she had ever seen.

"holy shit" Jenny slurred.

Her tiny pale hand wrapped around the large member as Eddie looked down and smiled. Jennifer extended her tongue and licked the hot flesh.

"that ain't no white boy." Said Brian, now nude, as he lifted Ivy's shirt off over her head. Ivy stop sucking just long enough to look up and beg Eddie "Fuck me". With that Ivy stood up crawled onto her bed.

"Smile pretty" said Terrance whom had found their Handycam and was gleefully filming the whole escapade. He walked over to Jenny "Look at me pretty thing."

Jenny looked up and smiled with her mouth soaking wet from her own saliva and her tiny white hand still wrapped around a glistening black cock.

"You havin' fun baby?"

Jenny nodded and moaned "Oh yeah"

"let's see them titties baby."

With that Dimitry reached down and ripped her blouse open and took off her bra. Jenny's breasts were freckled, and nipples large and engorged.

"Oh yeah" said Terrance. "We gonna have some fun with you tonight."

"Anything you want – I'll do" said Jenny with glazed eyes.

"C'mere motherfucker." Echoed from across the room.

Ivy was on her back at the end of the bed. Her legs were in the air showing her neatly kept, small black bush. Eddie stood bedside the bed as Ivy licked the shaft of his cock. "Get a good shot of her face when I put this motherfucker in her."

Brian stood between her legs and held his 11 inch monster . As the length pushed in Ivy's eyes widened and a grimace crossed her face.

"uuuuhh! Ooohhhh!" Ivy moaned as Brian made her his woman.

He held her legs wide and began pumping.

"Suck that dick baby." Reaffirmed Eddie.

Ivy closed her eyes and began to coo in ecstasy and began licking Eddie's cock.

"You like that baby?" Terrance asked with a tight close up of her pretty face.

"Oh God!….Yes!..Oh fuck…oohhh."

Brian continued to pump faster and harder. Each push going somewhere no man had ever touched before. Eddie slapped her face with his 9inch thickness. As Ivy moaned, Jennifer was having her panties torn off by Dimitry on the dresser across the room. Jenny's shaved pussy was shown for the camera.

"What's your husband's name baby?"

"Justin" Jenny mumbled.

With a tight closeup of the redhead's tiny piece of heaven.

"Ready to lose your wife Justin?" Terrance asked the camera. Demitry's footlong jet black cock entered the picture, and entered Jenny. Terrance quickly panned back to show Jenny's back arching and her pale hands gripping Dimitry's muscular arms.

"aahhh" she moaned in pleasure.

"That's right baby", Dimitry whispered and pulled her hair back more. With the next slow pump –

"This shit is tight man."

A few more pumps and Jennifer let out a yell "fuck! (gasp)"

"There we go" Dimitry felt himself starting to get deeper.

"Holy shit!" Jenny whispered.

"You're with a real man now. A black man." Terrance said.

Terrance walked back to the bed where Ivy was being rolled on to her knees for Eddie. Brian lay back on the bed and Ivy grasped and squeezed the massive love tool.

"You havin' fun baby? You like that black cock fuckin' that tiny white pussy?"

"oh god yes."

"Tell your husband right now, into the camera."

"I love big black cocks Scott. I love it!" And with that Eddie smacked her ass and her head rocked back looking at Brian's smile and smiling back at him. Eddie entered Ivy and his thickness continued to stretch her.

"uhhh, fuck me" she whispered and opened wide for Brian's cock.

Jenny was now being fucked very hard by Dimitry, her moans were little more than mumbled curse words and her expression told you that she was in heaven. Her red hair bobbed as Dimitry picked her up off the dresser and impaled with his African fuck spear. He slammed her up and down until she burst into orgasm, her pussy gushed as Dimitry quickly set her on her knees and held her beautiful face towards the ceiling. He unleashed a massive spurt of cum right onto her forehead and the jism strung all the way down to her chin. The second spurt landed above her eye and her mouth opened for the third and forth spurts closing around the cock to suck the rest out. She looked up and smiled at Dimitry who let go of her hair and walked away.

Meanwhile Ivy was being rocked now by Eddie, and Brian taunted her while she practically gagged on his cock

"Take that black dick baby. You know now don't you little lady?! Your mama knew and now you know."

Ivy began to scream as she came. Her ass rippled every time Eddie pounded her. Eddie gasped and came inside her. She moaned as she could feel that amazing cock throbbed and ejected more and more sperm. More sperm than she had ever felt and it felt wonderful. It was warm inside her and just then a shot of jism landed across her closed eyes. Brian continued to pump his cock shooting his lovegoo in her hair and onto her chin.

"Thank you " whispered Ivy.

Jenny lay sound asleep on the carpet. Ivy rolled over and continued to moan in pleasure. The guys got dressed and left the room. The house was still quiet. Scott and Justin still asleep. Yolanda never woke. Terrance popped the tape out and put it in the VCR and rewound it. He put a note on the TV saying "press play" and he, Eddie and Terrance left. Brian picked up Yolanda, still limp in his arms and put her in the car. And 2 more white women found the truth.

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